A gathering to never forget


Akinori, Himawari, Soren, Sayuri, Ai, Atoshi

Date: June 13, 2014


A nice picnic near the Konohagakure lake, lots of friends and a new one.

"A gathering to never forget"

Konohagakure lake

A fairly bright day today, but still with the chill wind of autumn, it's quite beautiful out. Thus, Himawari has created a little picnic! Much more food than necessary, of course, but she likes to share. With a blanket spread out on the sand, the redhead is nibbling away on one of her vegetarian creations. It's really an array of raw fruits and veggies with some cucumber sandwiches, a container of noodles mixed with something or another, and some other various things.

Atoshi wandered towards the Lake. He had gotten a message saying that Himawari was going to be there and he was invited to come along with a picnic. So with that known, he didn't have much issue with showing up, some banana bread along with him for something to add to the picnic. Walking closer to where she was at, he'd smile her direction as he looked about a moment, then would offer the loaf of bread to her. "Hima-kun. I.. well.. made some bread. It's banana, not carrot.. but I hope you still like it.." If/when the bread was taken, Atoshi would settle onto the blanket himself. "And.. thanks for the invite.. I just got done with a morning workout.. so I'm kinda hungry."

Another normal day for Ai. While she probably should have went home the day before she had a brief gleam of fascination with the village, wishing to explore village further before going on her long trek home. A soft sigh escapes her lips as she found herself settled along the surface of the lake, her bare feet pressing against the cold and rushing waters beneath her. "Hmmmmm" Ai muses quietly under her breath, light violet eyes scanning over for anyone that she might recognize, of course she did note Atoshi in the distance, narrowing her eyes upon him before waving and shouting out towards him. "Ato-kun! Hello! What's up!? Are you having a good day! Can I join?!"

Sayuri had also gotten the message and was headed down that way, though something about what she is wearing is a bit different then normal, her green jacket replaced by a white hoodie, that may or may not have belonged to Akinori previously. The white hood is drawn up obviously a bit too big for her and covering part of her face as she finally reaches the spot. In her hands she has been carrying a large metal container, smiling at everyone she says, "Himawari-chan! Ai-Chan! Atoshi-kun!" with a small giggle, her fingers moving up to offer everyone a small wave, "I made carrot cupcakes!" she says with a giggle sitting the container down.

Well… Soren wasn't actually invited. Unforunately. But when Ayame caught the mixed scent of 6 different people, several of which she was atleast aquainted with… she insisted that Soren be drug along to say Hi! So when they finally arrive, only moments after Sayuri does… there's a moment of glee on her face as she notices someone she remembers quite fondly!

"Ai!" she practically yells. And in the next moment she's squirreling up Ai's back onto her shoulder, the fox pup smiling happily her tail wagging, looking at the young woman so -adorably-. "Hi~" she says, looking a bit giddy.

Soren on the other hand, is now left rising from a tumble. He tried to catch Ayame before she zipped off. Man she's gotten fast. But he pulls himself up, shaking his head, as he notices the group forming. He walks over, giving a slight wave, and a nod. "Sorry to crash, but… mind if I join you guys? I didn't bring anything to munch on though…" he says, scratching his cheek, a little embarrassed.

Akinori was invited, being a somewhat friend of Himawari he also got an invite.. or intercepted the one which was sent to Sayuri.. may or may not be legal but 'eh.. a good family member allways keeps a keen eye on his family. He'd have a medium sized pot on his back, which emits a strong scent of diffrent.. herbs it seems. On the inside of the pot would be a hot and steaming large content of herbal tea, something which would've taken allot of time to make.. need to have just the right balance and the quantity of herbs to make a good and nice cup of tea.. or in this case a whole pot of tea.

He'd approach the somewhat party, that has been created here. Suprised to see everyone he'd hold his right hand out, waving it towards the group with a smile. "Hello everyone, I hope I'm not too late to bring the sun and my piece for the picnic?" A small chuckle emits afterwards, walking towards the gathering as he either hugs, fistbumps or shakes the hand with the persons about. Except for Sayuri, placing a small peck on her head. "You really like the vest, don't you?" he'd rub over her head a bit, dropping himself down onto the cloth as he removes the pot from his back, dropping it on it's own carefully in the center. The scent spreading around the area.

