A Chance at Wanton Destruction


Takeshi, Meruin, Natsuki, Itami, Rika, Maia, Kenta

Date: August 28, 2010


A trap switched in an abandoned temple leads to hordes of cultist bandits and a chance to kill them all. Many nation's ninja join in the joyous slaughter.

"A Chance at Wanton Destruction"

Abandoned Temple in Fuuma Basin

Fuuma Basin, site of an abandoned temple and more rice paddies than you can shake a stick at. No, seriously, all this mountain has on it is Rice Paddies and more Rice Paddies. They'd probably have cleared out the temple by now if they didn't have superstitions about it. For some reason however, it's the middle of the day and few farmers are out. The sun has just reached the top of its journey. Perhaps they know something bad is about to happen, or perhaps it's just one of those days where you don't want to tend rice paddies. Either way, travellers are to be greeted by a very lonely road and an odd feeling, considering there's always ONE farmer pulling up weeds - i mean rice - from the fields.
On the other hand, The abandoned temple simple sits atop the strangely well taken care of stairs. The temple itself seems to be slowly degenerating into a part of the forest and holds no threat but the rumors it creates. One must wonder why there always seems to be a fire lit on the top of the stairs at odd times, but nobody has ever bothered to walk up and actually see…Until now.
Enter The Kirigakure team assigned to this temple. They had been tracing a string of bandit attacks and a letter had lead them all the way to Fuuma Basin's Abandoned Temple as a potential base. Of course, in typical Military precision, they weren't going to let any of these people survive, let alone retain entire bases, if they had anything to say about it.
Enter Takeshi and Meruin, the team assigned to this particular lead and after having snuck their way across several borders VERY quietly, they are now at the top of the stairs and looking around the temple. There is no one here, but the fire near the top of the steps seems to have recently been put out.
Takeshi has begun poking around at things, loathe to actually enter the temple until he was sure it was necessary. What will meruin be doing!?

With the other chuunin, Onimitsu, not having been able to make it and the other Chuunin, Takeshi, poking around at things protending like the entrance of the place didn't exist, Meruin found that he had to take the honors for himself. The seven year old genin.
He sat and stared at Takeshi for a few moments, his face slightly detached, a tad uncaring, perhaps, as though his mind were on something else. Or he simply didn't care about what was in front of him. And then an outpouring of darkness stemmed from the small boy and he walked towards the temple's entrance, looking back at the fire behind them before passing through the doorless threshold. His spiders, of course, preceded him, covering the walls and floors in an attempt to discern any traps before they sprung.

Natsuki was actually somewhat surprised with the ease in which she had escaped Konoha. She had slunked in with a group of traveling monks, the group was familiar to her, as they had hosted her in the past as she visited their monastery from her own within the Land of Earth. Once they were a safe distance outside of the village, she made her departure, donning the threadbare robes of an Ascetic Monk with only her gnarled staff. As she traveled, she stopped by a small creek, plastering her hair with mud and later even rubbing fresh dung on her robes. She wrinkled her nose at the stench, but if she was to actually leave the Land of Fire, she knew she must be at least somewhat convincing and definitely not one that another would want to linger around long. To her surprise, her ruse worked and she ventured further into area around the Fuuma basin, it was a long roundabout way, but if it was to work, this was probably the best way to go about it. A more direct route would likely be more closely guarded.

She knew this area well, she had traveled with some from her home monastery here before. It was, for the monastery, a holy place. Sadly, a lot of what was the splendor of this temple was retaken by nature after it was abandoned following the dark evil that rampaged here long ago. The evil is now sealed away, somewhere sleeping for eternity. However, the memory of the blessing and curses of this place made it a place of balance, a place of peace for those who wished to meditate under the its arches. Natsuki knew she couldn't linger here long, but she had hoped, at least, the balance found here would help her determine what would be the next step on her path of life.

This was going to be a bit of an odd one. Itami and Rika, according to the council woman at least, weren't exactly on good terms since the last they spoke and are now going on a mission with one another. It was something simple that either one of them could manage alone, but an extra didn't hurt for 'just in case' scenarios.
They had a target they were seeking. Someone that swindled the lot of Suna's populace and made off with the money. He wouldn't have been difficult if it weren't for the fact that he used jutsu to escape. So, here they are, finding themselves looking for this idiot swindler that put them on a chase all the way to the basin. They didn't expect to be drawn to this single road and lead towards temples, but this makes the chase all the more fun…e.e

Why was a portion of Team 01 out and about? There were leads as to the missing-nin of the Yamayuki and the new nonaffiliated shinobi who had attacked Kumogakure and thus, Maia was out looking to see if said leads were correct. She wore her usual gear though she had a simple cloak over her form. She got cold easily afterall and she didn't exactly want to be advertising her status as a Kumo-nin openly afterall. That wouldn't be very good. still, she walked along rather casually with Kenta as she sighed softly.

