A Chance Encounter


Rain, Mune, Koudo, Tessen

Date: April 10th, 2010



"A Chance Encounter"


The morning after always seemed to be a bit brighter and more vibrant than the day before. That is, if your even paying attention to such things with all the other distractions you may face in the morning. The morning after what? That varies of course. Breakfast had been eatten and the day had started in such a way for Rain, though it would be difficult to tell that was the case for him. He sipped a strong tea and was seated comfortable upon a petrified log just outside of the village itself in his kimono. Shaking his head and tousling his hair slightly with his free hand, he would stretch his neck and seem to slowly let his body and mind come into full conciousness. "The Land of Rivers… it seems i will have to face you atleast one last time." he would murmur to himself before sipping the tea once more.

'The morning after' indeed. After taking a bath and getting dressed, the red-eyed woman heads down the street with a sway in her hips and lightness in her step. She feels refreshed somehow. Her blonde-white hair is taking its time getting back to the spikey state she prefers, for the moment much more smoothed down and 'normal' looking. She tugs up the collar of her white trenchcoat, the buttons just below said collar snapping closed, and leaving the lower half of her face hidden.
The center of her torso, from the collarbone down, is much less hidden, and does draw attention. But she's used to it. She almost relies on the distracting nature of her form to give her an advantage in this world where it is primarily men who dominate. Even the female Kage must fulfill certain expectations normally only placed upon men. They are not allowed to be 'normal' women. They have to be strong, unflinching, and powerful.
Sometimes, it's just easier to cater to the desires of men on some level. Some asking around soon determines that Rain is outside of the Village, and Kishi Mune heads there in no great hurry. When she arrives, she just stands nearby, and looks out at the area. She makes no attempt at stealth, but also does not interrupt Rain's thoughts intentionally either.

Koudo was up very early to make the last part of his trip, moving fast and running with ninja speed most of the way. While running everything was kind of a blur, and he had come close to the village, so he slows his pace to look around. Now he could enjoy his time and take in the beautiful morning. Coming towards the village, he is a somewhat tall and built figure, donned in a martial arts gi, robes tied to the pouch on his back. With a casual strut, large arms moving by his sides he pauses to notice Rain, as well as another standing there. A chuckle escapes his lips and he approaches the two saying "Well, I wouldn't have guessed you'd be here." He seems rather surprised. "Hello Rain-san." He says with a low but cheerful tone, and bows to Mune.

The morning sun signalled a much later time for Tessen. He had been up long before the first ray of light pierced the darkness of the sky. This time of morning signalled a break for him from his training outside the village and far from the eyes of most within its walls. Various reasons led to this but none mattered enough to inform anyone. If Rain needed him he could find him easily enough, but that would mean something important and that seemed to rarely happen. Strolling back towards the village contemplating where he wanted to eat to try and break his routine was perplexing him until he saw Rain among others. His pace slowed as his eyes fell on the group only paces ahead, but not a word passed his lips as he came upon them.

Rain seemed to be really in to his tea at the moment, letting out a satified "mmm." as he'd glance over towards Koudo. "Ah yes… as i recall you owe me a drink." Rain would state with a slight smirk before nodding i ngreeting. "It has been some time… i assume Sunagakure is satisfied with their trade agreement and what ever shipments have been made since to and from the Land of Water?" Rain would ask, though he seemed to have something else on his mind. "Or are you here for another reason altogether?" Rain was aware of Tessen's position, and was also aware of the presence of Mune. By no true fault of anyone at all, Koudo was surrounded, hopefully by friends. "You seem surprised to have found me here after all, were you even looking for me?" It did seem that he was sought after more than usual now adays.

Mune observes as others arrive. One man seems to already know Rain, so she doesn't put any concern into it. Rain doesn't seem concerned either. She crosses her arms under her chest and bows her head a bit towards Tessen. When Koudo arrives next, she just glances towards him and waits. It seems Rain knows this newcomer as well. Well, that's to be expected. Rain is developing quite the network of connections. She remains quiet for the moment, acting as eyecandy and silent watcher.