"If anyone wants some tea, you can just grab it. There are small cups drifting inside so you can just dunk it inside and pull it out." He'd remove his flak jacket in the meanwhile, eyeing Ayumu as he'd move his hand to her head, petting it slowly. "And if you want anything, just ask. Okidoki?!" Slowly removing the hand from her head as he scratches behind his earlob.

The redhead perked up when she heard the first arrival and she smiled brightly up at Atoshi. "Ato-kun~ Aww, you didn't have to bring anything, but sounds yummy." She giggles as she takes the loaf, setting it on the blanket. "I figured it was about that time. I finished my morning exercises a few hours ago and thought this would be a great idea." Himawari grins, seemingly proud of herself, before she blinks when someone else calls out. Turning her attention to Ai, she smiles, always friendly, and nods her head. "Feel free! I'm a vegetarian, so there's no meat here, but help yourself." Good thing she intended to share with more than just her friends, even!

"Sayuri-chan!" She waves to her friend and giggles before recognizing the other name. "Oh, Ai-chan, huh? Nice to meet you. I'm Mika Himawari," she fully introduces herself. And then the cupcakes. "Ooh. Thank you, Sayuri-chan! Atoshi-kun made some banana bread too. You guys are great!" And then she squeaks, looking /mildly/ anxious when she hears the voice of none other than Ayame. Her attention abruptly turns to Soren and she smiles, shaking her head. "Of course you can join us, Soren-san. Don't worry about it. I didn't expect anyone to bring anything extra." When Akinori arrives with a giant pot of tea, the woman looks surprised but she giggles and offers, "Thanks, Akinori-san. I only had a few containers of water." She takes her hug (presumably that's what he'd offer her in greeting, anyway) and then hums at them all. "Uh, so, warning: vegetarian. Nothing I made has any meat in it, just so you guys know." She'd already said it to Ai, but she wants to remind everyone just in case.

Sayuri was greeted by Akinori, the peck on the cheek causes to get to let out a small giggle, "Hello Akinori-kun!" she says softly then her slender lip comes up and taps her lips softly for a moment, clearly thinking about his question. Her violet eyes look out from being hidden by the hood, "Suppose if I am going to showboat something, it might as well be warm." she response to his question, sticking her tongue out a little bit in a teasing manner. Her eyes move to watch the fox with a soft giggles, "Kawaiiii!" she says warmly, her hands coming up and clenching at her chest.

As Himawari greets her she turns with a soft giggle, "Himawari-chan!" she returns, even though she had already greeted her, making sure she matched the other girls enthusiasm. Though as the topic shifts to the cupcakes, she looks really excited, "Well I was trying to think of what to back, and then I was like Oh cupcakes. But then it was like what kind of cupcakes and I was like Carrot Cupcakes!" she says nodding a few times with a giggle. Though the scent of the tea and all the food began's to creep into her nostrils, causing her eyes to look between it all, "Oh Himawari-chan, you know I don't mind, I am a Everythingarian." she says nodding a few times.

"Oh Kami, you are so cute! How are you cutie? I still can't believe I'm talking with a fox," Ai teases Ayame as she attempts to tug the little one from her shoulder and pull her into a warm cuddling hug, cheek to cheek. " If you are here then…." There is a slight pause in her movements while her eyes scout out for Soren, someone she probably hadn't seen for ages. "Whoa, Soren-kun! Hola! What's with the Tattoo on your face? Have you joined a gang or something?!" A wide smirk spills over her lips and gradually she began to make way towards the picnic.

She notes, Himawari, someone she hadn't seen before and inclines a respectful dip of her head. "Ai the Magnificent! It's a pleasure to meet you Himawari-chan! While I don't mind my meat every now and then I was actually raised on a farm. I looooove vegetables!" Ai went on to explain to Himawari, of course she was happily interested at this point.

