Great Bear Mountain

Mount Daikuma

Mount Daikuma(妙木山, Daikumazan; English "Mount Daikuma"; Literally meaning "Great Bear Mountain"), is a sacred place of the land of the Panda bears. It is the home for huge and small Panda alike. It is a rich and beautiful land in the Southern Lands off the Land of Fire, whose ultimate authority is the Maharaja. The Elder Panda Sage seems to have an even higher authority than the Boss himself, out of respect for his 'oneness with nature'.

For a human to get to the mountain, it either takes a month long travel on secret paths from Konohagakure or, if they have a summoning contract, they can let a panda use the Reverse Summoning Technique. According to Pikiran, one of the elder council members, Mount Daikuma is impossible to find by foot for those who don't know the secret route.

Atop the peak of the mountain sits a small village that has sprung up surrounding a large oriental-style monastery. Within the village lives many different panda families and trainees of the monastery itself before their full devotion to the monastery lets them live within its gates. Within the monastery itself resides the council, multiple training grounds, and, in the center of the area, the inner sanctum. This sanctum is carved directly into the mountain itself and runs hundreds of feet down a spiraling staircase. The Sage resides within the inner sanctum, at the bottom of the stairwell at an ancient shrine carved to praise the 'Five Elements' that created the earth.

Residents of the mountain, especially within the monastery itself, can use various techniques through constant and rigorous practice throughout their life, not unlike the monks of the Land of Fire's temple. It is not uncommon to find Panda trained in the arts of healing, ninjutsu, taijutsu, and even genjutsu.


The panda clan believes that the Godai; Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void/Sky/Heaven, have shaped the world as we know it today. These elements are only revered by very few remaining living souls. They have been forgotten as the great powers to which we owe everything we have, both material and immaterial. As a result of how humanity has acted and abused the elements, those that revere them feel as if they are out of balance and no one seems to care about the damage that might stem from this. Only a few protectors of these elements still remain and stand firm against those who seek harm.

It was the panda race, long ago founded to act as some form of heavenly order, attempting to restore the old balance the world once had. They were feared by everyone who had intentions of disturbing the balance. Yet one time, in anger, some pandas overstepped their authority, creating a great disturbance in the balance. This was so severe that the strongest of pandas were exiled and those who stayed behind were diminished into normal panda bears.

The exiles have found a way to reconcile themselves; finding a home hundreds of years ago atop Mt. Daikuma in the Land of Fire and building a monastery in homage to the Godai. By allying themselves with those who help them achieve their ancient goals, they hope to set right the deeds their clan committed so many years ago. Effectively now a family of summons, they have high standards for those who would wish to enter into a contract with them, requiring a contractor to possess a certain amount of strength that would be helpful for them.

Although looking cute with their fuzzy white fur and black ears and eyes, these wood munching bears are not easily trifled with. Having had ages to hone and perfect their skills the pandas are a diverse family who have acquainted themselves with a wide range of techniques. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and even some Genjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu are all part of their repertoire.

Known Summonable Panda

• Lin ~The Cute One (Daisuke's Free Summon, the daughter of Master Pohon)
• Wang ~The Brawler (D rank)
• Api ~The Stormwarden (C rank)
• Batu ~The King of Stone (C rank)
• Kebakaran ~The Firelord (C rank)

The Council

• Tabib ~The Healer (B rank)
• Anggur ~The Intoxicated (B rank)
• Pikiran ~The Illusionist (B rank)
• Master Pohon ~The Monk (A rank)
• The Triplet ~Storm, Earth and Fire! (A rank)
• Raja ~The Shogun (A rank)

S rank Boss Summons

• Xun ~The Beast (Boss)
• Elder Panda Sage ~ Not summonable unless Senjutsu is mastered



When you believe you are on mission from the heavens it is only a matter of time before you overstep what is ethically appropriate. This is what happened to the panda clan hundreds of years ago. They were once only a lower species, destined to do nothing but eat bamboo and sleep all day. That was until the Winged Serpent clan appeared before them, tricking the simple minded creatures into believing they were gods. They were very cunning creatures, who explained that they were tasked with the defense of the heavenly order, but they were restrained by their nature. There were simply places where they could not go and situations in which just brute strength did not suffice.

Recognizing the potential usefulness the panda clan would give them as helpers, the Serpents fostered the pandas. They were given intelligence, strength, self consciousness and wisdom. Along with these traits, they were also given a never ending task: To aid the Serpents in keeping the world's order. However, unlike the Serpents, the pandas were not chosen by the heavens themselves, but by those who were merely servants of the heavens themselves, reminded constantly by the Serpents to keep them in line. The pandas were, so to say, nothing but an experiment and as it would turn out a failed one at that.

As the world changed, the pandas did not adapt, and as humanity first appeared to grow in power with the age of the Sage of the Six Paths, the old lines of an ethical grey stance they took started to blur, creating not only the grey, but also a black and white which the pandas seemingly did not understand. Unable to differentiate good from evil, seeing both as threats and refusing to understand that in order for balance both had to exist, the pandas did the unforgivable. They started to attack cities built by mankind and raze them to the ground, believing humans with the power to use the Godai were breaking the heavenly orders.

This began to disrupt the balance and order of the world, and this unforgivable action was met with divine punishment. As a result, the pandas that had little strength were reverted back to simple animals, condemned to remain the most useless and stupid creatures alive. Those who were strong enough to resist the treatment of the others raised their weapons when the judgment had been passed, preferring death in battle over becoming mindless animals. These pandas were banished from the land, sent to Mt. Daikuma, a cold, rocky and barren mountain. The panda clan that remained aware accepted their banishment and were given an eternity to think about what they had done.

Mount Daikuma, sheltered from the world, became the panda clan's home. They erected a large monastery devoted to the Godai and sought to start over again, from before the divine influence of the winged Serpents that was inflicted upon their people. From then on the panda clan has lived a life of peace and balance, seeking to maintain the harmony in the land and slowly making amends for what they had done to receive divine punishment.

More recently, Daisuke's friend, holding the title of the Apprentice, has become the master, inheriting the Panda's will and sworn in as the new Boss. After the previous Boss passed away through strange circumstances, both Xun and Daisuke went and investigated, rooting out an evil plot by a foreign shinobi land to disrupt and capture the Panda Nation. Xun ascended to the leadership position after resolving it and saving his people, his bond with the Hokage growing ever stronger.

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