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Personal Information
Birthplace Unknown
Date of Birth February 14
Age 19
Height 5'1 / 155cm
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Amber
Combat Information
Occupation Doctor, Inventor, Scientist
Affiliation Takokujin
Elemental Affinity Classified
Areas of Expertise Medical, Technological
Signature Style
Chakra Technology


"Yuki" was rescued from a life of captivity by Reizei Odo and Uchiha Rain. One of the founding members of the Takokujin, she is loyal to her saviors and to the group. Her past and her goals are unknown, and she keeps them a guarded secret.


Eccentric and unpredictable. At times she seems cold and uncaring, and at times she can seem kind and girlish. Her mood is about as spontaneous as she is.
She is almost never seen without a lollipop in her mouth; she seemingly has a weakness for sweets.
Though unknown to most, Yuki is extremely adverse to being touched. Those who know this know never to touch her unless absolutely necessary.





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