Dreams - A glimpse of the future?



Date: March 8, 2011


None given.

"Dreams - A glimpse of the future?"

Unknown location

One can only dream.

Bright lights hit Eremi in the face, causing him to raise his arm in
front of his eyes until they adjust. Looking around he sees himself in the
middle of a huge stadium with thousands of people on their feet in the
stands cheering.

Eremi is standing on a podium. He looks to the left and then the right,
there is a person on either side of him and he wonders what is going on.
On the loud speaker a voice can be heard, "Congratulations for winning the
Genin level World Ninja Championship, Eremi." The crowd begins to chant
his name, "Eremi, Eremi."

The boy begins to smile and is forced to close his eyes to hold back the
tears. When he opens them, he is back in his room laying in his bed. Eremi
would climb out of bed and a frown would appear. Lowering his head he
walks out of the room to prepare for the day, mumbling to himself.

"Eremi, Eremi"

Cut-Scene Challenge:Dreams

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