A Bit Too Much


Atorei, Isura, Tsugumi, Suzu, Youmu, Yishimotsu

Date: March 16, 2016


A simple sparring and training sessions turns into something a bit bigger as battles between Chuunin, Genin, and Students, begin to overlap.

"A Bit Too Much"

Training Area #26 - Chuunin Training [Konohagakure]

Atorei was out there on the field doing what he did. That was doing his best to give pointers to others. Those sharingan's red hues blazed with the three tomoe, showing that he was studying them all and giving as best of advise as he could. The afternoon's sun was warm and inviting for that day, leaving the training area feeling rather nice, overall.

Isura was in a nearby area doing his own training today of one handed seals. Flashing through two sets of skills one jutsu in one hand and the other jutsu in the right. The strain, control and percussion was key in mastering this technique however Isur had a long way to go. Releasing control as he stumbled back. Isura dripped in sweat before walking over to a nearby tree he would bow before it and smirk as he slowly closed his eyes to allow for a quick cool down. Once finished Isura jetted off towards the next know location he recalled people training and came across Atorei and smirked "hey cousin its been awhile?!" Isura opened his arms for a light embrace before taking a knee and watching "you feel up for a spar?" Isura noticed the three tomoe and whistled "someone's been putting in work."

Tsugumi has brought her daughter out to the Chuunin Training Area, due to the facilities being better suited to what she has in mind. The more mature of the two kunoichi pauses at the sight of two others already here. She doesn't really want to subject Suzu to the pressure of an audience… She turns around and says, "Suzu, are you okay training here if there are others?"

Tsugumi is presently wearing some simple exercise clothes. A black tanktop that would be loose on anyone else, and leaves the sides pretty open, and some gi pants with a drawstring. She wasn't the one who was going to be doing most of the training, so she didn't expect to need something with more coverage or more utility.

Suzu is wearing something similar to her mom's, but that fits her slightly better. She recognizes Atorei, and also sees some other guy here… She goes a bit :x faced as she thinks about it. "Why not? If you can go out in public with that much sideboob showing…" She clenches her fists in determination. "…Then I can handle training with other people around! Besides, it's not right to expect anyone else to leave just because we came here. I'm just a Genin! Also, I don't want to walk all the way back to the other area." She folds her arms determinedly and nods firmly.

Then she turns her head and looks over her shoulder. Is… Is that weird little girl still following them…?

"S-so what did you want me to work on today, mom? More Chakra control? Dodging things? Doing whatever the opposite of dodging things is?" She regrets that Reime isn't here with them, but… That'll just mean more opportunity to focus on her training instead of her friend!

Sheeeeeeen. +___+

The weird little girl is indeed still following them! If she can successfully trail a couple of Uchiha like she did at that lingerie store, where she totally wasn't caught and totally INTENDED to reveal herself by tripping over her own feet, then she will have ninja stealth techniques down for sure! Thus, when Suzu looks back at her, Senju Youmu quickly holds up a blanket with horizontal stripes painted on it, while standing in front of a tree. A tree that has decidedly no stripes.

Not only is the camouflage wrong, but it's also being held in the wrong direction. Maybe this is also part of her master plan.

Though the sound of others in the area means that the rank of her training mission has just increased! Maybe this is now a 'Demon'* level difficulty…!

* She has her own difficulty scale she invented, and it is not official by any means.

She has also invite Yishimotsu to come with her on this training, because that way they'll both benefit. Also to share the blame if they get in trouble.

It was a beautiful day. Even raining, Yi can see the beauty behind what some people would see as dreary or melancholy. It was a good day to train, so Yi went looking for people to train with. The academy was somewhat empty today, so he went looking elsewhere.'I wonder if Isura-sensei is around. I could sure use some more Taijutsu training.' He thinks to himself as he heads towards the Chuunin training area. He runs into Youmu who happens to be heading in the same direction, so he walks with her.

Upon arriving at the training grounds, he takes a look around. There's quite a few people here today, he even recognizes some. He nods politely to Atorei and bows respectfully to Isura. "Hello Isura-sensei. It's good to see you. Hello Atorei, it's good to see you too."

Atorei glanced at the others who came walking in, a polite little bow given to each in turn of those who he'd know. Looking to Isura then, he'd smile slightly with a shrug. "I.. guess. It would be kind of nice to stretch my legs.. you could say.. instead of just t-teaching others." When Atorei had the sharingan active, it seems the issue with his stutter goes away. Confidence? Something else? He's still trying to figure it out, without becoming self concious about it.

