A Cure for (Un)Common Cancer


Daichi, Kenta, Kyuketsuki, Tatsuo, Tsuchiri

Date: January 4, 2016


Tsuchiri's usage of the Mysterious Peacock Method has caused great cancerous damage to both her physical health and her chakra network. Kenta performs surgery on her with a few of his students drafted for assistance.

"A Cure for (Un)Common Cancer"

Konoha Hospital

It's been many weeks (actually months) now, but Kenta's schedule finally frees up enough that he's able to perform the surgery that Tsuchiri needs to so badly. Unfortunately, all of his best helpers are booked for other tasks. This means that he has to dip into his pool of students for help. It's a last resort type of situation, since none of the medical students that he's training in Konoha have participated in any major surgical procedure before. Nevertheless, he can't be picky and they do have skills that'll be helpful. Kenta even calls in Daichi to do some of the more menial tasks, although it might end up being a mistake. Hopefully not.

The surgical room is all prepared. Kenta's wearing scrubs with a mask over his face, latex gloves on his hands and a cap over his unruly hair. He's as clean as he can be, which is important when the patient's going to get cut up a bit during the procedure. His students are supposed to get cleaned and geared up similarly before they meet up with him in the room. One of them is in charge of bringing Tsuchiri in after she changes too.

Kyu had donned his lab coat thing, a mask, a cap, and generally mimicked Kenta as far as appearance. He was also cleaned and ready to hopefully not have to cut into anyone… He can just sedate and heal… right? At least that's what Kyu is hoping for.

Daichi made sure he was in the right outfit and such, but this felt weird to him. He just copied the other two. He honestly didn't mind any cutting and such as he did that on a daily basis, and he aimed to make a mess instead of how medical stuff is. Anyways he made his way when he was ready to see if Tsuchiri was changed and ready to go. A simple knock followed by some words is all that would be needed. "We are ready in here whenever you are." He would wait there before making sure she got to where Kenta was. Yep… Weird helping with medical stuff.

Chiri opens door, with the medical apron folded over her shoulder.. until she noted it was Daichi at the door, where swift hands rectified this for proper wear. "Yeah." she chimes, stepping out and proceeding to follow the lead the scamp provided, cheery and bright as ever.

"Konichiwa, everyone. Daichi, please close the door behind you," Kenta says in a voice more somber than normal when all participating parties enter the surgical suite. The medic-nin bows to Tsuchiri and gestures for everyone else to gather next to him. "Umm… I hope that you're all prepared, Tsuchiri-san. This procedure is going to take a while. It could get uncomfortable during the first half, we'll need you awake for it."

With that explanation given, Kenta gestures towards the surgical bed set up in the middle of the room. "Please lie down there, Tsuchiri-san." There's a medical cart with a tray of surgical tools next to it, along with a strong overhead light that illuminates the immediate area around the bed. "Daichi, please strap Tsuchiri-san down. Kyu, I need you to set up her IV and hook her up."

Chiri lies down as instructed onto the surgical table, sighing quietly. "That's fine, I don't mind being up for it. I've had more than my fair share of mishaps during routine training." she murmurs, laying flush with the surface and waiting for the restraints and whatever an IV is.

Tatsuo is late but then he'd had to go into the store rooms for some lesser used medication. He's still dressed and scrubbed down by the time he makes it in and the medication bottles had been sterilized on the outside to prevent any contaminents from getting in. "Kenta-sama, I brought what you asked for," he says as he sets the bottles down then just kind of steps back, not wanting to get in the way.

Kyu nods to Kenta, says, "Hai." Then begins to set up the IV. He takes the needle and waits for her to be strapped down and approaches her. "Just hold still please." Kyu then locates a vein and carefully inserts the needle before taping it in place, he then connects the hose to the IV.

Daichi would look at Kenta a moment before back to Chiri. He then moved over and just shrugged a bit before moving the apron and then strapping her down. Yep. Simply like that, and not much of a reaction would be noted on his face. He is only 9, and it isn't like he is going to be affected by it really. His eyes drift to Kyu as he sets up the IV and then back to Kenta. "Alright. So what's next?"

Kenta flashes Tatsuo a smile. "Thanks, Tatsuo. You brought it here just in time." The young man picks up the bottles and inspects them to make sure they're the right ones. He nods as soon as he finishes checking the labels. "Perfect. You can show the others how to hook Tsuchiri-san to the monitoring system. That should give me just enough time to finish my own preparations." He gestures for the boy to join his fellow medical students, and Daichi.

The next few minutes are quiet ones for Kenta as he measures out careful quantities from each bottle into a beaker. The final result is a clear liquid that's bright blue in hue. Kenta draws all of this into a rather large syringe, which he immediately offers to Kyu. "That goes into the IV bag," the medic-nin explains before he turns to regard Tschuriki.

