The Coalition Cleansing - A Few Threats Short of a Parley


Chitose, Itami

Date: April 30, 2014


The main recruiters for the efforts of the pirates have finally been tracked down. With the intent of issuing a warning, but more so threats, the shinobi ensure their message is heard. Not without a price, however. A battle of worth takes place for potential recruits to show their stuff and join the ranks of the pirates.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Coalition Cleansing - A Few Threats Short of a Parley"

Shiroku Hills

After the attack against her life that took place here, Itami was wary about returning so soon, even if Keiji and Ayumu managed to do

the culprit in. She'd since recovered well enough that she could say she's active once more and intended to pick up from where she left off.
The Shiroku Hills were beautiful. Not quite Land of Fire and not quite Land of Wind which made them the perfect place for pirate

activities to take place. The area was rolling hills all over with paved walkways and roads leading to the various districts this land had to

One of them happened to be the leisure district where a pub was open up for business. It stayed open due to its popularity and the

quality of drafts and wines offered there. But, it's also where recruitment has been reported and needed to be put to an end. No one just pulls

from Suna's ranks and gets away with it. So, along with Chitose's help, the two make their way to the pub to silence this problematic threat of

pirates. Their lure was especially appealing to Land of Wind citizens who find themselves feeling deprived and without often.

Looking at the pub as they approach, Chitose looks over at Itami a moment before looing forward, "You seem hesitant." She nods her head

as she watches the area before her, "Either way, what do we know about them?" She looks at Itami, "Are any of them actually talented or will

this be a short visit?" She hmms and then looks forward at the pub, "And more importantly, are we going as of Suna or just as weary travelers?"

She hmms and glances at the Council Member, tilting her head before she looks forward.

Itami winced softly at her issue being picked up on, but the expression left quickly enough. "We know that they're part of a larger

network of pirates. They're well organized, surprisingly. I don't know if all the top dogs are linked together, but from what I've been able to

gather from others seeking intel around here is that they have a hierarchy of sorts. There are the grunts at the bottom, of course followed by

more skilled individuals and to top them off is the first mate and captain. I believe these can either be individualized ships or organized

fleets. That has yet to be determined…"
As they stopped short of the pub, she spoke up to Chitose once more. "I don't know their level of skill yet, which is troublesome to

say the least. We're coming here as Suna to try and prevent others of our rank for falling for this trap. If this means issuing a warrant to

them, then so be it. I am acting in a diplomatic fashion first as a Council Member. I actually don't intend for my word to be heeded, but it's a

warning for them to take notice of. If I have to act, it won't be pleasant…"
With that said, she enters the pub and takes a look at the crowd here. They seemed surprisingly normal with the exception of a couple

of individuals that were sitting to themselves in a corner with mugs of beer. That and…were they speaking to two shinobi? What luck, catching

them in the act.

A look at Itami and she nods, "I see, well, when diplomacy fails, I'll be ready for the more hostile forms of diplomacy." She nosdher

head and then looks forward as they come in. She peers at the crowd and then two the recruiters and nods her head, "Ready to go?" She looks at

Itami before shrugging and following with, "Lead the way." She gestures, "Let us be diplomatic."

"That's all I could ever ask for," Itami states with a smile as she moves over to the recruitment table. She placed her hands on the

shoulders of the Suna recruits and turned them around. Their expressions ranged from fear to resolve. "I think you both ought to report back to

your posts," she offered to them. One sneered and huffed. "We don't bear any allegiance to Suna now that we've deserted. We'll get much more if

we join the pirates than sitting around eating dust all day for worthless work," he remarked. The other wasn't so certain he agreed with his

fellow's statements, but he tried to maintain himself in the face of what was happening.
"Ah, so you've deserted. Well, I could grant you a pardon, but it doesn't look like you'll need one. I think I'll just hand you over to

my friend here and we can settle this away from this pub," she says as she shoves the man towards Chitose.
The partner looked on at what was taking place and felt the tension weigh on him. He didn't like what was happening and wasn't fond of

Suna, but it isn't like he wanted to die trying to be a pirate either… "I'm not going back," he opened his mouth to speak. "Then you'll join

the other," she shoved him away towards Chitose. Now that she had full view of the table she approached and placed her hands upon it, leaning

"As a Council Member, I don't appreciate what you're doing to my village. Tearing people away for your cause. It's terrible." The

pirates looked smug as one of them answered. "We didn't have anything to do with it. All we offered was a life that was better and people came

on their own. Besides, from the way those two were reacting, I don't think your village is all its cracked up to be," he replied. His friend

chuckled in response.

