A Cry For Help


Ogosokamaru, Hiei, Hiroyasu, Misaki

Date: May 11, 2013


Hiei is afraid of what he saw in a genjutsu. This fear tranforms into anger when the team is attempting to relax at the Zen Gardens. Ogosokamaru slaps some sense into him. Literally. And teaches him a new technique. Includes strong language.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A Cry For Help"

Zen Gardens - Konohagakure

Sometimes revenge is so not fair. Because Hiei drug him out to the gym, Hiro has drug Hiei out to the Zen Gardens. It was perhaps the most boring place on the planet, besides the library. So, now he sits in the lotus position, watching Hiroyasu do that useless Zen thing that he likes to do. There is a bored expression on his face as he sits there, eying the other Genin. He whines. "Why can't we go somewhere else? We can't spar here. I can't train here because I'll mess up the rocks and stuff. I don't even see a point to this place existing at all." He grumbles. "I don't know why you drag me to places like this."

Hiroyasu peeks open an eye from his sitting on the large rock in the sea of sand "You can train, just rake the patterns back. Just don't go all ballistic, or you could take the time to focus your inner self and master your chakra." before closing his eye again trying to find the inner peace which eludes the torrent of chakra which churns beneath.

Misaki remembers sparring with Hiro here. That did help her a lot. And so she's just seated on a rock. Not looking at anything in particular, she just had a brief conversation with Matatabi before turning to Hiei and chuckling. "It's a good place to practice patience ya-no?" She says, angling her head while Matatabi baps her and reminds her of the mission in the cave… "I'm working on something.." She then grumbles, before placing her fists together, sighing and closing her eyes.. focussing mianly

Misaki was lecturing him on patience? Now he knew something was wrong. He huffs. "No. I'm not going to bother to train in a place where I have to fix it after I'm done. This is a waste of time. I should be attempting to reach my physical potential, not playing in the aid dirt!" He slams his fist into the ground and stands up, crossing his arms over his chest while looking pretty angry and it wasn't like Hiei to curse either.

Hiroyasu shakes his head "Such language, Yotsuki-sama! I went to gym and had to put with a workout with you and Atsuro-sempai, which is not easy. You didn't see me backing out the challenge, are you not as strong as I am?" oh yea he knew that tweak some nerves but more likely Hiei has gone into ears stuffed with rage and blind clouded by stupid mode. "Nii-san, you have took better to the idea of Zen than I ever thought possible.. so awesome!" he says giving a thumbs up his eyes still closed. "Is there something wrong with him nii-san? Did you punch him again?" he asks.

Misaki ignores his outburst. "He's been like that ever since he got-got by a genjutsu-ist…" She nods solemnly. "Sensei really needs to talk to him.." She's talking to Hiro as if Hiei's not even there. And when she notices he's tweaking his buttons she grins. "Yea Hiei! Backing out from a challenge?" She says, backing up Hiro in this one.

Hiei snorts. "Why would he start now?" Obviously a comment about Sensei talking to him. "I'm not very smart, and I tend to be simple in my assessments, but not even I am stupid enough to fall for this. You want to challenge me? Fight me. Because this?" He waves his hand around at the Zen garden. "Is for losers." And with that he heads for the door.

Hiroyasu ahhs "That still? I'm not sure if he's mad that she beat him or that she touched his sword without permission" he seems conflicted for a moment "well he thought she touched it" before getting cut off by the raging Hiei "Hai! Hai! Nii-san and I are definitely losers, Yotsuki-s-a-m-a!" Hiei just dug a hole, lets see if his corpse ends up in it. "Go eat some ramen, your quite the goat-ogre when your hungry!" he teases before opening an eye "Speaking of Sensei, I haven't seen him since the hotsprings incident.. Have you Nii-san?" he asks.

It's like he was waiting for it. For someone to storm out for one reason or another. Ogosokamaru was there at the gateway from the zen gardens to the outer world at large. "Losers?" Ogo crosses his arms and puts one hand on his chin. Contemplative Ogo? That'll be the day.
"Thinking that someone's method is for losers.. that just won't do." Ogo does stand there and wait for a moment, but would then ask something. "Do you think of me as a brute, Hiei?"