Isura greeted everyone as they came in, wave after wave of people until it stopped as he sighed he slowly rosed from his knee and bounce back before allowing himself to build chakra "I must say Atorei you have a very confident aura around you right now." Smirking Isura moved into a defensive stance to allow himself to take on any challenges that could arise in the spar.

Tsugumi resists the urge to face palm as Suzu remarks on the amount of 'sideboob' visible. "What does that have to do with anything? I had a certain kind of training in mind, but it's one that I'd rather not have others witness." Secret techniques are kept secret by not revealing them to others, after all. "But I suppose, that—" She looks over and sees the blanket being held up in front of a tree, and a boy approaching and calling out as well. She doesn't need the Sharingan to see the pony-tailed little kunoichi trying to camouflage herself.

She heaves a sigh and calls out to the unfamiliar child and his bad-at-hiding companion. "Are you two sure you're in the right training area?" She isn't going to chase them away, but things could get a bit dangerous here if people don't exhibit self control in their training. She then turns to face towards Atorei and Isura when greetings are offered. "Good day. I'm Uchiha Tsugumi, and this is my daughter, Suzuha. I hope that we will not be getting in your way if we train here?" But it looks like Atorei and Isura are getting ready to spar, so… She reconsiders. "Actually… If you would not be too opposed… Perhaps I could join you, and Suzu could have a demonstration of what a spar between Chuunin-level opponents is like. Would that be acceptable?"

She's only had one fight in the last seven years, and it was against someone who wasn't really her equal, just a couple weeks ago. She knows that as much as she is dedicated to training Suzu… She has to return to her old level of skill as well if she's going to be leading a mission. And just working out isn't enough.

Suzu just stares at the blanket camouflage. Wow. And Suzu thought SHE was bad at ninja. Sigh! Well, we all have to start somewhere. She smiles and waves to Yishimotsu, not recognizing him, but assuming he is either a student or a new Genin. "Hello, there! Welcome to the Chuunin Training Area! I'm Suzu!" Daichi looks younger than this boy, and is already a Genin. So it wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility for the new comer to be a Genin already too! …Actually he might even be a Chuunin!?

Maybe Suzu is still bad at ninja after all if she's still a Genin at 16. T_T

Her mom not playing along with the hiding kunoichi is a bit mean in Suzu's mind, so says, "Are? <What?>" And makes an exaggerated show of searching for who Tsugumi is talking to. "Is there someone else there? They must be really good at hiding to escape my notice!"

When her mom suggests that she join in on what appears to be a sparring session, she turns around in surprise. She's a bit conflicted. On the one hand, she thought she was coming out her to get trained herself. On the other hand, her mom is awesome, and watching her in action could be a learning experience too!

Suzu hmmms, and activates her Sharingan, to help her track the movements that are no doubt about to happen. Three Chuunin sparring? That's, like, almost the same as three Kage fighting*!!!

* No it isn't.

"B-baka!" Youmu whispers vehemently as Yishimotsu calls out, no doubt the one solely responsible for their presence being revealed. Her blanket dips a bit as she turns her head to scowl at him with a little girl scowl. >:< Then she 'eep's and raises it again when she hears Tsugumi call out to them. M-maybe she was talking to someone else…!? Then Suzu seems to be having trouble locating her. Grinning, Youmu dramatically whooshes aside her camouflage blanket and says, "Haha! Thoroughly japed again by the Great Youmu! It seems my stealth skills have been improving after all! Though I was detected by the squinty grandma over there, that's only to be expected from such an experienced ninja!"

She tries to put her blanket away but trips over it and falls on her face. "Oof!" She leaps back up after a moment and says, "T-that was intentional!"

The feel of the air shifting suddenly has her quieting down her antics. Wh-what's with this heavy atmosphere…!? It's… Stifling. Suffocating, nearly! Is this the power that Chuunin possess…!?! She isn't especially sensitive to Chakra, but even someone like her, with amounts that intense, can feel a pressure wave radiating outwards from Atorei. Or she is imagining such at least, and her imagination is really active. Her reaction after initially being surprised is… To clench her fists and yell, "OHHHHHHHHH! This is incredible! Just like that one manga! Fight Ball Z! Any moment now, the planet will explode!"

She seems very pumped for the end of the world. "Keep an eye on them, Yishi-san! Maybe we'll learn some secret Z-Rank techniques!"

