A Defining I


Hibiki, Kiyoshi

Date: March 14, 2013


Hibiki stumbles upon Kiyoshi at an unusual hour at the Mist Lake in Kirigakure, and the two are a bit unsure how to handle an intrusion into each other's loneliness.

"A Defining I"

Mist Lake - Kirigakure

Mist Lake [Kirigakure]

A large crystal clear lake with a small yellow sanded island set in the middle. The lake is surrounded with large trees and lush green bushes. There are berry bushes, some poisonous and some not. The grass surrounding the lake displays patches of long and short grass with the odd stone set allowing for great seating. Villagers and ninja tend to wander towards this area for relaxation or training. Filled with an abundance of fish, here also tends to be a great spot for those interested in the fine sport of fishing.


South - (S) [Clear Path]

If Souta and Surumu really wanted him to train then that is exactly what Kiyoshi would do. However, he refused to do so in there prescence after they kept making sly remarks about badly he screwed up his last delivery mission. He merely had to wait until his elder brothers were asleep before sneaking out of the house with little more than the clothes on his back, a canteen, a lantern, and some type of cleaver bound in bandages and strapped to his back. By the time he reached the Kirigakure's infamous Mist Lake — a name it certianly deserved barring this occasion — it is midnight. Even without the mist visibility is still a little low. Thankfully, a full moon in the sky provided more than enough light to move about with little need to worry about missing anything important.
As soon as he felt that the coast was clear Kiyoshi discarded the carry on in the sands as he stepped closer to the lake.

The lake had become - but for none too long before - a diversion from the reality of mundane existence, bearing against - day to day and week to week - a triviality of repetition. Thus is why Hibiki does not frequent the lake: it is a rarity — a ruby in an ocean. His approach is casual, therefore, not expecting - as like Kiyoshi - the presence of many, especially at this hour and in this weather. But here Hibiki steps from the vegetation to the foot of the lake, a small pack worn over his coat, but normal the rest. A firm inhalation escorts his arrival, and it is then, in the moonlight, that Hibiki notices Kiyoshi. The youth offers a smile, turning his head back to the lake and its endless comforts.

Standing there knowing the air at Mist Lake must taste refreshing was almost too much for the little eight year olds heart. A trembling hand rose of its own accord, intent solely on remove the gas mask upon his face. Just as he chin portion was begining to peel away the sound of approaching footsteps gave him pause.
Was his mind playing tricks on him?
The question is answered in moments by the sound growing louder. Kiyoshi's first instinct at this point is to pull his fingers free and to make sure his hoodie is up before turning to face the danger. As things turned out it was actually someone familiar. Though a name he just couldn't place for the youth just a few mters away. "Isn't it a little bit past your bed time?", He asked dryly as his arms are folded across his chest.

Hibiki's eyebrows vividly rise at the rhetorical inquisition, though his neck stays sober: stalwart and lake-ward. His response comes with his posture the same as before: still.
"I was not aware that I was required to sleep at anyone's behest but my own. Hibiki believes you also look rather young, as well."
The youth's words are matter-of-fact, simple and stapled together.
"So you too, it should be, should be in bed. Don't you think?"
Hibiki slings the pack from around his shoulders into the earth, arising a soft thump. He throws a glance at Kiyoshi, his eyes nearly gone in the moonlight, and squats before the lake-front, reaching a scooped hand into the water and bringing it to his mouth. Again, and again, until a satisfation rushes from his teeth, and the boy wipes his lips with the back of his hand.

Beyond gritting his teeth behind his mask Kiyoshi remain silent in response. Instinctively, the green-haired lad tracks Hibiki's movement to the lake. After an extended and perhaps awkward moment of silence, Kiyoshi simply shakes his head dismissively before turning his attention to his own supplies. Training was definetly out so long as Hibiki remained at the Lake. So, Kiyoshi took his time seemingly examining his supplies while pondering just how to make this situation work for him. Before even that could be done, he needed to find out even more.
"Why are you ev-mm-*sighs*… Why are you here?", He asks with just a smidgen of less hostility behind his voice.

"I imagine - if I may conjecture - that I am here for the same reason as you. Or you as I. Whichever you may prefer."
Hibiki rises from his hunkered position, dashing whatever fat droplets clung to his hand back into the sloth of the lake. His neck jerks to the left, a spasm of moment; quickly, his posture is returned: solemn and tall.
Or perhaps his length is an outcome of the spray of shadows looming beyond the moonlight.
"Then again, that would require you to know who you were. Or are, if you prefer.

