The Silk Conflict - A Jinchuuriki Overtaken


Kaito, Daisuke, Ato

Date: February 6, 2014


Kaito snaps in the middle of the forest near the village and attacks two fellow shinobi.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Silk Conflict - A Jinchuuriki Overtaken"

Hantsuki Clear

With the coming of evening in Konohagakure, most have begun to settle towards home, restaurants, and shops, otherwise toward patrol. One particular Chuunin, however, is a bit out of place, even for himself. Normally, Kaito would be found in some weird location that no one could figure out for several hours taking his nap. This time, however, he's leaned up against a tree at the edge of the Hantsuki Clear near town, sweat dripping off his body as he sits with a hand on his forehead. Both of his eyes are closed, his form actually seeming to shiver a bit once in a while. Were Son Goku paying attention upon getting close, he might sense that something is rather off, though just what wouldn't be obvious yet. (re)

As people begin to head home from the training area, Daisuke's daily job of patrolling the forests was coming to an end. Sitting atop his Nimbus, he makes a final pass over the forests, making note of who was still there practicing into the evening and the areas that were clear. Satisfied with his check, the young Senju clansman begins to make his way towards the entrance of the forest with the intention of heading home to get some food when suddenly Son is alerted to an unusual feeling deep within. Daisuke scans the immediate area he was in, seeing nothing amiss, though the feeling Son is having isn't going away and is troubling the Bijuu.

Daisuke didn't like to leave things unresolved when it came to Bijuu, especially things that were 'unusual' or unexplained even to them. Dinner would have to wait for tonight as he takes his Nimbus lower to get a better look at the area, passing by Kaito leaning against a tree. "Hey, have you seen or felt anything weird lately?" he says as he turns back towards his pupil, noticing both of his eyes were closed and sighing. "Are you sleeping again?"

Ato was finished with his own routine for the day. Dusk meant a round of weights at the gym, food, then rest. Cloak pulled closed about him, he'd walk along, lost in his own thoughts. Of course, one of those things that was unusual.. a person sitting on a cloud? That'd draw his attention. Frowning, Ato thought he'd seen that before… maybe not. Shaking his head, he'd drift closer. The guy on the cloud seemed occupied, so he wouldn't speak up as of yet. No need to be rude, right? A scroll taken from an inner pocket, along with a pen, he'd start noting down details of both cloud and both people there.

Kaito sees to largely ignore Daisuke's presence as he arrives, his form shaking a bit more fervently as he crosses his arms and buries his head in them on top of his knees. His chakra suddenly begins to pick up, a bluish gray aura kindling and slowly flaring up around his body. Finally, he turns his head to look up at Daisuke, a rather vicious look on his face and his eyes… both are actually open and completely black with glowing red irides. Through a deep growl, one piece of advice comes through Kaito's normal voice at whisper yet sanding panicked as it warns, "… Kill me… or run…" Then a much darker, twisted version of his voice comes, "… Or die!" With that, his chakra strikes up completely in the aura, a fierce wind blowing off it as an effect as a stronger. A stronger aura surrounds his fist as he leaps up to send a barreling punch directly at Daisuke's face.
Daisuke raises his eyebrow as Kaito looks up at him after what seems like a long pause, noticing the presence of the Bijuu chakra visible in his eyes. "Hey there, let's calm down, what happened?" he asks, wondering what was going on. He takes a few steps back as he internalizes with Son, wondering what was going on. "Kaito, get a hold of yourself." he says as he notices Kaito's chakra beginning to grow. It wasn't safe to do such things around here, Daisuke had no idea what was going on, but all of a sudden he is attacked and has to flicker away from his position. "Control it, Kaito, you are stronger than this." he says from his new position afar.

Ahhh.. what?

Ato stops his notes, looking between Daisuke and Kaito. This.. didn't seem like it was something normal. "Hey.. maybe you shouldn't attack a jounin." Not that the genin *wanted* to be attacked.. but still. He'd step forward. "I'll sit on you if I have to.. calm down like the jounin said." Helpful. So so helpful. But at least Ato was trying?

This demented form of Kaito seems unfazed as Daisuke flickers away, eyes cutting right to him in a rather twisted amusement. "Kaito, Kaito… Hmm," he begins to taunt. "Name doesn't ring a bell. Is that the kid I hear screaming at the top of his lungs in my head?" As Ato speaks, the twisted Jinchuuriki looks over to him and chuckles a bit. "Oh? I guess that's a valid point… I should start with the light weight!" With that, an orb of water would appear from nowhere around Ato, attempting to hold him still in drowing as Kaito holds his hands in front of him and sends an instantly forming orb of water spiraling right at his chest.

Were Goku to peer inside his consciousness to Isobu's he would see the seal broken down, Kaito lying broken with some sort of strange chakra lesions on his back, and Isobu's tail holding him down. Isobu himself seems to be completely out of it, eyes glowing a darker red than normal with purple markings around the irides. Something is off.

