Second Promotion Exams - A Battle of Wits: Tadashi vs. Narusegawa


Shuuren (as Tadashi), Naru

Date: November 26, 2012


Naru walks into the Ancient Temple where a giant cross has been painted on its face to find a Medical Ninja in the Exams has turned it into a Medical Center.

"Second Promotion Exams - A Battle of Wits: Tadashi vs. Narusegawa"

Ancient Temple

While most of the contestants in the Exams are busy stalking other people or hiding in hopes of getting and/or keeping scrolls, one guy has actually made his locations rather obvious. However, the reason for it isn't something that should get him jumped by marauding contestants. In the ruins of the stone city, a large red cross has been painted on the temple in plain view for all to see, a signal that this has been made a medical facility for people to come to if they are in need of healing from their matches or other perils of being stuck in this place for a few weeks. One might think one of the proctors or the village set this up, but, on the contrary, it is actually the doing of one of the contestants in the Exam.
Inside the temple, a few beds have been setup, doors open to a room on either side of the staircase. A few chairs and military cots have been set up in the main hall, the beds made up with clean sheets. The extra rooms each have a couple beds and appear to have been cleaned immaculately, likely set up as surgical rooms in case someone comes in in dire need of help.
The cause of all this is perhaps one of the dark horses of this event, a name not many people know much of, other than he's a Medical Ninja from Sunagakure. Adorned in all black with a mask covering his face, the shinobi known as Tadashi is seen standing at the top of the stairs between the two most prominent statues in the room. He appears to be examining the stone door, perhaps looking for some kind of switch or something to see if it may actually be a real door or some kind of trap. Since there are no patients here at the moment, this seems to be his way of occupying his time until someone comes looking for medical attention or a scroll.

You seem to be expecting quite a turn out here… Are you sure people won't attempt to take a scroll away from you? Or have you arleady lost it?" A voice asked as she took a few steps into the establishment, it was fairly nice considering the circumstances and it seemed like perhaps he was thinking of other ways to stay away from the onslaughts of the attack. "I can't tell if this is a good or bad idea…" She spoke once more and allowed her eyes, burning with the pale gaze of the sharingan watched over him intently, utilizing the lowest power this still offering powerful clarity. Narusegawa herself was adorned in a not so traditional garb, her body was wrapped up in bandages, a black shirt snug along her body and a matching pair of pants, Not a single shred of shinobi equipment was visible upon her other than the sword along her back. " What is your name? and where are you from?" She arched an eyebrow, hand barely along the hilt of her blade, just to make sure he didn't pull any quick movements… Though her eyes would give her insight on that.
Tadashi has his own ways of knowing when someone's coming, and, thus, the Uchiha's approach does not startle him at all. He lets her go through the whole thought process before turning her way and looking her over. When he finally does speak, his voice is inflectionless, masking it from recognition as being anyone. "Some will be honorable. Some will not. As for my own scroll, I have measures to hold onto it until I decide it best to hand it over." With that, he moves to walk down the stairs to speak with her at eye-level, his movements casual. He himself doesn't appear to have much in the way of equipment, but his clothes seem to have space for slots for scroll and such, which he most likely has tucked away. "Good idea or bad, it would be a shame to extinguish a life needlessly that could prove useful later." Not really a voice of compassion, but logic. "I'm Tadashi," he finally replies, offering a light bow of his head. "From Sungakure." As he stands back upright, he looks her over and asks, "Since I have provided you with mine, would you be kind enough to offer me your name?"

"You don't necessarily have to kill anyone, taking their scroll will suffice," Naru responded back, referencing his his last comment about taking extinguishing lives, nevertheless she did take a few steps forward, releasing her hand from her katana by her backside, it wasn't going to be necessary to use it at this rate. " While some may see this as honorable… I personally see it as a unique way to keep people away from your scroll," she pauses and reaches out towards him, open palmed with a pair of gloves facing up, it would appear that she was offering her hand but the next few words was going to change that. " My name is Uchiha Narusegawa, I'm going to take that scroll awat from you so you don't have to worry about protecting it,"
"I was actually referring to keeping others from dying from their injuries, but that is a valid point as well," Tadashi replies with a shrug. He watches her more curiously than cautiously as she steps forward, tilting his head slightly as she moves her hand from the hilt of her blade. At her words, he snickers a bit, saying, "Interesting theory, and I guess it would be true of most in this situation." He glances down at the extended hand, lifting an eyebrow slightly behind the mask. "Is that so?" he asks, sounding a it amused, and she would actually feel, as well as see due to her Sharingan, a pulse of chakra wash over her, something similar to a Diagnostic Jutsu. "You seem to be in fine enough condition not to need such a charity if I may say so myself," he comments as his eyes trail back up to her face. "So what would you say makes you worthy of me just handing it to you?"