Koudo laughs at Rain's remark, taking it half as a joke and thinking for a second "I think you are correct." For sure he was there to see Rain even though he acted surprised, but he also was taking advantage of the location "I am just passing through, Higure." His mission was his concern. Sunagakure ninja were known to stay in their desert dwellings, as neutral as they are, but this council member did not fit into that stereotype. As time passed inside the walls of Sunagakure, Koudo could never help but want to travel and see the open road again, so this trip was something of a treat for him. He nods "Indeed, Suna believes it to be very satisfactory and successful." That was they're stance, but even so, the fact that he was here gave rise to the issue that Suna was very thorough in all areas of business. "Everything seems to be running smooth, is there anything we should be aware of?" He takes a look at the other ninja around him. "Greetings, I am Fukuzawa Koudo, Suna Council…How do you do?…How does business fair with the Takokujin on other fronts?" He says to all of them but looks at Rain to inquire about any other projects or plans they have.

Tessen stood still aside for a few movements of his eyes towards the well endowed woman dressed in a somewhat provocative manner. Her appearance didn't bother him, but in a way almost offended his tastes. To flaunt her body so brazenly…but it was her choice and she had to live with its consequences. The man pinned between them all was one he did not trust, especially after hearing the name and patriotism. Ever so slightly his eyes shifted to Rain, and gave the faintest look asking if it was safe to talk or if he should ready himself to strike. It truly made no difference to him, but in the end he learned it was best to leave matters of politics to Rain, just as Rain often left matters of battle to him.

"The smuggling route will have it's fair share of issues with pirates and bandits… for the time being. Even though it is technically no longer my problem, they will be eradicated in a short while, and you will not have to worry over their raids as insignificant as they are to experienced shinobi." Rain would mention in an off hand way as he finished his tea and placed his cup to the side. "Beyond that, business is well enough that i can sit publically while drinking tea and talking to an official of Sunagakure in the open without a moments pause." Rain would answer slyly as his gaze turned side long towards Tessen. "Do not be concerned about missing a meal… i'm sure they will cook you what ever you like when you get into town Tessen. If they did not, the Wolf-Fist members might not take too kindly to their…disrespect." Rain would eye Koudo then as he'd speak to Mune, "You are quiet… that is fine. Pay attention if that is what you so choose, Mune."
Rain would stand as he kept his eyes on Koudo and would ask, "As free spirited as you may or may not be… i have to assume that there is far more reason than a social visit for your having come. Does Sunagakure require more of the Takokujin? Or… are you trying to gleen information about Kirigakure's interior while you happen to be passing through?"

Mune's crimson eyes flick towards Tessen for a moment when she notices him looking at her, but then return to Koudo. Internally she is noticing how well-connected Rain appears to be. She was not told very much about him or this group — just what she needed to know. So it is surprising to discover that Rain has been dealing with a major Village in such a manner. She thought he was more independent for some reason…
When addressed by Koudo, she inclines her head and says, "Kishi Mune." Perhaps unwise to offer her name, but Koudo offered his. If she did otherwise that might reflect poorly on Rain. And she is, for the time being at least, Rain's servant. It would be best not to do anything that could harm him. Dropping her arms to her sides when Rain speaks to her, she listens and says, "Yes, Rain-sama. I woke up with a bit of a… Sore throat. I will pay attention and stay quiet."

Koudo looks at Mune and then down and nods to her respectfully, and looks back at Tessen in an awkward moment. He didn't get a greeting from Tessen, but he shrugs, he did not need a name at that moment. Though he couldn't remember ever having gone over a roster for the Takokujin, and he gets back to the situation at hand. Moving his hand under his chin and nodding to listen to Rain. He catches the look between Tessen and Rain, and he couldn't be sure, but to him it made no difference if he were in danger, this was the life of a ninja. "Free spirited, I like that." Agrees Koudo with a laugh. It was true they were outside, and if one knew Koudo, they would know that it gave him an advantage in combat. "There are many reasons I am here, Rain-san, but this is a social visit." He laughs again, this time with a deeper fit of laughter and his shoulders start to glow the hot orange and red of flame in the intricate design of a phoenix, his temperature increases noticeably as the fire element courses out of the tattoo "There is no better way to get to know one another than through battle!" Perhaps he was crazy more than free spirited, but this was a strong jutsu "Do you accept a friendly spar?" He asks Rain, keeping his peripherals on the other two. Three against one would be very dangerous and difficult, it was in his best interest to avoid that, but he had the sense to realize it could be a possibility if he were challenging Rain.

