A Bandit Army


Maikeru, Yuuka, Yuudai

Date: November 5, 2012


Maikeru, Yuuka, and Yuudai are sent to disband a group of gather parties of bandits and pirates.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A Bandit Army"

Island in the Land of Water

While it's not exactly illegal for a large group of men to gather together and have a good time, it does become a problem when all these men are pirates and bandits and are beginning to resemble a drunken, violent army. One particular man seems to have taken the lead in this and is encouraging the men to stay under his lead for some kind of conquest. Thus, the Daimyou has requested Kirigakure's destroyer and a couple others go and speak with him. Either this giant 'party' will be disbanded, or they will die. It's up to them.
Sailing up a small village that is currently overrun with these rodents, Maikeru stands with his arms folded over his chest as he waits for the ship to near the docks. "We'll go from here. Don't want them trying to hijack the ship," his dark voice rings out dryly before he flickers from the ship, reappearing on the docks where one drunken pirate stands with some kind of stringed instrument.
"Hey, you can't-" a slurred voice begins and is interrupted as Maikeru pushes the guy out of his way and into the water, walking by like he just moved a chair or something out of his way. Maybe for that guy's sake he can swim while drunk.

As usual Yuudai would remain to himself for the duration of the boat road, his arms would be folded over his chest as he simply peers out to the waters. His deep yellows eyes would gave a faint glow as he shifts his attention to Maikeru as he speaks. Pirates, drunks, and bandits quite the annoying combination to say the least he would think to himself, but none the less a mission was a mission. As the boat reached the docks Yuudai would simply hide his hand in the deep open sleeves of his fitted clothing. The drunken pirates protest would be replaced with the muffled sound of water and incoherent noises as Maikeru easily pushes him into the water. A small grin of excitement would flash upon Yuudai's face as he watches the man practically drown and like that he follows Maikeru off the boat keeping a small distance from him though as he scans around the area for several moments occasionally sniffing as if learning the scents in the area.

Waves gently splash at the boat's hull as it steadily glides into the docking bay, Maikeru being the first to flicker from the deck to reappear behind the sole drunken pirate. Recognition was seen only briefly in the man's eyes before he's pushed into the water, as if he were nothing more than a pile of hay. Yup. Off to a great start. At least he didn't kill the guy, not yet. And while Yuudai grins, the kunoichi sighs lightly to herself as she steps off of the deck and lands on the dock with a small hop. "Lets just be quick about this." Yuuka murmurs, lifting a pale brow from under her kimono hood as she glances farther ahead. "That guy should not be to difficult to find, I imagine. He is probably a charismatic drunk."

Maikeru continues walking forward from the docks, casting a glance around once in a while to survey how many dozens of men they might be dealing with here. The streets are filled with a lot of these drunkards, some townsfolk looking nervous, being harassed, or both, though many of them turn and look at the trio entering. Well, the first place one looks for the leader of a bunch of drunks is the most obvious and the most noisy… The pub. As the Jounin silently approaches the door, two rather large bandits step in his way, only to be swiftly punched in the gut and sent flying through the double-doors into a table that crashes down on them, spilling alcohol and playing cards down on top of them. Apparently in the middle of some kind of speech, a middle-aged, balding, gruff-looking man stands atop the bar counter with a young geisha held over his shoulder hitting and kicking him and a pitcher of sake in the other.
"… Who the gringo are you?" the apparent leader of this group asks.
"I am Death, and I've come to make you a deal," Maikeru says, his voice dark as ever and quite stern. "Disband these groups and leave this place, and or you'll all die."
There's a long pause before the leader and most of the men in the bar start laughing hysterically. "Yeah… I'd like to see that, son."

Yuudai would nod lightly, true this guy should not be hard to find especially for a group of loud drunkards. As yuudai walked down the street the excitement building in him was obvious, several times over he would proceed to run his tongue across his lips as he peered at the drunken targets. So many of them, I wonder how many we would actually get to fight? All of these questions would echo in his mind as he would proceed to bring his hands from his robes to brush his thick white hair back, tying the messy hair into a single gathered lock as he enters the bar, the foul sweet smell of liquor hitting his nostrils as he peers around the area slowly counting the total amount of drunks for slaughter. "One, two, three." He would continue to count as his excitement grew, his once interested grin replaced with a sinister smile. "In the end all equal to zero." He would say as if surely talking to himself. As Yuudai listens slowly to the jounin and leader talk he couldn't help but to slide his right hand into his robe taking hold of the hilt of his Tanto.

