A Bearable Deal


Hiroshi, Etsu

Date: November 18, 2012


Hiroshi and Etsu are tasked with taking on a mission involving a wildlife attack on a trail leading through the Land of Fire. Their mission leads them to a circus where they find out a performing bear has escaped and needs to be searched out before anything more happens. In the midst of the mission, they manage to find a bear as well as strike up a deal with farmers to satisfy all parties involved.

"A Bearable Deal"

A Stream [Land of Fire]

There was a mission to be held. Apparently, two people had come to Konoha requesting service of its shinobi regarding a problem at their campsite. They were passing through heading to the Land of Waterfalls, but had a run in with some wildlife along the way. They know it can't be helped entirely, but with the report of people being attacked on the trail, it's up to Hiroshi and Etsu to figure out a way to ensure the path is clear and safe for travel for individuals wandering through.
The campsite was left intact, well…intact as in, left as it was when it was attacked. The tent was torn, the firepit and pot was wrecked, appearing to have claw marks on it and everything else was either tarnished and or scattered across the area. Considering what hapened, they'd have to be on their guard. The stream didn't look like it suffered any damage…not that it should. "This is the area described to us in the briefing…" She started. "What do you think happened here?"

Mission time, Hiroshi had not been back for long but it was already time to hit the mission sack, no bother he always enjoyed a challenge big or small and this mission was obviously the right size. As Etsu and Hiroshi was making their way to the designated area Hiroshi would be silent most of the way, his long ebony black hair was pinned up in the perfect pony tail resting just down his back. His tight fitted black robes would be tied off with carapace straps on the shoulders, elbows and wrist bracers. As they entered the area Hiroshi would scan over the area silently for several moments as his right pale brow would arch lightly as he simply looks upon the carnage that had fell upon this camp site. "Whatever attacked surely wasn't looking to steal much I would guess." He would say in a deep base tone, his white eyes falling upon a broken pot rest just at his feet. "I can tell you what didn't happen here, and that was a happy camping trip." He would say bending down at he picks up the destroyed pot as if examining it for specific markings.

The markings on the pot looked to be that belonging to a large animal, but there's no telling which one it is yet. Indeed, the campsite was a mess and unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any tracks. At least, not out in the open. "I don't imagine the people were very happy, no…" Etsu remarked flatly. "They came to Konoha seeking our help. We will do our best to figure this out. There may be samples around here that we can take or perhaps some information we can gather based on the markings or…" She paused. "What else do you see on that pot that you've picked up?" The pot, upon closer inspection, would have bite marks on it as well and whatever food was in it has been left smeared across the pot, though mostly finished. The claw marks ont he pot don't appear to have any aggression behind them.

Hiroshi would bring the pot towards his nose and take a small sniff, "Hmmmm." Would be his only response before sniffing again, whatever was in here smelled good, or at least was appealing to whatever devoured it. "Nothing really, I small meso and what appears to be a faint hint of pork, but whatever it is, kinda to faint to really tell. One thing Is for sure though." He would say as he squats down lowering the pot to the ground, "Our campers did not have the pleasure of enjoying this meal as much as whoever left here did. Either they got hit by a vagrant who was dressed like an animal and had claws like an Inuzuka, or I would say mother nature opened her embrace and her children had the upper hand here." A few strands of his hair would be brushed away from his face as he stood at attention, his eyes locking on to the tent now it seems, "Does not seem like much a struggle so I take it that whatever ate up took its time and was possibly not feral but just hungry." He would say as he moves over to the torn tent, inspecting it now for weakness.

The tent was just ripped, but it didn't look like it had too much damage to it. Just wandered into. Then again, there was something that stuck out in the sleeping bags the travelers used. Etsu had sent her insects out across the area to gather info, but they'd found nothing yet except for something inside the tent. Inside, they plucked out a few hairs and brought them to her to inspect.
"…I am uncertain of what these are. I…" She paused and listened to her insects. "…Mountain lion?" She knew there was a cliff nearby, that may have been the case. "…Bear? Which one is it?" She wondered, but the bugs couldn't quite tell her. "We'll figure it out…" She looked toward Hiroshi and nodded in agreement with him. "It looks to be that way. I think we should try and search for tracks if we can. You…have access to the byakugan, yes? Are you able to look around this area and find anything?" He may be able to spot some tracks in soft soil near here where the stream widens into a river a long distance away.

