Third Promotion Exams - A Draining Experience for two Kunoichi! Sakuryu vs. Chitose


Chitose, Sakuryu, Hashiramako, Aishio, Katsurou, Daisuke

Date: September 11, 2013


A tense and harsh battle between Chitose and Sakuryu during the Chuunin Exams.

"Third Promotion Exams - A Draining Experience for two Kunoichi! Sakuryu vs. Chitose"

Konohagakure battle arena

Another match in the finals tournament and the crowds have gathered to witness not only what the contestants may do but what interesting twist the leaders of Konohagakure have planned this time. The crowd hushes as the Hokage steps up to make an announcement prior to the match:

"Greetings! This match is between Shirayuki Sakuryu and Yamauchi Chitose! Let's welcome them with a big cheer!" A small pause is given while the competitors are shown in from either side and the crowds cheer for the two on the arena floor.

"This match, like all the others, will have a small additional complication that requires the combatants to think on their feet." Those who may have been watching may have already noticed a complex seal laid out across the floor of the arena. The Hokage goes on to explain, "While the fight rages on, each of the contestants will slowly be drained of their chakra! This will require that they think strategically about when to attack, when to hold back and how best to cope with limited chakra! This seal effect is brought to us courtesy of the Uzumaki Clan!" A cheer goes up from part of the stands where most Uzumaki are seated. Two Uzumaki actually leap to the arena floor and at the same time touch corners of the seal, making it flare for a moment before vanishing completely, but the effect is instant as the combatants can already feel a drain on their chakra as it bleeds away bit by bit.

Watching as the cheer goes up and she enters the arena, Chitose squints as the little additional complication is announced and Chitose seems highly unconcerned. She rolls a shoulder and then nods her head, "Well then, seems as if ninjutsu is out." She states as she looks at her opponent, "In that case, good luck to you." She then races forward suddenly, not even giving this match much time to be hesitant or for there to be thought. Her initial attack as her right leg kicking right for the side of Sakuryu's knees, spinning Chitose around and as she spins, her arm comes around. Normally, a bunch wouldn't be possible with her back toward her opponent but Chitose's arm appears to be perhaps double jointed. Her left arm bending backwards and at an odd angle, her elbow even bending backwards as she sends that odd reverse punch up toward Sakuryu's gut, "I will end this quickly."

Sakuryu smiles as she enters the arena, bowing her head with a little wave to the arena. She is currently wearing her Pirate outfit, her bandana holding back her long flowing white hair. "I am happy for this opportunity to participate in these chuunin exams and hope that win or lose that we put on a good show and prove out skill to all those watching." She smiles and moves to the middle of the arena for a peaceful start to the match.

Sakuryu frowns as she sees the attack coming towards her. "That's quite rude…" She frowns before her eyes flicker, a harsh blast of air encircling her in a wide radius, her hair turning a deeper sheen of white, her eyes taking on the color of crystal blue and her very presence chilling the world around her including the ground she walks upon. "It's not nice to pounce on people." she frowns and knocks Chitose away with the blast of air around her before dashing from the second. From her new vantage point she settles and focuses herself, knowing to conserve herself with these circumstances while forming a few hand seals to quickly bring in a heavy mist

From Stands,
"WOO!" Aishio was excited, for all the snacks she got. Who the heck was Sakuryu anyway? All Aishio knew was that she should cheer for her This would be a first for the student, observing a Chuunin Exam match. Though everyone else started to get loud so she decided to join in, "YEAH GO SAKURA!" Close enough, if Sakuryu could even here the seven year old. Completely unaware of her blunder Aishio went back to stuffing her face and staring on wide eyed.

From Stands,
Katsurou hobbles in the arena's seating area with a single crutch under his right arm. Although he was not harmed much physically from his fight with Amani, he was pretty drained by the end of it. Doctor's orders were to take it lightly for the next week and to use the crutch as needed to aid his weakened joints.
Hearing that his cousin's match was taking place today, Katsurou decided to come watch and show his support for Sakuryu. It seems as if they had began already so he simply took a seat two seats down from Aishio and watched with interest. A slight smirk forms as he watches Sakuryu conjure up the mist that will make it hard for Chitose to work around.

Watching as the cold air flows up around her opponent and then mist begin to form, she hmms and nods her head, "I see." She states and then smirks even as she looks to the side at the seal. She then seems to focus for a moment, her own chakra flowing up around her form as she focues on her opponent, "This shall be very interested." Then her opponent is gone. She can't seem to find her in the mists and she nods, "I see…or in this case I don't." She then shrugs and grins, "We shall see how long this lasts." She prepares to defend against incoming attacks for now.

Sakuryu smiles as she sees her opponent fade into the mist and focus herself. "Wise…" She says before flitting from her spot, using her wind chakra on her feet to silently and quickly get behind Chitose. She would carefully release her Kusari-Gama from behind her back. Grinning softly she grabs her scythe end, swinging it quickly above her head as she focuses in on Chitose, using her energy to extend the ice blade to that of a scythe aiming it to take out a chunk of Chitose's neck. She sneaks back more before letting forth a rain of ice needles fly at her vital spots.