Yi chuckles at Youmu's antics. 'She never ceases to amaze me' he thinks to himself. He grins as he walks over and sits off to the side. "I was hoping to get some sparring in. Might be out of my league heh heh." He looks over at Youmu, "You never know. I'd be happy to learn some ways to improve my Gentle Fist."

Swelling up with chakra Isura took a deep breath and allowed everything else around him fade away. As he returned he dug into his stance and smirked "ready when y'all are I suppose." Isura eyes stayed his normal onyx colour as he shifted gaze from person to person before releasing another breath this time slow and calm.

Atorei gathers his chakra, a single hand seal allowing him to focus. As he'd settle and Isura would mirror in that focus, Tsugumi asked to join too? He'd look at her and Suzu then shrug slightly. "Uhm.. o-ok.. that's fine.." Atorei would note where the students were at, making sure to not attack in that direction. When Isura looked ready, Tsugumi too, Atorei would move, a sudden dash to the right, as both hands shifted in pockets. The throw of what looked initially like a single shuriken at both of them, turned out to be two, that leading shuriken aimed in such a way to hide the fact there was a following shuriken in it's shadow. Atorei's face set to that mask of fighting. It was a spar.. but that didn't mean he'd relax either.

The swift snapping movements of Atorei cause his sharingan to flare up just a little bit as he smirked he ducked under the first and flip twisted over the second as he was mid-spin he smirked as his foot touched the ground he vanished behind Atorei and attacked with a leg sweep to knock him off his feet before trying to create distances for Tsugumi to attack as well.

Tsugumi is no stranger to shurikenjutsu. Infact, it's her third best area, after Genjutsu and Fire Release. But Taijutsu is still not her greatest area of expertise, and though her Sharingan clearly sees the attack incoming, when she attempts to use Genjutsu to avoid it, it's not until too late, in the middle of forming her hand seals, that she realizes that there's a second shuriken in the shadow of the first. She recognizes she jutsu by reputation. The Shadow Shuriken! Too late, she breaks off her hand seals and tries to leap over the two incoming shuriken, but gets slashed in the side. It's not a major injury, but it hurts.

It's been a long time since she's gotten injured in battle. While not pleasant, it is envigorating in its own way. Tsugumi may not be dressed the best for a high-mobility battle, wardrobe malfunctions regularly threatening or occurring just here at the start, but she turns upside-down in mid-air, grabs one of the shuriken out of the air after it finishes cutting her, concealing the action by obscuring her hand with her own chest, and then flipping upright again as she keeps her eyes on Isura and Atorei as long as possible. It seems Isura has chosen to focus on Atorei for now, so she takes the opportunity to set something up for the future…

Then she hurls the shuriken she grabbed at Atorei, seemingly working together with Isura, as she uses her Sharingan to coordinate the throwing blade's movements precisely, sending it right for Atorei's right leg.

She is keeping her level of jutsu down, both to conserve energy until she has a better idea of her sparring partners' capabilities, and to avoid endangering the non-Chuunin present.

Youmu's proclamation about the energy levels may be exaggerating a bit, but it's still a pretty impressive amount of Chakra. "J-just as expected, Chuunin are really strong after all…!" She turns to Youmu and Yishimotsu, and says, "I hope you're keeping a close eye on things! This is a rare opportunity!—E-ehh? Another Hyuuga?" She seems surprised to discover Yishimotsu has the Byakugan, despite the fact he has eyes similar to Reime's. Reime might not be with them right now, but they have a Hyuuga with them anyway. Crazy!

Then she looks back to the battle, just as things get SRS. From her side-view position, she has a better angle to see Atorei's shurikenjutsu, but even she barely spotted the trick to it until after it hit her mom. Isura blurred out of sight, incredibly fast, seeming to vanish and attack in the same moment. And her mom, despite her eye-catching acrobatics that had her reddening a bit, takes a hit! "Oh, no!" she lets out. Though despite the small red gouge on Tsugumi's ribs, it seems the older kunoichi just keeps right on going, taking one of Atorei's shuriken and hurling it back at him! "Yay!"

She is clearly not a great commentator. But her Sharingan is helping her immensely in seeing all this. Even if she isn't able to react in time until after stuff happens, her eyes themselves still see all of it. It creates a weird sort of lag between what her mind processes and what her body does.