"Umm… let me explain what the first phase is," Kenta starts off saying. "I already know where the largest of your tumors are from the previous examination. Those can be cut out. Unfortunately, you have cancerous cells spread throughout your body in ways that makes operating on other locations difficult. I've just given Kyu a powerful poison to add to your IV. I engineered it specifically to kill off smaller clusters of cancerous cells. There's a mild sedative added to the poison, but I couldn't give you a bigger dose, since the interactions can kill you. This means that you might feel a lot of pain once the poison enters your system. I need you to hold still as much as possible despite the pain."

Chiri eyes Kenta as everything goes on, secured and pretty as she can be given the circumstances… she wonders who tsuchiriki is briefly while the briefing goes on. A very slow nod is given following the explanation, "It cannot be helped. I'll stay still." she replies.

Tatsuo blinks at Kenta before he nods, "Mmm hai." He moves forward and takes various pieces of equipment that are attached to machines and shows Daichi and Kyu where they go. This goes on the finger to monitor pulse and oxygen levels, it's the most important. This goes around the arm to monitor blood pressure during the procedure. All important things and must be done right!

Kyu didn't really hesitate after being handed the liquid, and puts it right in the iv bag. When Kenta says it's a poison, well that grabs his attention. Kyu listens to the explanation and calms down, but still seems uneasy. Poison doesn't sound good at all…

Daichi would look between them all and pretty much just nod along. He would stand there until needed for something specific or until he would need to help at holding Tsuchiri down. Didn't need her causing herself to be jabbed worse or something. He mostly was watching the others. He was interested to see what they did to do surgery and such even if he didn't feel like being a medic was a priority of his.

Kenta takes a deep breath as he watches the poison enter the IV bag and tinge the saline solution blue. Then, he watches further as the blue spread slowly down the tube into Tsuchiri's arm. He starts snapping order as soon as he sees that happen. "Time for action everyone! Daichi, please keep Tsuchiri-san still if she begins to move too much." The pain is probably going to hit very soon, a searing fire that starts from the arm that the IV is attached to. "Kyu, you're going to use medical jutsu to regulate her blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory system. I'm going to direct the poison where it needs to go and prevent it from damaging parts of the body that it shouldn't be touching." That's going to be -very- important here. "Umm… Tatsuo, I want you keep a healing jutsu constantly running on Tsuchiri-san. That'll mitigate any slippage from my end." With that, Kenta places both hands over Tsuchiri's stomach and closes his eyes. The glow of medical chakra shrouds his hands, growing brighter with every second.

Chiri's arm tenses up when the blue hits. Poison has a quick reaction for her not-fooded belly to want and invert itself.. but true to her word, she doesn't flinch or strain or move, aside from a series of fluttering eyelashes at having that burn spread. Her attention is put elsewhere, it's always good to have something to keep your mind busy, especially when HELP feels a lot like TRYING TO KILL YOU.. well, it's partially true, part of her is going to die. The horrible communist part of her, that is.. while there isn't enough put into them to make them visible, the chakra projection that is her feathers are flailing about beneath her rather vigorously.

Tatsuo looks to Kenta and frowns slightly at his mention of slipping but the teen does as told. He moves in to stand at Tsuchiri's head and give her a small smile as he tries to comfort her. "You'll be all better soon Tsuchiri-chan." He puts his hands on either side of her head as the pain starts going through her and he closes his eyes, focusing on the healing and sensing what might need help. A part of his attention goes to try and dull the pain too, but only a small part.

Daichi would have his hands set either on or next to the arm that does not have the IV in it. If need be he would try to hold her down as well. He of course couldn't see the chakra feather things at all, but he wouldn't know what to do about them if he could. It was her sending chakra to him right? Anyways he was ready to hold her down if he needed to do so.

Sweat is beading on Kenta's forehead from the strain of managing all the thousands of "tendrils" of poison that's moving through Tsuchiri's body. "Daichi, towel please…" the medic-nin utters without opening his eyes. His voice comes in a breathy gasp when he speaks. Not only does he have to keep track of each one, but he has to move away from parts of the body unaffected by cancer and direct them at tiny clusters of cancer cells with extreme precision. Medical jutsu helps him sense the way that smaller colonies are breaking up as the poison interacts with them. The largest colonies are too dense, but the poison still destroys the outermost layers and will make surgical removal easier. He can tell how badly Tsuchiri's body is being taxed and how the pain receptors are firing rapidly, but that's something that Kyu and Tatsuo would have to handle. It seems like an eternity, probably to everyone, before the poison's work is complete.

Chiri is compliant, going into her happy place and using her coping mechanisms to not move. She mustn't move, don't blink! Blink and she's dead! Or something. She has the incorporeal projections of her feathers thrash beneath the operating surface fitfully while she endures this all.. she's going to slap Kaido and Liao when she gets home, and then curl up with them. She is!

