A Desert Trek for a Kidnapped Kid


Arika, Jiro, Sei

Date: August 12, 2015


Arika and Jiro help Sei find a kidnapper!

"A Desert Trek for a Kidnapped Kid"

Land of Wind

The Land of Wind and Water are allies, which means that they can work together! What Sei might not be expecting is that his allies today are Jiro and Arika; a clan head leading two children… Sei would hold most of the details that were written out from the Kage: there was a missing child somewhere. The child had been kidnapped and was most likely in the Land of Wind, thanks to the kidnappers being quite sneaky and all that good stuff. So Jiro and Arika, in addition to helping Sei through the Sandy Wastes, are going to help the Okumo retrieve this child!
Arika glances over at Jiro and hmms… "Why d'you think we're on this mission, Jiro-kun? Do they need help with thieving things?" The ankle-biters were just told to go to the meet-up place and that was that… Suna just loves handing out information, doesn't it! Of course, the administrators might have realized that the more these two seem to know, the more trouble they can cause…

Jiro shrugs, his hands already flopped on top of his head as his blue eyes scan their surroundings. "I dunno. Guess cause we're goo' shinobi?" Okay…that's very possibly not true but it sounds good, right? "Who're we supposed ta meet anyways? They're takin' forevvvvvver." Leave it to Jiro to complain…

COMBAT: Arika focuses 5239 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Jiro focuses 3475 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Sei focuses 6973 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!
RP: Sei transforms into HIVE-MIND.

Missing child in a foreign country. It makes sense to send someone stronger to do a recovery, especially if it was potentially shinobi. Reaching the meeting point, Sei would cooly stare at Arika and Jiro. Kids. Alright. The heat was different for Sei's brood, the spiders having to get use to the sand. Indeed, all of them, Sei and the swarm of spiders were using a mix of tree walking to stay on top of the sand without leaving any trail. Musing for a moment, Sei would finally whistle at them, pulling out a small white pad at the small of his back. Spiders would swarm from his sleeve to settle across the pad. Spiders made dots and the dots formed words, letting him write to them. ~We are searching for a missing child. Potentially shinobi involved with the kidnapping. You are to help me find them. I will do the rest. Where is a good place they would hide?~

Arika blinks a bit when Sei appears, and she peers intently at the Okumo. Kiri-nin sure are strange! At least this one was. "I dunno. They could be anywhere! But if we look around, we might notice the sand got disturbed! Or maybe there's a fort that we could find… I know there are some that're abandoned!" The girl pauses, the asks, "What's yer name?" As if she just thought of that… Because she did just think of such.

Jiro tenses at Sei's arrival, eyes narrowing slightly as he stares at the older shinobi suspiciously. But then they widen and he points a finger at Sei as he says (loudly), "Yer that quie' ninja from tha' mission!" Yes, yes, very informative Jiro. "You used somethin' ta talk ta us then!" Of course at the time Jiro had been mute as well, though his was from shock. Sei probably wishes he still was.

COMBAT: Sei attacks target 1 with AUDITORY-HALLUCINATIONS with a roll of: 30
COMBAT: Sei attacks target 1 with AUDITORY-HALLUCINATIONS with a roll of: 27

Sei looked between them. They've been well informed. Great. A moment's focus as he'd fold the pad up, the spiders leaping away, they would dredge up a rock from the sand as Sei centered his chakra for a moment. The rock was carved by the spiders into a crude looking harp, the silk provided by the spiders to allow the music to start and with it, Sei's voice. That thousands apon thousands of whispers that all wind together to form that normal speaking voice. "We are called Okumo Sei. We-Sei and we-brood are here to track the child. We have not seen anything initially, however the sand quickly masks most tracks. We-Sei requests you lead us to the nearest abandon fort. We will start tracking hiding locations to see if we can recover a trail." Sei would look at Jiro contemplatively. "We were born mute. That is part of why we are silent. We see you have recovered your voice."

Something in Arika's mind clicks when Jiro mentions a mission. The girl blinks a bit and doesn't resist the genjutsu, even though Gyuki absolutely hates her for not doing so. "We c'n do that!" she says, turning in her spot. "Le's go!" she says, leading the way with very little preamble. Impatient one, she is… The young girl pays no mind to the now-webbed rock or the spiders, figuring they probably won't hurt her or anything. "The closest for is like two miles off. We c'n get there quick, I think. The next one that would probably have someone is ten miles away. I dunno if this kidnapper person would go that far, unless the person we're rescuing has been missing for a long time?" Sei would have read in his report on this whole thing that the child hasn't been missing for that long, so it was very unlikely the target was that far.

