A failed hunt



Date: May 26, 2012


None given.

"A failed hunt"

Unknown location

*poke* *poke*
"Hey.. are you dead?"

The hunter after his last failed hunt would groggily blink open his eyes
enough to look at the swarm of kids around him. He'd tense for but a
moment, that horrid flash back to the horde that hammered him down while
he was fleeing. Heero sitting on the edge of a roof across from the place
he curled up at helped him relax. The falcon just stared at Soge with a
look of, 'I told you so.'. Sogekihei failed to finish the target. He
stirred, sitting up, only to wince and almost pass out again. His movement
had the group of kids back off, except for that leader with the stick.

*poke* *poke*

Soge almost glared at the kid for poking him, but didn't really feel like
it. After a moment, his voice would croak out, "Whaddayawant kid?"

"Mom said to get off our porch."

The hunter sighed. Heero would snicker at Soge as he'd get up, dragging
his bow with him to slowly unstring it and use it as a crutch. He would
glare at the kids as they'd start dancing around him, sing-songing "Gotta
get off the poorch. Gotta get off the poorch." Soge just shook his head
and hobbled along. A quick check of his person showed the main money pouch
he had was gone, however the one stored in his quiver was still there.
Using that, he'd find a place for some food, then check into one of those
inns. Opening the window long enough to let Heero in, he locked out the
world for a while so that he could sleep.

Next time.. next time he would have to be faster. He would have to hit
harder and he would have to work better on his abilities. He got lucky.
There is a next time..

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