A failed delivery mission


Naru, Kitaru

Date: June 1, 2012


Kitaru was sent to deliver a sealed messanger bag. Naru was sent to capture the bag. The resulting combat had no blood and in the end Kitaru failed his delivery.

"A failed delivery mission"

Fuuma Alley - Outside major gambling den

Kit was a fair distance from home. However in the end, that didn't seem to matter much to him. He whistled as he walked, the sound slightly thin as it'd dissapate within the wooded area about him. As like seemed always, he was juggling several of those spheres, having them dance in the air back and forth between his hands. At his waist was a messanger back, sealed over with a special seal to burn the contents unless delivered to the right person. It looks like he was on a mission, but from the almost relaxed atmosphere about him, it'd be hard to tell for sure.

Naru perfered not to "relax" In the Fuuma Alley, so naturally she was here on business. She was literally waiting ontop of a building for someone to deliver some kind of package, no idea what the contents might be but the mission was very straight forward and simple. Stop the package from being delivered at X location… With that she sighed and nodded to herself, carefully looking forward and scanning the area, she kept herself out of sight, hopefully to find someone out of the ordinary slip into the building or set out a package somewhere…

Lucky Kit eh? While it wasn't exactly a package as per a box or anything, that bag at his hip was definitely sealed for security reasons. He moved along with the crowd within Fuuma, or at least sort of moved within the crowd. Because of something about Kitaru, people of Fuuma Alley sort of moved a certain distance away from him and kept at that distance. Maybe because of the Kiri symbol, maybe just because of the fact he was juggling. Either way, he slowed as he approached his destination. The spheres was reduced to just two dancing over one hand as he'd scan the surroundings. If anyone was to stop this message, it looked like this would be the perfect place for an ambush.

Of course it wasn't like Naru needed to actually scout out whom might be going against her today, she noticed a familiar figure moving forth, sphere's bouncing along him she could feel a hint of irritation building up within her… " I didn't think i would see him again…" Naru whispers quietly to herself before launching herself forward from the building nad landing on the ground literally right infront of him. A torrent of chakra began to circulate through her veins while watching him almost with a smirk. " Do you remember me?" Naru asks, almost casually though it was obvious she was a little threatening…She wasn't going to let him get away…. " You wasn't wearing a bag like that last time, what are you going to be doing with that…?"

Kit would stop short at the sudden appearance of Naru. A silent curse given as he did indeed recognize her, he'd play it cool however. A warm smile given as he'd sweep into that bow before her once again, those spheres dancing higher as he did so. Ah, the distraction of items going up, him bowing down, gave him that potential opening to get the hook started and deal with her quickly. "Hai. Assassin-san. You are a long point from the mists to here though.. I so am hoping that you are not here to try and stop me from delivering this bag though. Hmm?" He'd straighten up, the two spheres that went up were caught smartly as two more were added into the mix.

"You better believe that I am…" Naru spoke softly, her eyes were a soft pumpkin hue'd while smirking at him defiantly. She didn't seem to have any notice of his genjutsu link, after all she thought herself to be pretty alert this time. She too would utilize the same but weaker link, hopefully to have the same results. " I need you to drop that bag or risk losing your life over it," Naru quickly demands, keeping a foot planted she was very determined to exact her will upon him… She wasn't going to be nice, especially out here.

"I'm afraid I can't do that." The spheres that Kit was juggling seemed to double as two of them would fly out from his pattern to embed into the walls. Those spheres had the mirrors within that would capture Naru within them completely, once again that perfect image of her was shown, then would warp to have her reach out from within the spheres on both sides to latch on to Naru. They pinned her down, fighting her every motion. Even as those images attacked, one of the spheres within the dance that Kit had going would suddenly flash, a blinding light forcing a look away from the juggler, giving him a chance to get out of immediate view.

The Mirrors this time didnt seem to have any effect of Naru, however he did managed to slip away from her in a bright flash of light, causing Naru to quickly lose sight of him. " What the…" She muttered quietly under her breath, keeping her eyes peeled on anything unusual, she knew she needed to do something…She was under his genjutsu infulence… The only thing she could attempt to do at this point was break that link, and hopefully she would get through it. With a kunai she begins to press the blade along the flesh on her arm, hopefully to free herself from this powerful genjutsu.. It seemed like she definitely had a rival.

Kitaru would watch Naru try that break from where he laid on a roof top. Eyes narrowed, he'd focus himself to maintain that link even through her pain. Standing up, he'd give that motion to the spheres, once again causing those two images to reach out for Naru. "Sorry assassin-san. I am not going to make it possible for you to hit me." One of the spheres was spun up onto a finger tip, it would flash once again, catching her with that light as he'd go into hiding. Stick and move seemed to be the motto for this fight by Kit.

