Yotsuki Kaminari

"My Rings they Jingle Jangle Jingle."


Distinguishing Features

  • Long black hair
  • Khakkhara staff usually on her back or being used as a walking stick.
  • She usually wears a Kimono or some similar style of clothes.


Kaminari is an energetic girl, filled with a bright attitude and alot of energy she is a little different than youd expect from a shrine maiden. In fact it gets her into trouble on occasion in the village. She is deeply religious to the Will of Lightning and fiercely loyal to the village though.


Kaminari is considered a menace in the Yotsuki family for her snack pillaging. Her late night snacking is almost an art form…if you keep your hands away from her mouth.


Kaminari typically dresses in traditional style clothes or a Mikos outfit. This is due to her family pride and her job when shes not ninjaing around.

Mission Log

Name Yotsuki Kaminari
AKA Lightning Miko
Village Kumohagakure
Clan Yotsuki
Rank Chuunin
Birthdate April 26th in the year of 5 B.F.
Eyes Reddish Brown
Hair Black
Height 5 feet 2
Build Slender
Age 17
Graduation Age 8
Chuunin Promotion Age 10
Area of Expertise Lightning Jutsu
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