"What was your name again, Hyuuga-san?" Suzu asks idly, since the boy didn't offer it when Suzu introduced herself to him. "And who was it you wanted to spar again? Because I think your friend there might be a better match than me. I'm barely more of a ninja than an Academy Student myself." She is feeling really inferior compared to THOSE three… "But if you two want to try to hit me, I can help you practice your offense while I practice my defense!"

She puts her hands together in a focusing seal and prepares a bit more Chakra, just incase. With her Chakra Control as bad as it is, she'll probably need it.

Wh-what? Yishimotsu wants to spar? With whom!? Her!? "W-well…! I guess your gentle massage or whatever isn't as fearsome as Ogre Style Taijutsu! Come on then! I'll show you my ultra super duper awesome moves that I invented just now!" She goes into what she thinks is a fighting stance but really isn't, but gets distracted by the crazy jutsu going on, and how she can't even keep track of them. She has no Sharingan, so her purely mundane eyes can only see flashes of movement, blurs, and hear things cutting through the air, without witnessing any of it. It all transpires in a second or two, and she's left gaping, and staring at the Chuunin instead of at her sparring partner.

She snaps out of it when she hears Suzu. She looks up at the older girl and says, "M-maybe that would be better! Team work is fine too! Especially if you're only defending. What do you say, Yishi-san? Want to engage in JOLLY COOPERATION!?" She holds up an arm, ready to interlock hands in an expression of brooperation, before preparing herself for what is no doubt some kind of crazy super spar that she can at least see what's going on in, unlike with the Chuunin over there.

Her determination is strong enough that her power surges except not really, she's just focusing Chakra the normal way. BUT IMAGINATION.

Yi smiles at the older girl. "I am Hyuga Yishimotsu, Yi for short. It's very nice to meet you Suzu-san." Yi gets a somewhat mischevious look in his eye. "I've already faced off against Isura-sensei once and it was an enlightening match. I would have no problem sparring against both you and Youmu-san if the two of you are amenable to that."

Atorei shifted on his feet. The sharingan tracks shuriken. Hit.. one. dodge the other. That blur resolves itself into Isura. Fast. Fast! Atorei ducks slightly while a scroll is pulled from a pocket and unrolled. As the strike comes in, the paper releases that chunk of.. iron? It is literally a chunk of iron ore that Isura's hit slams into. Atorei shifts to the side, noting a sense of something off.. but while he's pulling his normal routine to try and stop such a thing, the pain flared and.. nothing changed. odd. Distracted as he was, the shuriken coming back at him was sensed a bit late. The same scroll unfurled a bit further to flip open, having that boulder pop out, only after the shuriken tags his shoulder.
A grunt in pain and Atorei would move. Shifting away. Well it was an interesting exchange. He'd fuel his sharingan a bit more, focusing himself as the next round would happen. A different pocket, Atorei palms a scroll which comes out and releases a much larger shuriken. Uchiha would know it to be the windmill shuriken as he'd spin it open, the blades locking into place and with a slight crouch, Atorei goes skyward. Spinning as he goes, the large shuriken is launched outward, that scroll that Atorei had suddenly giving up dozens of shuriken that would blur outward as Atorei threw at Isura and Tsugumi both, driving them towards one another as with a sudden hard pull, the large shuriken's wire would shimmer and cause it to curve, wrapping around trees and the two targets to cinch them tight.
Interestingly enough, all of Atorei's attacks never come close to the students. He was pretty accurate in how he threw.

Isura winced in pain as he stuck the iron ore, luckily for him his Sharingan knew the attack from his spars with Zankuro so it allowed him to adjust the strike to prevent heavy damage. Flicking his wrist he calmed down a bit before a feeling washed over him the feeling was different and the same all in one, "genjutsu?!" Slapping his hands together he was able to break the seal before it fully set in. However it was long enough to allow Atorei attack to capture him. Wincing as the clones he attempted to disguise himself into poof he waited "we Uchiha's are highly annoying to fight…two at once? Forget about it."

It seems that Isura has been captured, though he fought off the Genjutsu Chakra Tsugumi attempted to use on him. Not that he'd realize who had sent it right away, probably. Now it's just Tsugumi versus Atorei, and based on her great battlefield experience and analytical abilities, she has already surmised that Atorei is probably stronger than her. Especially after seven years of being a housewife, with little to no training. He may be younger, but he clearly has some very advanced skill, especially with shurikenjutsu.

