A Brief Meeting


Shuuren, (as Tadashi), Takeshi

Date: May 26, 2013


Tadashi briefly appears to talk with Takeshi.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A Brief Meeting"

Kaguya Village

Takeshi is in his lawn chair, drinking sake, next to his prize of seven dead kaguya. Just waiting. Yep, your move raiji.

While most people wouldn't be able to get past the gates of the Kaguya Village right now, there is apparently one man smart enough to be able to get past the group that calls themselves the peacemakers, though they really didn't have much chance to spot him as fast as he moves. With a flicker, a masked man adorned in black would appear about ten feet from Takeshi. He looks at the display on the lawn, chuckling a bit before looking to Takeshi. "I see you've already started to take action. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tadashi. I've got a proposition for you, a plan to put an end to the fit these children are throwing all over your village."

Tadashi takes a glance around then grabs a scroll and unravels it to make a hooded figure appear out of it. If the old man looks under the hood as she figures lifts its hands to allow him to do so, he would see the face of none other than Kiku. "This is not her, merely an… associate I have altered to fit her appearance and mannerisms." The figure would then disappear as quickly as it came as he rolls the scroll back up. "The plan is to have the Mizukage hide Kiku in a different spot for her detainment while I fake her kidnapping with the message 'If you want blood so badly, come get me.' written in blood on the wall. We'll lure them to a valley or some other spot where they can be surrounded. By the time they think they've got me surrounded with the fake Kiku, I can summon some other 'associates' of mine to help you and whoever is with you block them in. Once that's done, we can kill however many of them you deem necessary to restore order. If only a number of them die with the leaders or we erase them all, I leave that up to you."

Takeshi chuckles, "It is a good plan. No doubt they would probably come running since they're all heated up. Still, I am not the person you should talk to. That'd be Clan Elder Yuuka. She took over my duties, sure I can give you a vote, but she has final say now. Have you spoken to my daughter Yuuka?" Another sip of the sake, "These people are all the same. They're a bunch of rabble rousers, do you know how long it took me to control the clan? A long decorated time. But I did it and I'm not above doing it again. Regardless, I'm only here because they vandalized my sign and threatened my grandson."

"Yuuka, huh? I have not, but I can visit her next," Tadashi says with a nod. He chuckles a bit at the next statement, saying, "A bunch of fools who wish to bathe in blood. I wonder how many of them have considered that it will be their own blood they are bathed in." That said, he turns toward the direction of Yuuka's house, apparently already knowing where he is going. "I'll speak to Yuuka. I'm sure she's ready for this to be over. Good luck until then." With that, he would vanish as quickly as he came.
Takeshi waves, "Weird fellow. Nice though." And back to sipping sake and staring down thugs.

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