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Lying just beyond your village walls is a place that goes on for miles and miles. It's the outside world! And here's where the majority of the geographical information will be located as per Naruto Mush Rivalry canon goes. Which means that it can and or will be different than what's noted as canon for the actual Manga/Anime.

In essence, it will be broken down into Countries(sorted by importance I guess) and then will be broken down into Shinobi Villages and villages/places of interest. Also, the diplomatic status of the countries will be included as well. And hopefully kept up to date!

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Five Great Shinobi Countries Symbol-Konoha Symbol-Sunagakure Symbol-Kirigakure Symbol-Kumogakure Symbol-Iwagakure

Land of Fire ():

* See Also: Konohagakure
The Land of Fire (火の国, Hi no Kuni) is one of the largest and most powerful countries in the series, and the home of the main characters of the series. Its government leader is the Fire Daimyō. The Land of Fire was the first country to adopt a ninja village, Konohagakure, a custom other countries would soon adopt. The Land of Fire is appropriately oriented towards the element of fire, typically having very bright and warm weather. While not the physically largest country, it has the largest hidden village.

Land of Wind ()

* See Also: Sunagakure
The Land of Wind (風の国, Kaze no Kuni) is one of the more prominent countries in the series. It is located to the south-west of the Land of Fire and borders the Land of Rivers and the Land of Rain. Its government leader is the Wind Daimyō. The country covers a vast realm, but that realm is largely composed of deserts. Because there is very little rainfall throughout the year, the people of the country live in villages built on one of the desert's many oases. Despite the country's extremely harsh environment, it has a large population.

Land of Water ()

* See Also: Kirigakure
The Land of Water (水の国, Mizu no Kuni) is oriented towards the element of water. Its government leader is the Water Daimyō. It is composed of many islands, with each having its own unique traditions. The country's weather is typically cool and full of mist and lakes. In some places, like the area where the Shirayuki reside, it is very cold and snows quite a bit.

Land of Lightning ()

* See Also: Kumogakure
The Land of Lightning (雷の国, Kaminari no Kuni) is located on a peninsula north-east of the Land of Fire and is one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. Its government leader is the Lightning Daimyō. In the center of the country are vast mountain ranges, whose many thunderstorms are said to give the country its name. From these mountain ranges, many rivers flow to the sea, creating a very crooked coastline that displays an impressive oceanic beauty. There are many hot springs located within the country.

Land of Earth ()

* See Also: Iwagakure
The Land of Earth (土の国, Tsuchi no Kuni) has seen little attention in the series thus far. It is located north-west of the Land of Fire. Its government leader is the Earth Daimyō. The country is mostly comprised of desolate, rocky areas. The border of the Land of Earth runs along a rocky mountain range, blocking communication with other countries. The wind blowing from the north passes over these mountains, carrying small rocks from the Land of Earth to the surrounding countries. This famous natural phenomenon is called "Rock Rain" (岩雨, Gan'u).

For information concerning the diplomatic status between countries, see: Diplomatic Status

Other Shinobi Countries

  • Land of Grass
  • Land of Waves ()
  • Land of Rivers ()
  • Land of Bears
  • Land of Rain
  • Land of Rice Fields
  • Land of Snow
  • Land of the Waterfall

Non-Shinobi Countries

  • Land of Birds
  • Land of the Claw
  • Land of the Fang
  • Land of Honey
  • Land of the Moon
  • Land of Red Beans
  • Land of the River
  • Land of the Sea
  • Land of Stone
  • Land of Swamps
  • Land of Tea
  • Land of Udon
  • Land of Vegetables
  • Land of Waves

The Southern Lands

The Southern Lands is the Naruto world's equivalent of "China". It is a very large continent seperated from the one that ninja live upon via a significant ocean. The culture, buildings, fashions, people, and abilities exhibited are all very different from the shinobi and non-shinobi nations. The concept of "Chi" is more prevalent than "Chakra".

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