"Daichi, make sure that Kenta stays okays," Tatsuo mutters under his breath. Water appears suddenly around Tsuchiri a thin yet powerful layer of water that doesn't actually soak the skin, it just sets against it. The only places free of the water are Tsuchiri's head, the IV location and where Kenta is touching. Once the water is in place it actually makes Tatsuo's job a little easier as he's able to heal using the water and immediately be in any area that needs it. The water would even help soothe the pain a little more.

Daichi looked over at Tatsuo and Kenta and nods to the both of them before getting a towel for Kenta. He would even dab away the sweat himself if not asked or if asked. Either way he was going to be helping with something! He hoped at least. he didn't want to be useless here even thoughhe figured he was uneeded.

Kenta nods in thanks as Daichi starts to mop at his head. "Almost… almost…" the young man murmurs under his breath. What the almost is can probably be felt by Tatsuo. Kenta's pushing all the poison, along with the killed cancer cells, through Tsuchiri's veins and outwards to get rid of it. This isn't a comfortable feeling at all, since the burning pain in the woman's body is condensing and now forming a layer of what feels like fire underneath her skin. There's a harsh grunt of effort from Kenta. Then, a foul substance that smells strongly of chemicals and dead matter starts forcing its way out of Tsuchiri's pores. The later of water that Tatsuo created around her body captures most of this, but it's also rapidly beading on her face and other uncovered parts. "Daichi, I need to you get clean towels and wipe off the residue. -Don't- let your skin get in contact with any of it. Try to not even get any on your gloves. Umm… Tatsuo, increase the strength of your healing jutsu."

Tsuchiri's busy keeping her wriggling somewhere not too bad, like her toes. Muscles tensing in the wake of the poison, and the sweating has her sighing within her confines, not wanting to move any more than that allows, not even letting herself vocalize protest as it's dragged to the surface and sears more pain. She feels like a fire just burned clean through her, admittedly a bit worse than her kunoichi training at this point.

Tatsuo's eyes are closed as he focuses, moving away from Tsuchiri's head so that Daichi can get there. He stays connected to the larger mass of water by a thin strand at his hand that moves with him before he stops on the side opposite Kenta and puts his hands back on top of the water. The poison that is pushed out through the pores where his water is gathered while at the same time healing chakra is forced back through into Tsuchiri. "Daichi-kun…get a cup or something for this too please." As the water gathers the poison it extends out a little from Tsuchiri right next to Tatsuo so that it can be easily 'scooped'.

Daichi does all the things! D: He has to go get the towel, and then gets a cup as well that he sets nearby knowing Tatsuo can move the water to it. Then he uses that towel before carefully patting down the spots where the water couldn't or didn't get to. Wasn't too much Tatsuo didn't get, but it was still needed to be taken care of. Then he would move the towel into a spot to the side where no one would accidentally hit it before waiting for more instructions!

Kenta blows out a deep breath as everyone cleans up the mess that the poison made. He offers Tsuchiri a wan smile, but doesn't really expect the woman to be able to be too attentive after all she's been through. "Umm… that's the worst of it, Tsuchiri-san. Now, I'm going to put you under and perform the rest of the surgery. You won't have to stay awake for this part. I'm basically going to cut out the remaining tumors from your body. Then, I'm going to reverse as much of the damage to your chakra network as possible."

Kenta meets the eyes of each of his students. "Ummm… you'll all be helping me in a similar capacity as what you're doing now. Kyu, again you have to keep a close eye on her biological systems for problems. Fix anything you can and alert me of what you can't. Tatsuo, you have to suppress bleeding and remove badly placed clots once I start making incisions. Umm… and Daichi, there'll be plenty more handiwork for you. This starts with getting me a fresh IV bag." He nods his head towards one of the closets.

Chiri gives a nod and a grunt in reply, starting to bead in cold sweat in the aftermath of her ordeal, breath coming in a bit more swiftly and stifling shivers. She relaxes slowly as the poison's gone, waiting and ready to be made to nap.. that'll be bliss in comparison.

Tatsuo nods in understanding as he deposits the poisons into the glass and gets rid of them. Some other water lifts the poisoned glass and tightens a lid on it before moving it next to the sink to be disposed of. Meanwhile Tatsuo just focuses, soothing as much as he can for Chiri.

Daichi nods slowly and runs off to get the IV bag as replacement. Wouldn't be long before he was back, and walked to it. "Okay…. so I do this." He saw most of how to set it up, so it might take a moment, but he could get it without help. Help would just make it go quicker.

Like before, the medic-nin injects some additional chemical compounds into the IV bag once it's set up, but it's something to knock Tsuchiri out completely this time. Once that's done, he spends several more hours working with his assistants to do exactly what he explained. If anyone's not already exhausted, they'd be by the time the entire surgery is complete. Kenta sends everyone away to rest up once he has checked and double checked his patient's vital signs. All that's left to do is a few days at the hospital going through more tests for Tsuchiri to verify the success of the surgery and then periodic follow ups throughout the upcoming months.

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