The Business of Revenge - A Hospital In Danger


Shuuren, Hiroyasu

Date: July 28, 2013


Shuuren and Hiroyasu are tending to the wounded in a village that was attacked by the Yakuza when they attack again, forcing them to defend the hospital where they are treating the wounded and the village.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Business of Revenge - A Hospital In Danger"

Small Village in the Land of Lightning

As the morning comes in the Land of Lightning, Shuuren and a young Medical Ninja from Kumogakure have found themselves in a rural hospital in a small village. Their job today is to tend to patients that suffered at the hands of the Yakuza only a day before. The basic run-down is that the town refused to cooperate with the criminals, and so they were attacked for it.
Despite some of the people being in critical condition, Shuuren himself is able to work rather quickly through surgical procedures. It may take him a couple minutes to prepare if he has to use a high-ranking surgical skill to save one of them, but he's able to get things done efficiently and well once he gets in motion. Though he's in his normal suit, it is covered by some protective garments to keep blood and such from getting on it in case someone has a spasm or some other unexpected occurrence.
After stepping out of a patient's room, Shuuren quickly tosses a pair of gloves in the trash before looking over another clipboard he's handed with information on the next patient. "The missing leg and arm are in the cooler, right?" he asks as he glances to the nurse while reading. "Let me get him prepped, and I'll tell you when to bring them to me. Make sure you're quick."

Just another day in the Hospital, another hour on the job, and another mission out in the field. It has been quite the norm for the members of his team to be sent out to supplement other missions or even bolster non-military interests. The exact reasoning for this had been a mystery to him, in the earlier days it was though it was the KRD pulling the strings to separate and weaken them.. but as Missions kept coming as success it was either a very poor attempt to silence them or a masterful manipulation of the facts at hand, to which it was he couldn't say.
This was all an errant though running Hiroyasu's head while he was wrist deep putting back in someone intestines, there is a sigh before he makes some stitches, use a light application of healing to minimize scarring and inflammation. It wasn't masterful but he wasn't a surgeon he was a combat medic, the medical magicians who make do with a chopstick, a little sake, and a patient in need of brain surgery in the middle of a fire torn battlefield. If you want masterful or elegant see a Specialist. "Alright, He'll live, no tearing or punctures just perforation of the adobminal lining. Minor round of antibiotics to prevent inflammation" he says to whoever they had on hand to assist him, in truth they usually didn't give him much. He sighs "What's next? Punctured lung, deflated too? What about fluid?" he asks them getting his responses he moves onto the next patient getting a new set of gloves and washing his hands.

Things seem to be going rather smoothly as far as getting the patients taken care of. The casualties should be much fewer than they would have been had Shuuren and Hiroyasu not arrived. Shuuren himself decides to take a quick breather, walking into a break room to grab a bottle of water and take a seat in a chair. He unscrews the cap and takes a few sips as he winds down a little in preparation for the next surgery.
While he sits, the doctor feels a rather large group of new presences arriving in the village. He then feels what appears to be a small chakra signature flying toward the hospital… and then another… and another. Blinking a few times, he wonders what might be going on, and then his eyes go wide and he shouts out, "EVERYONE, GET BEHIND SOMETHING SOLID AND ON THE FLOOR NOW!" He barely has time to follow his own instructions and duck down before dozens of explosions begin going off all over the front hospital walls from paper bombs that have been stuck to it by arrows being shot at the building to make the entire front walls of the building crumble.
When the smoke clears, dozens of Yakuza are seen charging the building with the archers still standing back in the town. The few people that are still in the town are either cowering in buildings or being beat down along the way. Another attack has begun. Looks like they plan to finish what they started.

Fingers plunged into the chest of his patient trying to remove a stray bit of foreign metal, There is a shout but it's muffled by the sounds of typical hospital droning and the sudden panic that loud outbursts cause on skittish victims. Then there is that feeling, that bad feeling it was something about to go off.. paper bomb? He looks around his hand still locked between the ribs, he panics throwing up his other hand which burns the glove right off his hand as a Seal of Chakra racing across the skin, a skittering orb of blue chakra races from his hand sitting the floor implanting a seal which springs to life reinforcing his position.. it was close perhaps too close.. as debris rains down as he leans over the wound to prevent it from further foreign objects from the wound. "What is going on?!" Hiroyasu shouts digging around less than careful now pulling out the piece of shrapnel throwing it down, he places his hand over the wound and waste his most powerful healing to seal it quickly.. he rubs his forehead. "Talk to me!?" he shouts.