Yuuka glides silently as she follows in Maikeru's wake as he practically storms through the street, earning quite a few stares just as they push through the front of the pub. She lifts a pale brow as she looks over the gathered drunken pirates, bandits, and whatever else kind of scum this village seems to have gathered. Noting the number and position of everyone in case there were any sudden movement. And in such an enclosed space it could be bothersome. Then after a short moment her blue green eyes blink slowly as Yuuka looks back up at the moron standing on the bar itself, with a poor geisha swept up over his shoulder. Really, the man didn't know how to treat a woman with respect. And with as excited as Yuudai seems to be they may as well have been kids in a candy store. "Hm. Sounds like we got our answer."

"Seems that way," Maikeru says as he glances around, beginning to gather a bit of chakra. "Well, guess you all-" He blinks a bit as he feels a bit of chakra attempting to invade his system, yet it seems he only shrugs it off as he looks around for its source.
"Well, well, looks like someone took the bait," a feminine voice rings out a white-haired young woman adorned in a dark red and white kimono steps out of a room behind the leader. "Hello, Maikeru," she says with a wicked smile as she tries to push the jutsu onto the shinobi, though she apparently fails to do so to Maikeru.
"You're behind this, Mari?" Maikeru asks, lifting an eyebrow as he looks to her. "What, you're so desperate to try to get rid of me that you're opening your legs to dogs?"
While this is going on, the bandits start to stand up, grabbing their knives, clubs, and such in preparation for a fight.

Yuudai would simply arch a brow as the a strange sensation begins to hit him, a deep strong chakra slowly taking hold of his entire mental and physical state. He would slowly remove his right hand from his robes as he proceeds to dig his left thumb into a small bandaged area in his right hands palm, he was only a few inches from shaking this sensation from himself before it completely overcomes him. He would remain still for a moment before the sensation forces him to one knee's obviously he is strongly but to no alas he falls to the second knee. A deep resent is upon his face as his body lowers even more. He would simply ball his fist as his chest now rest against the floor. The womans voice would be all he could truly hear before a loud ringing begins to echo in his mind as his body gives in to the technique.

Yuuka turns her hooded head just enough to glance up at the new voice, narrowing her aquamarine eyes for a split moment before a wave washes over her. A genjutsu. She sucks in a sharper breath and curls her fingers into her fists, digging the hardened nails into her palms enough so that several drops of crimson fall from between her clenched fingers. It wasn't enough though. She could hear the last of the chairs squealing against the floor as they're pushed back before even that sound fades into the background of the genjutsu.

"So rude," Mari says, retaining that wicked smile as she looks directly to Maikeru while continuing to hold Yuuka and Yuudai down with her Genjutsu. "Is that any way to treat a lady only the second time you've met her?" With that, she flickers, attempting to drive a kunai into Maikeru's throat. Meanwhile, since Yuuka and Yuudai are down, a bandit charges each of them, attempting to stab a knife into each one's shoulder.
The kunai bounces off of Maikeru's throat as he looks down at Mari, shaking his head. "Normally not, but I do make exceptions for women that are actually a little potent and try to kill me every time they see me," he replies as he creates an enlarged form of his right fist while driving it directly at Mari, attempting to grab her and slam her through a table, and he then swings the fist at a wide arc, attempting to swat some of the bandits back to hold them off of Yuuka and Yuudai until they recover and can attack.

Yuudai could only laugh as the woman and Maikeru spoke, a small chuckle can easily be heard from him as his body lowers to the ground even more. As the blade was driven into his body a even louder laugh could be heard. The crimson colored blood slowly oozes from his wound as it stains his red and white robes some of it even dripping to the ground. Just what I need, a bunch of men giving me quite the pounding as he courts with a lady, Yuudai would think to himself. His long pink tongue would proceed to lick his own lips as he strains to lift his head up to peer at one of the attacking bandits. "I-am-……go-iing…..t-o Carve into you." He would say in an almost pure sadistic tone as if spilling his blood only caused his excitement to grow.

