The Usual Suspects - A Great Win, A Greater Loss


Rockpath (emitter), Yuzuna, Hiei, Hige

Date: April 14 & 22, 2015


Three criminals have been working together, these ones likely being the toughest challenge thus far. A team has been sent out to take them down, but at what cost?

"The Usual Suspects - A Great Win, A Greater Loss"

Land of Lightning

Intelligence has been gathered on the escaped criminals. Where they are, what they plan to do, whether or not they plan to live on with their lives as normal citizens or as those who would oppose the Hidden Village System… The man that's being hunt down today is a member of the Hozuki clan; a missing-nin from the Land of Water who had made his way into Kumogakure. The messenger hawks sent out would describe his abilities: he was around the level of Kage and superior in water ninjutsu, yet he could also use genjutsu and taijutsu. A few of the higher-ups would know that the man had not only killed members of Kirigakure (or rather, he had tried to), but he also tried to assassinate a member of the Hizumu clan.
The team, lead by Reizei Yuzuna herself, would be told to meet at the village gates so they could discuss any strategies while on the go. Their destination was to the south and east near the shores, where it was said Hozuki Kaito was planning his revenge. The reports also mentioned that he had others with him. The man was, interestingly enough, a smooth talker and convinced two ex-KRD agents to join him in his next plans. The details of it… Well, Kumo hasn't quite found /that/ part out yet…

It had been some time since she had last been on a mission, though that isn't to say that Yuzuna isn't prepared to lead the team. The village had been on high alert ever since the breakout, her own children kept indoors where it's safe. So when the mission was given the Hyuuga didn't hesitate to accept. Dressed in full gear she calmly waits just inside the gate, shoulders tense and arms crossed as she looks out through the gate itself. As if even now without the Byakugan she could see everything.

When the report came across his desk, Hiei had made the decision to join the team himself. He had accompanied shinobi on other hunts, but this target would be their most dangerous yet. So Yuzuna would see him approaching the gate from the direction of the center of the village. He was dressed in his full gear, with both swords sheathed on his back. He's tying his long white hair back into a ponytail as he approaches, having already sent word to have Sachiko and Shun stay with his parents while he's gone. It'd be much safer for them that way. He'd kept his own son indoors for the most part, especially knowing that more than a few of the escaped criminals wanted his head on a spike. He inclines his head to Yuzuna. "Sempai. I wasn't aware you were leading this team." He smiles and salutes her. "Yotsuki Hiei, reporting for duty."

How Hige had been informed of the mission is anyones guess, although with those keen senses he may have just overhead it. Regardless he decided to offer his services since he was visiting the Village and the problem sounded like it could be somewhat complex. Hige and Konsho aren't far behind Hiei, the pup with his vest on though of course Hige didn't even bring his on the trip. When he spots Hiei he offers a half salute to the man before turning to the unfamiliar woman and giving a nod of greeting. It should be more probably but Hige has never been one for all of that type of stuff. "Inuzuka Hige, I heard you guys might need some help."

As if sensing the approach of others, Yuzuna glances over her shoulder with her opalescent eyes. Her otherwise masked expression softens, a touch of a warm smile teasing at her lips. The most emotion one could expect from a Hyuuga. Exhaling a light breath she unfolds her arms and turns to face the gathered team. "Welcome. I wish we could meet under better circumstances today, but since that is not the case we will get down to business and take off immediately. If we plan this right the mission will be a success and we'll return home by this evening."
Yuzuna allows her gaze to look over each one of them. "By now all of you know about the prison escape. Today we're hunting down a member of the Hozuki clan. Hozuki Kaito. A missing nin from the Land of Water, recorded to have the skill level of a Kage, skillful in Taijutsu and Genjutsu while specializing in Water Ninjutsu. He has persuaded two ex-KRD agents to join him in plans that… frankly we're hazy on just what he's wanting to do. It's guaranteed though that he's up to no good, so we will not be bringing them in alive. Any questions?" Whatever questions are asked are answered, through Yuzuna doesn't linger too long. Time is of the essence.

Hiei flashes a smile at Yuzuna. "Honestly, you had me at Kage level Hozuki. Let's go do it, then. Doesn't matter what they plan on doing, as long as we stop them from doing it by stopping them from drawing breath." When Yuzuna gives the word, Hiei follows along behind her. There was no point in getting his horse Snake Eyes for this one. They would be bringing nothing back with them, and the location was just a short distance away towards the coast. They would make better time on foot. Once they near the area on the reports, Hiei stretches out his senses as well as looking around for signs of their prey.

RPCOMBAT: Hiei defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…43
RPCOMBAT: Hiei defends against with a PERCEPTION-III…54

Hige listens to the report as it's given before he gives a small nod. "Sounds like fun." He muses, glancing sideways at Hiei. He'll leave the Kage level to the Kage and…other superbly skilled types. He'll just give a hand with some of the others. Hopefully. Regardless he's here and he's going to help however he can. Once they begin moving he'll take the rear guard as he tends to, keeping all of his senses open along with his pup as they go as well as whenever they near the location.