"So it seems that Niko and Minoru were last seen around here. Let's see if there's any veracity to that, Kenta. Remember, stay out of things for the most part unless we're forced into something. WE're just scouting." she said with a sage nod. "Besides, this is a holy place, starting a fight here would be bad karma on both of us."

Kenta follows along with Maia, unsure about the whole situation. He's heard about Niko and Minoru from Maia a while back. If they put her in the hospital, they could put Kenta in the grave. He's not wanting that. "Sure, I'm not about to get plastered by those two today." he says in a slight whisper. He has on a travel cloak over his duster with its hood pulled up hiding some of his features. The cloak however, is split up the rear and the handle of a weapon of some kind sticks out the back should he need it. He just might today. Kenta trots down the road with Maia and even pulls out a bit of dried fruit to munch on. The extra sugar calms his nerves and anticipation of a real fight.

Teshi looks over at Meruin with a sigh as he wanders into the temple. There was no reason to go chasing after the trouble in the temple, but then, it had to happen at some point. He figures at this point he'll just cancel the gathering information bit and go on in with Meruin.
"Mer, is it absolutely necessary for you to do that? What if you set off an alarm."
Unknowingly, Takeshi had already set off an alarm. His chakra had activated a sigil on the edge of the door. The sigil would have been activated by any Chakra source, except that Meruin had a far greater control over that part of his body and had not exuded enough to trigger it. Takeshi on the other hand was a taijutsuist and his chakra was an open book for lack of suppressive training.

If anyone had the ability to sense underground movements, their radar would be lit up like a frigging christmas tree. While they may not know what is happening, they WOULD know that something, a LOT, a WHOLE FRICKING LOT, of somethings are running upwards and disturbing the earth, literally causing a mini earthquake in their trek up the stairs that led to the temple's basement.
As well, runes and other sigils (read seals) had begun to rotate on the stain glassed window in the back and Takeshi was now staring intently at them. "Where have I seen those…"

Meruin did not know the workings of sensory ninjutsu that allowed one to feel the vibrations in the ground, but he did know spiders. And whatever was crashing up those stares was upsetting a lot of them. One in particularly, the broodmother of many, let out a spider's screeching hiss and his spiders sent out ahead caught wind. They didn't know what was coming, exactly, but they were more than aware that something was coming up the stairs down in the recesses of the abandoned temple.
And so, Meruin probably had to warn the others, maybe. "Hmm…" He turned to look behind him, ignoring Takeshi's complaining, "Kaguya Takeshi. There is a vast multitude of possible enemy units approaching from deeper within the temple. I suggest we either leave or prepare outselves for martial activity." He pauses, stopping to give Takeshi a stare with his blank gaze. He would have narrowed his eyes had he been willing to show that much emotion.

As Natsuki drew nearer to the temple, she may or may not have noticed the Kiri nin in the vicinity. Most of the movements would have been unsensed by her as well, but perhaps the mini earthquake had startled some birds that had made their nests in the towers around the temple. A slight ruffle of feathers and squawking would attract her attention. She raised an eyebrow, then knelt to the ground. She placed her hand on the earth, and sat still as a statue for several minutes. No, she was not an earth manipulator, but it seemed as if she was reaching to the spiritual world of this place to find out what was going on. Not much information would be received, but the young kunoichi had a feeling she wasn't alone here and that those here were definitely not of the monastic orders that periodically visited this place. The orders always seemed to bring a certain balance and peace, but today, the aura of this place seemed less stable. Not chaotic, but changed, different from what it usually was. She shivered slightly for a moment and her own spirit was unsettled. That was something that didn't often happen here, and it honestly gave her a bit of the willies. She began to make her way closer to the main part of the temple, clinging to shadows as much as possible as she traveled. She wasn't sure what to expect, but contacting someone and just saying 'this place gave me the heebie jeebie's' wouldn't be very helpful. No, she knew she needed to at least report what was going on here, that is, if it was worth being reported. Not to mention, right now most of Konoha's forces were a bit tied up with the Takokujin and the hope of finding a way to get to Hashi. Something she was striving to do as well.