Tessen now moved, his hand shifted and his eyes looked to Rain. A deep voice came from him as he spoke, but it was rather flat and devoid of most emotions. "Koudo…you will not fight Rain-sama. If anyone here is to fight it will be me, and it will be far from friendly, so I suggest you release your jutsu harmlessly. You will not gain information on our abilities this way, nor find out our strength compared to your own shinobi. I will only say this once calmly, back down."
Tessen had no seemed to show emotion or a change in his mental state, but it was clear from the eminating aura around him that Tessen had meant his words, and was not above taking a shot at Koudo, and killing him where he stood. The stoic man's visage didn't move as his eyes were kept on Rain as if awaiting the order to strike this man. For he was not stupid enough to anger his leader without a just cause.

Rain would chuckle, quite openly for a moment at the carrying on of those here. He was quite surprised at Koudo's words and intent for the moment. Tessen he was not surprised about however. He read the complications of the situation quite well and acted. He would not expect less of that man. Still… this was just as much an opportunity for them as it was a possible opportunity for the Suna Council member. Rain seemed to give this situation some thought. "Settle down Tessen, i do not believe he intended any harm in his words. We know what Sunagakure is about, and he knows we know… thus i doubt this is as… malicious as it may seem. Still, it is an odd request. I have to wonder if our relationship is deep enough for such a …friendy exchange of force." Rain would rub his own chin, still seemingly amused at the situation.
"As i'm sure you've noticed, Tessen is not one to spar. Even our exchange was brief and bloodless. A test of ones resolve if you will. But you did not ask him, you asked me." Glancing towards Mune for a moment, he seemed to take her in to account as well in his decision making. "I believe i will need a moment to weigh my options. Knowledge is power after all, and it may be unwise to give such so freely." Rain however still seemed to be amused. Something about this situation obviously seemed to tantilize his mind, thus regardless of all of the negative claims he's given, or even the neutral ones, he seemed more like he was trying to find a reason not to than a reason to proceed.

Mune's eyes go half-lidded as though tired or bored. She raises a hand to her concealed mouth and yawns quietly. When Koudo suddenly activates a firey Jutsu, she glances towards him without changing her expression. "…." She should comment on how eager most males are to be violent with each other. However, considering she's in the minority here, and Rain has declined the challenge, she thinks that would be unfair towards him, and reveal a bias against men. It would be better to stay out of this. Tessen seems to have enough animosity for all of them, anyway.
"Rain-sama," she says as she speaks up. Bowing to Rain (and nearly spilling out of her coat in the process, no less) she continues, "Unless you have any needs for me to attend to, you might be best served having me familiarize myself with the Village's layout. I am still somewhat new to the area…" She waits for a dismissal, or for an order to stay put. Either one will be followed, despite her hints to preferring the former.

Koudo doesn't seem offended by Tessen's step in and turns toward him with a serious look that turns into a smirk. Judging by Rain's stature as well as appearance, he wasn't sure if some of his taijutsu would be suitable against him during a friendly spar. Tessen on the other-hand looked to him like he could take a hit. In any case, he was very curious to see what kind of jutsu Rain could use. He waves goodbye to Mune, having found her to be kind of mysterious and intriguing. He makes a set of hand seals, the dragon then tiger, and an orange flame shoots out of his back as the wings of a phoenix. His hair changes to a bright blonde color and his skin starts to glow as the flame surrounds him. At this time he attempts to create an earth clone without noticing. With the ability to move through earth using ninjutsu, he manipulates the earth into his shape in the place he was standing and at the same time, moving his real self down into the earth. The clone stands there laughing and on fire.

