A Date in the Tea House


Amiko, Kirito

Date: October 19, 2012


Kirito and Amiko go on a date in Konoha, but the date is interrupted as Amiko receives her marching orders.

"A Date in the Tea House"

Ono Teahouse in Konoha

It was a cool summer evening, the sun was starting to set in the

distance and the birds were starting to chirp in the distance along the path

leading to the Konohagakure lake, if one took a small turn off the path they

would discover a the Ono Teahouse. The soft scent of cherry blossems and tea

leaveslingered in the area around the teahouse, while the soft glow from the

setting sun made it seem like everything was glowing. Earlier in the day,

Kirito had sent out a invatation for Uzumaki Amiko, to join him this evening he

had felt a little gulity about their last meeting, when he and Atsuro had kind

of left her out of their conversation. He had reserved a rather nice outside

table next to a small koi pond, lined with water lillys. The bottem of the koi

pond was designed to resemble a Ying Yang, with a black and white koi swiming

freely inside of it.

Kirito sat softly on the floor watching the koi swim, he had been

polite and not ordered yet, waiting for the Host to bring his guest towards he

had already paid for the evening and was hoping that the request had made it to

Amiko along with the attire of the night being more formal. Kirito was not

wearing his normal get up, instead he was wearing a white and soft blue Kimino

and a pair of getas on his feet. His silver hair cascaded down his face softly,

as his warm blue eyes moved towards the sugar cube pyramid on the center of the

table, Kirito sighed softly and poked it with his finger moving the cubes a bit

to the right, he was a little earily, but he was still nervous.

Uzumaki Amiko had spent the afternoon cleaning up after her recent

mission to the outskirts of the Land of Fire. She'd left the team of Konoha-nin

after discovering the secret base and gone out towards the border with the Land

of Grass, but in the end she'd been unable to find any trace of the various

ninjas who'd poisoned the town. Eventually she returned to Konohagakure, a

little discouraged, very dirty, but otherwise in good health. After getting the

dirt off her face and her hair washed a young messenger had arrived with a

dinner invitation for her. Of course she'd accepted and begun getting ready.

Amiko glides effortlessly into the room wearing a long, modern style,

green kimono. The neckline is low, but not scandalously, and the upper half of

the dress is quite form-hugging, while the lower half is a little more layered.

The skirt portion of the kimono has a part on each side, showing a little skin

as she walks. The kimono's sleeves are short, barely covering her shoulders,

and embroidered down the right hand side of the skirt are the kanji for faith,

hope, love, joy and life.
As Amiko comes in, guided by a young waitress, she gives a little bow

to Kirito.

Kirito smiles softly as he saw Amiko being guided towards him, he

stands up his eyes move across her slowly and a soft blush form in his cheeks,

as he obviously tries to not stare at how lovely she looks. When she arrives he

nods and bows slowly, his blue eyes meeting her sea green ones.He offers his

her a seat waiting for her to be seated before sitting himself. "You look very

nice to night AMiko-san." he says slwoly with the soft smile on his face. "I

was hoping you would come, I would like to apoligize for not paying you as much

attention as I should have the other day when I was walking to Atsuro, I was

having a bad day." he says sloftly with a smile and a nod.

The waitress, looks at Kirito and smiles softly, "Are you still have a

Dragon Well green tea with the daily sweets to compliment it, before having our

speciality. the fifteen grain rice porridge served with tea smoked salmon?"

Amiko smiles softly and then looks away. As the waitress asks about

drinks, Uzumaki Amiko speaks up and asks, "Could I have a jasmine tea if that's

alright?" When the waitress nods, Amiko turns back to Kirito and replies, "Oh,

its quite alright. You need to pay attention to your friends, its important. I

was just teasing because, honestly, I like being the centre of attention." She

gives a little shrug and sits back in her chair, clears her throat, and then

asks, "So why did you ask me here this evening? There must be more to it than

just wanting to apoligize for something that I didn't even take offence to."

She raises an eyebrow questioningly at the boy sitting across from her.