While the enemy units were steadily rising to the surface, small sounds would echo from within and grow a bit louder the closer it came to the surface. Then there would be an abrupt start, but the sound of tapping would replace the commotion as someone comes running up from within the temple pale and distressed. The guy didn't know those enemy units were there and fighting them was useless. He'd pass by yelling at the top of his lungs when he burst forth from the temple entrance and past the Kiri team to escape.
Itami came to a slow stop and looked at the ground, the vibrations seeming to draw her attention. Apparently they got stronger the closer they were to the temple so she made a gesture to Rika to notify her of staying on guard. Even if the vibrations were stronger at the temple, there's no telling what else could happen at short distance away. Looking up from the ground and ahead, she sees something…running, but she isn't sure what it is at this point. She thought it might have been some kind of enemy headed their direction and it was. The screaming, swindling idiot. "I think our target is coming this way." She remarks to Rika.

Fortunately, or really more unfortunately, Rika doesn't have a clue what's happening under the temple. Though maybe that is for the best, as it keeps her on the track for it. And then she looks over towards Itami and nods, signaling to her an aknowledgement. Then not leaving her eyes off the target… And that's when she notices some of the other nin in the area and muses on the strangeness of it - though isn't going to say anything to Itami yet. She probably expects the Councilwoman has no better idea than her, and likely is thinking along similar lines.

There's the low rumbling vibration. That definitely gets Maia's attention as she can feel whatever is moving. Just to take a precaution she peers around, her eyes changing into the three armed spiral to see just exactly where the vibrations are coming from. Seeing sound waves through solid mediums to find the origin is always a good thing afterall and she looks back towards Kenta.

"Be careful. I'm trying to figure out what's going on." she admits ruefully, squinting her eyes to try to focus to find the origin of the rumbling vibrtions. Sometimes being a Yamayuki is a good thing.

Sadly, Kenta is not a Yamayuki. But he does know that Maia can sense things that Kenta can't. Ken nods, eyes wide and alert as he mentally takes stock of the viles of injectors and other tricks he has under his coat. He watches and waits too, since there's not much else he can do at the moment.

Meanwhile, back at the temple. Takeshi is still staring at the seals activating on the stained glass window behind them. Meruin's words wash over an obviously preoccupied Takeshi and he doesn't even bother responding to them. The elder kaguya cocks his head to the side and grabs at his chin for awhile to aid his thought process, "You know..Those look suspiciously like a nine point seal for the..but there's only eight," as if magically, a ninth seal activates and Teshi's eyes dart open, "Nine Point Seal Hidden Technique Four, Dragon's Rage."
He moves over to Meruin and grabs his arm without warning before throwing, not tossing, throwing, him out of the abandoned temple towards the grassy area outside that use to be paved for visitors. "This thing was supposed to have die," before he could finish the sentence the seals activate and for a moment there's nothing. The tremors stop, the movement stops for those that can see it, they just stand there and those seals grow brighter, brighter and begin to emanate heat of untold levels. The sky around the temple begins to glow red like fire and then there's an explosion.
The explosion rocks the temple, but doesn't destroy it, however it's more than enough to send Takeshi out the door he came in through with unprecedented force. The elder kaguya would fly past the indisposed meruin rolling across the ground at nearly break neck speeds, and it's a wonder that Takeshi's neck hasn't broke yet.
Just as he flies off the steps, the air that had turned red becomes a fire dragon and roars to life before flying forward and bearing down upon Takeshi, the only person who had the residule chakra from the seal's explosion on him.
As the unbearing fire dragon blasts Takeshi into the ground and literally scars the land around the area, at the end another large explosion rocks the area and fires begin to form, both in the trees and the rice paddy fields. In the meantime, the blast has sent a decidedly unconcious takeshi on a long trip down the side of the mountain. Some people may see him, splashing down the pools and leaving a path of destruction, unintentionally, in his wake only to land on one of the bottom fields. He shows no signs of movement either.
Back at the temple, the movements have started up again and suddenly a door bursts open and literally hundreds, even thousands, of black robed, leather armored cultists of some kind pour out of the underground area. Showing no sign of stopping, they're trampling over everything to get at the intruders. Meruin had better move or suddenly grow six arms because otherwise he's going to be surrounded by an army. It's a pretty good idea that most people now know what's happening and the army doesn't stop there as it slides down onto the road and targets anyone they can see. They're mad, they're angry and they're…untrained? Yes, it's a conscript army, easily defeatable by any decent shinobi. The only problem is that there are thousands of arms with thousands of blades tying to slice at said shinobi.