Well… Let's see how Tsugumi's skills match up in a one-on-one. At least until Isura manages to get free. Her pale-red Sharingan blazes to a brighter shade as more Chakra is channeled into it. The trio of shuriken that come at her are seen clearly and evaded, her Sharingan and her intellect allowing her to precisely evaluate their trajectories, and flip right over them, to land right in front of Atorei with a prodigious degree of bouncing. It actually makes her wince a bit in pain. She should have worn some support.

Even so, now between Isura and Atorei, Tsugumi throws out her hand and unleashes a second shuriken! Did she grab the other one Atorei threw back then…!?

As it flies forwards, it seems to keep changing trajectories and planes in mid-air as though being controlled after it left the mature kunoichi's hand. It even seems to be homing in on Isura, and unless he defends against it, it may hit him in the exact same location that his Shadow Shuriken originally hit her, causing similar injuries!

Almost identical, infact.

And then Tsugumi is forming hand seals and mentally intoning the jutsu's name. «Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique!» Then she breathes out a barrage of small fireballs that, similarly to the first one thrown, move about in mid-air, changing positions, and homing in on her target.

Depending on how Atorei responds, that jutsu she prepared earlier may be nearly ready to take effect…

Suzu doesn't understand what Youmu said, but was flattered anyway.

She moves into an actual fighting stance, because she is an actual ninja, and says, "Okay, Yishimotsu-san! Youmu-san! I'm ready whenever you are—!" Then she gets distracted by what's going on with the Chuunin. Especially that bouncing. It's hypnotizing!

She appears to be completely open to the students attacking her!

Yishi leaves Youmu hanging. D: D: D:

Well, to Florida with him! She'll take on this other kunoichi alone if she has to! Not that she thinks she has any chance at all, but she enacts one of her brand new ultra secret techniques. "W-well! If you had an enlightening spar with Isura-sensei, than maybe I'll have someone with Uchiha Suzuha-san too!" Then she runs right at Suzu, spinning her arms at her sides, and yelling out, "Kurarararararararaaaa! Windmill Attaaaaack!"

She is thankfully spared the vision of the bouncing Uchimom, and also the fireballs, as she might be too focused on those as well.

Atorei managed to bind Isura up.. but missed Tsugumi. That made sense. Older, experience. With one temporarily out of the fight, the other was dealt with. The shuriken had him do a quick count. He knew when one was missing.. and this wasn't it. So once again he'd shift, hitting that spot that is used for dealing with genjutsu. The flash of pain focuses him and has it vanish.. but not the fireballs behind it. "Bother."
Shuffling back a few steps, Atorei would pull a different scroll. It was a bit thicker and with it's unfurling and chakra applied to it, that snap of paper would have a small hill suddenly appear between them. The fire would slam into it, fizzling without reaching Atorei on the other side at all. Atorei lept to the top of the hill and would return the favor. Another scroll unravelled and that flurry of shuriken was launched at Tsugumi and Isura both.
Atorei was fast and accurate on that throwing, making sure none got near the students. He'd inhale at the end, taking in air as well as focusing the fire chakra to expel that fireball, having it flare out to lash at his opponents as well.

Isura couldn't defend himself from the utter destructive force of the two stronger Uchiha wincing in pain he huffed as he staggered onto his feet and a smirked graced his face as he focused on the other two and knelt down. Isura started to close his eye build up his chakra before he slowly took in a deep breath.

This Atorei… As she suspected, he's very skilled. Very advanced for his age. Maybe he's only a bit less than two decades younger than her, but still! Quite accomplished. She was ready to try to do her best to defend against the barrage of shuriken, backed up by a billowing flame of the easily-recognizable Great Fireball Technique, but then she saw the sudden build up of Chakra from Isura as he prepared to do something beyond the level that is generally used in a spar.

She doesn't know what the jutsu he's planning is, but she decides she has to try to stop it. Not just out of a sense of 'fair play' or 'rules', but because instinctively, she fears for the safety of her daughter and those two students. Without knowing the scope of the jutsu, she panics a bit.

And so her Sharingan flares to a bright glowing red as she seems to spiral into herself and vanish before Atorei's very eyes, the shuriken never touching her, and then appearing again closeer to him and to his left, her eyes allowing her to evaluate the Chakra used, and its outer most edge, and even the radiation of thermal energy beyond the flames themselves, and then moves swiftly around them. But not to intercept Atorei.

Instead, she turns to face Isura, swinging around forcefully, and then looking directly at Isura, trying to make eye contact. "That's a bit too much," she says definitively as she attempts to cause a sudden flood of weakness and numbness to surge through him. "This spar can safely end here."