Kiyoshi flinched at the sight of Hibiki's movements; rigid and abrupt, like a puppet. When the elder youth rose, instinct demanded that he retreated outright. Kiyoshi refused. It was illogical to run, plus his pride would not let him. If Hibiki turned out to be some type of waking nightmare then there was only one path that Kiyoshi could follow: The direct one.
"You'd imagine wrong." Kiyoshi stated, rising to his full but unimpressive height casually. "I am who I am. That's it." He replied, then tipped his chin up and asked, "Speaking of which, was that some wierd way of asking my name?"

Hibiki's face lofts itself skyway into a bevy of disconcern.
"Not particularly. I can't say I'm much interested in your name. Hibiki isn't much caring for it either. But-"
The boy's head turns slightly to the side.
"-shouldn't you be more worried that you consider yourself no more than what you are?"
A ponderous pause holds Hibiki's face questioning, but only for a moment — a swift shrug then, and footsteps towards his dropped pack. He unlatches and flips open the lid of the canvas pack, his hand diving into the satchel, rustling along for… well, it could be anything, couldn't it?

Kiyoshi does not respond immediatly. He simply stands there leering (or perhaps only staring?) up at the elder youth until his attention turns to the pack. It is then that his body seems to thaw, for within seconds after Hibiki has turned Kiyoshi's arms has shifted into a position in which the fingers of one could stroke his chin while the palm of the other held its counter-part up just a few inches short of chest level.
"So, It is Hibiki." He stated off-handily without breaking the pose, then added, "Hnn.. no relative data." before letting his hands fall back to the way side. "In answer to your question, Hibiki-san, no. I don't think so. To do otherwise would only lead to future problems." Kiyoshi inclined his head.

Hibiki shrugs, his shoulders as apathetic as his eyebrows.
"If you say."
The youth's hands finally finish wrestling with the inside of the pack, drawing from it an apple, though how dark and suspicious it must seem in but only moonlight. My, how shadows do lie.
Hibiki holds the apple in his palm, cupping it against his stomach.
"If I take a seat here at the lake-front, will you attack when my back is turned and my attention has left you? If so-"
Hibiki grips the apple, dropping his hand - and the fruit it's bearing - to his side.
"-might we handle matters before I sit? I'd rather not have to get back up."

"Pfft! No." Kiyoshi replied, then canted his head to the side as he asked, "Why would I risk a future headache on something so pointless?" A simple question on the surface, but a revealing one at the same time. At least, that is what the Moto hoped. If not, then there were always other measure. One of which was already suggested by Hibiki… though Kiyoshi honestly hoped it would not really come to that.
While he waited for a response (however short that may be) another idea actually creeps into his head. It was however one that required that he held up his hand as soon as he sensed or saw Hibiki begin to answer. "And please, spare me any lies about past experience with bullies. Those are the most pathetic of excuses."

Hibiki offers Kiyoshi the gentlest of smiles - perfunctory; but gentle - before reclining himself upon the shore. He takes a bite of apple, his teeth tearing into the fruit, nips of juice running down the skin. His words come, full as his mouth:
"As you stated earlier, you are you and no one else — I am not concerned, then, with it is you wish to do."
The boy finally swallows his first bite, but swiftly comes another, two round gashes of teeth borne into the red flesh.
"Though, I must admit-" Hibiki begins again over a mouthful of apple, "-I do enjoy hearing lies. They are always quite extravagant and engaging."

An apple? Now where the heck did that come — "Ah, I see." Kiyoshi stated abruptly. Afterwards he would turn his attention to the half-buried blade, the main equipment for his training, before meandering over to its side. Once there all it takes is a few quick but strong tug at its handle to free the weapon from its impromptu sheathe. "Hmm… Is it really lies that you enjoy, or just stories in general?" The words flew from his mouth unimpeded by thoughts devoted to censoring. Knowing this, Kiyoshi grumbled and swung the blade about so that it rested upon his shoulder.

Hibiki chomps through the last bite of apple, tossing the core into the unhurried lapping of the lake.
"They are often one in the same, I'm afraid. No man has mind enough to remember the history of things accurately."
The youth scoots forward on his butt a short distance, dappling his hands in the lips of the lake.
"But - if we are done, and if you don't mind - I'd much at least like to pretend that I am alone. Hence why I am here. Might we cease this banter then?"

"Hnn.." Is all Kiyoshi bothers to respond with by the time Hibiki is finished. He was aggravated, and obvious fact given how he kept tapping the hilt of weapon with the index finger of the same hand keeping it steady; but for now, he kept it in check. "Sure. That sounds great," Kiyoshi emitted sarcastically with a roll of his eyes. Then, before he could change his mind, the green-haired youth began gathering up his discarded supplies awkwardly and turned to walk away. One last lingering glance is spared at Hibiki however before he would leave to circle the Lake; and with luck, there would be no more interruptions.

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