Meruin frowned as, despite trying to pull himself away, the seven year old found himself flying through the air, heading through the empty doorway and floating over all of the stairs that'd been taken to get up the temple. He dispassionately judged the height and decided that he could land safely, provided he used his body correctly. However, with this terrain, it was more like than not that there was a little niche in the earth or a hole made by some burrowing animal. A sliding landing could lead to bad things on his ankles and shins. So…
Webbing poured out of his pores, throwing itself head of him to the ground, holding his breath since he knew he wouldn't be able to draw any at this speed regardless. It anchored to the arth and he puled himself down, more silk pouring from every pore of his body, creating a protective coocoon for him, which he steeled with his chakra. It slammed into the earth with a small explosion of dirt, sound, and small mammals and the Okumo boy bounced before hitting earth again, rolling to a stop.
Immediately, the silk unwrapped from around him and he came to his feet, dazedly. He turned, looking towards the Temple with a stumble to find Takeshi flying over and past him and a… a fire dragon giving chase. "Show off," murmured the boy, dazedly turning back to the hoard coming to him. He frowned slightly. Running, dazed as he was, euqalled getting chased down and chopped up. He needed time to get his bearings…
A sigh came from him and he stood, knowing he'd have to get worse before he got better. He crouched and tensed himself before he threw himself into a spinning, heels staying in place as he spun fast enough to create a vortex around him. He waited for them to approach, for as many as possible to get within range. And then silk burst from his flesh, ripping from his body. It flew out in a torrential wave, sweeping up all of those who came at the small boy and covering a distance of 600 square feet, many caught within dying from the strands of webbing bathing them in well placed acid.
Meruin was left standing in the center of a silken maze, the whole of his body covered in a platinum sheen of silk, swaying as though it were being affected by the tides. He was panting through his nose, closed mouth, and settled himself on the four giant spider legs made of spider silk, lifting his body. His spiders screeched out and went on a hunting frenzy, following the webs to any corners of the trap where movement could be felt. That should give him a little time to recuperate.
Then he would hunt…

As the blast of fire escaped from the temple, Natsuki raised an eyebrow, "That's not normal." She muttered as she leapt to a nearby pillar and scurried up it, arriving just in time to see the flood of conscripts pour out of the temple like bees from a hive ready to die protecting their queen. "This isn't good." She added, noting the 1 lone person, a youth at that, barely old enough to sharpen a kunai, let alone be out somewhere like this, that was standing near them "A million to one? Sheesh, these fools don't stand a chance. Not like I would by myself either. Let's just hope I don't find myself in that predicament." She muttered as suddenly a web seemed to shoot from the boy, she nodded slightly as she formed a seal. She shifted her focus to those just out of the reach of the webbing, sending out a wave of chakra, hoping to link into their nervous system. If the link worked, they would suddenly feel the earth shake and crumble beneath their feet. The ground would appear to those conscripts to be literally falling down into the gaping maw of hell. Perhaps they would see their own comrades, cocooned in the silk falling into and being consumed by the fire. This crevasse would be like a ring, a single stand of earth would be under Meruin's feet. With luck, the flood would slow around his immediate area as they are startled by the mix of her genjutsu and the boys own unique strand. Perhaps it would afford him an opportunity to escape, he would have to act quickly though, cause even an idiot would soon see through the genjutsu and she didn't know just how potent the strange webbing would be.

Itami was just about ready to catch the guy when the temple explodes and the sky turns red, hey wait a minute. What is going on here? The man that Itami and Rika were chasing kept going now that a giant dragon was breathing fire all over the place. He didn't know, he didn't try to look back. The secondary explosion, however causes him to look back and subsequently stumble to the ground when it begins to quake and rocks spew all over the place.
Then come cultists in droves running out and surrounding the whole of the area. Good gracious. Seems like it's time to take action. Their guy? He'd end up in the midst of the cultists and may not have that much of a success rate of escape at this point. But he isn't as impotant as a large dragon and a whole bunch of people all over the place that apparently have sharp weapons. This just turned into another mission entirely. Itami sighs. "Seems like we have to jump to action. Looks like there's a lot going on over there." She says to Rika before coming out and trying to clear the number of people away. Maybe she can floor enough of them with macroburst to keep things steady.

