Land Of Grass

Land of Grass (Symbol-Kusagakure)

* See Also: Kusagakure
* See Also: Uekigakure
The Land of Grass (Kusa no Kuni) is a neutral country that is inbetween three of the five major shinobi countries (Earth, Wind, and Fire). It also is neighbors with the Land of Waterfalls, the Land of Rain, and the Land of Stones. From this country a few ninja Clans can be found who specialize in different things. The Maneshi, who bond with large feline companions similarly to the Inuzuka clan found in Konohagakure. The Tenjin, who specialize in herbalism and poisons, and are considered to be formidable healers, assassins, and chemists.

There is a Daimyou of the Land of Grass, with a General overseeing most of the non-shinobi armed forces. The Hidden Village of this land is Kusagakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Grass). However, there is no Kage in command of this Village, as only the "Five Great Nations" have Kage.

Kusagakure was the site for the very first attempt at an international tournament between nations, in the year 4 A.F. (2010). Followed shortly after the tournament's end, in 5 A.F. (2011), the Grass Daimyou was assassinated, leading to what was nearly a civil war between loyalists to the General of the armed forces and the nephew of the late Daimyou as they attempted to seize power. A long-lost illegitimate heir eventually surfaced who could prove his direct relation to his father and thus was instated as the new Grass Daimyou, under tutorship of the Lady Ryoko.

There is rumored to be a small cult-like village somewhere in the Land of Grass that worships one of the destructive Tailed Beasts as a god. Little is known about it.

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