Standing back up once the smoke has cleared, Shuuren would leap out of the new hole in the wall to look at the oncoming gang. He quickly forms a hand seal, creating a set of three Shadow Clones that spread out to begin fighting the men back. "Hiroyasu!" the original calls out as he looks back at the tattered building, eyes narrowing as he looks at the number of people they had saved, only for some of them to die anyway. "Seal him up then get out here! We can only save those who are still alive after this."
As he looks back ahead, Shuuren's eyes would turn completely black for a moment before he'd charge ahead, his arms extending out to grab any Yakuza within his reach with his extreme flexibility and strength to slam them together before he produces a set of kunai from his coat and tosses one into each man's throat. "Yakuza wheelchairs," his voice rings out darkly. "Coming back here was a mistake. You've just turned your supposed victory into your own demise."

Hiroyasu quickly stitches it up any left over, well it isn't even pretty but it's functional if he lives it can be fixed.. "Hai! Nagamura-sama" he knew that voice from the several chance meetings include the one after his families tragedy, with fujiwara-san there. He turns on his heel the glove being tosses to the side.. He makes the handseals, the rubble and gravel take form into a Hiroyasu which just starts pounding Yakuza with it's rocky mace hands.. "Remind me to thank sensei for that idea" he mutters looking at the earthy clone doing his bidding, before he makes several other seals and the ground and fall begins shooting out an array of stone columns which begin to pummel and strike at the Yakuza, there was a method to his madness he was trying to push them back out of the hallway, distance between them and the innocent.

After taking care of those first few Yakuza, Shuuren has not slowed down at all. Instead, it appears he's going to step things up. Reaching into his pocket, he grabs a golden pill with 'EII' inscribed on it and tosses it into his mouth to chew and swallow it. Suddenly, his chakra would shoot through the roof in such that Hiroyasu would have no problem feeling it even from a distance with its frightening density. "Time to die," he says, and he'd suddenly move into a flicker of movement, barely in one spot for a split second before he does damage, grabbing men and throwing them into their partner's before impaling each man's throat with a kunai, his shadow clones repeating his actions. While Hiroyasu is keeping the men that are already at the walls from getting further in, it seems he plans on keeping the thicker masses from even getting to them until the Genin is able to clear them out of the building and make his way out.

Believe it or not, despite his prodigious jutsu use Hiroyasu is still rather fresh considering his assigned rank and perceived standing. Earth Cloneyasu continues to pummel people taking several hits before crumbling, ~he will be missed~, but it would be lamented later. As switches to his favorite manner to eliminate Yakuza, making a long array of seals and the earth and dust begins to leech from the ground swirling around his palms as bullets form on his two forefingers on each hand, he begins slinging the hollow projectiles at targets of interest in quick succession, the hail of rocky gravel meeting with flesh, with bone, and with the mortal coil of those whom is unwinded with painful glee. There is only the occasional break in the fire as he moves forward and renews the jutsu with another array of seals before going back on the offensive, he needed to work his way out to join the other caught up in this.

Though the numbers are quite thick in this battle, the two Medical Ninja appear to be defending what's left of the town fairly well. Each time Shuuren loses a clone, another takes its place to continue the battle. He shows extreme speed and flexibility in his movements, capturing the arm of a sword swung at him with his own arm and using it to cut the man's combat partner down before twisting himself. A loud *CRACK* is heard as the man is slammed on the ground, and his shoulder is clearly broken as he screams in pain. It's a wonder it's even still attached. Little good it does him as a kunai to the throat is soon to follow. With a moment to spare now, the former Jounin would move through a few hand seals before slamming his hand on the ground. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" he calls out, and suddenly a dark atmosphere would overcome the entire village. Men whose eyes meet the shadows would be met by the glowing white eyes of the Children and suddenly turn into drooling statues ripe for the picking. Hiroyasu would even recognize this within the hospital as some of the creatures have made their way inside to assist him in ridding the area of the Yakuza. "Death beats its wings for you."

Hiroyasu is actually a little taken back by that, it was not outside the realm of things he has seen, just different and eerie. "No time to gawk" he grits his teeth making another round of seals sending the columns once again rising from every possible stone surface and ground slamming into Yakuza with the sickening sound of their ribcages being snapped, broken and shattered.. many Yakuza fall prey to this and their broken deflated husks laying on the ground or smashed between a column and a wall or the ceiling or floor. It was efficient, artistic, and it was brutal. The inclusion of whatever that was helped moved the young genin out of the halls and into the sun.. "Where do they find all these guys?!" he grunts raising a hand to cut down the glare from having been inside, he needed a better view of battlefield, given his other was an able Jounin was strategy really needed? Was it ever.. he sighs makes several seals, the swirls of gravel around his hands as he pushes forward putting as many projectiles into as many able bodies as he could.