Tessen stood still as Rain spoke. The concentration in his eyes not fading in the least despite the order to calm down. While he trusted Rain's opinion, the fact of the matter was that the flames had yet to be dispersed, and the man didn't look to back down. Something about him ate at Tessen and that was just not going to cut it. If Rain was going to be mad, it would be for a good reason. "Rain-sama, I am sorry, but I will not be standing down at the moment. It is my duty…and it seems he intends to fight so please allow me to send him back to the desert in a proper condition in your place. After all, you should not dirty your hands in this matter unless absolutely necessary. Please forgive my insolence

Smiling slightly towards Mune, he would state calmly, "Please, feel free to take a tour. I trust you can handle yourself in the rougher areas of town." Rain would say to her, not wanting to keep her from what she'd rather do. Koudo seemed to have an objective, and was willing to pursue the matter regardless. Rain turned his attention back to Koudo, and through all of the flash and circumstance, could only tell that things were not as they appeared, but not at all why quite yet. He knew nothing of Koudo's ability, and the display of fire certainly was off putting to a thought towards earth jutsu. Still… it was an odd show of force for little reason at this point. Not enough information to go off of.
Tessen would insist to take control of this situation however, and Rain would clear his throat slightly as he'd simply state, "Very well… if you insist." to Tessen's tenacity. If he wanted to take his position seriously, Rain was not about to stop him. It may not be what Koudo desires, but it was the situation presented. "It is said you can judge a man by the company he keeps if i recall. Perhaps this will be… adequate for you, Council Member Koudo."

Mune straightens up, glancing once at Koudo as the flames expand, flickering and reflecting in her red eyes, and then she turns away, letting Tessen do his protecting and Koudo do his… Whatever he intends to do. There are surely less voiciferous situations she can busy herself with. And she really does need to learn the layout of the Village. Otherwise, she might find herself in trouble some day…

Koudo laughs hysterically "Not only does my body accquire the elemental traits of fire, but so does my personality!" He says out loud, fascinated with his own jutsu. "Very well, perhaps another time Rain-san." Focusing his attention on Tessen "Today is full of surprises!" More laughter "Let's get to it! But first, you must tell me your name."

Tessen nodded his head to Rain, "I will do my best to end this quickly, and show a minimal amount of my ability." His eyes never moving from the flaming…individual as he spoke. This guy was rather bothersome to deal with already. Judging from the display Ninjutsu was what he was going to be dealing with and that was not going to be fun aside from the fact he knew at least one of his enemy's elements. Narrowing his gaze to the man he moved a hand to the hilt of one of the blades on his side. "Tessen." It was just a single word, and that was all Koudo would get.

Rain would grin slightly at Tessen's words. He would not contradict them, but Rain also realized Koudo was a Council Member of Sunagakure for a reason and would not underestimate him. Still, Tessen was of the old breed of Uchiha, and his warrior's spirit was high. Even if he was more clever than that, his words were his bond and as little as he spoke, it was also his resolve. He would attempt to do just as he said. Rain would instead simply watch… for various things, though he would also have a bit of insurence just incase things got out of hand.

Koudo stops laughing and becomes angered. He was mad enough that steam came through his nostrils, at this time because of the fire element, his opponent's unfriendliness angered him and it seemed that to take his life was this opponent's goal, but Koudo was not a ninja that would go down easily and he disapproved of Tessen underestimating him. "You are wrong! Tessen!" He says, charging towards Tessen leaving flames in his trail, his fists burst aflame, he strikes first with a shoulder and follows through with the fists.

Tessen's hand moved as he was charged by a man with a flaming fist. His own body moved to vanish but was clocked by the fist before vanishing back a few times as if he were sent skidding, but it was really to put distance before unleashing something very dangerous. When he landed skin on his chest was scorched and the edges of his shirt were still smoldering. Still not a word was said as his hands flew threw a few seals. Then his hands moved before the reddened flesh and smoking clothing. A low crackle began to fill the air before arcs of lightning began to jump between them. Soon an orb was formed and he sent it flying at the revealed Kodou. A little bit of heavy breathing escaping his lips. The pain was not something he was used to.

Almost seeming to lounge in his seat as the battle truly begain, Rain would simply watch as the first blows were made. Even though Tessen had already been struck, it didn't seem to concern Rain. However, Rain seemed to defy all logic currently known about himself as he would activate his Sharingan as he watched. It wasn't noisy or flashy or showy in any way, and it may even go unnoticed, but at the same time, it was not truly hidden from sight. Rai nwas well aware of whom he was dealing with, even if he didn't know his jutsu, thus there was only one real reason why he would do such a thing. One might be correct in assuming it was some form of respect to a leader of a village, however regardless of any feelings of respect or honor, the only reason to reveal such is because you want it to be known. Rain has plans, and one of the steps of this plan was this moment in time. It was almost as if Koudo's coming here was forseen by Rain, and this was merely a catalyst for his ambitions, not a fateful meeting. Still, as a precaution, Rain would attempt to gain a foot hold within Koudo's mind.

