Eyecatching Features

  • Silver hair
  • Purple Hoodie
  • Purple Knit Hat
  • Height
  • Lined Marking Tattoos.


Zori is generally calm but does have an attitude about most things. He is clever and never backs down from a fight. He enjoys boasting and insulting his enemies when they are losing. He may seem ignorant at times, but he knows when he needs to get serious.


Sparring Habit

Zori is more then likely gonna be found sparring consistently in the Training Grounds.He admits he has a Bad Habit of Sparring. He enjoys the thrill of fighting, gets his adrenaline pumping. Dedicated fighter, Noble friend and the Will to succeed. "Business first, Pleasure Second." is what he believes in.


Mission Log

Name Zori
Village Icon-Konoha Konoha
Clan None
Rank Genin
Birthdate March 20th in the year of 2 B.F.
Eyes Black
Hair Silver
Height 5 feet 4
Build Lanky
Age 14
Area of Expertise Ninjutsu
Element (affinity) N/A
Signature Jutsu
String Steering Technique
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