Sayuri on the other hand gets a more playful greeting, settling herself next to her, arms still clinging to Ayame. " Sayu-chan, that smells absolutely delicious! You never told me you were a planter /and/ a baker!" For that moment she hushes her voice to take notice of more oncomers, kneading through Ayame's fur idly, right behind her little fox ears.
Holding Ayame in one hand, Ai inclines a tightly curled fist bump for Akinori while offerings faint smirk. " I'm not sure if it's a good idea to dip my cup in a pot of boiling tea! Your fist must be made of iron or something!" Sarcasm! Maybe?

Soren grins, looking at Akinori as he walked up, and shook his head. "As thoughtfull as ever sir!" he says, his fingers flicking towards the massive jar. Tiny threads of chakra peel the lid off, and fish the cups out of the jar, setting them down on the now earthbound lid, already full. "Thar we go." he says, giving Akinori a fistbump, before turning his attention back towards Himawari. "Thanks~ I'm just used to bringing -something- to these kinds of things. So I'll handle the drinks. Gives me a chance to practice finnesse anyways." he says with a small snicker.

Ayame practically lept into the cuddle~ Her tail was moving so fast, it almost seemed like there were 3!

Soren looked up at Ai, and have her a nonchalant wave/salute. "Ai-chan. Long time, no see. And unfortunately no, I've been adopted by the Inuzuka clan, actually!" he says with a big smile. He looks over, and sniffs at the air. Mmmm… Carrot cake… my favorite…" he says, a little distracted at this point. He shakes his head, shaking off the urge to grab the platter and hoard them, walking over, and setting himself down.

Ayame was honestly just so content cuddling up in Ai's arms for now~ "So how've you been? Been good? I've been great!" she says, tail a blur.

Atoshi blinked as he'd look at something across the lake. Frowning, he got to his feet slowly. "Hey.. uh.. I need to go check on something.." He looked away from the water to the others with a sheepish smile and a small shrug. "Enjoy the banana bread.." Waving to everyone who's shown up, Atoshi starts walking towards the lake, breaking into a jog once he reaches the water edge to go running across the lake's surface and into the woods on the other side.

The redhead giggles at her friend and she nods her head. "Oh, I know, Sayuri-chan. More of a warning for… Soren-san, mainly, but reminding Akinori-san too." Himawari hums thoughtfully at the way this new girl introduces herself, but she just smiles and nods her head. "I'm glad you like veggies. I tend to try to gather what I can from the forest, but there's just no way I could plant a garden around here and keep doing my job." Shrugging her shoulders, she looks at Atoshi and grins, grabbing herself and apple now. To Soren, she giggles and nods her head. "You're our server, I guess. That works for me." When he mentions carrot cake, she shuffles through the big basket she used to carry everything here. "I did make some carrot cake. It's got almonds in it, actually. Ato-kun made us some banana bread if you want that. But here!" She pulls out the wrapped slices of carrot cake. They don't have icing or anything as that'd be too messy to deal with in this situation. When Atoshi gets up to go check something out across the lake, she furrows her brows and pouts, watching him jog away.

Sayuri offers Ai a warm smile, as she considers something in her mind, "Hmmmm…" she says slowly, "Well I suppose really I am good at a lot of domestic tasks." she says with a soft giggle to Ai, "So Ai-chan, you having fun in Konohagakure this time around?" her head tilting a little to the right as she peers out at Ai, awaiting her response. Her hand moving to to pick up a veggie, which she takes a small nibble of as she awaits for Ai's response.

As Atoshi would move to leave, Sayuri would let out a small frown, it wasn't often that she frowned. Her hand moving up to offer him a small wave, "Bye Atoshi-kun." she would say with a small nod, trying to force a smile. But then a hand would end up on her head and she would let out a small giggle, "Like with my cupcakes?" she would say to Akinori with a playful girn. "Oh stories." she says her slender finger coming up and tapping her lips softly, "I remember one my mother use to tell me." she would say nodding a bit, "It's about an old man and his flowers." she would contiue before finally looking out at Akinori from under the hood, "Ooohh can I have some tea Akinori-kun?"