RP: Hige transforms into KONSHO.
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…35

As the group travels along, there's a sort of ominous feeling the closer they get to the water line. While it's probably nothing and could likely be chalked up to the fact that there is soon to be a battle, that doesn't mean they should disregard it. The journey itself doesn't take too long since they're moving fast, and eventually they would find themselves at the beach. It's a shame that this isn't a vacation for them, as the sun is shining brightly for the summer day, and everything seems rather perfect. A quick look along the beach would reveal nothing but more beach, but perhaps a closer or special look…

RP: Yuzuna transforms into BYAKUGAN-III.
RPCOMBAT: Yuzuna defends against with a BYAKUGAN-PERCEPTION-II…61

They moved swiftly, their surroundings blurring around the team as they moved, scanning for the targets all the while. When Yuzuna senses them at the edge of her Byakugan's limit, she comes to an abrupt stop, crouching slightly while the ocean breeze can be felt over their faces. "Right ahead. I can see them." she whispers to Hiei and Hige. "No chakra… around a table underground. Must be a cave. I can see something else, but it's too far and moving too much for me to see what it could be."

Hiei crouches next to Yuzuna and Hige. He looks between the two of them. "I sensed a chakra signature a moment someone was trying to mask it. Sempai is right. They're here." He narrows his gaze before looking towards Hige and Konsho. "They can mask their chakra and physically hide from us, but their scent has to be still around. Hige, Konsho, see what you can get, but don't go too far." He then turns to Yuzu. "How do you want to play this? We can just go in and start kicking butt, or we can take the subtle approach."

Hige and Konsho stop when ordered to, the teen crouching a bit out of habit despite his already short stature. He sniffs the air as does Konsho, but after they glance at each other Hige can only shake his head. "It must be too far ahead still. I can only smell the ocean." Which is, admittedly, not something he's entirely used to smelling. It certainly does throw him off a bit to try and pick out any real scents outside of the salt water scented air. He gives a faint frown despite that, not liking when his senses are so far out of whack. Something he'll have to work on later: salty air.

The chakra signature that Yuzuna managed to see just barely starts to come in closer. Regardless of whether or not they're ready, kunai shoot out of the tree at the trio (well, quadruplet counting Konsho). Two waves of them, even, each one seeking to hit the legs and midsection of those who have entered the beach area. If one were to look, it would be difficult to find the culprit in the direction the kunai were thrown because he/she had already run.

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Before Yuzuna has a chance to answer Hiei, they're suddenly interrupted. She can't even give a warning out before the kunai reaches them. Instinctively the Hyuuga focuses her chakra and hardens the blue energy into a shields at the exact points the kunai threaten to pierce. Her otherwise masked expression darkens with a scowl, "We have to catch the scout before they reach the others." Yuzuna murmurs, just before she blurs with sudden speed. Intending to chase down the culprit. Their element of surprise might be blown before they even have a chance to use it to their advantage.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against SHARP-III(29) attack from Frog with a DODGE…45
COMBAT: Hiei defends against SHARP-III(42) attack from Frog with a LESSER-LIGHTNING-BLOCK…39
COMBAT: Hiei loses the roll and sustains 590 damage.

Hiei nods in understanding as Yuzuna speeds away in pursuit. He dodges a kunai and then lifts his hand to catch another one, but instead it sinks into his palm. Hiei frowns at the minor setback and pulls the blade out before taking some bandages from the kit on his belt and binding the wound up. He then makes sure that Hige is alright before making some handseals. "Release: Lightning Movement." He murmurs before his legs are surrounded in a bright blue glow. Increasing his speed with a little Yotsuki nintaijutsu, Hiei gives chase after Yuzuna, trusting that Hige and Konsho will be able to keep up.

RP: Hiei transforms into LIGHTNING-MOVEMENT-MODE.
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Hige just starts to stand to start moving forward to try and work a new scent when the kunai come. He steps to one side deftly while Konsho simply lifts a paw to avoid the one coming towards him. Hige mutters to himself before dropping down onto all fours, chakra flowing cleanly through him as the duo gives chase after the others, managing to keep up. Even while he moves Hige continues to keep his senses open and checking for more scents or anything that might give away whatever other danger may be near. After all there's not just the one that they have to worry about. He doesn't say anything about Hiei's unfortunate fluke but then he knows that a little kunai in the palm isn't the end of the world.

Yuzuna is, thanks to her byakugan, able to pinpoint the man's location and chase after him. They would find themselves traveling in a north-northeast direction along the beach, though the culprit is further ahead of them, able to run this fast without breaking too much of a sweat, even… Hige's nose keeps them on the right track, even if the duo falls behind, but then… They might realize that something else is coming. Konsho, the lowest to the ground, might feel a sort of disturbance as he runs. The Inuzuka may even see a shadow under their feet… Then, quite suddenly, they would find themselves running into what seems to be an earthen pillar.
The target in front of Hiei and Yuzuna would continue along until they get to a clearing of sorts. It was quite a distance from the beach that they had run, admittedly, as they chased down the man. It was far enough away that they would (should the enemy's plan be successful) not see Hige keeping up behind them and instead have to deal with kunai coming in from all directions at the duo. The attack itself was fairly relentless in nature, though eventually it would stop because the man had run out of tools to throw.