A blink at Itami as she uses Chitose as an executioner, so to speak, she peers at Itami, "I lose it in one village filled with accords

who descrate the dead and suddenly I'm the bad cop." SHe then spits to the side, causing acid to hit the table and eat right through it…then

through the floor beneath it. She sighs, "Act like I'm some sort of monster." She then looks back over at the two deserters, "Though, I do

believe those that betray their village are scum." She nods her and then whips a leg out under the knees of the first one before bringin her arm

out and forward at an angle that would be nothing short of impossible as she slams her fist dead on in to his back, possibly cracking to ribs

even as her other hand comes around in a pincer like manuver to try to cave in that lung. She then looks the second, "You wanna take him back to

Sunagakure for medical attention or dig two graves outside this village and curl up inside them?"

"I destroyed an entire village because I thought it was filth and didn't deserve to be within the range of Sunagakure. I got away with

destroying the evils, but not without the cost of many innocents still being trapped in that struggle. I have experienced being a bad cop and

you're the least of them," she states to Chitose admittedly, but her eyes were sitll on the pirates. "If you want to try the village, feel free,

but you will face a great wrath. You will stop recruiting in our village and anyone that is there, you will have them leave immediately. If we

find recruiters amongst our village, we will not spare them any mercy and they will be destroyed."
The pirates looked at one another and then to the damage that was done to the deserters. Guess they didn't get their wishes. Not their

fault. "That's not up to us to decide. You'll have to consult with the captain for that. Otherwise, we have our orders, just like your own ranks

do. We aren't so different, are we?" They smile.
Itami observed the acid that melted through the table and the floor. "Yes…yes we are different and don't try to think otherwise. I

have given you a warning. You are to stop recruiting and I don't care who you answer to." They shrugged. "Alright, but don't say we didn't warn

you. Our business is concluded here. I think you ought to leave now before you find trouble," one offered while the other momentarily gazed out

the window. Looks like some numbers were gathering outside.

Watching the deserters for a moment, she looks over toward Itami a moment before looking at the recruiters. She looks outside a moment

before looking back to the recruiters, "I don't think you understand the situation you are in." Chitose states and tilts her head a little, "You

could answer to the guidelined creator of all things. Whatever thing started the existance of reality…and if you don't stop, I'm going to turn

both of you into broken, shuddering, mangled messes of crap that barely resemble human." She nods her head and then tilts her head back the

other way, "And if you want those outside to survive long enough to make it back to your crew, I suggest you and they leave now." SHe then looks

to Itami, "There are two of them and it only takes one person to deliver a message…want to remove the other one's tongue and jaw?"

Itami removed herself from the table. She didn't want to cause trouble in this pub. This was an innocent place and besides, two men had

already taken a beating. "We'll leave," she stated. "Chitose, we're heading out," she said as she began to focus herself to prepare for battle.

She heard Chitose and was grateful that she spotted the men outside. All of them were recruits of various kinds hoping to find their way into

pirate ranks by attacking and or killing either Chitose or Itami. The news about them being here spread quickly and what better way to show

resolve than to have an all out brawl to take them out outside?
No sooner than they exit, the attackers launch themselves forward with all manner of jutsu at their disposal.

Stepping outside, Chitose simply steps to the side as a gust of wind attempts to take her off her feet, leans right as rocks fly by her

head and finally she ducks down briefly as a sledgehammer flies over top of her. She shakes her head a little, "Fools." She states, "You really

don't know what it is you are up against. She then states, "Sorry, Itami. I don't have much patience for deserters and betrayers." She nods her

head and then takes in a breath before letting it out hard. THe poor man with the sledgehamer will be a the beginning of the cone of caustic ink

that comes flowing out of her mouth meant to cover those in front of her with that deadly ink.