"Inuzuka Clan? The Dog Clan right? That's pretty awesome! Though…where is your dog? Don't tell you are forcing the weight on poor Ayame!" Ai expresses her discontent to Soren, though only offering more the reason to snuggle the fox in her lap. "I totally had to wrestle and beat down a lion the other day. The thing was probably about the size of a house threatening some life stock… I've never been so mauled in broken my entire life…..well maybe" Ai speaks to Ayame, though answers Akinori's question about her story of the day. "Sarutobi Akinori….My name is Ai" Ai pauses, pondering on the name while a hint of red flush rose to her cheeks. "You are very flattering Akinori-kun, though I must ask… You don't happen to be related to Sayu-chan are you?" The curious question was finally spoken as she leaned back to lightly realize Ayame and of course take some time to grab a carrot cupcake. " I love it here, especially when it's not gloomy. It's going to suck when I finally have to leave but…. I'm sure I will be back. Everyone I've met here has been so pleasant," Ai then nods finally to Himawari. "I suppose it is a bit difficult to play shinobi and gardiner all the same…"

When Soren's offered the carrot cake, he has to mentally stop himself from drooling. He blinks, looks a bit embarrassed, and then takes 2 slices. "Thank you." Those wouldn't last long. But either way, he looks at Ayame, and grins. "Forcing the weight on her? I'm sorry, she's the one that got me adopted in the first place!" he grins. "She wanted a puppy to play with. Unfortunately, they aren't going to give me one. Not for a while atleast. And maybe not even at all!" He shrugs a bit.

Ayame squirms, and cuddles into Ai-chan's attentions, as she sit's in the girls lap. The fox was so happy right now~ At Akinori's comment, she grins. "Outta your league dude." At this point, she flicked her ears, looking over at Sayuri! "Hey~ Ri-chan~" she says, her tail still a blur, as she pawed towards her, begging her to come over and give her more attention!

"I am related by clan, I have no clue if our families are related aswell.. I've not shown much intrest in family ties.. if it wears the name Sarutobi I will treat it with my unconditional love and care like every other member." He'd chuckle, taking another sip as he'd place the cup onto the ground. He'd move his hand inside the pot again, repeating the tea gathering from it in a new cup as he'd offer it to Sayuri. "Carefull, it's hot. I can handle it because I've played with fire more often then not but I'm not so sure about you." He turns back to Ai, downing a simple nod with a small soft smile. "Nice to meet you anyway Ai, and it's just true so no need to blush." He'd gaze down to Ayame, shaking his head with a grin. "I'm smelling a fox full of jealousy and attention hoggery, it's fine though Ayame. I'm not one to flirt, I just speak my mind. Speaking of that, when is the last time I powderd your face again?" He'd form a small sly grin, it's a small remark to a previous encounter with Ayame. He turns back to focus on the group. " That's cool you all, nice to hear you're doing so great. I'm hoping to start a small farm in Konoha, so hopefully the clan has some spare land for me to start it up." He'd take another sip from his cup, scratching behind his ear as he emits a small gale of breath from his mouth.. accompanied by the warmth and a /tiny/ bit of scent of the herbs which flail in the air around them.

Himawari just listens to everything going on, enjoying her apple calmly. She keeps wondering what Atoshi saw, but doesn't want to bug him and besides, she's kind of the hostess for this little party! She shrugs at Ai and giggles a bit. "Luckily, there's an awesome grocery shop in the village where I get almost all my food. I live alone, so I'd end up wasting anything I gathered from a garden, anyway… or use up even /more/ of my time selling it." To Soren, she nods and tells him, "It's no problem. I'm just glad everyone's enjoying themselves." She reaches out to grab one of the cups Soren dragged out of the pot of tea, which is cooler by now undoubtedly. She sniffs it a moment before sipping at it, finished her apple.