COMBAT: Yuzuna defends against SHARP-II(49) attack from Frog with a JUUKEN-DODGE…52

Yuzuna tries to pick up speed, trying to reach the scout before it's too late, and in a blink of an eye what trees there were around her vanishes as she appears in a clearing. Several more kunai is thrown in all directions around her, though with her keen eyes Yuzuna is able to expertly dodge all of them while minimizing the need to change her course. When the kunai stop is when she takes off with another burst of speed, aiming the strike to the scout's throat, clean and precise if executed right.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against SHARP-II(40) attack from Frog with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…66

Hiei is right behind Yuzuna. While he doesn't have enhanced vision, his battle sense does give him a very brief warning just before the kunai are launched. He leaps into the air, flipping over the kunai, landing while not even breaking his stride. When Yuzuna moves in to strike the scout's throat, Hiei takes a wider route, coming in from the side and flinging his arm out as his attack follows up hers.

COMBAT: Hige defends against RISING-STONE-COLUMNS(32) attack from Frog with a EVASION…48
COMBAT: Hige defends against RISING-STONE-COLUMNS(34) attack from Frog with a EVASION…33
COMBAT: Hige loses the roll and sustains 468 damage.

Hige and Konsho are both primarily focused on not losing their current target, but they're also well trained. When something starts to shift in the ground the pair immediately move to avoid the danger. Hige shifts his body so that instead of running into the column he instead runs slightly up it before flipping backwards. Konsho isn't so lucky however and gets hit by part of the column, letting out a soft yelp before hopping back. Hige is at his side immediately as feral eyes scan for the source of this new danger. He'll have to leave Hiei and Yuzuna alone to deal with the other danger. He's fairly certain they can take care of themselves. For now someone hurt Konsho so there's some death to deal.

COMBAT: Frog defends against JUUKEN-DASH-STRIKE(41) attack from Yuzuna with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…59
COMBAT: Frog counters against a LARIAT(39) attack from Hiei with a PHYSICAL-II…38
COMBAT: Frog loses the roll and sustains 722 damage.

The scout, his mask revealing him to be KRD Agent Frog, is quick to notice just who is attacking him and leaps out of the way. However, this exposes him to Hiei, which results in a lariat that knocks him over onto his back. So much for trying to kick the Raikage in the head as he landed… The man gets up a bit slowly, moves hampered by pain, and attempts to dive at the both of them, the man kicking out at Hiei before his fist is aimed at Yuzuna's face.
Hige has his own issues to deal with, as a torrent of mud comes down at him and then bullets of mud aim themselves at the two. "Hehehehhe! Such a little boy to be chasing after such a big target like myself… Are you even worth the fight? Perhaps Hozuki-sama will reward me, regardless…" Oh boy, a talker…

COMBAT: Yuzuna defends against PHYSICAL-III(40) attack from Frog with a JUUKEN-DODGE…56

Frog manages to avoid Yuzuna's touch, but not for long. It's only going to be a matter of time before the two of them can get the ex-KRD to sit still. Permanently. Narrowing her pale eyes as Frog throws a rather obvious punch, the Hyuuga quirks a brow and steps aside, avoiding it completely. Yuzuna uses his momentum to her advantage as he follows through. A precise tap of her fingertips strikes at his chakra point, attempting to stun him and follow with an even harder strike.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL-III(39) attack from Frog with a BLOCK…47

Hiei blocks the kick from the scout with the palm of his hand and then weaves with Yuzuna, coordinating his movements with hers. It wasn't his first time fighting alongside a Hyuga. So when she delivers her stun attack and then aims a harder strike at him, Hiei spins around behind the scout and spins in place, lashing out a powerful kick towards the base of the scout's neck. "Just stay down, idiot." He growls under his breath.

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Figures he would get stuck with a talker. The generally quiet Inuzuka. The boy lets out a low growl as both he and his companion dodge aside from the mud in all of its form. "You hurt Konsho." He growls angrily, feral eyes narrowing slightly. That's all he has to say to the man. Nothing else matters. Without pause or another word the duo launch themselves at the man and spin in a coordinated attack. Whether or not they hit its followed by those lightning imbued claws, seeking to shred the man.

COMBAT: Frog defends against JUUKEN-STUN(42) attack from Yuzuna with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…34
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"So what if I did?" The man with the Tanuki mask asks with a giggle, the man falling over a bit in his spot in a tree. He oopses and tries to right himself, only to find an angry Hige perform the Inuzuka Clan's special attack, gatsuga, right at his face! "WHOA!!" the man yelps, falling backwards from his tree, only to get hit again by lightning claws that rake his skin. "Ow-owowowowowow! That hurts, you know!" the man whines, rubbing his injuries pathetically. With a few handseals, a clone of earth rises from the ground. "Need to make this a bit more fair, yes?" he asks, clone charging at Hige while Tanuki holds back to try and lure Konsho towards him while he makes the ground beneath the pup softer. So soft that Konsho would find himself sinking!
Frog winces as he gets hit, not just once, but twice. Then a third time by the Raikage himself! The man tries to dodge, but he's just not fast enough to avoid getting hit by the paralyzing strike while the next makes his chakra weaken. Then lightning courses through his body, even as the blow to his neck misses and hits his back instead. Painful, yet not life-threatening to make him go down. A few coughs reveal blood on his lips, yet he doesn't back down as he blurs with speed to try and strike both opponents quickly.