Itami stepped out behind Chitose and saw the attacks coming against her. She drew in the mists within and concentrated on making fluid

motions to sllip out of the way of the attacks with a soft sweep and jump into the air followed by a…stab? She didn't move. In fact, this was

a better choice for her. He was up close now which meant she could return the favor to him. As the ink spread across the area, the people around

began to desert the place with the exception of the shinobi. Some were trapped in the cloud of ink while others managed to escape. Those that

were in the cloud were likely not to come back alive. For those that escaped, they prepared their next attacks against them with the intention

of packing more into their efforts.
From within their various positions and perches, they launched an attack against Chitose specifically with three large projectile

flames coming for her followed by wind to enhance the strength of the flames. Before long the earth begins to crumble beneath her with the

intent of holding her in place to receive the attacks.

STumbling back as she is hit by the flaming projectiles, she winces and looks down at the wounds, coughing up a little blood and then

looking up slowly, "You…" She then begins to leak chakra over herself slowly, growling as the projectiles are pushed from her form as she

transforms, changing progressively into a monstrous beast with 8 tails whipping around her legs like tentacles, "You all have made…a grave

error." Under the chakra, her body healing.

Itami was focused on her attacker who managed to stab her with those blades. She finally returned the favor by extricating herself from

the blades and taking two wild swings at the scimitar wielder by striking him with the pommel of her sword and breaking through his defense by

cutting through it and driving the vibrating blade into his body, severing a number of muscles as it went through. He's now lost function of one

of his arms due to this.
He had a working arm left and intended to use it, but showed reluctance when he saw Chitose take form. He had no clue he was fighting

against a threat as large as that one. 8-tails? There's no way he's going to stick around for that. He quit and ran off, joined by the earth

jutsuist who attacked her. All that was left was the flame and the wind. They weren't going anywhere, oddly enough. Seems they were determined

to join the pirates, though they were unaware that they themselves had been deserted by their recruiters who have long since left the

establishment and went back to their stations. Looks like they weren't really cared about.

Simply put, the 8 tails was getting annoyed and wasn't going to put up with these idiots any longer. Two tails come out, stretching out

wide and then suddenly they both whip together from either side of the pair as she states, "Just die already." She growls and shakes her head

"Worthless scum to leave everything behind just to try and take the easy path. Fine, I'll give you the easy way out." The dual voice eerily sad

and annoyed at the same time.

Itami would stop Chitose, but at this point, she's not sure she can stop her without taking form and adding to things. Although, it's

not as if she caused too much damage. Everything around here is still intact save for some minor upturning of earth and flame eating away at

certain things. The fire jutsuist falls after he tries to make his escape from Chitose. He managed to place some distance between him, but finds

that he's still been captured by one of those whip arms. He's sent skidding across the pavement, dazed.
The wind jutsuist was still determining if he wished to fight. With one of them down, he wasn't sure he could take her on his own and

with Itami present, the battle was now uneven. He thinks he can live for another day and redeem himself. He won't support someone who can't

support himself. They're going to be pirates. If he can't handle himself now, he won't be able to later. He decides to bow out and leave the

fire user to meet his fate.

The beast watches the deserter fall down while hte other does what a deserter does best, desert his friend. She watches and shakes her

head even as the chakra peels away from her and dissipates. SHe lets out a breath even as she watches and then shakes her head, "I believe they

might have gotten the message." She nods her had, "In the future…I'm just going to start with killing one of them." She shakes her head and

then looks to Itami, "Anyway."

Itami makes her way forward to gather up the fire jutsuist's body. "I'll try and look the other way when that happens," she remarked.

"For now, we can depart from here. This may hinder recruitment efforts and…if you find any within the village, feel free to do what you wish

to them. Eventually, they'll squeal and reveal what we wish to know."

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