And Rika is quick to act as well, her own little equivalent to that jutsu… Only a much bigger, and hotter version of it is centered right on Mr Annoying Run away from Suna! And because of that yet another loud road blasts through the area, the concussion meant to knock down her enemies and suck the wind right from their lungs, it covers a rather substantial area as well. And even as this is over Rika is jumping to a high viewpoint and lowering her goggles, a dark smile on her face. This is going to be fun… Her gaze at that big Fire Dragon one moment, no fair! It's flashier than most of her Jutsu! And then the Cultists, lots of stuff to deal with it seems, and the loko on her face indicates she is quite ready for it.

Kenta's expression is, well, it's floored. His eyes grow to the size of saucers as his mouth hits the ground as the fire dragon turns and twists in the air and what looks like is after the ninja at the base of the temple. "Woh…." is all he says as the horde floods out of the temple like a wave of black. Kenta glances to his side and says, "Maia-sensei?" But nothing yet, maybe she wants Kenta to make the first move. Sort of a hands on training exercise? Kenta pulls out a pair of what looks like fungus puff balls with wax caps on the top. He throws them in the air detonating them as they reach the ground with a hand sign. Clouds of smoke and spores covers a wide swath of road in front of him obscuring Maia and himself from the cultists. He grabs his sensei and pulls her clear of any charging forms from the smoke. At least it keeps Kenta and Maia hidden for a few minutes.

Yes, a real live dragon. One of the mythical beasts and this one seems to fly just as well without wings! While it knew that there were others, it was still focused on the residual chakra from the seal, which meant it was going after the elder kiri nin again. This was a limitation in the design of the seal. Half way down the mountain it would dissipate and turn into a rain of fire, hot enough to instantly catch the rice on fire and cause steam to rise from the paddies. Unfortunately, the seal required a constant stream of chakra from the person who drew it and it seems that they just ran out of chakra.
Meanwhile, our heroes have managed to get rid of a large number of the crowd, but they just keep coming. People always jest that there's no end to a problem, but this problem is literally endless, or so it seems. For every one killed currently, three more will take their place. It's a never ending fight agianst time and most importantly, finding good ground.
For now, other than the disappearance of the dragon, there is little change in the situation.
Currently, down the mountain, Takeshi is gasping for air as he just managed to get his head out of the paddy water.

Meruin snarled as he get his breath in order, but put the emotion behind him, instead finding his battle calm. Takeshi could take care of himself, buut only if he had time. The small boy assumed that Takeshi was out of order, for the moment, and he would die if the crowd was allowed to rush at him following the boy. So he would hold of as long as possible.
The Veritable forest of silk that had been created around Meruin shifted into a maze fraught with death traps and the ilk and it began to grow, swallowing more. Approximately ten men died every second, and the small transformed spider sped off into his domain to hunt and add to that number. He had a quota to make.

Natsuki watched as the conscripts got brave and broke through the genjutsu. It didn't surprise her, it was a delaying tactic more than anything. However, it seemed that the boy within his wispy web was able to handle it pretty well on his own. She watched as bodies began to fall around him. She closed her eyes a moment knowing what she must do, she focused inwardly as her hands began to weave the jutsu. Suddenly, she spewed forth fire from within her, the flames breaking apart and falling down in small dollups to the forces below. Meanwhile, a dark blue black fire seemed to envelop her legs. The dark fire breaking off and moving through the crowds, seeking death almost instinctually; as the flames came into contact with the corpses they would explode. The limbs of the deceased flying off, coating the crowds around them in the blood and gore. She tried her best, to control that within her, however, she knew she should keep her distance and maintain her own balance.

Itami hasn't really killed anyone yet, but she has incapacitated many. She wasn't trying to kill a whole bunch more idiots. She was only after one, after all. While fighting off the many that keep coming, she tries to search through the crowd in order to find the idiot that she was looking for. It appeared that Rika had the job handled well as Annoying Runaway was floored along with the rest of the men that happened to be in the immediate area. While the cultists may have been knocked out by such a powerful hit, the man rose up only after a few moments and tried to crawl through the masses of bodies piling up.
Itami, not able to see where he is only can try and take a guess from where Rika's attack hit in order to find him. So, after earth tripping her foes around and sending blasts of fire at them, she clears a path enough to go to the area of the jutsu's effect. The man wasn't there, but she did catch his foot trying to creep away through plenty of legs. So, she dives for the guy to snag his leg.