COMBAT: Yuzuna defends against BREVITY(59) attack from Frog with a JUUKEN-DODGE-II…57
COMBAT: Yuzuna loses the roll and sustains 568 damage.

There's only a brief moment of satisfaction, a flickering instant as Yuzuna doesn't allow herself to linger, her sharp eyes remaining hard and focused on Frog as she watches him intently. They needed to handle him quickly and get back to Hige. Soon. The brief thought of the team mate must have been distracting enough, as Frog blurs with sudden speed, just a fraction quicker than she was. The Hyuuga hisses through her teeth as she scowls, regaining her balance and already moving for a counterstrike.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against BREVITY(57) attack from Frog with a BREVITY…60

The scout had attacked him with the one thing that he had no problems keeping up with. Speed. By the time that he launches his attack, Hiei is already gone, leaving an afterimage in his place to fool the scout into thinking that he was still there. Approaching from behind, he reaches back behind him and draws both swords from their sheath. He launches into a series of rapid strikes, his arms blurring from moving so fast. If this wanted to see speed, he'd show it to him. He strikes out with both blades as he spins in place, moving immediately to a crouch in anticipation for a counter-attack.

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Konsho can't quite get away from that mud but Hige'll be damned if he lets the dog get hurt more. He moves in front of the pup, knocking him out of the mud allowing himself to get stuck while at the same time taking the blow. At least it knocks him loose enough so that he can launch himself forward with a wild anger in his eyes, claws slashing towards the man as that lightning flicks around him.

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COMBAT: Tanuki loses the roll and sustains 448 damage.

Yuzuna's reaction was faster that the ex-KRD agent expected and he stumbles back as he's struck in the chest, coughing up a bit of blood in the process. He already wasn't looking too good, and it seems he's about to get worse as Hiei comes in with his blurring swords. The Raikage definitely has earned his title, as he slashes the man several times over. Enough lacerations are on the man's body that he'll likely bleed out at some point. Apparently, though, he's not inclined to give up, wanting to exhaust his enemies as much as possible. Two kunai, both enhanced with chakra, are aimed at Hiei and Yuzuna as the man struggles to get back up to continue his assault.
Hige is able to effectively claw Tanuki, lightning entering the ex-KRD's system while he also gets mauled. It isn't enough to put him down completely, but it's certainly enough for him to get a world of hurting. "OOwoowowowowow!" yelps the man, Tanuki hopping a few times and rubbing his injuries as if that would treat them. "Y' know that /really/ hurts, yeah?" he asks, making a handseal to try and push both dog and human to the ground. Whether or not it works, the wind picks up, acquiring a blade-like edge that would slash at both Inuzuka.

COMBAT: Yuzuna defends against CHAKRA-SHARP-IV(58) attack from Frog with a GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN…84

Her keen eyes tell her everything. The scout was tiring quickly against two opponents, so it wouldn't take much more to put him down for good. Though he isn't fully out of surprises. Blades withdrawn, her opalescent eyes widen slightly as she sees the chakra humming through it. Instinctively she dashes towards Hiei to possibly intercept the oen that's thrown at him, but she's too slow. She won't make it. Yuzuna scowls to herself but doesn't linger, her hands already reaching out with a hum of blue chakra as she forms a large defensive orb around herself, hands moving too quick for the eye to see. The blade thrown at her is deflected, and it's momentum picks up as it flies straight back at it's user.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against CHAKRA-SHARP-IV(68) attack from Frog with a HYPER-SPEED-BLINK-DODGE…60
COMBAT: Hiei loses the roll and sustains 1218 damage.

Hiei tried to move out of the way of the charged kunai, but it was moving too fast even for him. He's impacted in the shoulder despite Yuzuna's best efforts to intercept. The Raikage growls under his breath and yanks out the kunai, tossing it to the side. He pushes the pain away for later..right now there was still business to take care of. As Yuzuna counter attacks, Hiei prepares a little something of his own. He holds his hand out, palm side up as lightning chakra pools into his palm. The ball begins to spin in his palm and flattens out into a disc shape, resembling that of a buzzsaw. Hiei leaps into the air and hurls it towards his opponent. He asides to Yuzuna. "This guy is only trying to delay us. We need to finish him quickly, Sempai."

COMBAT: Hige defends against MACROBURST(55) attack from Tanuki with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…53
COMBAT: Hige loses the roll and sustains 0 damage.
COMBAT: Hige defends against WIND-CUTTER(45) attack from Tanuki with a TENSE…15
COMBAT: Hige loses the roll and sustains 1031 damage.

Hige and Konsho don't seem to care much what the man has to say as they simply stare him down. Perhaps the boy moreso than the pup but still. When the wind starts to slam into them they're unable to get away in time and it forces them both down, leaving the pair unable to move as the rest of the winds begin cutting into them and spraying blood hither and yon.