Jiro looks a bit smug after he recognizes Sei and his hand drops to his side when the harp is formed. Oh yeah…he forgot about that part. Jiro listens to what Sei has to say before he nods, giving the man a toothy grin. "Yea'! It was nothin'," he says dismissively. It hadn't been nothing but he probably likes to pretend it was…"Yeah, le's go." He turns to run after Arika, glancing back to make sure Sei is following and not getting swallowed up by sand or something.

Sei watched the direction they were going, along with Arika's report of how far it went and gave a nod. He didn't have to look at the rock that would get crushed to rubble by the brood so there wasn't a way to track what they had done. With that, Sei would take off. He was easily as fast as they were, maybe faster, although he seemed fine to stay back with them. Ahead of them, spiders would form a loose, wide arc, Sei's brood forming a barrier to catch potential traps before they got to them. Further ahead, at the full speed that they could obtain from the chakra addition, Sei sent more spiders, the scouts seeking the fort mentioned to infiltrate and verify if anyone is there. Sei would only be able to get impressions at best.. information filtered through a few spiders.. but it'd be enough to know if they needed to search otherwise or not.

There was some evidence that someone had been in the fort, but most of the traces were fairly old, if Sei can tell that through the brood. Any scents would be a bit stale, and there would be remains of fire, some bones stripped clean by whoever was hunting… Things of that nature. But the actual life was not present. There were no traps for the brood or the shinobi, at least. It's a bit harder to make traps in the desert with the constant wind blowing sand onto them!
When the team gets to the fort, their eyes would see a bit clearer what the few scouters had reported to the Okumo. Perhaps being closer to everything, though, might allow the group to figure out that there were signs of a struggle near where the fire had been. Some of the footprints were still visible, too. The abandoned fort was not a good block to any wind, so if there were still footprints…

Jiro slows when they arrive at the fort, watching that brood with a wary gaze…just never know what might happen! When they go inside the boy looks around with a small frown, trying to see if he sees anybody. "'s'empty." Yes, a brilliant observation there by the nine year old, round of applause! His hands flop back on top of his red hair as he looks around some more but…well, he's not the best at investigating.

RPCOMBAT: Sei defends against with a SPIDER-EYES…75

Sei walked into the fort calmly. There were signs here of someone being here. A struggle there. Without a word, the brood went to work, tracking everywhere in the fort, webbing slowly coating it, a visible queue to how much they have searched. Sei would glance to the two kids, that harp made in the corner of a wall to allow the easier communication. With the song comes the words. "We-Sei sees a struggle. They were here, but left. We-Sei believes we should move to the next area. Which direction and how far would it be?"

Arika frowns a bit and nods as she looks around. "We gotta head north, then. And a bit to the east. It shouldn't be too long, though. Only ten miles. If we travel quickly, we could catch up to them, maybe?" Possibly. "The next fort after that is way to the north. We'd have to go to a few oases, but I don't know where they all are cuz I haven't been outside Suna much until now." Arika starts moving out of the ruins to lead the way again.

There were signs of a struggle? Where…oh, there it is. Well either that or someone had been standing there. Or siting there. Orrrrr…it was just a pile of sand? He shakes his head but figure he'd best follow the others. "'ow come ya talk so weir'?" He asks Sei as he leaves the fort and follows after Arika. "'ow come ya keep sayin' 'we'."

The spiders would quickly unwrap the silk once it was complete. Nodding lightly to the others, he'd start in the direction that Arika said. "We-Sei speaks as one for many. We-Sei and We-Brood are together. The spiders that you see are in We-Sei's head.. and We-Sei shares We-Brood's minds. It.. is complicated." Sei would glance at Jiro with a shrug. Then the music would die off as the silk was recovered and he'd start forward as before. The sweeping line of brood before them, the scouts further ahead to be able to watch for issues. Sure.. they might be guiding him.. but he wasn't going to let them get jumped if he could help it.

Arika leads the two along the path. Should Sei be able to tell scents through his spiders, he might realize that the scent was getting fresher as they continued along. Around the halfway point between the forts, there was another figure dragging a sack with him. The sack wasn't moving that much, either, though occasionally it would give a kick. Upon moving, though, the contents would get a rude punch…

Jiro just looks mightily confused as Sei tries to explain the whole 'we' thing. "So…yer not really a person? Just a bunch'a bugs?" He asks finally, looking over at Sei suspiciously.

