Yotsuki Kibiki
Yotsuki Kibiki
Birthplace Land of Lightning
Birthdate 12/14/4
Gender Male
Age 13
Height 5'2"
Weight 110
HidenJutsu Lightning Release Armor
Areas of Expertise Lightning style Taijutsu
Clan Yotsuki
Affiliation Kumogakure
Team Thunderstrike
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 13
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Lightning
Father (Deceased) Jirou
Mother (Deceased) Kirito
Signature Jutsu
Devastating Lightning Elbow

An orphaned Genin that lost his parents just after the formation of the great ninja villages. Instead of seeking revenge or losing all hope, the boy cried away all his tear and now looks to a future with a new family he can make out of his friends.


During the great clan wars, a pair of Yotsuki lovers had a child named Kibiki. To the two he was a ray of hope in an otherwise bleak future. Of course in order to see that future it meant surviving the clan wars which was made only more difficult with just having a child. But it was something the couple never regretted for a second. They just had to start their family a little sooner than expected. Unfortunately the love and happiness they shared only lasted a few years.
When the war was reaching its end, dying down in what many expected the last remaining year of the war, many clans were joining together to form villages. This feat being accomplished within the Land of Lightning by no other clans more so than the Yotsuki and through assisting the first Raikage, were able to form Kumogakure. These steps to the ending of war was sure to bring peace, but even in peace, there is still violence and a burning, fiery hatred that never dies down. It would be unreasonable to expect every thing to calm down so quickly and doing so ended up being a mistake for Kibiki's parents.
At the time of the incident Kibiki was 8 and Kumogakure was formed. The day to join the Ninja Academy for young and aspiring Shinobi was today and while many future genin were there with their parents on initiation day, Kibiki was standing by himself as he waited for his parents to see him off, but they never showed. Some what confused as to why, Kibiki left initiation and quickly ran back to his house, before getting a few blocks away he was stopped by a Senior Shinobi coming from the direction Kibiki was heading. The look on the mans face was more than enough to instantly bring tears to the boys eyes, but without seeing it himself. He refused to believe it.
So he pushed past the Shinobi and continued home where several onlookers stood outside in shock. From the whispers and mutterings Kibiki heard that members of a much smaller clan that weren't happy with the forming of the village had attack and killed Kibiki's parents and planned on going for other Yotsuki members mainly responsible for the peace, but was stopped by other shinobi and killed. Now knowing what he feared was true, Kibiki ran. He ran to the exit of the village and into the mountains. He continued running until reaching a cliff wall and began to punch at the rock face with all his strength in anger while tears streamed down his face. This continued on until his knuckles were bruised, battered and bloody and he collapsed from exhaustion.
When Kibiki awoke, for a few moments he thought it was simply a dream. Then he felt the pain in his hands and remembered the loss of his parents all over again. The crying continued all day until he fell asleep once again and the cycle repeated itself until the third day, when he woke up starving and dehydrated. This time the tears didn't come. He knew his parents were gone from this world and he was now alone, but punching the wall didn't bring them back and crying wasn't going to either. If he was going to continue on living he had to accept what had happened and push on. He couldn't change the past, he could only write the future. So from that day forward, Kibiki promised he would never shed another unnecessary tear and instead greet the world with a beaming smile and bright personality. Nothing was going to break him down again.
With the boys new found resolution, he made his way back to the village where he quickly found himself being put into an orphanage. As for joining the academy he missed the initiation day and had to wait another year before he could join again. He didn't let it get him down though. Kibiki just continued smiling until the day finally came and when it did, he joined with the rest of the students on initiation day and even though he was there by himself, he couldn't have been more excited. To him, all he saw were potential friends and people he could some day call family.
While in the Ninja Academy, Kibiki's time was rather average. The boy wasn't exceptional at anything nor was he at a disadvantage. He was simply average. Though as a member of the Yotsuki clan he could already tap into the lightning style taijutsu inherit to all members of the clan. It just wasn't something that came in to practical application until a few years after graduating the academy where he could join a team and go out on missions.


Kibiki is an energetic youth with a penchant for wanting to please others. He is in no way a push over nor a kiss ass. He simply wants to make as many friends as possible and some day be able to call them his family. Were that day to come, Kibiki would do anything and every thing in his power to protect them.

As for his trainings, he's incredibly dedicated to improving and some day become one of the strongest amongst the Yotsuki. Because of this, any opportunity that can be used to learn and grow, Kibiki takes it. When he takes a break from one exercise after growing too tired, he'll move to something less strenuous, but will still help the boy grow.



Before you is a young teen with dark skin, blue eyes and short, spikey white hair held in place by a forehead protector of Kumogakure strapped to his head. For his age he's of average height and build coming in at just above 5' and 120ish lb's. His features are rather plain, with nothing out of place like a scar or crooked nose. The boy is truly average. As for clothing he wears a green jacket over top an orange tanktop. The jacket has white trim around the cuffs and collar. On the back is a symbol of the Yotsuki clan painted in yellow. Baggy pants cover his lower half and a pair of black boots hide his feet.


Name Relationship Notes
Yotsuki Hiei
Clan Head/Sensei Hiei is probably the strongest man I know and the fact that he's willing to train me so I can some day be as strong as him makes him just that much greater. He seems pretty knowledgable when it comes to training and is compassionate about my strengths and weaknesses.
Yotsuki Nariko
Friend/Cousin/Genjutsu Trainer Nariko is an incredibly sweet and friendly member of his clan. From what I can understand, she's also a very capable shinobi, even able to beat the Clan Head in Yotsuki Challenges more often than not.
Shirokiri Rise
Friend/Trainer I've hung out with Rise a few times and she definitely has a tempermant, but I can tell she tries her best to keep it in check around me. I'm very grateful she's willing to take time out of her day to train me.


  • Born-December 14
  • Turned 8 and tried to join the Academy
  • Both parents were murdered
  • Orphaned, years later joined the academy
  • Became Genin at age 13

Ninja Journal

Skills And Abilities



Lightning Manipulation
Lightning Style Taijutsu





RP Logs


Gohan as a kid is almost a perfect representation of Kibiki. Crying as he misunderstands what's going on, but eventually growing tired of doing so gives up and fights for what he believes in. He'd rather change what's going on around him than continue to cry.

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