Hiei's note is very accurate, and the pair are able to take him down with ease. While Frog can block the chakra, he's a bit more vulnerable when it comes to that lightning disc that Hiei throws at him. It buzzes itself right through him, essentially cutting him in half. Good job, Hiei! Sure, he's still breathing, but he's gonna die, he's gonna die~. Now what about Hige and the Hozuki?
Tanuki sees that he's able to pin down Hige and he offers a grin from behind his mask. "Well, that works wonders, aye?" He hops down from his perch so that he could do a simple slash at Hige, the man aiming for a non-lethal spot on Hige. He'd rather not kill him, really… Then he glances around and frowns. "Hmm… My senses… They're telling me I should go for a bit. I'll see you again, little boy, I'm sure," says the former agent, even as he disappears into the ground.

With the Frog taken care of, Yuzuna allows herself a small amount of relief before she turns to Hiei. "If they don't know we're here by now, it won't be long before they notice that this one is missing." she murmurs, snapping her eyes back over her shoulder, towards the woods where Hige is now alone. "The other one escaped. If we need to make a plan, we need to be even quicker now."

RPCOMBAT: Hiei defends against with a PERCEPTION-III…50

Hiei nods at Yuzuna as he sheathes his swords in one smooth motion. "I agree. But we need to find Hige…he might be hurt." He leaps up into the trees and scans the ground, seeing slight movement, he grins. "We still might be able to take them by surprise." His body blurs as he moves from tree branch to branch rapidly. Spotting Hige and Konsho, he leaps high into the air and begins to spin over the location that Tanuki is about to be in based on his movement under the ground. Lightning pools around his outstretched foot and he impacts the ground with a thunderous sound, creating a large crater around where his foot impacts, hopefully crushing Tanuki in the process.

COMBAT: Hige defends against WIND-SLASH(29) attack from Tanuki with a TENSE…4
COMBAT: Hige loses the roll and sustains 734 damage.
COMBAT: Hige ESCAPES from Tanuki's stun!
COMBAT: Hige defends against UNDERGROUND-FISH-PROJECTION(48) attack from Tanuki with a INUZUKA-SENSES…61

Hige grits his teeth as he fights against the wind but it's to no avail. As the weapon bites into him it only causes his anger to rise more even as the pain is shoved aside mentally and put away. Something to deal with later, not now. For now he's not going to let the man get away. Even before he can start slinking into the ground the Inuzuka duo are moving, surrounding and slashing at him with a speed that most would be unable to follow. If nothing else it might just hold him in place for Hiei's attack. When the Raikage starts coming down the pair cross the man, slashing at him and using the speed to put distance between themselves and Hiei's attack just before it hits.

COMBAT: Tanuki defends against SWIFT-WOLF-FANG(48) attack from Hige with a WIND-STEP…41
COMBAT: Tanuki loses the roll and sustains 501 damage.
COMBAT: Tanuki defends against LIGHTNING-CURB-STOMP(68) attack from Hiei with a WIND-STEP…81

Tanuki is unable to get underground in time to avoid the Inuzuka, the man flying into the air, essentially, as he tries to avoid the attack to no avail. When he lands, he bolts quickly avoiding Hiei's attack as fast as he can. "… Really?" he grumbles. "Now it's like… Three on one! How fair is that?" he whines, clones forming and starting to barrage the duo. The clones seem to appear out of thin air as wind is gathered to form their bodies. If they hit the pair, it would create many lacerations on a single spot on the victim's body.

Just as Hiei leaps into the trees, Yuzuna is quick to follow, gaze narrowing as her keen eyes detect movement even before the Kage. Whoever Hige was up against was trying to flee, not that the Inuzuka is going to make it easy on him. Probably to keep him from escaping just as backup arrived. The target flies through the air before he lands, somehow avoiding Hige before creating several clones. As Yuzuna lands she quickly scans each of them, identifying Tanuki with the Byakugan. With one purposeful step she thrusts a hand straight at him, releasing a concentrated blast of chakra.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against MULTIPLE-WIND-CLONES(42) attack from Tanuki with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…68

Hiei grunts as Tanuki somehow managed to dodge his earth shattering attack. Hopping out of the crater that he created, he twists his body into a series of aerial flips, dodging the clones as his hands move swiftly into handseals before he releases a wave of lightning towards Tanuki. If he's successful, it will short out his nervous system for a moment, giving Hige an opening to finish this guy once and for all.

COMBAT: Hige defends against WIND-CLONE(51) attack from Tanuki with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…47
COMBAT: Hige loses the roll and sustains 826 damage.

Hige ignores the attack of the wind clone as it hits him, having been unable to move in time. It just fuels his anger is all. Ignoring the grevious wounds on his person he signals to Konsho and the duo attack, spinning towards the man in not one but two coordinate attacks. Spinning certainly doesn't help with blood loss either, but that's not what his concern is. This mans death is his only concern now. Hope he wasn't supposed to come back alive because if Hige gets his hands on him he won't last very long.