And then there's Rika… The young jounin stands looking at the source, and generally when a pipe leaks, whether it be water or bloodthirsty cultists, one must seal the leak! Or in this case, something a bit more, as suddenly she forms a series of handseals and there's a rather oppressive silence for a moment as her Chakra spikes, "Ninpo: Hellburst!" Seems it is time to send these cultists to their deity! While the heatburst was loud, this is something else entirely, this is… tremendous, from not far from the exit there is a sudden coalescion of fire and air, swirling around in an increasingly bright way before suddenly exploding with a tremendous force to leave a crater in the very ground! That exit won't just collapse, but the entire cavern might with it! And likely a ton of those nice little cultists to boot. The heat is oppressive, the wind intense. There's almost nothing subtle about this technique, it's likely people could see it from miles away… at High Noon in the desert! Shockingly the shockway might even avoid the friends, as though this amazingly powerful wind of fire is being directed by Rika to avoid those she doesn't want hurt…

With the dragon gone and the hole sealed, the cultists have no more reinforcements, but that doesn't mean there aren't any left. The initial surge left quite a few lumbering around and there's still plenty of action for all those involved. The cultists are still doing their best to generally kill, maim and hurt anyone who happens to be within in their field of sight and not one of them.
Sad thing though, because part of the abandoned temple just caved in along with the exit and then the rest of it followed suit. While it would have been nice for the kiri nin to have their chance at finding more evidence, that wish is now decidedly buried.
Speaking of the kiri nin, while meruin has taken to maintaining a fortress around himself and the area he designated, Takeshi is finally back on his feet and boy does he look bad. Half of his robes were burned off during the attack leaving only the bottom half on. The myriad of weapons and tinker toys strapped to the shinobi is now purely visible, but all of the weapons are of such quality that such fire didn't stand a chance of ruining them. At the forefront and loosely stashed on the side of his arm are two katanas and these would be the weapons of choice fro tonight.
It was time for Kiri to get back into this fight.
There's a flash of rage and a surge of chakra, one that pretty much anyone would notice, from the base of the mountains and it'd be pretty obvious that whatever was thrown down there earlier is up now and decidedly angry. His speed would carry him up the mountain almost instantly and then he'd land in the midst of them. A flick of his wrists would bring the dual blades to bear and then another flick would swing them through the air. However, for all intents and purposes, Takeshi never moved and yet mere seconds later, cultists begin to dismember for no apparent reason. Heads are rolling, literally, and bodies are falling into four pieces on the ground. Meruin would have a pretty good idea now that Takeshi is indeed back.

Natsuki watched, her hands still flowing through the seemingly endless seals that she knew. She watched as the gaping mouth that spewed forth the conscripts was decidedly sealed. "That should help some." she said to herself as she lifted her hands to the air, forming in her palms a massive ball of lightning. From the orb that was held aloft, several smaller bolts branched out, fingering down through the crowds, jolting many in the crowd. A few would fall dead, some would fall dumb as their bodies twitched. It was just a matter of time, using weaker techniques she knew it may take longer, but techs too powerful could leave her drained and vulnerable. Besides, she had no true enemy here, she merely wanted to see to it that Meruin was safe. Mostly, because to her he just seemed like some little kid despite his ability to hold his own.

Itami was busy wrangling her idiot from within the crowd and out into the open to focus too much on what was going on around her, but the commotion appeared to calm down substantially. All she hears now is various clanking of weapons and the grunts of cultists being tossed too and fro. But there's the oh so subtle sound of quiet as they all fall apart and their body parts scatter across the ground. And…a massive wave of heat that spans the whole area… One such piece of an arm lands near the runaway idiot and manages to spook him, not to mention everything else. In fact, there wasn't one thing that didn't get to this guy.
In order to get him to quiet down, Itami socked him in the face and threatened to go for his throat next if he didn't shut up. "I've got him! We can take our leave now!" She calls out and raises from the ground to perform a strong lightning knee to a cultists gut, sending him twitching to the ground.

Rika looks around at the others here, for only a moment. She's really used a lot of energy, Hellburst isn't exactly a low energy sort of thing and all. But she seems pleased with herself, and the damage caused, her grin is almost flippant at this point, so mirthful is it. So she suddenly jumps down to where Itami is to help with the man that has been captured, but leaves at least one parting gift as the wind around her coalesces into blades and slices through numerous cultists that are still standing (Wind Cutter).


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