"Oh yeah! Clans. I honestly forget how large those end up turning into. I don't think I've heard a lot about the Sarutobi clan, seems cool though. Fire is super cool," Ai agreed, mostly with her self as she returns her smirk to Akinori. "Oh I'm just being a little humble is all! And course!" Ai then gives Ayame one more squeeze. "Ayame-chan you know very well that you are the only fox for me!" she continues to tease, finally taking the carrot cupcake to her lips, nibbling an edge before taking a mouth watering bite. Glistening tears began to swell from the hook of her eyes as she clutches she cheek and groans. "Ahhh I'm in heaven, this is great Sayu-chan…" Ai compliments, while smiling back at Soren. " Go on Soren-kun! Take a bite!" Ai then shifts her attention back to Himawari. "Do you do this often? Darn I'm totally going to be able to do this…"

Sayuri lets out a small giggle, "Well I am glad you like it here Ai-chan." she says nodding softly. "I really can't wait to come and visit you!" she says swaying a bit as she sits in excitement. "The weather is also best in the summer." she says with a soft giggle, "Though I really like the winter too… something about everything being covered in a blanket of white that is just…" she says slowly, her tongue pressing against her cheek in though before she finishes, "Lovely." As Ai takes a bite of her cupcake, she can't help but let out a giggle, "You're welcome Ai-chan!" she says offering her a smile.

As Ayame greets her, "Ayame-chan!" she says though she clearly looks like she is going to just explode from the cuteness, "You are soooo cute!" she says with a giggle, her hand moving to scritch the fox behind the ear, "Ayame-chan, I am going for figure out how to bake some fox treats and I am going to call them Ayame Snacks and carry them around just for you!" she says with a giggle as she continued to give the little fox lovons.

Taking the cup with her free hand, she heeds his warning and doesn't even tempt fate by taking a sip, she doesn't enjoy her tongue being burnt, "Thank you." she says softly. Though her eyes look as thought she is thinking about something, "Hmm, no I don't think we are related by anything else by clan. I don't recall you coming to any celebrations." she says nodding slowly, "A farm?" she repeats curiously, "That would be interesting." she continues with an another nod.

One of the pieces of carrot cake is already missing when Ai prods him to try it. "whaf…?" he says, still half chewing one of them. He swallows a couple times, making sure the carrot cake is down, before smiling a bit embarrassedly. "What…? Carrot cake is my kryptonite." he says, blushing just a bit.

Ayame was -in heaven- She just whined happily, wiggling, and wagging with all the attention, occaisionally licking hands as they got close~ The adorable ball of fluff was just enjoying herself far too much~ "Ahhh! That would be -amazing- Ri-chan~" she says about the Ayame snax, her leg starting to thump gently at the ear scritching, as she licked at Sayuri's arm.

Soren just shook his head, leaning up, and patting Akinori on the shoulder. "I don't think she's paying attention anymore." he says with a grin.

Akinori just simply chuckles. "It's not important, I'm here with Sayuri, Himawari, a fox who is currently enjoying the best of life, A stranger which is allright in my book, and a guy which I can appreciate. All I need now is the love of my life and I can die knowing I've lived my life to the fullest." He'd take another sip from the cup, rubbing over his belly afterward. He shakes the cup about, creating a small vortex in his water as he smiles into the cup. "Thank you once more, Himawari." He scratches his arm, gazing back to Ai as he'd spread his lips apart. "So, Ai. I'd like to know you better, care to tell me a bit more about yourself? Ofcourse, if there's anything you want to know about me feel free to ask." He'd spread his arms open, seemingly embracing any question thrown at him.

"Mmm… Not really. It was kind of just a spur of the moment thing. I finished my morning run and though 'It's a great day for a picnic!' so I invited my friends. I'm glad we got some more people to join us, though," the redhead tells Ai. Smiling, she quietly enjoys her tea as she listens to them. Shaking her head at Akinori, she blushes a little bit and giggles. "Be patient. I'm sure you'll find someone." Then she nods and shrugs her shoulders. "No problem. I'm just glad we're all enjoying ourselves."

"Oh Aki-kun you are so philosophical!" Ai glees, a wide smile spread about her lips as she goes about now to grab a slice of Himawari's cake. " A little about myself? I'm an incredibly boring person who really only cares about doing things on my own accord. I care for my friends and allies and I loveee making new ones. I'm not at all a competent shinobi but I do my best to keep up with the standards and not linger back. I'm brutally honest and I never lie, I just avoid the truth," Ai quickly begins to monologue about herself. " Oh, and I'm also a genin from Kumogakure," Ai continued to speak and inform. "You don't even have a girlfriend Akinori-kun? That is a shame…" Ai then catches Himawari's hint of blush. " Hehe, and are you dating anyone? Hima-chan? Your cake is to die for and certainly good enough to woo a boy if you really wanted,"

Sayuri is absolutely loving on playing with Ayame, "Oh Ayame-chan, I will make sure you get some." she says with a soft giggle. "You are so adorable!" she says softly with a smile. She lets out a small "Pfft." at Akinori, "Akinori-kun you are adorable." she simply says as she listens to Himawari and Ai chit chat.