"Are you a judge? Tadashi? I didn't know if you would be able to deem yourself as someone who would be willing to offer a scroll to someone else, actually I don't think you have that liberty. This isn't a charity either," Naru clarified maintaining an outreached hand, beckoning him slightly to go ahead and just hand over the scroll, she did notice that a swell of chakra swept over her, without a clue as to what it was it didn't seem to have any negative effects. " If you hand it over we don't have to worry about a long battle that will impede you from performing you self imposed duties…"

At first Tadashi seems to not really care much about what Naru is saying, though he does get a little more interested as she mentions it not being a charity. Rather curious about her theory, he listens silently and looks her over again, pondering a bit as he focuses on the outstretched hand for just a moment before looking back up directly at her face. "Well, I'm not just going to hand it over to you, but perhaps you can pass a test and earn it." With that, he reaches into his coat, pausing somewhat dramatically to make her wonder what he's going to pull out before withdrawing a set of four cards and holding them out with their backs to her. "The one you choose will determine your challenge."

"Isn't this whole thing a test?" She perked a brow at him and decided to play along anyways, regardless if she picked something weird or not she did have the ability to take it, or at least she hoped so. With that she reaches out for one of the cards, unless he took it back she picked the one closet along the edge and clutched it tightly in her hand. " Anything else? " She asked him though kept her eyes on him for any sudden movements, for some reason she felt like she didn't have to worry much about him…but deception was something rampant amongst shinobi…

"Basically," Tadashi replies with a smirk beneath the mask. Once the card is chosen, he tucks the others away again and gives a nod. "And now for your challenge." She's not getting away with just picking a card since that action was fairly meaningless with consequence. He reaches into his coat and withdraws a scroll, yet it is not the one she seeks. Giving a wink, he unravels it, and, with a puff of smoke, about three dozen scrolls fly in all directions to land in different parts of the temple. "These are all basic scrolls, but the real one is now somewhere within this temple. You just have to figure out which one it is."

Everything appeared to be interesting at first, but once she selected the card and three dozen scrolls were spread out about the area her interested expression had swelled into a light frown. "I'm not going to move about this temple looking around for the scroll, I'd rather much slay you where you stand for wasting my time… I'm not going to play into your pathetic games…" Naru finalized, showing that she was no longer itneresting in participating in whatever trick he trying to pull off. " We can play another game instead…If you don't give me your scroll I will just fight it out of you…"

At Naru's comment, Tadashi just rolls his eyes then actually shrugs his shoulders and turns around to walk back up the stairs. "Yeah, well, there's a quite interesting thing about that theory," he says as he approaches the stone door again and begins to examine it. "If I die, you still have to search through almost forty scrolls to figure out where the real one is. Thus, you'll not have only exhausted your chakra resources fighting a man whose level of ability you do not currently know, but be searching through all the scrolls long enough for someone to come pick you off in your weakened state. Think your actions through before you make them, love. They're all detrimental in a time like this since this is something akin to being stuck on a battleground with no allies for a few weeks."

"Ah you are right aren't you? This is a complete and utter waste of my time…" Naru replies back, not very interested in really pushing this instigation any further… She didn't feel like messing around with having to search through 40 scrolls… And if he was setting up shop infront of everyone it was obvious he had at least some measure of strength. " I will be watching you… Maybe someone else will go for that deal and get picked off," Naru replied back with a shrug of her shoulders offering him back the card and finally backing off. " It's only the first day… No need to tire myself out just yet…"

Tadashi continues to look over the stone door as Naru speaks, amused at her plight, though not enough to actually laugh or snicker about it. "Sure, sure. Sleep in one of the beds if you like. This is going to be neutral grounds. I'll start removing limbs if people try to start fights or nab people's scrolls in here," he says, perhaps a bit dismissive as he steps closer to the door to inspect it more closely, looking over the frame around it and such to try to find the mechanism.

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