Kirito nodded to the waitress, "Unless their is anything the Lady would

liek changed." he tells her softly and watches as the tea order is changed and

nods slowly, "I will take that as well, no need to have you bring two pots of

tea." he says softly. His attention returns to Amiko, he listens and nods

softly, "Well I suppose you are the center of attention tonight, you have

caught various eyes simply moving to the table." he says slowly, before his

soft blue eyes move towards the koi pond as she continues and asks if he has

another motive behind him inviting her to the teahouse. "What other motive

could I possibly have?" he asks softly, the warm smile on his face. The

waitress returns with a small red and black swirled kettle, with two matching

cups. The waitress pours the inital two cups of tea and lays as tray of

assorted luxury candies and cookies between the two, she boys softly before

leaving. "Perhaps I am simply that nice of a guy? You did say that depressive

and angry didn't suit me." he says slowly as he picks up his tea and takes a


Amiko nods slowly, "That's true, depressive and angry doesn't suit you

at all. Alright then, Mr. Nice Guy, I guess I won't read anything further into

this wonderful gesture." She delicately picks up the tea cup in front of her

and lifts it to her lips, sipping gently and letting out a slight, 'mmm.' "I

haven't had tea from here before, the flavours are wonderful. It reminds me of

tea leaves straight from my mother's herb garden back home," she comments,

closing her eyes and sniffing gracefully over the cup, "and it smells so

delicate. If the food is as good as the tea, I'll have to make a return trip to

Konoha just to visit this tea house again." She smiles and replaces the tea cup

back on the table and leans back peacefully, soaking in the atmosphere of the

little tea house by the lake.

Kirito smiles softly, "You may read this however you like." he says

with a nod, before picking up a small butter cookie and taking a small bite. He

listens to Amiko speak, "It sounds really interesting, the herb garden. I

wasn't aware that this place would bring back such lovely memories of home." he

says softly with a nod before taking a small bite, "So how much longer are you

going to be staying?" he asks softly tilting his head slightly to the right,

"In Konohagakure, that is." his tone is soft and pleasent, different than the

tone he was using when speaking to Atsuro the other day, it is a lot more

gentle and warm as he addresses Amiko. Even more so than his tone or the way he

acted on the mission, it is clear he is nervous but, on the mission he was a

wreak, here he seems more at ease so to speak. "The square choclates are dark

choclate with cherry filling." he says gesturing towards the tray. "Also the

food here, is some of the best in Konoha." he says with a soft smile.

Amiko pauses a moment before answering Kirito's question, and takes one

of the little square chocolates from tray. She takes an elegantly small bite

and hums to herself again in delight. "Well, I'm not entirely sure. At most

I'll have another five days here, but if I receive orders from home or catch

the trail I'm pursuing I could be leaving as soon as tomorrow morning," she

answers, "A ninja's tomorrow is never certain, so we must live in the now. My

mum always said that, but I never really understood it until I started

travelling." With another dainty bite Amiko finishes off the chocolate she had

in her hand, and then takes another sip of her tea. "And you're right, the food

here is quite amazing."

Kirito's face twisted slightly, it was obvious that he was trying to

maintain the smile as she said she could leave as soon as the upcoming morning.

"Well than I suppose it is a good thing I invited you here tonight." he says

slowly, the soft warm smile returning to his face as the waitress returns with

another tray, placing the rice porridge and tea smoke salmon if front of each

of them, the waitress bowing again and leaving. "Well I will be sad to see you

go when you do, I would be lying if I stated I had not enjoyed your company

thus far." he says as he takes a small sip of his tea, before picking up the

elegantly craved chop sticks and takes a small bite of the salmon in front of

him, nodding slowly in appreciation of it. "I will say that, Konoha will be

loosing a lovely flower when you leave, even if that flower was only visiting."

he says softly with a small nod, his blue eyes moving up to meet her green ones


Amiko chokes a little on her food as Kirito compliments her, and has to

quickly clear her throat. A moment later her cheeks turn pink in a deep blush

and she replies, "Well, thank you very much." She quickly brushes a stray

strand of strawberry blonde hair away from her eyes and continues, "But like I

said, I'll have to make another visit on my way back through. The food here is

too good to miss out on." Her face slowly returns to its normal colour as she

takes a few more mouthfuls of the rice porridge and salmon, and Amiko thanks

the gods for the excuse to break eye contact momentarily and escape the nervous

tension at the table.

Kirito takes another bite of his salmon and watches Amiko softly, his

smile widens a little bit as she blushes and hurries to change the topic back

to the food. "Well I will be glad to see you return and just as much sorry will

fill me to know you are leaving again." he says slowly with a nod, before he

picks up his cup of tea and takes a small sip, "I hope I am not offending you,

but you are very pretty" he takes another sip of his tea before continuing, "As

you said, a shinobi only has the moment to live for, who would I be not speak

the truth in such wonderful company?" he asks slowly, his tone slow and soft.

