A Ghost



Date: April 29, 2010

"A Ghost"

"Finally," he said out loud. His voice was quiet, but still held strength
he did not actually feel. "I was about to come looking for you." The ANBU
recruits had just arrived, but with them was one other. A full Kirigakure
ANBU operative. A 'Death Hand'. "You had no place recruiting our Death
Hands-in-training for this mission. You were to go alone." Sami says
nothing at first, showing no surprise on his face, or anything else,
regardless of his feelings. Then he says, "I do not believe I was expected
to assault the Kumogakure forces without support." The Death Hand
retorted, "Nor were you to take our ANBU recruits. We answer to the
Mizukage directly, not to the Daimyou's lackey." Sami pushes himself up on
one arm, the muscles somehow managing to support his weight on the
blood-slicked grass despite the weakness pervading his body. He was not
going to lie here and seem weak. Not at a time like this. Despite the
crippling pain, the blood loss, and everything else, he had made a promise
to himself. He would NOT be weak when it came time to protect what he
cared about. Not again. Even if that something was as simple as himself.
"I will answer to the Mizukage as well. Not to you. Let us return to
Kirigakure—" Sami began, trying to speak evenly and authoritatively. But
the Death Hand interrupted. "You will die here." Sami paused in the
process of crouching. For once, he was surprised. "You are lucky that none
of the recruits were lost, or you would lose more than your life. As it
is, I am willing to offer you a quick death, instead of the slow and
painful one you deserve."
Sami had felt anger only once in his life. Hate was familiar to him, but
simple anger was something else. As he was spoken to in such a manner, as
though it had been decided already he was going to die, he became angry.
Despite being depleted of the resources necessary to do so, he felt sudden
strength that came with fury infuse him. Sami stood up. The ANBU recruits
stepped back. The Death Hand at the front looked surprised, even baffled.
Here was a man who was pale as a corpse, and clearly suffering from fatal
wounds, yet he could stand and glare with great menace.
Sami said, "I am one of the Seven Swordsmen. I am a greater force than
one such as you can deal with, even in this state. If you want to claim my
life, come and get it." His Chakra began to hum with such intensity that
the Death Hand nearly dropped the sword he had drawn to finish Sami off.
Finally, the ANBU got ahold of themselves. Sort of. "…Hah! Fine. Then
you can just… Die here by yourself!" The Death Hand turned and began to
flee across the ocean, to the Land of Water. The ANBU recruits hesitated,
before doing the same.
'So they really are loyal only to the Mizukage. Meaning that the Death
Hand was under orders.' Sami gripped Otomegami, his legendary sword, and
brought the twin tips to his forehead protector. 'So be it. For this
betrayal, you shall die, Kaguya Mitsuo.' He made the blade vibrate with
his Chakra, and sliced across the Mist symbol embossed on the metal plate.
Sami would have to leave for now. Go somewhere else. Become a ghost to
his own Village. His own country. But one day he'd be back. And then the
Ghost of the Hidden Mist would kill again.

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