Lions and bears, good thing we havnt got those tigers yet Hiroshi would think, he had enough slash and scratch marks on him anyway. As Hiroshi looks over the tent it would not appear that this was a specific hit, certainly not ninja trying to cover up an attack atleast, "Lion, bear either way it is around here somewhere, and I doubt any less hungry." He would say as he turns to approach Etsu as he peers at her communicating with the bugs, the aburame were a strange bunch but they knew how to gather information as well as most ninja.

As she questions about his byakugan Hiroshi would simply arch a brow before folding both arms in front of his chest, "Very well." Is all he would say before buffing his chest out as he takes a deep breath, releasing it slowly before lightly shouting, "Byakugan!" In that instead several streams of veins would bulge from his face, moving from eye to ear as his lavender white eyes become more intense, his vision shifting for a moment before the area around him becomes clear. Several small insects and animals would catch his eye as he scans over the area, "Chipmunk, tree, tree, tree, tree, why does everything here always look the sa- Well that is interesting." He would say sharpening his eyes towards the north, "A lake north of us has some tracks around it, perhaps we have our culprits last known location?"

"Excellent. We'll make our way there, then," Etsu remarked and proceeded to head in the direction indcated by Hiroshi. It was about a fifteen to twenty minute walk before they reached the lake. Just a short distance away were the tracks he found, but even more so, there appeared to be a camp here also…a large camp, no…a circus. Hmm.
"I think we'll find some answers there…" She pointed out the trail of the tracks. "If I'm mistaken, then the animal did not come from there, but I highly doubt it. Let's continue in that direction." The circus was always a show to behold. From the looks of this one, though it was a small time attraction, they maintained themselves quite well. Everything was in top shape and well within the range of building code passage. They'd find themselves wandering around and asking questions before they managed to find the manager of the circus who knew well what they were there for. It seemed pretty obvious. The headbands and all. "I guess you're here because you're looking for our escaped bear, right?" He asked and chuckled softly. "But please, don't think of him as wild. He's been tamed his whole life and wouldn't attack anyone. He found his way out of the area and I'm sure he's either scared or hungry…maybe more of the latter, though. Always been a pretty confident performer."

Hiroshi would nod lightly as the two make way towards the lake. The teen hyuuga would be silent the entire trip, just why did the markings seem so, strange? It is not like the bear was sent to kill the people, or the equipment was damaged out of rage, so just what happened here? As they came upon the circus things began to make sense. Two and two could easily be put together at this part, especially with all the questions they had answered. As they found the manager Hiroshi would simply remain silent and listen to the man explain better just what may have happened. It is true the bear did not seem feral in his attacks, nor did anything he damaged in the camp appear damaged from rage. "True, as I said before the markings did not look feral but rather bland. I believe the next question would be just how little do you feed that bear, but a bear will be a bear so I will not question your habits of tending to it. But more so if it is friended it is like an animal in a corner, and the most dangerous thing is backing an animal into a corner, but with that being said I find the news of it being tamed rather encouraging." He would explain as he brings his right hand towards the bottom of his chin, "I wonder if many in Konoha know the circus is in town, no doubt some would want to go."

The manager sighs softly. "We have been struggling somewhat. We feared that these days would come, but tried to remain positive regardless. We've been moving around, hoping to get attention for our attraction, but it appears that there's something greater getting in the way…" He explained. "So, we had trouble trying to feed our bear lately and I guess he mamaged to escape. We dearly hope he hasn't attacked anyone or brought them harm. Else, he'll probably have to be put down. He's been in our family for sometime now… We don't wany anything to happen to him. Please, help us…." The manager bowed to the both of them, pleading for aid.
Etsu remained quiet for a few moments and looked toward Hiroshi. "I imagine some would like to go. This mission appears to have grown. We have to find the bear, make sure it is alive while also finding a way for this circus to benefit and gain notariety…" She hummed. "I agree with you Hiroshi," she nodded. "We will help you in some way, but first we must finish our mission as it take priority and it appears you will benefit. If we find the bear, it will keep him from being put down by another if he happens to end up in someplace he shouldn't be."

Hiroshi would show a cold stare at the man as he pleaded, struggling everyone struggles he would think, but listening to this man it would indeed be a shame for the circus to die down. Hiroshi would only sigh, though he would look utterly annoyed by the managers begging his heart was indeed softened with sympathy. "She speaks the truth, our mission comes before anything else." He would say before turning in the opposite direction of both Etsu and the manager, to hide his sly smile upon his face, obviously he was sympathetic. "But even in the event the bear has gotten into a small amount of trouble, as long as it has not killed anyone I doubt it needs to be put down.

