Yotsuki Hiei
Yotsuki Hiei
A shinobi who has worked hard in service to his village to become the 3rd Raikage. He is defined by his loyalty to his village, his family, and his allies.
Birthplace Yotsuki Village, Kumogakure
Birthdate 12-20-8
Gender Male
Age 21
Height 6'8
Weight 290 lbs
Blood Type A+
Kekkei Genkai Lightning Release Armor
Classification Kenjutsu Master
Areas of Expertise Kenjutsu, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu
Clan Yotsuki Clan
Affiliation Kumogakure
Team None
Rank = Raikage
Ninja Rank Jounin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 14
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Lightning
Element (Secondary) Fire
Wife Yotsuki-Iga Sachiko
Signature Jutsu

Hiei is the eldest son of Yotsuki Kenshin, a shinobi who served with the first Raikage during the war and helped unite the clans after the war. Hiei's mother Yotsuki Aima is the owner of a herb shop in Kumogakure, she is a well-known apothecary in the village that closed her shop when her daughter went missing. Hiei's twin sister, Kaoru was taken from their home in the dead of night by an unknown shinobi in an attempt at revenge regarding Hiei's father. Kenshin has not divulged any theories as to why to his son. Hiei has since found his sister, and reconciled with his father. He has been promoted to Jounin and has become Head of his Clan. He currently is the 3rd Raikage and is married to Yotsuki-Iga Sachiko and has one biological son, Yotsuki Shun, as well as an adpotive son, Yotsuki Akira.


During the great clan war, a set of twins were born to Aima and Kenshin of the Yotsuke clan within the Land of Lightning. Kenshin was away when the twins were born as he is a ranked shinobi within the clan. Aima owned a herb shop within the village and worked as an apothocary and healer. The twins were named Hiei and Kaoru and they were a complete surprise to their parents. Aima orginally believed that she only carried one child, when in fact she was carrying two. However, the two children were loved deeply by their parents and as they grew up, they were inseperable. After the war was over, the Yotsuke clan were instrumental in uniting the clans in the country under the Raikage in forming Kumogakure, which meant that Kenshin became busy working towards that goal with the other members of the clan. However, once the twins were old enough, their shinobi training began, beginning the next chapter of their lives.

Even from an early age, Hiei had a gift for Lightning style Taijutsu and could manipulate the element with ease. He seemed to pick up on the lessons given by his father quickly, displaying the potential to be a great shinobi, but mentally he had no desire to train, though he could only grasp the basics of Genjutsu and had no real talent for the skill. He would much rather be off playing with other children or hanging around with his sister. Kaoru, on the other hand was a dilligent student, always willing to go that extra mile. Hiei often teased her about being an overachiever and she constantly teased him back about being an underachiever. Hiei believed that there had been enough fighting and really didn't want any part of it. He only trained as much as he did out of respect for his father. Excelling in taijutsu and ninjutsu, Kenshin had high hopes that his son would someday be willing to learn the Lightning Nintaijutsu technique, but Hiei showed no such aspiration. If it involved any kind of work or training, the boy simply wanted no part of it and as a result of that, Kenshin became increasingly disappointed in his eldest child and put most of his focus into training his daughter.

As the twins grew older and their personalities developed, Hiei became the one who was carefree, often joking and pulling pranks on his sister whenever the opportunity arose. He began skipping out on training sessions altogether, spending his time hanging out with the other children in the village and generally goofing off. Kaoru became more studious, spending her free time studying and learning anything that her father would teach her. Where as Hiei lacked skill in genjutsu, Kaoru excelled, as well as becoming proficient in taijutsu, but she lacked the natural talent that her brother displayed. Then, one fateful night, everything would change for the twins and one of them would be set on a course that would forever dominate their path.

In the middle of the night a slight noise awoke Hiei and he sat straight up in bed. The sound seemed to have come from his sister's room across the hall and he decided to investigate. The twins were used to each other entering the other's room unannounced, but what Hiei found was something that he would never be able to forget. As he slowly slid the door open, he caught sight of a shaowy figure in the moonlight. A ninja was holding a bleeding bundle wrapped under his arm, and though Hiei couldn't make out the details of the man, he knew right away that it was his sister wrapped in that blanket.
With a scream he attacked the man blindly, but the ninja mercenary was a professional and it would be now that Hiei wished that he hadn't slacked off during his training. With two swift moves, the ninja incapacitated Hiei. The wound Hiei suffers on his face from this encounter would remain a constant reminder of his failure to protect his sister. From his scream, the house is alerted to something being wrong, but when his father rushed into the room, the only think he found was an empty bed and a battered and broken Hiei lying in the corner. After regaining conciousness, Hiei relayed what he had seen to his father. Beliving their daugter to be lost to them forever, the family went into mourning.

