Country Land of Grass
Alignment Neutral
Popularity Boondock Village
Founder Yatsuhane's Player

Village Architecture

A village truly hidden among the trees, Uekigakure is located high up in the boughs of the massive trees that grow in the Land of Grass. The trunks of the trees are hollowed out and made habitable by the residents, while bridges made of heavy rope and wooden planks connect the trees. At the center of the village is a monument dedicated to the village's savior, the Two Tailed Demon Cat.

While the village isn't as large as some of the main cities that exist, Uekigakure houses a fair number of residents. It has several levels to it, with spiraling staircases that round up the trunks to the next levels and elevators as well for convenience. The crowns of the trees provide cover from those who would try to locate them from the sky and their placement so high above the forest floor provides natural protection from predators below.



Inhabitants of the Village Hidden in the Trees worship their savior, the Two-Tailed Demon Cat. The reason for this odd devotion to a chakra monster stems from the village's past through a legend kept alive by each new generation. The legend tells of a time when the village was still in its infancy, having settled down where it is now. Unknown to those who settled there, it fell within the territory of the powerful Nibi who claimed the forest as its own. And on one such day, a star fell from the sky and threatened all of those who resided there with a fiery peril. But to their surprise, the Nibi roused from its slumber to destroy the falling star before it could destroy its home. And in doing so spared the lives of all the villagers. And ever since then, the people have worshipped the Demon Cat as their protector.

Fashion & More


Those who reside within Uekigakure have about them a particular mode of dress that can basically be used to pick them out of a crowd like a sore thumb. It isn't only their traditional garb that gives them off, it's the more unsettling fact that almost no one from Uekigakure reveals their face out in public. The wardrobe differs little between the sexes, in only that the males typically wear more clothing than the females do. Their clothing typically consisits of a sort of hooded long coat with a hole in the back for the installation of their faux cat tails.

As for footwear, specially crafted boots are made that allow for movement other than the standard walking on two legs. They also aid in increasing agility slightly and in jumping and climbing. Depending on the Caste a person belongs to, they may also have modified sleeves on their long coats that form oversized cat like paw gloves. These gloves serve various purposes from travel to combat and are quite durable for both.

When a member of the Uekigakure ages beyond their prime, they relinquish their long coat wearing ways and trade it in for a more loose fitting robe and will generally hide their faces with a mask that resembles a cat's face. They take their devotion to their Demon Cat savior rather seriously it seems.

Caste System

Ueki no Sato is a closely knit village of people who are divided up into various castes during childhood. Generally they are placed into any given caste due to their various aptitutdes and temperments. As far as anyone knows, there are currently 5 known Castes among them.


First are the Warriors of the village. They are responsible for protecting its people from harm by developing a strong body. They are also responsible for hunting in the wilds that make up their home, gathering up food for everyone in the village.

Second are the Mystics. Not focusing so much on their bodies as the Warriors do, they instead tap into the primal forces of nature to wield the elements as weapons. While not necessarily expected to aid with hunting, the Mystics are also another portion of the protection of the village. In the event a problem arises that cannot be dealt with with solely the Warriors, the Mystics will provide aid. Generally, the Mystics are the more intellectual members of the village. Studying various scrolls and texts for knowledge to be gained.

Third are the Tricksters. They are the crafty ones of the village. Their cunning and wits are far sharper than those who usually are part of the other Castes. Their talents lie in deception, hallucinations and other tricks of the mind. They have no one specific role to play, but are expected to come to the aid of the village if the need ever arises.


Fourth are the Shaman. They are similar to the Mystic Caste in that they pursue knowledge for the benifit of the village. However, instead of seeking out destructive knowledge, they instead search for new medicines and ways to tend to the sick and injured of the village. They could also be considered the doctors of the village, as they are skilled beyond just potions and poultices. While not combat oriented like the other Castes, they are still able to fend for themselves, using their knowledge of the human body to their advantage.

Last, but not least. Quite the contrary as a matter of fact! Those who's passion lies not in the arts of fighting instead find themselves drawn to the kitchen instead of the battlefield! A Cook of the village garnishes respect from all ove the people. Not because they are the most powerful, but because they provide food that fills empty tummies. And those who are of the Village Hidden in the Trees are known for their love of food and the pursuit of eating it. Their skills in the kitchen are second to none, constantly striving to improve on their recipes. Not only is their food deliciously edible, but at times it can also bestow upon the eater benificial side effects. Similar foodstuffs are said to also be found in Konohagakure with the Akimichi Clan.

Rumors, Factoids, Side-Notes!

Factoid #1
Due to how much it is said that the villagers of Uekigakure love to eat, that is why those who become Cooks are so valued and prized. The fact that they can also provide beneficial food useful to a warrior or other combatant was just a side-dish. :3 Hungry kitty is hungry!!

Rumor #1
It is often thought that the only reason the Trickster Caste was made was to have a place to put all of the village's mischievous rascals rather than to have something useful. Who knew that when you put them all together, good things could happen!? :o

Known Members of Uekigakure

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