If it is as trained as you say I doubt it will be any trouble exactly. So upon completing our mission we have, I see no problem with telling those we know who have young kids and significant others the circus is near." His voice was deep and firm yet the softness in him would be obvious to those who knew him. "So first things first, you will need to lend us one of your workers who knows this animal well, and we can go from there. If it see's someone it knows it will prevent us from using force to restrain it."

"It would seem we are all on the same page. On this note, we must depart, but yes, as he says, we will need a worker to come with us. Also…" She slipped her hands into her pockets, "Do you have anything that may attract his attention. As he's hungry, perhaps food will be the best option…" She offers. The manager, upon rising from his bow, states, "I will provide you with whatever you need. A worker will go with you and I will provide you with his favorite food. Perhaps this will draw his attention." The manager nods in agreement. "Go into the holding tent for the animals just a short distance from here and explain to the tender your situation. She will agree to help you, I'm sure. She should also provide you with waht he likes."
With that, they head off and walk to the holding tent where a number of animals were being kept in great condition. Once the situation was explained, the woman hopped right to action and gathered up anything that she would need to return the bear back to them. She tended to the animals often and knew the bear well. She left out of the tent ahead of Etsu and Hiroshi hoping they'd follow up with her. They did just that and found themselves back in the forest where they would start to lay out a trail of the food he likes around the area. She doesn't imagine he's gotten very far.

Hiroshi would bring his hands back over his chest as he turns to peer over his right shoulder. "Such a shame this place does not have the justice it should. I could recall an early part of my life where a circus was a parents gift to a child, my how times have changed." He would say as he would turn to follow behind Etsu as they went into the resting den of the animals. The smell of the animals tickled his nostrils, though he has smelled worse. As they gathered food and treats Hiroshi could only stare out at the animals, is it possible all this will go away if they should fail and be late capturing the bear. Hiroshi would only shake his head as Etsu did most of the talking, strong and silent was the hyuugas composure it seems. As they make their way back into the forest Hiroshi would assist in laying down the treats and bait. He truly did not want to use force to capture this bear, and hopefully could avoid putting it down which would be even worse. "Tell me what does this bear like, anything that catches his attention more than anything? Noises, or perhaps a habit you can think of? Does it sleep a lot, drink a lot, prefer certain smells? Anything you can think of will assist in this search and capture."

The woman answers Hiroshi's question while laying down his favorite food, "He has a sensitive nose. If he smells his favorite food, he's certain to come running and eating. I can only hope that's the case." Etsu didn't say much except listen for now. Though, if they did have more at their disposal, it would be great… "He also likes a particular song I sing. Usually makes him happy. I can see if I can sing it," the woman stated. "I brought something with me…" It's a sort of cone for her voice to be projected from. She held it up to her mouth and began singing. It was a rather simple, but beautiful tune.
From afar, the bear they were looking for was able to hear the tune and he responded by giving a roar. He sounded distressed. If he could escape he would, but he's been surrounded by a small amount of farmers who live in the area, each with a tool to use to harm him. He'd ended up on their lands and got into a bit of trouble by pulling up some crops. "That way," Etsu offered, pointing in the direction of which she heard the sound. "Hiroshi, can you use your eyes once more?"

Hiroshi would peer around the area as the food is well placed, for a brief moment his thoughts would wander elsewhere as a memory of his childhood comes to mind. He and his mother would be at the circus, enjoying it for so as they were surrounded by two branch hyuuga guards. The teen hyuuga would smile briefly as the memory took over, though the smile would not last. Once reality set back in and he realized just where he was he would snap back to attention turning his attention to the now singing worker. "A song, well that is catchy to say the least."

He would comment as he turned his attention to the area before them. He would scan over the area expecting to see the bear come out of hiding, but alas it does not. Instead it gives off a distressed roar which catches the hyuugas attention. "Sounds like its in trouble." He would say as they dash off into the distance. Upon request Hiroshi would instantly activate his byakugan, peering into the distance as he dashes forward, "Trouble, several unknown humanoid beings are near it. I don't think it will be in the best condition unless we meet it with haste."