Once Hiroyasu has made his way outside, the glowing eyes seem to be appear more and more, and the Yakuza falling prey to this attack. Those who aren't trained in the ways of shionbi are easy prey for these creatures. "Take the ones who are still moving out first if possible. Kill any of the vegetables that are in your way along the way," Shuuren calls out before flickering to begin taking men out again, stabbing kunai into a man's throat before he can blink then vanishing and appearing above another in a spin to break his neck as he flips over and discards the new corpse like a toy. In the midst of this, he feels that a few of those who stayed behind in the attack are beginning to move away, likely the leaders retreating while their pawns are being slaughtered. "Taking the coward's way out? Typical… but not happening today," he says before vanishing and allowing a shadow clone to take his current position.

As piece of rocky destruction launches off his finger, it sails into the air landing into the chest of one of the vegetables sending them over into a pile. "You got it.." He was used to short replies the barbarians usually can't handle more than monosyllable orders.. He makes the handseals for another salt of the earth cloneyasu, it's assembles from the rubble and natural ground, Hiroyasu looks at it "Attack the dazed ones.." was it smart enough to follow simple instruction.. he hadn't tried that before honestly. He turns quickly making the seals again for the stone columns which races upward from the ground clearing a pathway tearing through the defenseless and defended alike some jump out of the way, others block it with their weapon or the nearest teammate without regard. Running up the pathway as the Earth Cloneyasu trails behind him slamming any stragglers taking kunai hits which bounce off it's rocky core before being run through by several swordsmen and it melts into rubble that made it.

While Hiroyasu and his clone are taking out Yakuza along with the Hitokage's assistance, Shuuren would suddenly flicker into existence before the group of men that were trying to leave, a leader and two of his guards. "Gentlemen, I do believe you're trying make a swift exit from an event you yourselves started. Don't you feel that's a bit rude?" his smooth voice rings out as though this were nothing more than a business meeting. The two guards would suddenly freeze and fall to their knees, two sets of Hitokage eyes having met theirs from the shadows.
In fear, the leader would take a pouch from his side and toss it as Shuuren, saying, "Here! It's all the money I've got! Just let me go!"
With a swipe of his hand, Shuuren easily rejects that and allows the money to spill out onto the ground. "You think that little bit of pocket change interests me? What I want from you is information," the young bureaucrat says as he steps forward, producing a pair of kunai from his coat that he nonchalantly shoves into the throats of the guards as he steps toward their boss. "You /will/ cooperate, or you death will be long and excruciating. I'm a doctor, after all. Do you have any idea how long I can keep you alive in a shell of yourself while I torture you until you tell me what I need to know?"

There is another Cloneyasu to pick up the slack, and an array of bullets just spraying out as he continue to but a path through them. Each shot spraying out finding anything from agile dodge to drooling pre-corpse. He gasps several times as the sweat drops down his face, if it was bad enough that he was doing intensive medijutsu just moments ago, now he was continuing an rapid and wide array attacks. Usually he has backup, and his jutsu usage is more groomed and targeted, but he continues to target the every dwindling numbers, many are wounded, many are dead, many more are just turning tail and running. Cloneyasu is struck down in hail of kunai and paper-bombs as many retreat using it as an ideal time.. "I will bury you.. in a shallow grave" he snarls which actually gives him the inclination to see if such a jutsu exists.

With the numbers of Yakuza steadily dwindling, Hiroyasu, the clones, and the Hitokage have turned to having the upper hand. To show this to the leader of this Yakuza group, Shuuren grab him and flickers up to the top of a building. "You see what the actions of scum like you brings?" he asks, his hand around the man's throat, squeezing just enough to rob him of air momentarily without killing him. "This is what the world will be reduced to if fools like the men you work for are allowed to continue the way they run things." With that, he tosses the man down at to the ground, the sound of his bones breaking ringing out. Shuuren leaps down to meet him, grabbing a syringe from his coat and injecting it to put the man to sleep for later questioning.

The fatigue was setting in, he wasn't an infinite well of chakra, the rapid fire jutsu use coupled with the previous stress of medical duties was setting it, he could extend this but it was suppose to be known or seen.. too many eyes, too many ears. He already betrayed one of his tenants allowing his power to manifest in a pinch. He makes repeated hand seals "Multiple Rising Stone Columns" he says as just layer after layer of columns raise up from the ground finding targets in their soft and supple centers, he slumps over a little his hand resting against his knee.. Hiroyasu was tired, this was already more than a genin from another land might be capable, but Kumogakure cut their genin from stone not cloth.

