A Gypsy’s Tale - Part I : The Capture


Tosai, Daichi, Mukuge

Date: Unknown (log received February 14, 2011)


A gypsy troupe enroute to Konoha, is suddenly attacked by an unknown assailants. Tosai and Daichi, who happen to be out patrolling, find themselves in a dangerous situation to rescue a small girl and her family from this danger.

"A Gypsy’s Tale - Part I : The Capture"

Forest Pathway [Land of Fire]


This is a forest path in the middle of nowhere, surrounding are large trees providing little chance to view anything further in the distance, to the west there seems to be a kind of crossroads of sorts whilst wandering to the east there seems to be no destination noted. All over there are small patches of grass, bushes and small trees. The insect life seems prominent here as the sight of a large silver spider web can be seen spun in the trees, its occupant often not spotted.


Being back in Konoha felt good! It was work again, and for a ninja who loved what he did, Tosai could not be happier. The stress of competition had been overwhelming, enough so where even he himself was finding something so natural to his abilities, to be a bit forced. But now, he could laze about, back to the monotonous and easy routine of leading his own team, patrolling, practicing, farming, and living life the easy way. Even today, Tosai's thought never went beyond the patrol he signed himself and Daichi up for. It was part of his own teaching method's in fact, preparing Daichi for a future role of leadership only second to his own, as a senior Genin of Team Four.

The boy needed to learn tactics, in addition to the kenjutsu skills that Tosai had helped him to learn. So the day was filled with small hints and tips on tracking, and moving through wooded area's such as this. Small things really, Tosai spent much of his time with Daichi, fine tuning what the boy had already known, or should have already known anyway.

Any who, the patrol the two were assigned, extended beyond the farthest reaches of the main path toward the village. It was really only about a thirteen square mile radius about this area that the two went over, often having chances like now, to stop at a nearby river just southwest of the crossroads. That was where break time, as well as Tosai's lesson's on Scroll Mastery were being held. Even now, Tosai had three blank scrolls set out, each of them having available as Daichi was showed both pre-sealing, and post-sealing ritual.

"Always remember… There is always a 'lock' rule and a 'key' rule for which most techniques like these depend on. You have to make sure the hand sealing or even the chakra release patterns, match the patterns for containment. Otherwise, you will find yourself sealing something you can't unseal… /again/."


Daichi chuckles lightly in a bit of shame as Tosai seemed to exaggerate upon his previous blunder with scrolls. Daichi looks down at the scrolls and nods to Tosai's explanation as he understands what he has said so far. Break time he had hoped would be spent a bit differently, not that he wasn't excited to be learning scroll techniques but he wanted to improve on his ninjutsu and hand sign capabilities as he felt the lack of skill in those two areas contributed to his screw up with the scroll and Madness's Butcher. There was a certain jutsu that had caught Daichi's attention, but it was ninjutsu and it required extensive experience in the field of ninjutsu which Daichi didn't have. He would look up from the scrolls "Ok…so that's the root of this sealing thing then?" he asked curiously, trying not to sound impatient.

Standing atop one of the carriages as they make way through the scenic forest was Mukuge. The sunlight that shown through the canopy of the trees danced in her closed eyes as she found it to be a rather funny and enthralling display of dancing lights. It knocks her off balance from time to time due to it's dizzying nature of equilibrium loss and falls on her bottom with a light thud. She giggles and is helped up by her mother sitting beside her shaking her head at her daughter. Mukuge shines a smile at her mother and then a wave goes to her father at the head of the caravan. The caravan consisted of 3 carriages and a tow cart. Eight people in all were in route to the border gate of the hidden leaf village. The young gypsy girl stands up again and begins the orchestration of lights in her eyelids once more as she leans her head back and allows the shining light to dance once more. The carriage she's standing on that leads the troupe hits a rock and down she goes again. This time she simply lies there for the show to begin and eventually falls asleep.


A nod went to Daichi before the Akimichi Chuunin of the two found himself yet again showing off the specifics of the seal in front of them. "Its sort of that way. The only things you really have to account for are amount, and size of object per seal used. Its really those things that make up the pattern of the 'lock' and the 'key' to release them. Those are accounted for by the layering of multiple patterns of seals one atop the other. There are seals for every single type of thing to seal, whether it be chakra, or solid objects."