Akinori chuckles with a red tint on his cheeks, eyeing Soren for a small moment. "If you want to date Sayuri, you'd have to be inspected by me. You know that right?" He coughs a bit with the chuckle, taking a small sip of the tea again as he turns back to Ai. "You sound quite like me, except for the avoiding the truth part. Glad to meet you indeed." He'd bob his head up and down a bit as he send a small soft jab to Soren's shoulder. "Heads up and smile up! We're having a good gathering and you are as much as part of it as the rest! Comman tell us Soren, what are your ideals for the future? In fact, let's all tell what our ideals are for the future, what you want to see happening." He'd turn back to the others as he'd say the last part, taking a final swig after as he dumps the cup back into the pot for another refill.

Wait, what? Himawari blinks at the blond foreigner and her blush just gets… a lot darker. "Wha? Me? D-date? No, no, uh… Er…" She trails off, stuffing her face with some of the banana bread Atoshi left. Face stuffed. Ideals; no. Not talking. The redhead is content with saying positively nothing at the moment.

"You need to hang around me and Sayuri a bit more, Himawari-chan. Some good dating is good for the soul! As someone had told me… You never know anyone well enough until you go to dinner with them… Or fight them. That's another weird one," Ai speaks up rather honestly, while grinning at Ayame's comments. "You know what, we still haven't had an opprotunity to do that. Though to be fair I think we went on a date… once? Though it was a rather sad one. Something was off that day if I remember correctly," Ai speaks up, fairly openly while scratching behind one ear. " Aspirations… I want to meet more people and be happy. Foster fun friendships. That is really all I care about," Ai went on to say, peering over towards the pot with tea, tempting to go ahead and reach for a cup now.

Sayuri just looks between everyone, finally bringing her tea to her lips taking a small sip. Hey violet eyes moving between everyone though her cheeks do turn a bit pink at Akinori's comment. Her mouth opens as if she is going to say something but she just decides to keep given Ayame-chan lovons. "Oh…" she says softly, clearly thinking, "Ideals for the future…" she repeats slowly, looking at Himawari and her reaction, causing a soft smile to creep on her face, "Himawari-chan your adorable." she says sticking her tongue out.

"The future…" she says again her slender finger moving to her mouth again. "I suppose I see the future similar as it is now." she says nodding, "We will be older, then their will be younger. All striving for the same thing." she says looking around though her violet eyes lock onto Akinori, "We will want to leave them a better world, like those before us did. They will desire to make an impact on it." she says nodding.

As Ai mentions Himawari should hang around herself and Ai more often, her hand comes up in a wave dismissing this, "Oh no no." she says with a giggle, "Himawari-chan and I hang out all the time." she says nodding a few times to many, "I am not dating anyone either after all!" she says with a giggle before taking another sip of her tea.

Soren just kindof glances at Akinori, before shaking his head. "I'm not entirely sure. If you had asked me that just a couple months ago, Id've told you exactly what I wanted… but that's seeming more and more out of reach." He shrugs… "I suppose… I just want to keep doign what I'm doing. Pass on the skills I've garnered to the next generation, so they can defend themselves. Give them the tools to be strong. Teach them wrong from right, and hope that they act on that properly. Like Sayuri said, make a better world, and teach the young'ins how to act so they can make it even better." he says with a shrug.

Ayame grins. "Yeah… you went on a sortof date with Soren once. You and a friend of yours dragged him out to a party, that he wasn't entirely enjoying. He was alot more uptight then." she grins, and giggles. "He left early though, if memory serves."

Soren shakes his head. "And I still owe you a dance." he says with a grin, and a shrug.

Akinori bobs his head up and down, smiling just a bit with a small chuckle as he licks his lips.

