Land of Wind

The Land of Wind (風の国, Kaze no Kuni) is one of the poorer lands of the five great nations, despite having one of the larger geographical areas. Its government leader is the Daimyo. The Land of Wind recently founded the village hidden in the sands by repurposing an older village that has long existed at one of the oasis. The Land of Wire is appropriately oriented towards the element of Wind. The deserts vary from extreme heat to extreme cold, but are consistent in the lack of any serious rainfall.


The Land of Wind once consisted primarily of nomadic peoples, travelling from one oasis to another. Eventually a charismatic leader started to band the various tribes together, creating a more stable and coherent society. Permanent settlements were established at each of the oasis to maximize use of the resources. Trade was established with neighboring nations. This leader eventually forged the land into a true nation, with his family as Daimyo, with each tribe having a say in the operation of the lands, effectively creating a similar feudal system as some of the other nations.

The Village Hidden in the Sands is a recent creation, one of which the current Daimyo sees as just capitalizing on another resource. A recurrent theme in the land has been to waste nothing and use everything for the greater good of the land itself.

Most of the wars fought by the Land of Wind in recent times have been attempts to take land, and more importantly water, from the Land of Rivers and the Land of Rain, its immediate neighbors. These attempts failed, mostly due to those lands rich resources allowing them to hire mercenary ninja for protection. The land still longs to redirect some of the water from its neighbors for its own use.

Geography & Climate

The Land of Wind is dry. Rain is a rare event, with less than even 1 cm falling per year in most places. There are a few areas closer to the Land of Rain and the Land of Rivers where rain is more common, but even there it is rare. The result is little grows in the desert of the Land of Wind. This is not to say it is lifeless. Deserts are deceptively full of life if one knows where to look, but it is a hard and barren place to most who do not know the secrets of the desert.

The terrain of the Land of Wind varies from sand, to rock, to mountains, and back to sand. Across the deserts of the land there are scattered oasis, springs that bubble up through the rock or sand. In most places in the Land of Wind, a deep enough well will find water, but it is hard to keep those wells free of the constantly shifting sands, making irrigation impossible in the long term from the deep water sources.

Most of the original leaders of the Land of Wind were tribal nomads who kept power through knowledge of where the oasis were and how best to use what resources they had. Like no other land, the geography and climate have made the Land of Wind what it is today, shaping its people and politics.


The creation of the Village Hidden in the Sands has not been as dramatic an event in the Land of Wind as the new idea of hidden villages has been in other lands. The Land of Wind eagerly uses any resource it can find, and a ninja village is just another resource to be utilized. Additionally, the idea of a strong leader in the Village Hidden in the Sands does not upset the current order, as there have been strong leaders of various areas before. So long as the Kazekage does not try to overthrow the Daimyo, things seem like they will continue internally with little change.

However, that said the land has always been a place of intrigue and the new village, with its focus on espionage, has made some of the other lords nervous, afraid that such a revolution may be in the mind of the Kazekage. As a result the nation has increased spending on the military recently. This could lead to a feeling that such increased spending must result in benefits, and potentially could lead to new raids against the Land of Rain or the Land of Rivers. Only time will tell.


Little is known about the current Daimyo of the Land of Wind. He lives in a mountain fortress with little water in the surrounding area, making it hard to reach to begin with. The fortress is fed by a hidden underground spring, and legend has it that the fortress will stand as long as the mountain it sits upon stands. Few would ever consider a direct assault on this leader's as most outsiders don't even know how to find the castle, let alone how to get there.

Interesting Notes

Despite the Land of Wind being dominated by wind users, the Kazekage is a lightning user, which some question. The land of wind is rumored to be one of the places where puppetry ninjutsu was founded. Many of the best puppet masters have come from the Land of Wind.

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