This time… Naru was ready, she peered intently, kept her eyes open and focused herself, genjutsu wasn't at all her weakness but she did have some problems defending against her own techniques. "See through it…" Naru spoke to herself, she wasn't able to stop the first attack which weighed in on her considerably, but the dimmed and became weak, she saw right through the technique and rolled off to the side, the battle seemed to be just a game of watching and waiting to see what was to happen next…and she was going to wipe him clean. " Two can play at this game…" Naru taunted and soon enough a whirl wind of blades begin to circulate around him, slashing and stabbing into his form while she herself began to fade out of existence…

Kit cursed as he realized that link was created. He'd try to focus himself to defend against those blades, unfortunately not quite getting them stopped short. By the time he got them stopped, she was gone. He'd curse to himself again, forming a seal with one hand while the other juggled those spheres to try and break that link she had on him. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to work as she didn't appear. With a sigh, he'd pluck one of the spheres and throw it upward, that sphere gathering the light as it sailed up to flash outward, coating the area in that light that let Kit hide. Of course, if she was going to hide, he'd aim for that goal so while hopefully hidden, he made for the goal once again.

Kitaru managed to slip out of view once again, especially with his flashing technique that she wasn't able to look passed this time. It was irritating, so now was the time to step things up, she still had quite a bit of chakra flowing through her views, but her main problem was she wasn't able to see him. " I'm not going to let you get away so easily…" Naru spoke out to him, suddenly her sharingan began to activated, twin swirls burning into her pumpkin eyes while quickly looking around for any signature of chakra, she was going to track him down swiftly…and take him down for good… She went for the link first, attempting to stab her arm one more time, gushing blood but not very vital.

Kitaru watched her come into view as she tried to break that link again. He shook his head slightly, it would take a bit more than that to get him out of her head. Once again, he'd appear off to the side in a flourish, the spheres that danced before him didn't even have him juggling them as they danced around while he'd motion with both hands towards the two mirrors to focus their grappling reach on her again. "So, assassin-san, before I finish my mission and leave, can I at least have a name for my would be assailant this time?" He'd grin, hands would return to those spheres as he once more used that sphere to cause the blinding flash. He'd go into hiding again as he watched her. This was starting to get frustrating.

"Just call me Assassin-san…" Naru spoke softly, though rather than hiding out of view her eyes looked directly at him, red devil glowing eyes watching him intently while her genjutsu once again began to take shape. " You aren't going anywhere… Not with that bag at least…I can see the chakra flowing through it…But i will make sure it gets to someone that can get it open…" Naru states, once again blades of spectral black chakra began to come up from the ground, whirling like a tornado, painful blades would stab and cut into his flesh, blood spilling out all of the ground if he didn't withstand the jutsu. " Hand it over and call it quits…"

Kit would drop to a knee, panting heavily as the blades shreaded his body. On one level, Kitaru knew that they weren't real. However he was having no luck at all at resisting that attack. Indeed, after those sinister eyes showed up, there wasn't much he seemed to be able to do at all. One hand on the ground, panting heavily, he'd slowly take off that bag, holding it out to the side to drop it. "Hai assassin-san. Not that it seems I can stop you.. this time." His head would come up then, sky blues flashing fiercely. "Next time, I will have you."

Naru looked over Kitaru for the moment, she stepped forward and picked up the the bag, not daring to open it for what might happen to it. " Maybe there will be a day when shinobi aren't pitted against shinobi…" Naru spoke softly, she released her genjutsu link of Kitaru, he would find that his pain would begin to subside into mere sores… His genjutsu was definitely interesting, something she would remember for the rest of her life. " Unfortunately that day won't come any time soon…. But until then maybe we can look out for eachother… even in the eyes of an enemy," She reaches a hand out for him, though her eyes still activated to remain vigilante, mostly to help him to his feet. " I will take you to an inn…. Its not very often you can have a pure genjutsu fight…"

… Kitaru just had that moment where he watched her. She was right of course.. However in the end, until he got stronger this would be the result. Reaching out, he'd grab her hand to pull himself to his feet, releasing that link that he had on her just like she did him. As his whole style right now was purely a drain to make them tired, there was no easy recovery from that other than rest. "Hai. It won't come soon, but we can watch out for each other. I personally rather not fight, if I can help it." The spheres were all back in their holders across his chest, it seems the second half of that fight had purely been illusionary mirrors he was using. With her help, he'd head for that inn. Of course failing the mission meant he might be killed anyways, but he would deal with the Kiri village when he got there.

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