Tosai went to re-roll some of the blank scrolls he had out before saying, "In fact, many of the material patterns that pertain to cooked food, were innovated and revised for by the Akimichi clan as of late.", before he himself pulled out a different scroll. A dead giveaway to what it's contents were indicated by the Kanji symbol for Shoku… meaning Food.. Looks like the two were finally getting to what the break had been really about.. Lunch.

However, just when Daichi and Tosai had been getting what they really wanted, Mukuge's caravan was about to have a slight set back in what was there travel a much safer place.

'Boooommmm!!!!', rang out the moment the caravan seem to transfer from road to rock, only a mile away from the river where Daichi and Tosai now were. The wheels of the wagon were blown from under it, as fire would seemingly launch the caravan back and upward, threatening to flip it on to itself!! Meanwhile, the same happened on the rear most caravan, before smoke bombs sought to limit all visibility for all those who had only but wished to travel in peace. The sound of all this chaos was enough for even the most insensitive of ninja to hear and see. Tosai's own enhanced hearing cause him to stand even before the smoke plumed into the air, stretching far up into the stratosphere of a nearby tree top! "Daichi!", was said only by the Akimichi, with nothing else to follow. The call simply was enough to imply that Tosai was going to move.

With his flickering into movement, Tosai soon found himself trying to hear out, and sniff out what exactly was going on. Hopefully he'd find out before they arrived.

A nod went to Daichi before the Akimichi Chuunin of the two found himself yet again showing off the specifics of the seal in front of them. "Its sort of that way. The only things you really have to account for are amount, and size of object per seal used. Its really those things that make up the pattern of the 'lock' and the 'key' to release them. Those are accounted for by the layering of multiple patterns of seals one atop the other. There are seals for every single type of thing to seal, whether it be chakra, or solid objects."

"So the more things or larger the object I'm sealing requires a certain pattern with the locks and keys," he seems to understand it but he wasn't ready to try anything too complicated. Daichi smiles and cheers to himself on the inside "Alright lunch!" he says as he rubs his hands together. His head snaps though towards a loud noise "Hmm?" Daichi peers over to what seems to be a caravan someone has de-wheeled it. Daichi forgot about lunch and stood up "Tosai-sensei!" he says but it looks like Tosai was way ahead of him as the smoke bomb went off Daichi rushed towards the caravan. A multitude of strange sites catch his attention but one appealed more to Daichi at the moment, beyond the explosions and the large man hiding under the caravan he would see a little girl flung into the air. Without thinking Daichi made a dash for the girl leaping to catch her and secure her safety "I gotcha," he says to reassure the girl as he looks for a safe place to land. "What the hell is going on?"

With a sudden surge of force, Mukuge startles awake from the explosion and the upward ascension she finds herself in. Screaming to the top of her lungs, Mukuge finds herself at the apex of her climb and begins to head towards the ground. Fear rushes into her mind as she feels her untimely end approaching. She clinches her arms around herself as she closes her eyes trying to prepare for the pain she's about to feel before she passes. The young girl then feels a shift in her descent and a soft impact and opens her eyes to see her savoir. She clenches him and whimpers out, "Thank you for saving me.." as her eyes water up. As they land she tries to make heads or tails of the situation, but the streaming tears makes it nigh impossible at this point.

Meanwhile, despite Daichi's heroics, the situation seemed to just began. For while he may have noticed toe man moving beneath caravan, this still had been the one thing that Tosai hadn't, amongst everything else he had seen and smelled. '..Gunpowder?', was only one idea, as he sought to move through the scenario. Screams all around seemed to only be appeased by, "I am of Konoha! Quickly!! Follow my voice and head into the forest!!", as Tosai moved into the smoke right before Daichi had. Those who seemed to run out, seemed to have only panic as a weapon against this attack, though Tosai just couldn't make out exactly what’s going on.. Not to the last minute anyway.