COMBAT: Tanuki defends against EIGHT-TRIGRAMS-AIR-PALM(54) attack from Yuzuna with a EARTH-DOME…58
COMBAT: Tanuki defends against INSPIRATION-WAVE(43) attack from Hiei with a WIND-CLONE…65
COMBAT: Tanuki defends against GATSUGA(57) attack from Hige with a EARTH-DOME…68
COMBAT: Tanuki defends against GATSUGA(35) attack from Hige with a EARTH-BARRIER…38

By some stroke of luck, Tanuki is able to avoid all the attacks, a dome of earth coming around him to block the Inuzuka and Hyuuga with ease. However, Hiei's Inspiration Wave attack, lightning based as it is, is able to break through the dome like it was nothing. Tanuki manages to just barely avoid it, a wind clone taking the hit instead of himself. Then he makes a seal, forcing wind to come crashing down onto Hiei so the Raikage might be immobilized while Tanuki deals with Hige. A bullet of earth is aimed at the Inuzuka, even as someone comes down at Yuzuna. "Yer late!" grumbles the masked Tanuki. The Hozuki that arrived shakes his head a bit. I wouldn't have thought it'd take so long to take them out." Then he makes a seal, and water comes from his body to encase Yuzuna, again trapping before taking her down, if he's lucky.

COMBAT: Yuzuna defends against WATER-PRISON(49) attack from Tanuki with a VIOLENT-WATER-WAVE…44
COMBAT: Yuzuna defends against WATER-CLONE(48) attack from Tanuki with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Yuzuna loses the roll and sustains 1048 damage.

Yuzuna is quick to realize that water was beginning to form around her. The Water Prison. Her nose flares just slightly with annoyance but her hands swiftly form several seals, intending to use the water itself to push outwards as a growing wave, though it becomes apparent that the orb was too powerful to push away. It engulfs her, leaving the Hyuuga swimming inside of it as she struck from the outside.
It feels like eternity before water crashes and Yuzuna falls to her knees, taking longer than she cared to admit to shrug off the pain and pushes herself to her feet. But once she's standing, she isn't there for long. Blurring she dashes straight at the masked shinobi, fingertips glowing. "You're in range…" It's all that's heard.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against MACROBURST(39) attack from Tanuki with a DODGE…39

Hiei has had just about enough of all of this. So far, he has been operating at around one fourth of his strength. As he steps to the side to avoid the wind chakra his body begins to glow with an aura of blue colored chakra. His muscles expand slightly as he growls out. "Idiots. I don't even want you to give up anymore. Now I'm just going to kill you all to rid the planet of your stupidity." His body warps as he moves for Tanuki, he attempts to drive his fist into his gut and then he would violently inject lightning chakra into is body that would temporarily short out his central nervous system.

RP: Hiei transforms into LIGHTNING-DYNAMIC.

COMBAT: Hige defends against MUD-BULLET(37) attack from Tanuki with a EVASION…62

Hige ignores all his wounds, the feral look in his eyes making one wonder if there's any sanity left in there at all. He is beyond furious and at this point he's not going to stop until he's dead or they are. Even as the duo lands from their second attack they're moving again, Konsho moving right along with his companion despite his own injuries. Their focus is the original man who has sustained so much from them yet still stands. They move in again, spinning at the man before lightning appears in Hige's claws as he swipes with a loud, guttural growl.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against JUUKEN-STUN(33) attack from Yuzuna with a WATER-CLONE…51
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against EIGHT-TRIGRAMS-THIRTY-TWO-PALMS(53) attack from Yuzuna with a WATER-CLONE…60

COMBAT: Tanuki defends against SUDDEN-SHOCK(70) attack from Hiei with a WIND-CLONE…82
COMBAT: Tanuki defends against GATSUGA(58) attack from Hige with a WIND-CLONE…41
COMBAT: Tanuki loses the roll and sustains 562 damage.
COMBAT: Tanuki defends against LIGHTNING-CLAW(39) attack from Hige with a WIND-CLONE…63

The Hozuki that Yuzuna attacks is a mere clone, it seems, as water splashes when she hits the clone and then it starts to wrap around her in another prison of water. "Heheheh… The leader is really strong, you know!" Tanuki calls over to Yuzuna, the man switching places with some of the clones he created. It doesn't take much for him to avoid the incoming attacks, though one close enough could perhaps hear the soft sigh of relief that escapes his lips. Though he may have spoken too soon since Hige sees through the ruse, claws raking down part of his back. "Ugh! You know that really hurts, kid!" he grumbles, a seal forming as he tries to attack again.
Yuzuna, in the meanwhile, would find herself trapped by the water prison, if it worked, and the person who attacked her seems to be charging up for a big one… And Tanuki as well is focusing on taking down both Hiei and Hige, aiming to stop them in their tracks (literally).

COMBAT: Yuzuna defends against WATER-PRISON(48) attack from Rockpath with a GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN…72
COMBAT: Yuzuna defends against WATER-LANCE(51) attack from Rockpath with a GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN…80

A short breath hitches in her chest and is held as Yuzuna focuses, the chakra at her hands swirling around her as she spins, deflecting the water that threatens to imprison her. The water lance scattering into droplets. When she finally slows down the Hyuuga staggers, breathing harder than normal. Than she should be from jutsu she's perfected. Her chakra… Yuzuna quickly shakes her dark head to herself and starts gathering, focusing her chakra inside of her. She could only watch, helpless as the others are being targeted. She needs to hurry!

