Yotsuki Nariko
Yotsuki Nariko
Birthplace Kumokagure
Birthdate 8/10/08
Gender Female
Age 22
Height 5'7"
Weight 125 lbs
Blood Type O
Kekkei Genkai Lightning Release Armor
Classification Yotsuki Clan Head
Areas of Expertise Lightning Taijutsu and Genjutsu
Clan Yotsuki
Affiliation Kumogakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Jounin
Genin-Equivalent Age 16
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 17
Jounin-Equivalent Age 20
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Lightning
Element (Secondary) Fire
Mother Aiko
Father Kenji
Signature Jutsu


Yotsuki Kenji and Yotsuki Aiko couldn’t be more different from each other, but they seemed to always gravitate towards one another every time they had time to spar or just hang out. They weren’t always getting along, but they managed to. They both fell in love with each other and the people around them could not see how or why. They ended up getting married and continuing their lives as ninja within the Yotsuki clan. They always worked hard and trained hard, but when it came down to it, Kenji was better at dealing with people than with fighting while Aiko was better at fighting. With Kenji being better with people he gained notoriety from the town and was sought after to become a diplomat for the village of Kumokagure. It wasn’t long before Aiko was blessed with the arrival of Nariko their only daughter. Months after Nariko’s birth they travelled to the Land of Tea.

Life as a diplomat’s daughter is not always exciting. Sure, you get to meet a lot of many different people, but not everyone is interesting. This is how Nariko felt about her father’s job. Not only did she never get to know her village of Kumokagure, but she had to be around people she didn’t care about. If she wasn’t working on her studies, like she was supposed to, or practicing her ninja skills with her mother, she would play with the other children in the village. Most of the time when she played with the other children she couldn’t help but tease them. Though sometimes it caused children to not want to be her friend she still had friends that constantly ribbed each other as much as she did. What got her into a lot of trouble, especially during dinner parties with visiting dignitaries, were the tricks she would play on unexpecting people. She disliked the parties and putting on those fancy outfits. The only way she knew how to deal with the boring parties was to play tricks on just about anyone to liven up the party. This caused her parents to rethink Nariko being a part of the parties. They came up with ideas on how to keep her away, but she usually found a way around. After awhile it was difficult to keep Nariko away because of her age. As a result of her growing older her parents decided that it might be time to return home to Kumokagure.

Upon returning to Kumokagure at the age of 16 her parents encouraged her to follow in their footsteps and begin her ninja training. Upon entering the academy she was tested on what she knew and what she didn’t know. Thanks to her mother’s training while they were away she was able to pass their tests. Even though she had passed she didn’t hit as hard as everyone else did because of her dislike of lifting weights and strengthening exercises. Of the many skills that Nariko has learned in her lifetime, her mother taught her how to strike an opponent where it would hurt the most for self-defense.


Nariko is more or less a fun loving person. She enjoys pulling pranks on people and teasing others, especially her cousin Hiei. She is very intelligent and has a thing against rocks, she hates rocks. She is very confident, except when it comes to her fighting skills and is very prideful when it comes down to it. She prefers relaxation over training and comes up with an excuse any chance she can to get out of strength training. 


Standing before you is a young female with an athletic build. She stands at ~1.75m, her complexion is that of an earthy tone with soft features. A high white ponytail that splits into three braids sits upon the top of her head while white bangs frame her face to help bring attention to her soft violet eyes and velvety subtle lips. Upon her dainty neck hangs a protector (Hitai-ate) with an etching of clouds that signifies Kumokagure of the Land of Lightning.

Wrapping itself around the shoulders of the girl is a dark purple vest. Hanging from her gentle shoulders are straps that holds an orchid colored breastplate with a mesh bottom. Sheltering her legs is a pair of tan skin tight short shorts that peek out from under a piece of dark purple cloth with the clouds of Kumokagure etched in Orchid. Creeping down from the middle of her calves is a pair of ninja sandals that shield her feet.


Name Relationship Notes
Aiko Mother Pretty strict, especially when it comes to training which makes life difficult.
Kenji Father More laid back compared to Aiko, but still tends to make sure that Nariko is doing as she is told.
Kazuko Baby Sister Newest addition to this Yotsuki family.
Yotsuki Hiei Rival/Cousin/Raikage He is found to be Nariko’s main social rival, but also friend and cousin. He has a nasty habit of lecturing her on her idea of strength training. Nariko assumes that he loves rocks because of his strength training with rocks. He says “Must smash rock!” She is quite proud of him for sticking up for his beliefs and doing what was right during the exams.

Ninja Journal

Skills And Abilities

Name Type
Fire Flare Ninjutsu
Clone Technique Ninjutsu
Replacement Technique Ninjutsu
Henge Ninjutsu
Escape Taijutsu
Basic Soulstrike Taijutsu
Stealth Taijutsu
First Aid Taijutsu
Genjutsu Perception Genjutsu

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