The knife buries into her shoulder, spilling blood and striking a lightning bolt of pain through her flesh. A brief cry of pain is torn from her throat and faulters, color flashing in her eyes as Yuuka struggles to contain a breath. She's felt worse, and will feel much worse in the future no doubt, so this is nothing in comparison. Have to push through it and focus. Maikeru was strong but she couldn't weight the team down either.

Though Maikeru's fist slams through the table, it is actually empty, as the woman has faded out of sight. She reappears with a flicker, attempting to stab him in the back this time, which bounces off as well. "Won't you just die already, Jigoku Junior?" he asks in frustration as she seems to not be of any effect against him, though he hasn't hit her yet either. Meanwhile, many of the bandits have been toppled for the moment, yet several still stand and are coming at Yuuka and Yuudai with knives.
"What would be the fun in that?" Maikeru asks as he looks back to Mari. "I guess it does take one of his kin to pull together a stunt like this just to try to take me out, eh, little cousin?" With that, he brings his hands into a seal, creating several clones of himself that begin to attack the woman and the bandits to begin fighting them off.

Yuudai would slowly bat his eyelids as he could feel the genjutsu hold over his body fade. The shocking pain of his earlier wound to the shoulder did just the trick. A small smirk would grow upon his face as he slowly reaches inside to take hold of the hidden Tanto. As one of the bandits charges forward to stab at him against Yuudai would gather a small layer of chakra against his skin, remaining still as he braces for the impact of the blade against his clothing. His iron body standing firm against the weapon as he slowly lifts his heavy head up to look at the bandit. "My turn." He would say, with his deep intense yellow eyes peering down at the enemy. Quickly he would unsheathe his Tanto as he quickly swipes at one enemy attempting to make a clean slice across his mouth before turning to a second bandit proceeding to rapidly slash in small strokes against its chest.

One bandit slashes wildly at Yuuka, but a second too slow as the relaxed hand at her side flicks upward in a blur of speed, the bone claws slashing at the dagger in his hand (and pretty much else) with a counterattack. That particular bandit is done for, falling to the ground in a heap of limbs. Something dark flickers in her expression as Yuuka snaps her eyes up at Mari. "And you are foolish… to only concentrate on one target alone. You are the prey here little girl…" Really. No mood to deal with this.
A growl curls subtly at her lip as she inhales a breath, just before exhaling a long stream of what appears to be a fine, thin smoke into the air. In actuality, it's bone not smoke at all. Through the force of her will the bone particles quickly congregate towards Mari, becoming a sphere around her for a split second before dozens of razor sharp bone knives are formed.

Mari actually laughs a little at Yuuka's words, fading out of view as the shards come at her. When she reappears, she is standing directly behind Yuukai and goes to wrap her arms around her shoulders and lean forward to kiss her cheek. "Is that so?" she asks as Yuuka would begin to feel as if thousands of bugs were crawling beneath her skin and attempting to break out of her, attempting to conceal this from Maikeru as well. The bandits continue to attack Yuudai, despite their dwindling numbers, apparently quite determined to come out on top.
Maikeru, however, isn't so easily struck with Genjutsu. Two of the seals fades away from his arm before he reaches forward with an enormous form of both hands in an attempt to grab Mari and the bandit leader and slam them down on the ground.

Yuudai would smirk lightly as he watched Yuuka's attack head for the female, but the smirk would soon fade as she vanished, "Nice trick." He would say, only to be slightly caught off guard when she appears behind Yuuka. Yuudai however would have problems of his own as the bandits attempt to pile on him. As the bandit attempts to knee Yuudai, the kaguya male could easily be seen shifting in his stance, before dashing over towards the right watching the bandit crash down upon his knee. In That moment Yuudai would not stop building momentum, he would brace himself for the incoming knife, and even though it dug into his skin he would not falter, instead he jabs his tanto forward into the bandit who had struck him and with his left hand he would grab on to the leg of the earlier bandit spinning rapidly in a smirk circle he would use his earlier build momentum to increase the power of his spin, faster and faster as he attempts to use the bandit as a weapon against the rest before releasing him towards Mari, hoping to deal damage to them both.

