Steel Soul Tourney - A Cut of Cloth: Jiro vs. Reppu


Rockpath (as Mai), Jiro, Reppu

Date: May 23, 2015


Reppu and Jiro square off in the first battles of the Steel Soul Tourny to see who comes out the victor.

"Steel Soul Tourney - A Cut of Cloth: Jiro vs. Reppu"

Kirigakure Arena

Kaguya Mai closes her eyes as she listens to the crowd cheer and scream after the previous match. It was music to her ears. Sadly, she couldn't enjoy it as much as she has been, as she is once again on the roster to proctor. With a small sigh, she hops into the Arena. People may not want to fight her, but she wishes she could fight them. This tourney just caused work for her. The woman glances around the arena as the remnants are cleared off, then clears her throat. "Amaro Jiro, of Sunagakure. Reppu of Kirigakure. Please step forward for your match."

Jiro enters the arena looking like he just woke up from a nap, the small boys eyes puffy, hair flattened on one side, and, well, he probably did. Naps are awesome when you're nine! As he enters he stops and looks around, ignoring the people in the stands now as he's fairly used to them booing him. Whatever. His arms fold over his chest as he waits for things to get started. Or, ya know, for his opponent to appear.

Walking into the arena, Reppu is pretty much as hard to read as they come. No part of the shinobi is visible through the outfit they wear. Even as the people cheer to a degree, the green goggles go up to examine the crowd above. When those green goggles settle on to Jiro, the head tilts to the side. A hmm comes thorugh the mask that is hard to understand through the mask. The vibrations of the voice make it hard to determine who or what is under that mask and outfit, "Interesting." The voice only states and then a hand reaches down to pull a blade from within the coat. The blade is looked at a moment before the proctor is then glanced to in order to wait for the knowledge that it is time to attack.

"You should know the rules by now. The match will end when someone gives up, or when someone passes out," Mai says. "Fight your hardest. And begin." With that last word, she jumps away from the arena to prepare to keep an eye on things.

Jiro's head tilts a bit as he scratches his head on the hair flattened side, grumping a bit as realizes it's all messed up. Stupid hair. His hand stops when the blade is pulled however and the boy straightens up, suddenly looking more serious than he had been. Reaching down to his waist, he pulls the cloth sash there free with a single tug, flicking it up to wrap around behind his neck and over his shoulders, a hand holding either side. He doesn't say anything though he watches Reppu with an aire of distrust. When they're told to begin he also doesn't hesitate but darts forward, cloth coming off of his shoulders to lash out at Reppu in quick succession, the cloth becoming as hard as steel at the edge when it nears it's target.

The figure's movements are fast and precise. A dodge to the right is followed by a swift lean back to the left. Body arched into a bridge, the legs come up to follow as the figure spins on one hand to avoid the last attack. Reppu lands with a thump on two feet only to lunch forward with a series of strikes. The other hand pulls out another blade and each strike is followed quickly by another. A slice downward and then a stab with the off hand. The right hand that sent the downward strike comes up swiftly to try and catch Jiro.

Jiro seems a bit surprised by the antics of his opponent as the man very theatrically avoids his strikes. When the return strikes come he manages to hop back away from the first but misses the second knife as it tags him on the arm. His cloth comes up and hardens in between the knife and Jiro for the last blow. The boy then hops back a little more to prepare himself a bit better, waking up. He launches forward quickly, letting the cloth whip out to try and fold around one of his opponents arms before hardening, trying to keep him from getting too far. This is followed up by a good old fashioned punch towards the chest.

The cloth whips around to try to wrap up Reppu. The problem is that Reppu is on the ground in a full split, upperbody falling back into a fully laid down position as the boy comes in to try to punch the covered figure. Legs pull up as the body rolls back shoulder under body. As the sommersault finishes up, two blades come sailing out from the roll toward Jiro. Two through kunai each aimed to slam into Jiro's chest. Then Reppu comes back to full height. Two more blades are presented and a finger gestures for the boy to come again.

When his opponent does the splits and drops below his attack the boy is again surprised, blinking a few times before hopping back a short distance. When the kunai come at him he moves in a flash, appearing a short distance away. Unfortunately he moved a fraction too late and one of the kunai found their mark in his chest. The boy reaches up to pull the weapon out, no caring if he bleeds from the wound, and not seeming to much care about the pain. Just block it out for now. When he's told to attack again he does, cloth flashing in a quick attack before it moves behind a leg and hardens while Jiro pulls, trying to trip up Reppu before the thing lashes out once more.

"I see. Impressive." The voice comes out modulated. The response is to the series of attacks that leave a cut along Reppu's side and one along the arm. Looking at the wounds, the figure looks back to the boy. This boy meant business and so Reppu wasn't going to hold back. The chuunin raced forward suddenly and proceeded to try to plant one blade right into Jiro's gut even as the right arm swung around to try to go into his back. The figure in black will leave both blades behind as they spin away from him in an attempt to prepare for the next series of strikes from him.

Jiro grins toothily when he finally manages to hit the other man. A success! He drew blood! He doesn't have very long to celebrate however as the man moves forward so quickly. Jiro moves fast as well, spinning on one foot to avoid the gut strike before pulling the cloth in front of him to block the second before it hits. The one kunai clinks to the ground as Jiro turns around to face Reppu again, still grinning. "Yer fas'. An' good." He says before suddenly crouching and launching himself forward, the cloth flowing around him almost as if it were alive. As he nears the cloth strikes out from unpredictable directions thanks to it's dance. Yet it's still just as sharp and deadly.

The attacks from the boy have Reppu on the ropes. There is a grunt of pain from the figure in black as they are forced to a knee by the attacks. The strikes are not exactly within the figure's wheel house. Squinting at the boy, the figure rushes forward suddenly. A single strike is sent right at the boy's front again and then Reppu would keep running. Even as the fog of the day comes in the boy might actually lose sight of the figure as the terrain of the arena is attempted to be used for hiding.

When the attack comes the boy again moves in a flash, reappearing a short distance away. When the man keeps running Jiro grumps to himself before he gives chase, making sure to keep him in sight as best he can before getting close enough to launch himself forward, cloth whipping out to try and wrap around an arm or leg to hold the figure in place as Jiro follows up with a kunai in hand, trying to drive the blade into the figures side.

The razor like attacks surround Reppu and Reppu winces heavily as the attack tears through the suit. Dropping down, the figure drops down and coughs slightly as the blood attempts to well into the mask. A hand comes up and the figure states, "I must recuse myself." A nod is given as the figure falls to the side having to pull cloak up a little to pull the mask up and spit blood before the face is revealed again with mask in place. Shuddering some, the figure known as Reppu states, "You have victory."

Jiro grins as he retracts his cloth, slipping it up behind his neck and over his shoulders again. "Ya did goo'." Jiro states with a nod before stepping forward towards the man. The small boy offers a hand down to the figure to help Reppu up if he wants. "I train 'lot though," Jiro says, tugging a bit on his cloth.

"Winner. Amaro Jiro of Sunagakure." Mai comes and steps in near the two, but she didn't think either would try to continue. "Please see that your wounds are treated after leaving the arena. We'll have our next match soon, so it would be appreciated if you left." With that, the woman glances up to the board with match ups, both of participants and those just wanting a good spar.

Standing up slowly, Reppu nods to the boy before saying, "I see that." And with that, the one known as Reppu starts out of the arena without another word. The figure is hold its side carefully as they head toward the area where a medic can help them.

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