The loss of his sister impacted Hiei and his family in ways he never would have imagined. His father became distant towards him, spending more and more time away from home. His mother became quiet and withdrawn, venturing out of her room only in brief periods. She never re-opened her herb shop. Hiei himself made a decision to avenge his sister at all costs. He enrolled in the Kumogakure Ninja Academy soon after that. Over the next few years, he drove himself with a single minded purpose. To become strong enough to find the man that took his sister and kill him. From the time the sun came up until well into the evening, he trained. He put himself through the most taxing and rigorous of regiments, attempting to increase his chakra control and stamina. He focused primarily on what he was good at. Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. Strengthening these skills, he believed that he could compensate for his poor genjitsu abilities. He spent hours upon hours practicing his sealing and the basic skills he would need to graduate. At the academy, he focused more on the physical training than the academics. His grades were average in that department, he was no genius, but he simply would not let that stop him.

Where before he always had a light personality, quick to crack a joke or tease a friend, he became stoic and strict to the point where he seemed withdrawn to his peers. He blamed himself for not being able to save her, and he also felt that his father blamed him too for not putting up a better fight to protect Kaoru. While Hiei's long term goal is to find that ninja, in the meantime he is working to redeem himself in the eyes of his father by becoming the shinobi that he once wanted him to be. To further this goal, he asked one of his instructors, a taijustu master who was also born into the Yotsuke clan, to teach him how to better harness his lightning element. One of the techniques that he was taught was how to harness and focus his chakra and combine the lightning element and his taijutsu so that he could deliver a devastating attack that left no outside mark on his opponent, but would do internal damage by sending his chakra violently into the body of the other.

When the day of graduation came, Kenshin, Hiei's father was there to see him after the ceremony. He spoke of his pride in seeing how Hiei had applied himself in becoming a shinobi and how he had secretly held him responsible for his sister's fate. He handed Hiei a wooden box containing two kunai knives that he himself had used during the clan wars all those years ago. Hiei acknowledged his father's sentiment and promised him that someday he would become skilled enough to find the man who broke their family, perform any mission given to him to the best of his abilitiy, and continue the tradition of loyalty and respect among the Yotsuke as he began his new life as a Genin in Kumogakure.


Hiei used to be happy go lucky and fairly carefree. He never took his training seriously until his sister was taken. Now he is quiet and withdrawn, hardly ever smiles, and usually has a perpetual frown. He is loyal to his clan and to his craft. He is willing to do what he must to protect his family. He feels responsible for what happened to his sister. He believes that if he had been more serious about learning his father's lessons, then he would have been better able to protect Kaoru. Hiei has a deep sense of honor and is unlikely to betray anyone that has gained his trust. However, if someone that he has placed his trust in betrays him, for whatever reason, he will move heaven and earth to make them pay for it.


Hiei stands at 6'8 and is of solid build. His skin is a dark mocha color, but perhaps the most striking thing about him is the snow white hair that cascades from his head. It is swept back into a ponytail that reaches the middle of his shoulder blades with two bangs on the side that frame his Kumogakure forehead protector as well as a handsome face with piercing blue eyes. There is a scar that runs from his hairline down along the outside of his eye to the base of his jawline. Hiei has finally grown into the man that was only hinted at in his youth. He is an imposing figure with a large frame supporting heavily muscled features, including large biceps, a barrel chest and well defined six pack abs. If he were to be viewed without his shirt, the scars of past battles would be evident on his upper chest and back, most of them look to have come from various blades of some kind. He has a slim waist with narrow hips that sit atop powerfully built legs.

Hiei wears a black form-fitting shirt that zips up to his neck sort of like a turtle neck. Over the black shirt is a white vest with a single strap that is fastened over his left shoulder, the Kumo indication of his rank of Chuunin. The shirt is tucked into a pair of white loose fitting pants that house pouches strapped on each thigh that is equipped with kunai. A multi-pouched belt surrounds his waist. A pair of sturdy black boots that are open at the front to show his toes adorn his feet. A sleeveless white leather duster is worn overall, leaving his large arms bare. On the back of the duster is the emblem of the Yotsuki clan with a cobalt blue lightning bolt going through it. Some would recognize the sigil as that of Shiro no Inazuma, 'The White Lightning Bolt'. Around each bicep is a black strap. On his hands are black fingerless gloves with metal backs on them.

In a specalized harness across his chest extending to upon his back are Fukushu and Saiai, Hiei's weapons of choice. Fukushu (vengeance) is a katana with a serrated back along with it's razor sharp edge. The handguard is in the shape of a four leaf clover and the pommel is wrapped in black with gold trim. Saiai (Beloved) is a wakazashi that also has a serrated back along with a razor sharp edge. The handguard is also in the shape of a four leaf clover, but the pommel is wrapped in white with crimson trim. They are sheathed so that both swords face the same direction, both hilts peek over Hiei's right shoulder.

Hiei at age 17
Hiei as KRD Agent Viper


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