COMBAT: Hiei defends against MACROBURST(58) attack from Tanuki with a BREVITY…56

COMBAT: Hige defends against MACROBURST(42) attack from Tanuki with a EVASION…56

Hiei was just about to make his way to Hige when a gust of wind takes him to his knees, making it impossible for him to move. The look on his face is murderous as he places a hand on the ground, unable to move at the moment.

Even as the others are taken in by various attacks Hige continues to fight. And hopefully now to distract until the others can get loose. It's not a good situation for him currently. He's beat to hell and despite the fueling anger he can tell his reactions are a fraction slower as it all compounds. But he's not done. He doesn't respond to the stupid talking man but instead moves to intercept the two individuals, he and Konsho launching into the air to come down towards Hozuki first before they push off and head towards their initial victim.

COMBAT: Tanuki defends against GATSUGA(44) attack from Hige with a WIND-CLONE…62

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against GATSUGA(45) attack from Hige with a WATER-CLONE…65
RP: Rockpath transforms into PERFECT-HYDRIFICATION.

The Hozuki they're after offers a small grin when he sees that the enemies are getting tired. He makes a handseal, and his body takes on a form of pure liquid. Hige's attack runs right through him, not even touching him. His hands ripple as the water starts to form into a distinct weapon.
Hige launched himself through the Hozuki before doubling back onto the man that wields both wind and earth, but it's still to no avail as he goes through air. Tanuki snickers at the attempt, appearing beside his leader, or rather a bit behind him, and starts to form seals. "I think they're on their last legs. It might take a bit more for the Raikage, but…" He shrugs and says, "Let's get it over with." Then his hands land on the last seal, and the man sends out a powerful gust of wind that would cut into Hige and Hiei's skin, perhaps even knocking the two over. The wind itself would work to flow towards the two as the Hozuki finishes what he's working on.
A long spear made of pure water has extended from his arm, and he grips it, hefting it into his hand. "Indeed…" He comments, watching Yuzuna carefully to make sure this attack hits. The man throws it, aiming right for the Hyuuga to try and take her out in a single blow.

COMBAT: Yuzuna successfully interrupts attack number 2: WIND-CUTTER from Tanuki against Hiei with a roll of 77 vs 48.
COMBAT: Yuzuna successfully interrupts attack number 3: GALE-PULSE from Tanuki against Hige with a roll of 46 vs 31.
COMBAT: Yuzuna defends against PURE-WATER-SPEAR(95) attack from Tanuki with a GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN…80
COMBAT: Yuzuna loses the roll and sustains 1762 damage.
COMBAT: Yuzuna defends against WIND-CUTTER(48) attack from Tanuki with a HEAVENLY-SPIN…47
COMBAT: Yuzuna loses the roll and sustains 826 damage.
COMBAT: Yuzuna defends against GALE-PULSE(31) attack from Tanuki with a HEAVENLY-SPIN…72

There wasn't time. Whatever they were planning was big and they pinned Hige and the Raikage in order to take them out, and she watches the seals being made with widening eyes. "No…" she whispers, "No!" Yuzuna finds her voice. Pushing with abrupt, hard speed she blurs, faster than she's ever attempted before. The chakra pulses at her hands and by the time she places herself in front of her teammates the large sphere solidifies, trying to strengthen it with several layers.
The water spear shatters through her defenses, burying itself deep in her chest as the wind picks up and slices into her all over. Gasping a breath, the chakra at her fingertips begins to dull and a thin stream of blood oozes from the corner of her mouth. A heart beat, then another before falls onto her knees, collapsing on the ground where she had stood. For a moment Yuzuna just stared up at the sky, her thoughts becoming scattered. "Ogo… Ogosoka… maru…"

Hiei is finally able to move, just in time to see Yuzuna take the attacks that were meant for him and Hige. "No.." There is a look of horror on his face as the wife of the man he respected most in this world fell onto her back. A man that was in all purposes his older brother, which made Yuzuna family, too. Not being a medic, Hiei wasn't sure if she was still alive or not. His breath speeds up along with his heartbeat. A haze of red covers his vision as his arms begin to shake. He stands up with a roar as the air around him explodes with chakra. The force of it cracks the ground beneath his feet as his muscles expand to three times their normal size.
Reaching behind him, he draws both of his blades. The kill intent wafts off of him in waves. Hige and Konsho were almost forgotten. He just hoped that they knew enough to stay back and not to approach him in this state. The lightning from his aura expands outwards, encompassing his blades as they begin to glow the same bright blue as his body. In an almost dead voice devoid of emotion, he states. "Sky of wonder." He lifts his swords towards the sky, lightning lancing off the tip, creating a maelstrom around him. Baring his teeth as he looks at the man who struck Yuzuna. "Power of thunder.."
Hiei's body disappears, only to appear behind the Hozuki and Tanuki, attacking them both with the same movement. The movement was as fast as a lightning strike. The sound of thunder roars from the displacement of air from Hiei moving so fast.

RP: Hiei transforms into LIGHTNING-RELEASE-ARMOR.