Koudo's phoenix assault hit on the mark, a large blow to start off the spar. And he was right, Tessen took it like a champ, a much better reaction than any other ninja might meet that attack with. Within no time his opponent was making hand seals, and he noticed the use of the lightning element. An orb comes towards him and he didn't know exactly what to expect. Even though using earth was weak against lightning he attempts to dodge into the earth to dodge the sudden static explosion all together, and is struck by a stray bolt. It hits him hard, and after the initial blast his muscles start convulsing uncontrollably. Arms flail in different directions, before he kneels to breath and prevent that from happening.

Tessen stood his ground a distance from the man and let his cold face smirk slightly. "Please reconsider your position Koudo…I am certain that neither of us truly wishes the other dead. Forfeit now, and we can both escape alive and without extensive wounds." With that his lips closed and his hands flew through seals as small orbs of lightning were formed around him and fired at the immobilized target before him in waves. Cold eyes stared at the man before that was pitted against him. In truth he bore no ill will to Koudo, and had no desire to kill. He held back from a full out assault, but was not going to be gentle on the man if he insisted on continuing beyond this point. He had made certain to show a modicum of what he was capable of and only reveal one of his capable styles of combat, so far keeping to his word about swiftness and little shown.

At this point, it was quite obvious that Koudo was using earth jutsu, what exactly he was doing however, was something Rain had not seen in quite some time. While it was certainly a useful evasive manuver, it was always intended for stealth before defense, espceially against the element that grounds itself withi nthe very thing you would seek escape within. Thus, the very short battle had already changed sides to Tessen's favor within the first two moves of the confrontation. And yes… Rain was counting. Tessen had given his word, and Rain would help him to it, not because he truly cared for this to be ended swiftly, but because if Rain did not hold Tessen up to his own standards, there would be a loss of respect between them.

Koudo tried everything to dodge the next couple orbs that came at him, but couldn't move a muscle when they hit. He knew that what Tessen said was true, he was surprised, and angry at himself for not being able to prove him wrong. He takes a look towards Rain as he kneels smoking from the fire and lightning, things were calming down and he managed to catch a glimpse of the eyes, closer inspection showed that they were in fact Sharingan. It made him question the use of the eye jutsu, and he wondered if he was in a genjutsu. He had to put that aside and get back to ending the spar. His body was completely sore from the hits of lightning. "You are a worthy opponent, Tessen. I surrender." Getting up slowly and completely worn, he says "I must find a bed." And bows to the two of them respectively, slugging himself away with a long face.

Tessen stood his ground not looking to drop his battle ready position despite his opponent's words. He survived his time in the ninja wars by being cautious, and that near paranoia is what served him so well now. Cold eyes followed Koudo, "A wise move Koudo. In the future please do not be so rash in your challenges. I would hate to see a contact that is valuable to Rain-sama die before his usefulness ended. Rest well."
Turning his attention to Rain slightly he let out a small breath. "I hope I did not disappoint you Rain-sama. Perhaps I used a bit too much force to accomplish the goal, but it was still accomplished in the time I specified. We did gain some information on him, but I feel we did not gain enough aside two of his manipulations and techniques. Sorry for failing you Rain-sama."

"Koudo, please feel free to go to the best inn in the village and tell thme that i have sent you. You should get your first day for free. Welcome to Twilight." rain would state, only after he left would his Sharingan fade. Rain was aware he exposed himself, feeding Sunagakure bread crumbs. In all honesty, Sunagakure couldn't do a whole lot with the information themselves. However, Konoha certainly could. Should Konoha come looking for him and his Sharingan, he knows why and who. Sunagakure likely did not fear Rain, whether they should or not. However, knowing who your friends and enemies are has it's place before the battle even begins.
After Koudo had left, Rain simply smirked towards Tessen, "You did what you said you were going to do. Anything else is a bonus. And… there certainly was more than your victory at this time to take from this. You did well, Tessen, do not worry over it." Rain would stand, grabbing his cup of tea. "Now… i believe you are likely hungry after training and then having to fight. We wil lhave Mune look at your wound and see to your swift recovery as well." Rain would state as they would continue on to the village.

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