Even as the scythe comes in, Chitose's body would almost look like it is leaking chakra over it. As the scythe comes in, she'll be attacking a much different opponent. Chakra has fully covered Chitose's body, her eyes solid white and larger, animalistic. Her head has a pair of forward pointing horns, her mouth hidden in a wavering form of solid, opaque dark purple chakra. Her arms lengthened and ending in two massive mits and eight tails of the same energy flourish and move around her legs and lower back like a set of octopus tentacles. She ducks the Scythe and then races forward even as Sakuryu firees off her ice needles. Chitose simply rolls to the side and as she spins her arms extend out like a pair of massive whips. The first one whipping across with a almost literal cracking sound while the other extends straight out to aim for Sakuryu's face and whip back just as suddenly. Not a word spoken. The otherwise humanoid form's arms returning to normal and standing straight up and down as if she were not ome beast or creature now.

From Stands,
Hashiramako watches this match with interest. It doesn't have the pressures on her that one between two Konoha ninja had. She still is taking some moments to be aware of the happenings in the arena, and she still is very much concerned for the well being of these two young shinobi, but the political pressure on her now is to be a good hostess for both the competitors and the attendees. Without the weight of being either of the fighter's kage, she's able to enjoy their fight, and appreciate the expertise they have on display.

Sakuryu forms the handsigns quickly and soon forms into a series of clones the arms striking a clone and herself making her wince in pain. "Now that hurt…" She sighs and closes her eyes focusing her energy up into herself more as she hides out. "This is a taxing fight…" She says with a slight tilt of her head, looking at the seal on the ground with a grimace.

The form of the girl now hidden in Chakra watches as the punch connects and merely moves to the side, as if stalking or perhaps studying her opponent. The creature looks off to the side and seems to nod at something even as the tails flick and flare this way and that. It's almost oddd that this animalistic creature moves more like the girl, as if her mind were still completely her own, "You should give up." The voice comes out in dual tones, one the girl's the other some deep powerful beastial voice that seems to echo in, "You will not win." Her own energy being focuses, almost calculatingly so.

Sakuryu watches her with a little chuckle "I shall never relent, I know that you are powerful but I believe my tactics can help me." She smiles a bit more before forming the handseals to pull her chakra through the needles scattered below Chitose and form them into her signature Ice Lotus Blossoms trying to capture her with a grin before sliding back to throw out her deadly Kusari gama at scythe length once more to slice at her from the mist covered shadows
From Stands,
Daisuke frowns as he watches the fight from his seat, making pointers to touch on later if he gets a chance before she leaves. Still, nothing fancy or mind-boggling had happened and everyone seemed ok for now. He sits back in his chair as he tries to see everything that goes on, though the previous mist move didn't help things much.

The movement of Chitose is nearly imperceptibly quick. She simply steps forward and to the right, the forward movement almost like a blur of movement and then she simply rolls in and sends a simple kick toward Sakuryu's face following it with another punch and then finally she ends up throwing what looks like a sideways gut punch but her arm bends at the middle of her upper arm at the last moment and then her elbow bends backwards to turn it into a backhand that frankly should not be possible without breaking bones and yet it seems so natural a movement for the cloaked girl.

Sakuryu sees the strange attacks and quickly forms simple clones, scattering about the real Sakuryu being missed by the first technique the second gets hit, and on the approach of the strangely contorted attack she quickly splits again, running in different directions with the clone being struck, crumbling to a pile of ice. "This seal is a nuisance…" She sighs and holds her chest a little soon rebuffing herself with a renewed focus, the tug of the chakra coversion starting to be felt deep in her body. "If I can hold out longer…" She sighs and tries to calm herself while watching her from the mist.

A shake of her head and Chitose watches Sakuryu carefully as she stands there, the form she holds is costly but it makes her very much able to hold her own against this enemy she faces, she hmms even as she seems to think on things in her mind. She notes how her opponent keeps pausing and so she uses it to her advantage. She rushes in for a trio of attacks and each one seems to come from odd angles. Her arm coming forward for a normal punch but th en seeming to curve around to the side and then being used as a backhand before the other arm seems to become a hook despite looking like the girl was simply going to miss a punch to the right of Sakuryu's head. She then sends in a punch that very suddenly veers upward only to leave an elbow to go for Sakuryu's chin.

Sakuryu curses under her breath and quickly dodges off the ball of her foot though the first strike hits her hard she quickly uses her clones to block again, the strike making the body collapse before she sends out a burst of wind to block the second attack. "Perserverence is the key to this match, not brute force.." She says with a calm voice keeping herself focused yet in her true form, letting her abilities guide her as she sits to meditate, gathering her energy in once more with a wince at the draining effect it has on her

From Stands,
The Hokage leans forward in her chair, noting the nuances of the two fighters as they're becoming more fatigued. As their violent dance continues, she gives nods of approval here and there, especially as blows land. Her reaction is more muted than the roars of the crowd, but it's there. Still, she catches the eye of the team of medic nin on standby. There's the very real possibility that these kunoichi could push their limits, and she wants to be ready to move quickly if one of them becomes seriously wounded.
"Oh?" The girl asks and Chitose rushes forward suddenly and uses this as an opportunity. Both of her arms shoot out to the side at that full ten foot length and come together right toward each of Sakuryu's sides and tehn whip away with another heavy crack attempting to heavily damage her opponent and end her perserverence here and now, "This contest is over!" She calls out and then shakes her head, "You wasted too much time!"