Misaki notices Ogo and gasps. "Uh oh.." She facepalms and looks at Hiro. "Now look what you have done!"

Hiei ignored Hiroyasu's comments. He was already angry, and if he allowed it affect him he'd do something stupid. He draws up short when Ogosokamaru blocks his path at the gate. Hey eyes the older man for a moment. "Honestly, Sensei? I don't really know what to think of you. I thought I had you figured out. I thought that maybe once I impressed you on my own, that you'd give a hand enough to actually train me. I spend every single day attempting to increase my knowledge and skill so that I can be a student that you're completely disgusted with. Why do you think I constantly challenge people I come across? I need to be able to gauge my strength. Becoming a taijutsu-ist is very important to me. Spending time in a rock garden pretending to meditate does not further that goal. But back to your original question? No..brute was not the first thing that comes to mind."

Hiroyasu sighs deeply before breaking his meditative stance "oy,oy. Nii-san, I had nothing to do with this." he cups his hand and whispers "you know he lurks in the bushes, and trees. The turbulent wind always blows against your favor" before hopping down, should he save him or should a lesson be imparted. "Yo! Sensei, Good afternoon!" before preparing his exit strategy, defense strategy, and his second retreat strategy.

Ogo listens to what Hiei says, and just nods to Hiro when he is greeted. "Yes, Hiei. I do not have any expectations of you. Therefore I can keep an open mind about your progression without biases. What is the first thing that comes to your mind, Hiei?" Misaki just gets a momentary look, then back to Hiei.

Misaki gives Ogo a meaningless glance back. Not really sure what to look for behind his geastures. She sighs and follow Hiro. "Hiei, come on!" She crosses her arms and leans up against a tree. "You're not like this…!"

Hiei states. "Demon..Monster..Devil, pick one. They all mean the same in the end." He cuts his gaze back to Misaki, before turning to face Ogo again. He runs a hand through his hair. "I may not like you, but I need you, Sensei. You have something I want. I need to learn how to use this to my full potential." He pats the sword hanging at the small of his back. "Because there's a man I want to kill. A man who broke my family. You can understand that, right? Bringing jutsice to the one that wronged you? Afterall, that's what you did for your clan head. It's the reason why those genin died and why Kayaru-sama can't stand your guts. So you understand why spending time looking at rocks is wasteful for me. It has no bearing on my path to find the #green|assistant## that killed my sister. If I can do that, then I can gain my father's respect again."

Ogo would draw on Hiei. Although he went at the side of the genin's neck with the back of his blade, it would definately be a wake-up call, along with how Ogo would pick him up if he wasn't able to dodge it. Course that would be by the scruff of the collar. Ogo would just kneel down and say very quietly.
"Revenge only satiates the hatred, giving in to the rage, and leaves you hungering for more to destroy.. Trust me, I know."

Hiei didn't know it was coming. It was pure luck that he even saw the swing from Ogo begin and he mostly moved out of instinct. However, he began to evade towards the same direction that the attack was coming from which meant contact was inevitable. When the blow hit him, his head jarrs slightly and his eyes almost roll back into his head as he falls to his knees only to be yanked back up by the scruff of the neck. When he's then lectured about revenge, a sentiment that seems to be echoed by a few others, he doesn't have the capacity to respond.

Ogo would put the boy back down on his feet, and put his hand on top of Hiei's forehead. "If you're still all about getting your revenge, I really can't stop you other than killing you. So I'll support you and train you the best I can." And now, that sword he just smacked Hiei with begins to light up and crackle with electricity through it. Lightning chakra through the metal blade. "A technique favored by Yotsuki who use a sword. I think it will serve you well." As Ogo sits down, and while still holding the blade, starts to go into detail about how to achieve this technique. Yes, he's only going to tell Hiei that he disagrees with revenge, but will help him anyway.

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