Suzu feels a bit of panic as she sees the level of jutsu getting thrown around. Even simple ones like 'hurling a lot of shuriken' are well beyond anything she can do. So as Youmu comes at her, and she sees her mom move into position to try to stop whatever awesome jutsu Isura is about to use, she dodges around the windmilling arms, and does her best to try to grab up the littler kunoichi, and Yishimotsu too, one under each arm, and leap backwards with them, if she can!

Maybe Youmu was right after all, and Isura is about to use a Z-Rank jutsu and destroy the world!

…It could happen!

One second Youmu is charging Suzu, the next she is feeling the radiation of heat on her back and Suzu is blurring into her way and she can't see anything because her face is being smothered in a Suzuboob.

"Mmmmppphh!?" she lets out as she continues swinging her arms wildly, on automatic pilot.

Yi grins and adopts the Gentle Fist stance. He didn't know any specific techniques yet, but he was working on it. He prepares to attack the two girls, he noticed the level of jutsu being used by the stronger ninja, and started backing away further from their combat. As he does, he sees Suzu reach an arm out towards him. He backs up further to avoid the grab.

Atorei noted the level that Isura was charging to at the same time as Tsugumi. While she went after Isura, Atorei would blur from sight, suddenly between the students and the other two uchiha. That scroll snapped and with the *POOF* of a summon, a massive stone wall was between them and Isura and Tsugumi. He looks back at the students, nods slightly then hops to the top of the wall, after making sure it's ok, he'd unsummon the wall into the scroll, then take off. Something seemed to get to him in that moment!

Isura once again fell into another stun this one however was a genjutsu. Isura passed out shortly afterwards out of the fight for good and all he could was watch and absorb the jutsu that were displayed today.

Tsugumi hadn't intended to make Isura pass out, though maybe it's for the best. He was pretty injured. She doesn't know what jutsu he was going to use… But she couldn't risk it. Not with the children here. She hopes he'll understand her reaction whenever he wakes up. And he's going to wake up in the hospital if she has any say in it, because he is looking pretty injured.

She sighs, sees the wall that was put up, and then it being put back in storage, makes sure the two students and one genin aren't injured, and then allows her Sharingan to slumber. The three tomoe spin away to the edges of her eyes, as they fade from bright red to dull black.

Then she kneels down next to Isura, and attempts to lift him up onto her shoulders to carry his unconscious form back into town. "Come on, kids. I think we've all had enough sparring for one day. I'll get you some ice cream to make up for it being cut short."

Then she starts to lead the way out of the area. That panic response… That could have been bad on the field of battle. If she'd acted recklessly, she might have only endangered her child more. She'll have to think on how to resolve that.

Yishimotsu dodges aside, nearly making Suzu stumble over herself trying to grab for him again. She was moving pretty fast to try to rescue him! But the fact he stepped out of the way regardless, means suddenly trying to stop herself is nearly hazardous. Thankfully, she avoids tripping onto her face with Youmu pinned beneath her, and once the wall is put up she doesn't have to worry about it anymore. Woo! Thanks, Atorei!

Then she frees Youmu so she doesn't suffocate and allows her Sharingan to fade once the wall is gone and she sees Isura has passed out. She doesn't know what exactly was going on there, but the world didn't blow up, so it must be okay. She guesses her mom took down Isura with some kind of ultra secret move that she didn't witness.

But then she sees the disturbances in Isura's Chakra. Is that… Genjutsu?

Hmmmm. "Well, um… I guess… Yeah. That spar is over for now. But… I'd be glad to try again another time! …Maybe somewhere a bit safer! Heh heh… Heh…?" She rubs the back of her head. Then her mother offers them icecream, and Suzu forgets all about the rest. They'll get Isura medical treatment, and then get icecream. Two good things with one mom!


When the young Senju can breathe again, she staggers away, unaware of what just happened. "What happened!? Did somebody set us up the bomb!?" She could FEEL things happening. Whooshes of air, high temperatures, pillows in her face, but she didn't actually see anything. "I'm so confuuuuused, but I didn't get beat up, and we get icecream now, so yay for Suzu's mom!" She then hops up and down excitedly.

Now she doesn't have to embarrass herself in front of a school mate with her ineptitude. Whew! It all worked out for the best! Youmu has more time to improve now!

Yi grins and laughs. "We will certainly have to try this again, with some actual sparring next time." he says with a chuckle. "I look forward to it"

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