A flicker of surprise passes through Hige when he sees someone else take an attack aimed his way. It's an odd thing that and it's enough to give him pause when said person falls over. A low, inhuman growl comes from the tiny boys throat and death is in his eyes. He's about to move but Hiei beats him to it. And the scent coming from the man is just as intense as Hige's own. Only, Hiei has the power to back it up unlike Hige. He realizes then just how much of a burden he had been on this mission and it breaks him from his anger fueled thoughts enough to keep him from going in after Hiei. Instead he just watches for now in case one of the people tried to run. Maybe he could distract them or something. Blood drips from multiple wounds both deep and shallow and it's a wonder he's still standing after the hits and just how much blood he's lost. He really was no help. In fact someone was hurt because of him. He just stays on all fours and waits for now.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against THUNDER-SLASH(146) attack from Hiei with a WATER-CLONE…56
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 2602 damage.

COMBAT: Tanuki defends against THUNDER-SLASH(111) attack from Hiei with a WIND-CLONE…52
COMBAT: Tanuki loses the roll and sustains 2394 damage.

The only thing they can do is blink, stare, and take Hiei's attack. The Raikage moves too quickly for the men to see, and Tanuki, already weak thanks to the lasting battle with Hige earlier and then being quadruple teamed for a few rounds, ends up succumbing to the powerful lightning that sparked from Hiei's blade. It was a blow so powerful, that the man's body was burned to a crisp from the lightning-infused weapon. Tanuki's body crumples to the ground in a smoking heap, even as his leader takes a similar hit.
Due to the watery composition of the Hozuki, he's able to take the attack, though it's extremely painful for him to bear. The lightning just flows through him and shocks everything before traveling into the ground and leaving him drained. The man takes a deep breath to gather himself, eyes focused mostly on the one that has been giving him the most trouble. The Raikage himself. As a last ditch effort, the Hozuki makes a handseal, water spewing out and starting to form. It gathers behind him to form a giant wall of water, but yet it's concentrated so that it would really only hit Hiei, if he was careful. "Suiton: Seisui no Yari…" he says quietly, and the water starts to tip forward, all of it crashing down on Hiei. The edges of the brick also happen to target Yuzuna, and she's likely going to be crushed as well. It's probably because Hige is closer to the edge and furthest away from the Hozuki that he'll only get part of the water, it more likely to knock him over than kill him.

COMBAT: Hiei failed to interrupt attack number 1: GREAT-WATERFALL from Rockpath against Yuzuna with a roll of 82 vs 94.
COMBAT: Yuzuna defends against GREAT-WATERFALL(94) attack from Rockpath with a TENSE…13
COMBAT: Yuzuna loses the roll and sustains 2832 damage.

The giant wall of concentrated water catches at the edge, partly crushing her under it's weight. Her blood stains the water red when it finally does begin to recede, and the last of her breaths are spent coughing up water. Each small gasp is painful, tightening her chest as Yuzuna shivers. The world was quickly becoming colder from the blood loss. Taking a small swallow she tries to smile, the world around her becoming clouded by shadows as the chakra escapes her control and the Byakugan fades. "My Ogo…" she coughs, exhaling one last sigh as she closes her eyes. The last of her life slips away, water through her fingers.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against GREAT-WATERFALL(103) attack from Rockpath with a DISPLACEMENT…132

Most people know Hiei to be that fun loving guy who is a little goofy at times and a little aloof. Someone who always has a kind word for others and words of encouragement for those under his command. As Raikage, he is firm, but fair. But..this is not that man.
As the wave of water roars towards him, he takes a single step and seems to teleport from one location to standing toe to toe almost nose to nose with Hozuki. There is a cold smile. "That's the expression I want to see on your face. That look of fear. The look where you finally realize that within moments what's left of your pathetic life reaches it's end. I will enjoy bathing in your blood, tasting your essence as your life ebbs away. You killed my friend, and I can never forgive you for that." He disappears again, this time standing several feet away from him. "Pray to whatever god you serve." He moves towards him and then vanishes as he seems to be everywhere, yet nowhere all at once. Multiple versions of Hiei surround Hozuki, attacking from all directions at once.

COMBAT: Hige defends against NIN-SPAR(35) attack from Rockpath with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…64

Hige watches through vision that's slowly becoming fuzzy from the blood loss of the countless deep wounds on his person. Konsho is better off thankfully, though that's due to Hige sacrificing himself to protect the pup. When the water comes he realizes it's not exactly aimed at him although that doesn't make it any less dangerous. He pushes away with Konsho and gets out of the way of the blast before moving in to attack again, following up on Hiei's own. It's bad enough someone killed his target. He's going to at least draw some blood in vengeance. Or probably not but he's going to damn well try.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SWALLOW-RETURN(87) attack from Hiei with a WATER-CLONE…52
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 1617 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against GATSUGA(43) attack from Hige with a WATER-RIBBONS…33
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 523 damage.

Both Hiei and Hige's attack hits their mark, and the Hozuki ends up going down from the infinite slashes that the Raikage aimed at him. Not even his watery self could avoid the damage. Hige's claws are the ones that deal the final blow, cutting the man's throat in a lucky strike. He shudders once, then drops down dead, blood spraying from his neck and likely onto Hige and Hiei. The battle was long, and it took sacrifice, but the escaped criminals were all dead. That was three in one go; a great victory with a greater loss. Mission status: Complete.

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