7-Tails: The New Jinchuuriki Is Chosen


Daiki, Michiko, Hiei

Date: August 17, 2015


Daiki is summoned to the Raikage's office to discuss his role as the new Jinchuuriki.

"7-Tails: The New Jinchuuriki Is Chosen"

Inside the Raikage's office

Since the seven tails has disappeared, the administration has been busy hunting down the Bijuu. But they also had to track down another host that seemed to fit the profile necessary/suggested for a successful host. Michiko had been searching through most files on Shinobi and those who were planning to become Shinobi, and eventually she found someone who seemed to fit the profile. Yotsuki Daiki, a happy child with the goal to become a swordmaster, a master blacksmith, a Lightning Tai master like Hiei, and the Raikage. The young boy would receive summons from his home while Michiko set up the meeting in the Administration Hall.
For now, Michiko is standing near the door as she waits for people to bring Daiki to the right room. From what she's seen of him, he's probably bouncing off he walls at the whole situation…

Daiki had been surprised by the sudden summons to meet with the Raikage, and to be honest, it made him a little nervous. Had he done something to get in trouble? He only spooked the horses ONCE! And if the grownups recall, they all managed to get back into their stables! The young Yotsuki chewed his lip while he walked with his father and a staff escort towards the room where they were to meet. He wished he knew what this was all about… People don't just get summoned to the Raikage's office for little things.

Hiei is standing behind his desk, looking out of the large window with his hands clasped behind his back. His back was to the door of his office, but he knew that Michiko was bringing him the potentially new Jinchuuriki. His thoughts were on the seven tails right now, as he was waiting on word from one of his agents out in the field on a possible location for the bijuu. He rolls his shoulders slightly as he considers his options. This time he had gone looking inside of his own clan for a potential host. Knowing that Yotsuki are trained at a young age for stamina due to the demands of their nintaijutsu on their bodies. He had gone through the same training himself even while still in the academy. As he watches the clouds flow around the tops of the nearby mountains, he waits patiently while going over what he wanted to say to the boy and his father in his head. The boy's life would be forever changed, and it would take a large amount of courage to undertake the task that the Raikage had in store for him.

Michiko smiles to Daiki when he shows up. "Relax, Daiki-kun. You're not in trouble," she says. The girl nods to his father. "I'm sorry for the sudden nature of this, but I will let Hiei-san explain everything once we're in his office." Michiko glances to the guards, who let her and the two other Yotsuki step into the Raikage's office. She moves to stand next to Hiei for the time being, since she's sort of supposed to help out with everything to do with this! "Hiei-san, Yotsuki Daiki and his father are here," she tells him quietly. Not that he would need the warning… Assumedly, he would hear the knock on the door.

Daiki only relaxed slightly when he heard that he, in fact, was NOT in trouble. Then why was he here? Daiki's father, Ichirou, holds his son's shoulder firmly in what might be interpreted as a reassuring squeeze, though he seems to be steering the boy into the office where the Raikage waits. The father bows his head deeply. "Raikage-sama, I have brought you my son, as you requested. I assume you will now tell us the meaning of all of this?"

Hiei turns away from the window once he heard the knock on his door. He is standing in front of his desk when Michiko, Daiki and his father walk in. He waits for the father to greet him and then he inclines his head to them both. "Indeed. First, let me thank you both for coming so promptly." He then motions to the chairs, "Please, have a seat if you wish." He's nothing if not hospitable. However, he's also not one to beat around the bush. He glances at Michiko and nods faintly before he looks back at Daiki and Ichirou. "As you know, we lost a great asset to the village a few months ago. The seven tails." His gaze shifts to Daiki for a moment. "We have a lead on it's location and will be deploying a team to retrieve it. However..we are in need of a new host for Chomei." He looks at Ichirou for a long moment and then shifts his gaze again to Daiki. "We believe we have chosen someone who is strong of body and of spirit. Someone who is eager to serve his village in whatever capacity that he is asked to." He leans forwards slightly. "We want you, Yotsuki Daiki."