"Sayuri, you're starting to leak my mind.. I just hope I will be able to live to see it all prosper and grow, see the little cubs to grow into fierce shinobi and me being an old veteran.. giving council and training to the ones who I deem in need of and need it."

He'd stroke his chin, taking another sip from the cup as he'd eye the group. "I'm also planning to become stronger, gain renowance in all the lands, be known as the one who loves unconditionally but fights for what's worth to him. Hoping to become a generalist eventually aswell, get a beautifull spouse which is my best mate and can tank down a couple of cups of sake.. perhaps a shroud of mystery I can unpeel and then glance towards her personality and her ideals and say: "Yeap, you sure are imperfect but that's why I chose you." And then just laugh it off, smoke a cigarette, drink sake and then fall asleep with her in my arms." His eyes would glance down in his cup, the light blue pupils start to expand as the hole spreads it's reach. He takes another sip, chuckleing a bit as he'd rip his lips apart once more."I just hope I can cheat death atleast once, so I can see the seeds I've planted to grow into beautifull and lushfull orchards of strong ninja's, strong individuals and fair."

He'd emit a soft "hmpf" from his breath, slowly eyeing Soren after. "And about you, Soren.." He'd try to place his hand behind Soren's head, pushing his and Soren's head against each other as the Temple's would clash against each other. "I didn't know you were a quitter, last time I rememberd you had energy for two and aspirations for three. And I - will - beat you to spark your ideals and motivation again, you can do it, if I can become a Chuunin you can become god for all I care." He'd grin, removing the hand softly as he'd stand up. "I'll be taking my leave, I enjoyed talking to you lot a bunch but it's time for me to retire to the Sarutobi village and enjoy a bunch of sake and ramen, and after that I'm going to fall asleep till midnight and be called an idiot by my loving father for not spending my time on a mission. Have a good day you all, and I'll see you later." And with that, he'd wander off. His right hand would've grabbed his Flak jacket and is held by the collar , his right hand holding it on his back as he places his left hand into is pocket with it being in a resting motion.

Ai's suggestion set the woman's head shaking vigorously. After swallowing the banana bread, she shakes it a bit more as she says, "No, that's really alright. I'm fine just… spending time like this with Sayuri-chan. We don't need to do anything else with it… really. With the time, I mean." Awkward Himawari is awkward. Akinori's speech about his ideal woman doesn't help her embarrassment, either — most of those things not describing her — so she just… stays quiet.

"To each their own!" Ai simply exclaims, finally rising up to a stand, she smiles politely and then bows. " I do appreciate you allowing me to have a bite Himawari, and of course you also pretty Sayu-chan. Unfortunately… I think I must start my leave back to home…" Ai sighs and shrugs her shoulders turning a smile to Soren. "Aki-kun is right. You don't quit, that's not the Soren that I know. Be safe okay though? You know you will always have me if worse comes to worse," Ai speaks honestly, perhaps the closest heart to heart she has had for some time. " I will take you up on that offer, but it will have to be another day. Unfortunately I have this thing called 'shinobi duties' now,"

Sayuri lets out a small giggle, looking over at Himawari, "Himawari-chan you are adorable!" she says smiling softly taking another sip of her tea. As Akinori stands goes to take his leave, she raises her hand and offers him a small wave, "Take care Akinori-kun." she says softly, before reaching over and picking up a slice of carrot cake and it is half way gone in her mouth, when Ai announces she is leaving. Standing up she wraps her arms around her and gives her a hug, "Be safe, Ai-chan!" she says with a warm smile, "Hope we see each other again soon!" she continues with a few nods.

Soren shook his head. "I said I didn't know how to move forward… not that I wouldn't." he says, smiling. As Ai speaks, he simply nods, offering her a hug, before nodding. "You don't have to worry about me. I'll be fine. And I would most definitely like that. Heck, maybe I'll even try to visit you instead! Anyways, You take care Ai-chan." he says with a nod, and a big smile.

He then turns to Sayuri, and Himawari. "Thank you very much for letting me join you guys. It's been fun, but Ayame and I have training to get to." he says with a smile. "Take care Himawari-chan, Sayuri-chan." he says, a small wave to each of them. And with that, he starts heading off.

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