With a flicker, Shuuren would appear beside Hiroyasu, placing a hand on his shoulder. "You may rest," he says with assurance. "The Hitokage and my clones can finish the last of them off." He then turns to look out at the area, shaking his head. "So much loss, all for greed. These men would rather ravage a land and its people than offer them a hand and join with them in business… Yakuza sicken me." He then looks back directly at Hiro, saying, "But the Hidden Villages will not do anything about men like this. It is out of their jurisdiction to actually do anything about the problems facing this world. If it were only up to them, I fear this world would be condemned… But I am willing to do something about it, to bring true peace and order to the world. I felt the viciousness you displayed in killing these men, how much you hate them for what they do, so tell me… Are you willing to do something about it too?"

Hiroyasu wipes his forehead, "I'm alright, I figure I am only half empty.. They waste more time trying to figure out to exploit then they could just helping it and reaping the rewards.." he snarls when the murder in his apartment replays in his mind "Had I the power to kill them I, I wouldn't" he shakes a finger "That's too merciful.. i'd rather bury them up their nostrils and let the sun, or starvation or rats eat out their eyeballs.." then he catches himself and says "Metaphorically speaking" pushing the glasses up on his nose. "I would, I have nothing but contempt for their useless greed, and abuse of the innocent. I would do anything to strike at them where it hurts " he huffs.

"I see," Shuuren says, seeming to ponder over Hiroyasu's words a bit before he'd turn to look at the hospital again. "Very well then. I'm going to make you an offer I only make to the select few, those who I see have the potential to stand with me and changing the state of the entire world around us. If you're willing to do that, to fight tooth and nail and push boundaries that the villages won't touch to truly bring change, I will groom you to be truly powerful and allow you to join me." Cutting his eyes at him again, he says, "This does come with a warning, however. If you choose to join, there is no turning back. The only way to leave the ranks of those who will change the world is to by the grave. You should only accept this invitation if you are truly ready to change your life and to work toward the cause we fight for."

Hiroyasu pauses "Thank you Nagamura-sama." an invitation was an honor even if it was self serving request. "The village as it is has done me no favors, the KRD being manipulated by the faceless, the hiring of the Yakuza to do their dirty work for them." he thinks about it, "Your not asking for Desertion are you?" not that he hadn't though becoming one of the lost, but it would bother him if he could never see his love again. "It is a difficult decision and not one made lightly. I won't breath a word of it, but do you need a decision now? A smart man thinks with his wits, and I am quite fatigued" he wondered having said that if he overstepped his bounds, but it was too late to take it back.

"That may be true, but the village is in a broken state and needs fixing," Shuuren comments then chuckles a bit and shakes his head. "Absolutely not. I may not be a village shinobi anymore, but we are both loyal to Kumogakure. We will merely create you an alias and a disguise that cannot be tracked back to or from Kumogakure, thus both we and the village are safe. By most accounts, we will not exist to the knowledge of the world for quite some time. We work in the dark to bring order and peace to the light. Kumogakure will be told that you are training with me to become a better Medical Ninja and going on medical-based missions with me. Understand this as well. No one is to know of this but the two of us, not your team leader, not your girl, not your best friend, not your family. To the rest of the world, you are merely carrying on with Kumogakure as normal. You don't have to make a decision now, but I will expect one soon. If you do refuse, it will be in your best interest to never mention this to anyone else."

Hiroyasu nods "That does put some issues to rest, An alias" he could live with that "No need to leave" definitely a plus, "Training cover story" plausible "Not telling anything to anyone" like he always does, most of team don't even know he has a dojutsu or half the skills he does.. not an issue. "Your options, explanation and offer are simple, and straightforward enough. Unlike my own team members, the KRD was not my ideal destination.. There is something inefficient about all the bureaucracy, the ineptitude of the Damiyo.. They complicate things and things like the Yakuza just fall through the lines.." he was musing aloud to himself as they walked back to the hospital. "I accept. and I understand what it means. The rules, the code.." he adds before looking at the front of the hospital using a handful of seals stone columns slowly raise to joist the damaged roof and wall sections, but that was about all he could muster.

Shuuren listens to Hiro for a few moments silently, allowing him to mull it over as he wishes. At the final acceptance, he gives a nod, saying, "Very well. Welcome to the Order. We'll get further into detail after we get through treating the people here and are somewhere we can talk and be sure no one is listening in."

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