The Akimichi counted five as the number of those who escaped, only having an inkling to ask, "Are there more of you?", with a shout of his own words. An older woman seemed adamant in her hint, stating, "I think we missed Muku-chan!! She and her parents were on the first caravan!!" Tosai looked on through, urging the woman pass him on a few moments before glints of knives were be heard just infront of him. High speed movement between three person's, was all he could make out, but only moments where another danger was noticed.

Daichi and Mukuge hadn't known that they had been spotted… The man beneath the middle caravan, had his own mission, and when Mukuge had been left in his sights, he moved to his objective without hesitation. A cloud of fired Kunai, from the man's mouth, moved through the air, seeking to impale the gypsy girl and the mednin!! It would have done so surely, if not for Tosai's saving hand, enlarged and placed in between.. "Daichi!! Move to the woods, now!!! Make sure you get these folks to safety!!", was said just moments after Tosai would not stand between the attacker and the two children. Tosai's hand would enlarge a moment after, seeking to grab this one man, but in the end, he was too slow. The man would disappear in a poof of black smoke!!

"Darnit!!! Where did he go?!!", expressed Tosai's dismay, only mere moments after three persons, sped pass him. The smell of blood was in the air, and before long, Tosai found himself in pursuit of even these foes!! He needed information, and it seemed who ever was being attacked, would have the answers. Meanwhile, what Mukuge and Daichi would not know, was that they had a pursuer.

Daichi softly smiles down at the girl "Hey come on don't cry. Konoha's Blade, Daichi, is here," he says trying to comfort the girl. The situation was dangerous too dangerous to let the girl down. He would look around for Tosai trying to see if he could shed some light on anything that was going on. Then he hears the sound of rebounding metal and he turns to see a giant hand sheild him and the girl. "Hey nice timing," he says. Nodding his head to Tosai's orders Daichi would take off "Hold on," he informs the girl as he moved quickly to the forest to protect the other people. As he made his way he would notice that he was being followed, oh what he would do for an explosive tag or flash bomb right now. He meets up with the crowd of people and sets the girl down assuming she can stand "Find your parents, stay with them and get back, I'll be right behind you guys to lead you to safety," Daichi turns to face his pursuer and draws his cleaver. Daichi has to make this quick he takes the cleaver with both hands and brings it down on the man hoping to injure him beyond repair.

Clearing her eyes, Mukuge looked about to find her parents, but they were nowhere to be found. She looks up to the ninja that saved and bows saying, "I'll do my best to stay out of the way…" She then looks at the other gypsies that were traveling with them and rushes to their side for safety. She still continues to scan the area for her parents and those that attacked the caravan. Her blood for some reason pumps full of excitement now instead of fright. Her eyes narrow slightly as she scans past Daichi towards the smoke and spots an unknown figure.

With precision, the pursuer of Daichi was cut down the middle of his chest with a nice hack of the large cleaver. The man went down, seeming not to be quite out until he was no longer able to drag himself away. Unconscious? Maybe. Dead? Not quite certain. But blood was being lost. Meanwhile, Mukuge's search for her parents only proved fruitless. They were no where with the group of those who barely escaped with there lives. But this was a weird circumstance. None of the person's hear were directly were being threatened, nor did the enemy make themselves known, like most cases of simply bandit robbery. So if this was the case, then why would such a simple group of entertainers be targeted?

None of details could be really spoken for, especially once a rather large explosion from just beyond the river, sent even Tosai careening upward, before then landing back in the distance. What could have thrown even Tosai so far?? The question was asked only when a man, not as large as the pursuer of Daichi, stood strong, cleanly dressed in a gray uwagi, tucked in hakama pants, and a gray haori. The only peculiar features of the man had been the blond curly hair for which his head was meticulously dressed with, and a large eye that now began to slowly close in the middle of his forehead.

The man seemed to smirk, as he carried two bodies of Mukuge's parents, under his arm, and across his shoulder… "Hmph.. and I was hoping not to be discovered… Oh well… Later.", was said before the man faded out of view, leaving an unconscious Tosai, along with Daichi, Mukuge, and the other gypsies, to merely nothing more than there own devices.

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