Sakuryu hears her opponent rush at her. "Nope…" She breathes out and quickly forms into a set of Saku's the struck one turning to yet another pile of ice. As the second attack comes Saku moves off her spot, the winds whipping around her harshly to knock those arms away yet again. "I just have to keep focus, and strike when the time is right…" She takes in a another breath to focus in her energy again.

A grin and then Chitose shakes her head as she watches her opponent, "That's the trick." She nods her head, "It's already over." She nods and then comes forward suddenly and doesn't even bother with fancy moves, just sending another trio of of her tricky attacks. Her arm bending at an odd angle with each attack, a straight jab that suddenly turns down to aim at the jaw instead of the eye. A cross that goes for the chin but then suddenly turns down and goes for the gut. Then finally a hook toward the ribs that suddenly turns down to go for the kidney; and even as she finishes her attack, the cloak of chakra fades from around her and she is simply grinning and shaking her head, "It is over."

From Stands,
Aishio forgot about her food, in fact one of her friends from Kirigakure was sneaking it away from her as she watched on. "Jeez even Genin can be this good? Uuuugh." The Hozuki starts to tug on her hat's ears out of frustration. "That's what he means!" Aishio gets up from her seat, forgetting all the junk she had on her lap and it just all spills over. "Oh… whoops." Not her money, not her stadium, besides she had somewhere to be-ish. So Aishio takes off from the stands in a hurry.

Sakuryu uses the winds around her to deflect and dodge the attacks before tumbling back hard with a panting breath. She allows her energy to fade down before she looks up at her, clenching her fists tightly as she watches her. "I can last a bit longer if you want to continue your efforts." She grins a little bit before flicking her arms our to try and shake off the clenching bind in her chest from the lack of energy in her body.

A shake of her head and Chitose states very simply, "An opponent will not accept that as surrender…nor will your opponents show mercy." She then steps forward suddenly and sends a trio of attacks Sakuryu's way, very simple and straight forward they are. A roundhouse at her side followed by a front snap kick and then a simple jab, "This is a test to see if you are ready to face true danger. True danger does not care how long you can last."

Sakuryu nods a little bit. "I know how things work." She says before clenching her hands tight, dodging back and forth sluggishly, feeling the strikes burn and bruise her she looks over at Chitose before standing shakily. "Relenting is a truth of battle, I shall face my wounds with glory but I will not admit defeat. Though I will retreat from this battle so that I will not take up the services from the medical ninja in too high a circumstance." She sighs and clenches up before looking to the proctor. "I think this match is over." She bows her head before smiling at the Stands givign a bow. She could feel the harsh burn and those with keen eyes would see a muscle tremble as she fights to keep on her feet, though she would still smile and look to the proctor. "To our own corners?"
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From Stands,
Hashiramako is on the arena floor in a blink of an eye, standing between the kunoichi. "It's been an honor to preside over such a spectacular competition, but the match is over!" she announces, "Yamauchi Chitose is declared the winner!" She's barely had a chance to finish before medic nin enter the arena as well, hurrying towards Sakuryu. The crowd cheers wildly, not only for the victor, but for both of the shinobi who fought so hard.

Staring at her opponent, Chitose shakes her head, "Admitting defeat is not a bad thing. Sometimes admitting defeat and surrender can save your life." Chitose seems to look right past the Hokage, seeming to not care that she is there, "You have not failed when you admit defeat. You have successfully found a way that will not grant you victory. Find enough of those and you will narrow down the path to success, even if it is not initially clear." Chitose nods and then bows to Hashiramako at that point before turning to bow to the audience, "THis match was not in your favor. One day we will perhaps fight again, Sakuryu. On a field that will fit your style better." She nods again before preparing to leave. No med-nin will come her way. Chitose, it seems, is just tired.

Sakuryu smiles. "Yes perhaps. I'm going to get cleaned up and get checked out." She chuckles a bit before smiling at the Medic Nin. "No trouble here…" She smiles though after she's out of sight, which takes a bit of heavy walking she leans against the wall and hails a Medic to take her to her already reserved room, expecting herself to become exhausted due to events earlier in the week.

Hashiramako is quiet for a moment, taking the time to look at each of the kunoichi. Her expression is one of recognition of their abilities, and of respect. Then, looking back up to the crowd, she announces, "This was the final fight of the Third Round of the chuunin exams. All are welcome to remain in the hospitality of Konohagakure as elders and Kage from the Hidden Villages deliberate the performances of these fine young genin who participated in the exams, many of whom will be seeing their efforts rewarded with promotion to the rank of Chuunin!"

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