Sei would sigh in silence. A shake of his head given with a click of his tongue. He'd glance to Arika to see if she got it and might explain to Jiro.
Moving in that direction, the brood would pick up the fresher scent. Whoever it was is on the move. Sei's eyes narrowed as the brood line that was ahead of them would vanish, burrowing into that sand to hide it's advance. Once they got close enough to physically see the two, Sei would focus with a frown. It's not as easy to build web when there's nothing around to attach to.. but not imposible. Suddenly massive rocks would get churned up from around them, webbing blocking off the three sides in front of the person with the bag. It wasn't an attack.. not yet. But the barriers were up to force them to face Sei and the two suna-nin.

COMBAT: Sei attacks target 1 with DESTRUCTIVE-SWARM with a roll of: 70
RPCOMBAT: Sei defends against with a WEBBED-BARRIER…58

There's not much of a way out… This guy isn't a Shinobi, so it's pretty amazing that he managed to make it this far! Regardless, he can't escape this time with Sei's brood swarmed around him! The man flails a bit (mentally) and narrows his eyes, wondering …
Arika comes up to see Sei's spiders move and trap the man. Good! They had him. "You should hand over the person you kidnapped!" Arika says, pointing a finger at the man. "It's not nice to steal people!" People. Because she and Jiro steal things all the time. But they were just stealing things, not people!

Jiro watches in the direction of the man now that the webs and all that are up and he narrows his eyes a bit. He starts to run towards the man just to make sure he doesn't away or anything…"Let 'im go!" He shouts at the evil person, punching his fist into his hand in a threatening manner. Scary…

Arika and Jiro provided plenty of voice. The massive boulders were thick with webbing, the work done by the spiders to leverage them out as well as craft the barrier. Sei stood at the entrance, staring at the man. From around them erupting from a thousand spiders all at once was that cascading din of the spiders all hissing at the man. Sei's form of intimidation it seems. If the man wouldn't budge on dropping the person, Sei would move. He's already setting up the brood under the sand the man stands on. It's about time for the man to see what it's like to be in a bag, it looks like.. Sei was ready. It'd only take a twitch of hostile intent for the trap to close in on the man.

RP: Arika rolled a 100 with 1d100 die.

Okay, while two kids may not be all that convincing, two kids and an army of spiders is something that a majority of people will wilt to. With the two kids voicing their demands and the Okumo backing up that threat…. Well, the bag is handed off to no one. Just laid down in the sand while the man backs away slowly with his hands raised. He's so scared he can't even speak! Haha!

Arika watches the man until he's a good five feet away from the bag before she darts in and opens the bag to find a young girl in the bag. The girl was beat up pretty bad with blood covering her clothes and a lot of discolorations on her skin. "You okay? We'll get you back to Suna!" Arika tells the girl who looks pretty close to passing out.

No, it has nothing to do with the spiders and such, it's all about Jiro! Totes why the man got scared! The boy puts his hands on his hips as he waits for him to back away, then he's right there with her next to the bag. His cloth comes free and whips out to try and wrap around the man's leg, "We ain't done with ya yet."

COMBAT: Jiro attacks target 1 with LIMB-ENSNARING-CLOTH-RAZORS with a roll of: 39
COMBAT: Sei attacks target 1 with DIRTY-WEB with a roll of: 83

Sei watched impassively as the man would set the bag down and back away. While Jiro's cloth would seek out the man, the brood would decend in perfect harmony from all directions at once. There was plenty of biting, the poison flooding the man, as the brood would coccoon him up tight to be held suspended above. Jiro would find his clothing was easily accomidated to be pulled free if he desired but the coccoon would be suspended between the rocks to bake in the sun. Sei was going to leave the man there to suffer the poison and die. He'd look at the kids and the girl, motion her way with a whistle and start heading back to Sunagakure. That was the closest location to get her medical help, afterall.

The man can't really avoid the attacks. He just sort of … stares at Jiro, then tries to scramble back, thought the cloth catches him, and Sei's brood takes care of the rest. Arika gives a satisfied nod, then struggles a bit with the girl they rescued. She's not that strong! The girl is probably passed to Jiro or Sei. "Suna's two miles. We should get there soon. I think we gotta be speedy, though. She doesn't look good," Arika reports to the Okumo, high-fiving Jiro when she can.

Jiro highfives Arika back before he reaches over to take the girl, having Arika help put her on his back so he can carry her. He might not be all that strong either, but a piggy back ride is easier. Then he starts back towards Suna…

Sei turned his back on the stones. The webbing was left behind, rare for Sei. But for this instant, deserving. Eventually the wind would tear away at the webs, rendering just the standing stones left behind. It was enough. The man would die a very slow, agonizing death from the poison that Sei had flooded his system with. Sei would move with the others, the spiders in front once more to stop any potential attack, while he'd run behind them for Suna. He'd have to recover from the heat himself, let the girl rest, then could return to Kirigakure.

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