The arrogant cub appeared right behind hear, daring a kiss to her cheek before the sensation of thousands upon thousands of bugs rises over her skin with the distinct impression that they may engulf her at any moment. A growl curls at her slender throat as Yuuka tires to push through it, feeling the sheer effort sapping some of her energy as she does. Maybe Maikeru is going to deal with the girl for the moment, but she is going to make sure that she scares off any other bandit that dares to try to go after her. Reaching up over her shoulder, Yuuka rolls her slender shoulders as she digs her fingers into her flesh, leaning forward as she pulls the extensive length of her spinal column with a long, dangerously spiked whip.

Mari actually manages to evade Maikeru once again, fading from sight. She giggles a bit as she reappears outside the pub. "Hey, boys! We've got trouble!" Seems she's summoning the guard. Meanwhile, the leader is barely living after being slammed down on the ground. With most of the bandits inside the bar taken out, it seems the numbers are about to get much thicker outside.
"Bandito," Maikeru growls a bit before charging outside, flickering to attempt to drive his foot directly into Mari's face. Seems he's getting a bit more serious, as he moves at a blinding speed, intending to break her before the rest of the bandits get to them, but it seems they are swarming out of the buildings and into the streets rather quickly to deal with the shinobi.

Yuudai would only shake his head as Mari managed to escape outside of the pubs doorway, "This is becoming more annoying." He would say as he rips his tanto from the body of the slain bandit, only to clean its blade off on the clothing of the body before turning to peer at Yuuka who is starting to get serious herself it seems as she takes the bone from her body wielding it elegantly. "I don't have to bother asking if you are alright it seems." He would say to her as he peers around the bar for several moments shaking his head at the body count, as he exits the pub peering out at the gathering, "This is more like it." He would say as he re-sheaths his tanto as he flexes his body slightly popping several bones into place before crouching down, a small sigh would come from him as he starts to count the remaining enemies, "One, two, three, four, meh, they all equal to zero in the end." He would say before rushing towards several bandits attempting to assist Mari, fist tightly clenched his would use his arms as a weapon ramming his biceps into the necks of the bandits.

The bandits don't matter. Not right now. Only one little annoying pest and nothing else. "Maikeru… you better move." she murmurs lightly, barely loud enough to be heard against the roar of voices and war cries. It all faded into one constant noise in the background as the arm holding the bloodied spine is held outwards from her body. With a hard thrust forward the spine whips straight at Mira to capture her completely. "Dance of the Clematis…" The whole length of her arm grows, flesh splitting and bone engorging into that of an enormous and evil-looking drill. Without so much a yell Yuuka blurs with sudden speed, the drill pointed straight at Mira to run her through.

With a thunderous smack, Mari staggers back from the kick, only to be caught by the clematis vine and drilled into brutally by Yuuka. The drill goes through her gut, a good way, some of it actually coming out of her back before she staggers back. This freaks the bandits out enough that the ones not attacking and being put down by Yuudai actually freeze.
Just as the woman staggers back, a massive burst of power rings out from behind her, blowing some of the bandits back in waves as Maikeru reappears there. His eyes glow the eerie yellow of Jigoku's as he creates and enormous form of the hand and literally grabs the woman up and begins to squeeze. The sound of her bones cracking and rings out through the air as she screams out in pain, her body beginning to bleed out like someone is simply squeezing a fruit, the warm red liquid pouring out onto the ground in gushes as the demon literally crushes her in the palm of his hand. "I told you… If you came after me again, I was going to kill you. Maybe the rest will get the message this time."

Ripping the tip out of the gut of the girl, Yuuka staggers back several paces and shakes her arm hard once, flicking the huge bone into scattering and becoming a thick dust. Her chest expanding with quickened breaths, she snaps her eyes up at the bandits around them with one clear, dark warning. In case the foolish thought of attacking again enters their tiny minds. Survival instincts might win over in this instance though, upon seeing her drive an enormous blade through the belly of their leader. Yuuka snaps her hardened gaze back at Maikeru as he transforms again, his eyes glowing brighter as Mira is snatched up again, blood dripping everywhere.

With a final crack and shrill scream, Mari seems to have been silenced permanently and falls dead to the ground with a sickening crunch and thud. While their numbers are definitely still large, the bandits look at each other for a moment before turning and running away as fast as they can get away. It seems they have decided it would be best to go ahead and disband so the rest of them don't die the same way. Mission complete.

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