A Captain's Capture


Katsurou, Thor

Date: May 9, 2014


Katsurou tracks a Pirate Captain to Fumma Alley where he confronts him and after a fierce battle, he manages to capture him and take him back to Kiri.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A Captain's Capture"

Fuuma Alley

Fuuma Alley. It was a cesspot of thieves and cutthroats and thungs. And he felt right at home here. With his ship anchored in the harbor, Captain Kang-Li of the Dreadnaught decided to stop into this place for a little rest and relaxation. After raiding a village near Kirigakure, he had promised his crew some shore leave. Once on shore the crew simply disappeared into the crowds of Ward 1. The Captain himself currently strolls among the outdoor vendors. His duster swirls with every movement and the wide brimmed hat sits low upon his head, obscuring his face slightly.

Kirigakure had gained intel on ship's whereabouts and had sent Katsurou to go look into it. Some people were hestitant to send only him. However, others who have been with Katsurou and have watched him through his "Reborn" phase were confident that the Shirayuki was the man for the job.
Katsurou had first scoped out the ship that was described to him. In doing so he had spotted who he thought was the captain and decided to follow him into the streets of Fuuma. In no way was the Shirayuki trying to be covert about his tailing, but he wasnt just putting himself out there either. He stayed a good ten to fifteen paces behind the captain and did his best to hide amongst the crowds.

Captain Kang meanders around the jewlry tables for a moment before he moves on. He heads for one of the industrial areas, moving close to one of the large stacks that spews out black smoke. He suddently stops in a clearing with his back towards Katsurou. "So..Kirigakure shinobi. How long were you planning on following me?" The wind billows out the tail of his duster as he casually looks over his shoulder. "What do you want with me?"

Katsurou knew that following him into this part of the area would only result in conflict. Before the captain even starts to speak, the Shirayuki was already focusing on his chakra flow. "I want nothing from you." He replies in his usual calm and relaxed voice. "It is Kirigakure that wants you. I am merely the one that is carrying out the mission." The Shirayuki scans the area in front of him to try and spot any of the captain's crew available to aid him before this turns bad. "I would offer you the option of doing this one of two ways, but you and I already know there is only one way this can end." Even with the obvious signs that this was going to get violent, Katsurou seems to be too relaxed and has yet to really taken any type of fighting stance towards the captian.

The Captain seems to be alone…there's none of his crew around. "Indeed. You have come to apprehend me for my crimes against your nation. And I have no intention of going with you willingly." He turns around to face Katsurou as he takes his hat off and tosses it to the side. He smirks faintly. "I offer you the option of leaving while you can still walk under your own power." He slides a foot forwards, moving into a fighting stance that might look a little weird at first. It's more of a kung-fu type stance, or something a shaolin monk would use.

"I will pass." Katsurou says as he watches the captain adopt a kung-fu type stance. The Shirayuki weaved together a series of hand seals and suddenly a hand full of shuriken made of ice form in his hands. Katsurou spins his body and sends the shuriken flying towards the captain with the flick of his wrists.

As Katsurou attacks, the Captain does his best to dodge the ice shuriken, but they impact his body, casuing him to stagger back. He then tosses his duster aside, revealing a compact but muscular body underneath. His hands glow with blue flame as he moves to attack the Kiri nin. "I am not going back with you.." He grunts.

Katsurou watches as the Captain's attacks hit their mark, however they seem to glance off some kind of barrier that doesnt allow the strikes to do much damage if any. The Shirayuki leaps backwards in order to create some distance between him and the Captain. While still in mid air he forms a hand seals which causes a clone to leap out of his body in an attempt to tackle the Captain to the ground. Whether it his its mark or not, another clone comes into view with its knee extended towards the captain's face.

When Katsurou sends his clones towards the Captain, they strike out at him and their hands go completely through him. He had waited until the last possible moment to dodge and left an afterimage in his place. He appears off to the side and forms a handseal himself. "Shadow Clone jutsu." Two clones pop into existence. "You're not the only one who can do clones, you know." He then sends the clones out to attack him.

The shadow clones gang up on Katsurou and when their attacks hit, the Shirayuki explodes into shards of ice to reveal it was only an ice clone the captain was targeting. The real Katsurou was kneeled down behind the Captain with a globe of water extended from his hand and growing in size. Once it became big enough, it attempted to swallow the captain whole. This was the works of the Shirayuki's Water Prison Technique. Then from the side one of the ice clones from just moments ago comes running in with an attempt to drive a kick into the Captain's stomach.

The Captain creates a shadow clone in an attempt to fake Katsurou into attacking it instead of him. However, the Kiri nin proves to have better tactics than the pirate Captain. He is caught up in a water prison, unable to move or breathe before he is impacted by an attack from another ice clone. Blood sprays from his lips as he falls backwards, sliding along the ground from the force of the hit. He sits up slowly and then falls back again, "The crunch…are you?" He asks weakly.

Katsurou stood up from his crouched position after being successful with the Water Prison Technique. He had heard the captain's question but was unsure how to answer it. "Do you submit?" He asks with his tone still calm and relaxed as it was minutes ago before the fight. It was hard for some to believe that a voice so soothing and kind belonged to someone with such strength and power at times. "Or shall we continue?"

Kang looks up at Katsurou. For the first time in a long time he felt something that he thought he would never feel again. Fear. He skids back along the ground, trying to get away from the Kiri shinobi. "You stay the planet away from me." He scrambles back up to his feet, looking at the nin with wide eyes. "If I submit, do you promise not to kill me?" He was in bad shape already, blood oozes from cuts and bruises on his body.

"I will not harm you as long as you do not try anything ignorant as I escort you back to Kirigakure." Katsurou says. "I also feel as though I do not need to explain to you what would happen if you do try and decieve me. You seem like an intelligent man… However in the event you feel confident enough to try it, I will not show any mercy. I will take this moment to inform you that Kirigakure only needs you returned ten percent alive. If you happen to die along the way, then they would understand too. What will it be Captain?"

The Captain looks at Katsurou and listens to his terms. He nods once and then offers the nin his hands so that he can be bound for the trip back to Kirigakure. He murmurs. "Taking me is only the beginning of your troubles, shinobi. My crew will come for me. My First Mate especially." He sighs as his shoulders droop. "I agree to your terms." Afterall, he had to look out for himself, and make sure he survived long enough for his crew to spring him. Of course, that means that they'd have to do battle with the Kiri nin. It won't be pretty on either side.

"My troubles?" Katsurou repeats as he raises his hands up to the captain's wrists. "That is very unlikely. I do not allow myself to be troubled with anything." The Shirayuki focuses on his chakra and over time the Captain's wrists are squeezed together within a block of ice. "It will not be long before your hands freeze and develop frost bite and fall off within the ice. I suggest we make our way to Kirigakure quickly. Only then will the ice be removed." It was hard to tell if Katsurou was being serious, but if you were the captain would you want to test Katsurou?

Captain Kang hisses when the ice is formed over his hands, but he nods towards the Kiri nin. "I'm not going to give you any trouble. I can already feel my hands freezing within my gloves. Let's just go. Shall we?" He then begins to walk in the direction that Katsurou indicates.

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