Michiko adds, "Please know that this selection was not taken lightly. We've gone through hundreds of shinobi to figure out who might be the most compatible with the Seven Tails. Daiki-kun has exhibited a sort of nature that is fairly in line with the Shichibi, and he has enough strength in body and mind that we think this match will be successful." She pauses, glancing to Hiei to make sure she's not overstepping her bounds in this announcement /too/ much.

Ichirou simply stares at the Raikage, sinking back in his chair slowly while he absorbs this information. Daiki, on the other hand, seemed quite oblivious to the true meaning of all this. "You want me to help the village?" he asks Hiei with a curious and hopeful shine in his eyes. He couldn't believe it! Hiei-sama wanted HIM to help! The young boy grins broadly and looks to his father, his expression faltering slightly when he sees the man's expression of shock. "… Oyaji…?"
Ichirou seems to snap back to the present, then, and his gaze wanders to his son with a slow nod, cupping cheek affectionately. "… It is a very important job, Daiki… A great responsibility… I'm not sure you understand just how great…" Daiki just grins again and shakes his head. "Don't worry! I'm a good helper, and I love this village, and I want to help Hiei-sama! Then I'll be popular at school and I can do big things when I grow up!"

Hiei looks at the boy's father and then over at Michiko. He had a suspicion that Daiki didn't really grasp the gravity of the situation, but he smiles anyway. "That's good. I like you hear that kind of enthusiasm. I can tell that you truly love this village. But what is being asked of you is a serious matter. Your life would change in ways you can't possibly imagine. Your training will be specific and difficult. And you'll be asked to keep what we talk about here a secret. Even from the rest of your family. For awhile, anyway."

Daiki looked at Hiei with slightly widened eyes, trying his best to grasp what was going on. Harder training? That didn't seem like such a big deal. He wanted to get stronger, anyway! But the things about his life changing, and about keeping things a secret…? "I don't understand," he says, he brows furrowing a little. "What do you mean my life will change? What exactly do I gotta do?"

Hiei nods. "Your body will be host to a chakra beast. It will constantly war with you for control of your body. You will have to figure out a way to form a bond with it. Work together with it, so that you can become more powerful in the long run. But it will be a long, hard road. Some people will fear you. Fear that you might lose control of the beast and destroy them. For that reason they may shun you. It's why you will probably want to keep it a secret." He sits down on the edge of the desk. "That's why your father has that worried look on his face. What we ask you to do is no small task. Knowing all of this, would you still serve your village by becoming it's Jinchuuriki?"

Michiko says, "The Shichibi is still being hunted down, so you have a bit of time to decide, Daiki-kun. If this sounds too difficult. We'll do our best to keep you safe, of course. And make sure you're being treated well by others."

Daiki looked down into his lap, chewing his lip slowly with a concentrated expression on his face. He didn't know anything about a chakra beast.. But it sounded kind of frightening. And they wanted to put it inside of him…? "Why?" he asks, genuinely curious as he returns his gaze to the Raikage. "Why do you have to put it inside of someone? Why do all of this?" If he understood the reason, maybe it would be easier for him to accept.. Or at least to decide. He looked to his father, but Ichirou just shook his head. It was his son's decision, now, not his.

Hiei glances over at Michiko and raises a brow slowly. Why she made it look like the boy actually had a choice is beyond him. Because he didn't. Not really. If he was the best candidate, he would receive the bijuu. However, Hiei looks back at Daiki and tells him the truth. "We have to put it inside someone. Because if we didn't it would unbalance the power structure of the Hidden Villages. Konoha has a Jinchu. Suna has one, as well as Iwa, and Kiri. For us to not have one places the village at a disadvantage." He purses his lips. "I have the authority to force you to do this. However, the bonding process would go much better for you if you agreed to it. And you said yourself, that you want to become powerful, yes? This is a faster way of doing that. If you can learn to draw upon Chomei's unlimited chakra reserves you could become a true force to be reckoned with for Kumogakure."

Daiki gulped a bit, but his eyes didn't waver from Hiei's. If he did this, he would become powerful… Hiei-sama wanted him to control the chakra beast so that Kumogakure would be as strong as the other villages… And he wanted his village to be strong. Slowly, the boy nods, but he does have one more question… "If I take the chakra beast, will I be protecting the village?" The young Yotsuki eyes his Kage warily. For this, to him, was the most important way he could help. If his actions defended the village… He would do it. And the beast would help him become stronger… So that way, he would be even better at it. All in all, this offer was starting to sound more and more appealing to the young boy, who still sat contemplating the options.