Once again Amiko lights up with a blush and hangs her head to hide her

embarrassment. "Oh wow, you really need to stop complimenting me, I'm turning

bright pink," she says, "You sound like you're about to propose or something.

There's no rush, even after I leave I won't be gone too long. And besides, I'll

be travelling the world for a long time yet. Its one of the few advantages of

being a shinobi operative not based in her home village." She looks down at the

mostly uneaten dish in front of her and bites her lip, deep in though.

Kirito chuckles softly, "If you want I will stop complimenting you." he

says softly with a nod, as he takes another sip from his tea, "Though you are

even cuter when you blush." he says softly tapping his nose with a small smirk.

"Okay now I will quiet complimenting you, if you want." he says reaching over

and picking up a small cookie and taking a bite. "It was a pleasent meal though

and I look forward to sharing another one with you." he says softly, as he

looks out at the now dark evening, "Would you like to go for a walk Amiko-san?"

he aks slowly almost out of no where. The waitress shows up and ask if

everything has been okay, Kirito nods with a small smile.

Amiko silently looks out the window, observing the near-twilight sky,

and nods once solemnly. "If that's what you'd like, a walk would be very nice.

Thank you Kirito-san," she says, and pushes out her chair so that she can stand

up. "I'm glad you showed me this tea house, it could easily become one of my

favourites. Excellent tea, good food, good service, beautiful location," she

says as she smoothes out her kimono and steps away from the table, then turns

to the waitress and thanks her profusely for the meal.

Kirito stands and nods slowly, "You said you like to be the center of

focus, so how about you pick. View tonight as your night." he says softly. His

right hand moves and runs through his silver hair slowly with a smile, looking

at Amiko as she thanks the waitress before he does the same, leaving a generous

tip on the table. Standing it is clear he is shorter and a little bit younger

than Amiko, but he does look rather nice in his kimono. He smiles at Amiko

softly, his soft blue eyes starting at her, as he offers her his hand.

Grinning, Amiko says, "Then a walk around the lake it is!" As they

start walking Amiko lets the Konoha-nin take her hand, but her attention stays

firmly focused on the nearly cloudless sky above, displaying hundreds stars in

beautiful constellations and a full moon that lights up the sky in the early

twilight hours. Coupled with the reflection off the lake it creates a very

romantic scene.

Kirito nods and smiles softly, "Off to the lake we go then." he

replies. The cool air is carried of a soft wind, which causes Kirito's hair to

sway back and forth slightly. As Amiko takes his hand, he blushes slightly. His

eyes move to the sky and he stops and watches the stars quietly for a moment,

his hand in Amiko's. Their images reflecting in the soft ripples of the water,

before Kirito's gentle blue eyes move down to meet Amiko, "I mean it when I say

you love amazing, I noticed it the first time I saw you." he says in a warm

tone, the hand holding Amiko moves up taking Amiko's with it, before a soft

kiss is planted on the back of it, if allowed.

Once again Amiko blushes at the compliment, and is about to let Kirito

kiss the back of her hand when a quick, whistling noise distracts her. A ninja

quickly lands next to the couple and speaks up. "I'm sorry to intrude,

Operative Amiko you have an urgent message from the Land of Whirlpools. Your

target has been found, and you will need to leave as soon as possible. The full

message is awaiting you at your lodgings," he says. Having delivered the

message, he bows to the couple, and disappears in a puff of smoke. Amiko sighs

loudly and says, "Well, I'm very sorry but it looks like I need to go and

prepare for my trip. I'll be leaving first thing in the morning." She looks

into Kirito's eyes and smiles, "Thank you for a wonderful evening though."

Kirito lips are about to soft press against her hand when the noise

appears and his attention si drawn away. He stands there silently as she speaks

to the messenger, before turning and addressing her. "No thank you for coming,

it was my pleasure." he says softly. He takes a small step towards Amiko and

leans in, at first one would think he was going to kiss her, but instead his

finger comes up and taps her nose, "I don't do good byes Amiko-san. I look

forward to seeing you when you return, be sure to let me know before hand so I

can reserve us a table at the teahouse again." he says slowly as he turns and

starts to walk away, his geta sandals softly pressing against the ground,

creating that hollow sound getas make when someone walks. Kirito's kimono blows

softly in the wind along with his hair as he walks away, the twilight glow

cascading down across him.

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