"Then we must hurry…" Etsu offered to Hiroshi. She didn't have much to remember about her childhood. Much of it was spent enduring an illness that has only now come into her control. She still experiences the weakness from it, but she more than makes up for it with her abilities in ninjutsu. As such, she prides herself in what she came from. The circus is not anything she can particularly identify with except for knowing what it is and consists of. Perhaps she'll have to go and see one sometime.
The woman hastened herself along with the shinobi. She wasn't as fast as she wasn't a ninja, but she held her own. It wasn't long before they came upon the bear who was backed up and surrounded, unsure of what to do. When an animal is backed into a corner, then its instincts will follow suit and it will attack. The bear hasn't gotten to that point yet, but it was clear just by looking at its body language in between the crowd. "WAIT! Don't hurt him!" The woman called out. The farmers all turned and looked toward her with some confusion.
"Don't hurt 'im? Have ye lost your mind? He came in and started attacking our crops!" One man shouted and gained agreement from the others. "I-I know, but he means no harm. Please, just don't threaten him. He's just hungry and frightened. I can take him away…"

Hiroshi would make haste as he dashes forward at times so fast he would leave the helper behind as he attempts to make way towards the bear. However he would stop as they reach the edge of the pathway. Hiroshi would simply hang back as he allows Etsu and the helper to take lead. As the helper pleads for the life of the bear Hiroshi would simply hang back and watch, both arms folded at his chest he could not believe the bear has not lunged from its coward zone to maul the farmers, and at this point they would truly deserve it. Hiroshi would only watch as they attempted to justify their actions. "Disgusting."

He would say as he shakes his head eyes rolling as he steps from the pathway. "Blood makes poor mortar you know, I do not believe threatening the bear will be in your favor." Hiroshi would say in a firm tone as he looks upon the bear, and then back to the formers. "Crops are made from the land and technically this is that bears land. You do not control nature men you can only make deals with it. So we can be realistic, you attack that animal, he mauls you, you may kill it while being heavily injured and it may survive, but think about something else.

Crops can be replanted by living healthy farmers, the strong make many the inured make few, and the dead make none." He would say in a sharp tone as he glares down heavily at the farmers, his pulsating veins throb with his byakugan in bloom, "We are simply here to subdue the animal but if it moves faster than either of us and attacks you all, we cannot stop it." Hiroshi would bluff, though he spoke with a deep intensity in his voice.

The farmers regarded Hiroshi with disdain and some bitterness at his words, but there was some truth to them. "…But…it took our crops…" Etsu looked toward the farmland in question in the distance and then back to the farmers. "…How many crops did he damage?" She questioned. They then turned their attention to her. She repeated her question. "How many did he damage?" They were silent for a few moments before an answer rose from one of the men. "…Only some sweet potatoes…around 10…at the most. We caught him before he could eat anymore…" She nodded then. "So his words have merit…" She nods her head over to Hiroshi.
"You are healthy men and can continue to grow crops. This land yields for you. Among those fields, I am sure that 10 is not such a great loss. At most, some arrangement can be made for the damages…" She gave this some thought and decided a solution.
"We are here to subdue the bear. Please, back away as my partner has insisted so that we may take it away. I am certain that the bear has not harmed anyone as you all do not have any wounds and I do not believe it went far enough in the fields to bring harm to anyone." The farmers, though agitated decide to back down and call this fight. They only wish to gain something from these damages. Backing away, they lower their tools and the bear, although still tense, appears to relax somewhat now that the men have calmed down. The woman approaches at this point to bring solace to it and feeds it one of his favorite snacks. "There's a trail on the way home of your favorite food. We'll go back and collect it all to give to you…" She chuckled and began to guide the bear away.
"The woman works for a circus who is struggling to feed their animals and the workers. Perhaps an arrangement can be made between you all. When they gain proceeds, some of their funds can help to go towards the damages. From there, you both can build a relationship. The circus can be well fed while money can fund your farms for upkeep of fields and animals. Is this unreasonable?" The men took a few moments to consider this.

"My partner has a point, its best to work together than to well, become chow for a bear. Keep in mind its better to bargain and make deals with nature as opposed to trying to control it." He would say as he takes a moment to flick several strands of black hair from his face, he would take a deep breath as he cast his white eyes upon the farmers once more, "Besides as it was said, 10 sweet potatoes is not a big number, 10 thousand maybe but ten sweet potatoes no. We all rather see this end with less disagreement on both sides. The bear and his people have decided to make amends and handle this in a more professional way despite you all about to kill it." He would note as he turns his back towards the farmers yawning lightly as he would start to walk away. "I Trust they will make the right choice in all of this." He would say halting in his steps as he turns to peer over his shoulder at Etsu, "Don't you agree?" He would ask with a grin upon his face. Sneaky as he was he either had an alternative motive behind the grin or was simply doing it to continue the bluff, either way he was glad to see the bear in one piece.

The farmers decided that it wasn't such a bad deal. The circus could pull a lot of money and the damages would be paid for, plus the added bonus of supplying crops and receiving money for upkeep. The woman had already began to head off, so the manager would hear of the deal as well as the proposal for them to be able to keep their end up of this bargain. She'd received her scroll for the chuunin exams…perhaps they can capitalize on it.

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