Hiei nods once. "It would. If, for one moment, I thought that choosing you to do this would place the village in danger, I would not have even bothered to bring you into my office. You are a Yotsuki. We are the power of Kumogakure. We are the ones who brought order to chaos and helped form this village to begin with. I have complete faith in you."

"Don't brag so much about the Yotsuki, Hiei-san," Michiko says in a light teasing voice. "There are many other clans that are strong, after all." Then she looks to Daiki. "As Hiei-san said, doing this would be protecting the village. With the Tailed Beast inside you, it won't be able to run rampant and injure or kill innocent people." She hesitates for a second, wondering if she should tell him what could happen if Daiki lost control. She decides against it, though, letting Hiei tell him if desired.

Daiki nods slowly, his expression lightning slightly. "Okay. I'll do it. I'll… take the beast inside of me and control it as best I can!" He tried his best to awaken all of his confidence (which he had no shortage of). This was like nothing else he had ever undertaken before. Of course he was scared! But he knew what he had to do to protect his village, and become the strongest shinobi in it! Then maybe one day, he really /could/ be Raikage.

Hiei nods and walks over to Daiki. He places both of his hands on his shoulders. "You made the best decision. And I, and your village thanks you for it." He smiles down at Daiki, a warm smile. "I understand that you are an aspiring swordsman. How about, after the process is over, that I take over your kenjutsu training? I'm already training my son, Akira. He's your age. I don't see why I can't include you in those lessons. Afterall, clan mates help each other, yes?"

"Heh…" Michiko chuckles softly. The girl looks to Ichiro and says, "I trust you will keep your son safe until we find the Bijuu? And will continue to keep him safe beyond that?" She gives him a sort of look that says, 'You better' as she waits for a response. Then she glances over to Daiki. "While I can't help you with Taijutsu, I can assist with ninjutsu. Please feel free to come to me if you need help, Daiki-kun." She figures that Hiei will cover most of his training, though.

Daiki beams excitedly at the offer to receive training from Hiei, /himself/! "Wow, would you really do that?" he asks, all fear and uncertainty vanishing with the excitement of this new prospect. "Will Akira-kun be joining the Academy, too? If we train together, maybe we can be rivals!" The young boy emits a laugh that is really more of a giggle, and Ichirou looks to him with a light smile before turning to Michiko with a slow nod. ".. Even if he weren't of great importance to the village, Michiko-sama, I would protect him with my life…. He is my son." His eyes hold hers firmly for a moment, before he drops his gaze and goes to put a hand on Daiki's shoulder. Looking to Hiei, he bows his head solemnly. "Thank you, Raikage-sama. For the honor you have given my son, and our family."

Hiei smiles at Daiki. "Yes. He should start around the same time that you do. And I encourage you two to train together as well." Hiei had been worrying that Akira might not make any friends his own age at the academy, but perhaps things will work out. He turns his gaze towards Ichirou and a silent sentiment is shared. Fathers would lay down their lives for their sons. As a father of two, Hiei knows how the man feels and he smiles a little. "No, no. The honor is mine. Your son is brave, Ichirou-san. And he has my respect. You both do." He bows low in response before straightening up. "You two are dismissed until we come for Daiki's sealing ceremony." He adds. "Which his mother and father are allowed to attend, if they wish."

Michiko nods quietly to Ichirou. Sometimes people don't always accept a new Jinchuuriki, even if they're family. But it doesn't happen that often, and Ichirou definitely cared about his son. "I should have known, Ichirou-san. Thank you both for doing this," she says, bowing as well. She glances over to Hiei, then says, "There've been sightings of the Shichibi," in a low voice. "We should ready a team to retrieve it…"

Daiki's father leads him out of the room, then, planning on taking him out for donburi before the pair head home. It had been quite a turbulent day, so far… But both father and son were confident that they could face any challenges that came their way. Together.

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