Ato would receive a frown from Daisuke, who knew he was just trying to help out, but would've preferred not to get innocents involved in Jinchuuriki danger. "If you are going to help, leave yourself open minded. This battle will be like nothing you have experienced. If you are hurt, don't play the hero." he says to Ato from afar, focusing back on Kaito. "Isobu?" Daisuke says, his eyes narrowing and brow furrowing. How had Kaito lost control? He was so close to getting a hold of things permanently, had it all been for naught? Daisuke was definitely not going to let Kaito be consumed, he wouldn't lose another friend that way. It was then that Son interrupts his thoughts to let him know that it wasn't quite Isobu either, something was wrong. Something was infecting Isobu and, in turn, Kaito. Was it the parasite from Kumo? Daisuke had no way of knowing and wasn't given much time to think as 'Kaito' turns his attention towards Ato. "Turtle." he says under his breath as he begins to work up a series of seals before opening his mouth and letting out a stream of deadly ash and haze to surround Kaito and attempt to stop him in his tracks.

Ato took a step back as attention got focused on him. Frowning, he tensed himself, a different scroll grabbed, he had that blade in hand as the prison formed around him. Too slow.. he almost had it with the start of a swing when he'd get knocked flying from the sphere. Landing in a wet skid, he'd slam up against a tree, causing it to shudder. "…. ow." Shaking his head to clear it, Ato planted the blade and got to his feet. "I'll keep that in mind." Said absently to Daisuke as he'd draw the blade from the dirt, walking forward. "However.. I do want you to understand.. I'm hardly a light weight." Snapping a scroll out with his free hand, massive boulders, easily several tons of weight, would get launched towards Kaito. While he wasn't really expecting that to hit the water guy, he did follow up with two more scrolls in rapid succession, half a dozen massive 15' blades would get launched at Kaito, to either try and pin him down, or at least slow him down in his attack. Plus? Well.. it just armed Ato more than the one blade.

As the ash comes his way, Kaito leaps up, a surfboard of water appearing under his feet and carrying him above it as he chuckles at the downed Ato. This is definitely Kaito's power, what he keeps hidden behind his guise of 'sleeping all the time', but it is far from being him. Inside the consciousness Son can see, waves of chakra begin to flow out from Isobu into Kaito, fueling his state more, which oddly enough causes the purple markings in his eyes and the lesions on Kaito to spread as if whatever is infecting them feeds off their combined chakra and grows stronger the more is used. Even as the boulders and weapons from Ato come toward him, he seems unfazed and doesn't even bother to dodge… and they actually bounce off him, parts of the boulders shattering into pieces of rock as his aura grows stronger, a tail sprouting from it as he laughs at the plight of the shinobi. As he turns toward Daisuke, a water prison would attempt to form around him this time, followed by yet another orb screaming off, this time with a bit more force due to his heightened transformation.

"Lightweight or not, you have most likely never dealt with such a fight." Daisuke says as Kaito hops up over his haze on his board and proceeds to attack again, his form shifting closer to Isobu's. This might get bad real soon and Daisuke had to stop it. As Kaito turns his attention to Daisuke, the Senju opens his mouth and lets out a massive roar, both to announce it was time to get serious and to try to break down the water sent towards him. Unsuccessful with the advanced water nature within Kaito, Daisuke is caught up in the prison enough to take the orb and send him fly back through a few nearby trees.

After a few more moments Daisuke picks himself up and dusts himself off, both he and Son committed to this fight, now. Focusing inward on both his own and Son's chakra, the Senju releases his beast and, with a compressed force of wind sent outwards in all directions, is immediately surrounded by a crimson cloak of chakra, four tails waving behind him. He leaps back into battle through the air, landing on the ground in front of Kaito. He lets out a low growl as his now golden eyes stare down at him.

Suddenly realizes.. he's not in normal Shinobi world anymore.
Good. That may make it interesting. Ato shrugs towards Daisuke as he'd rush at Kaito. Fully in motion now, the blade he carried would get planted and with a shifting of his focus, he launched himself much akin to a polevaulter towards Kaito. As he'd come flying in, one of the weapons summoned got pulled, ripping free of the ground in a savage backhanded strike, the blunt pommel coming in for that initial stunning shot. Skidding to a stop, Ato made the sword look virtually weightless as he'd snap a backhanded strike towards Kaito. Even if he wasn't hitting the man directly, it took chakra to hold a form like that.. and hits would drain that chakra.

Kaito smirks as he watches Daisuke fly back into the trees, a bit more with it seems the other Jinchuuriki is finally taking this seriously. He doesn't even seem to regard Ato, a wall of water appearing out of nowhere to put a stop to his incoming strikes while his aura kicks up again, this time releasing a second tail to match Daisuke's new form. He seems rather unconcerned, yet he lifts a hand directly at Ato's face from his side, creating another orb of water that he fires at the man's face at point-blank range. "Is the monkey angry? Maybe I should toss him a banana before I rip him to shreds so at least he has a last meal."

Daisuke chuckles, in that deep dual voice that announced Son was also there in the battle. "We are not amused that you could get corrupted like this so easily, Isobu. Perhaps what they say about the Number of tails rings true in this case." Son says, chiding Isobu for his actions. As Ato is again the center of attention, Daisuke reacts to the constant pressure the Genin was in, shouting "Pick on someone your own size." as he produces a number of chakra arms that shoot out for Kaito to attempt to pin him to the ground. A simple dodge wouldn't be enough for these arms, as they continue to branch until blocked, dodged enough times, or grasp their target firmly within.

Ato snorts as he'd launch that water orb again. A step back, shift in stance and with a ring of steel impacting against something solid.. he'd cut the orb in half cleanly. He didn't even get wet, that time. Following up immediately on Daisuke's attempt to pin Kaito down, Ato went for the cleave. All of his strength and power that he could potentially tap was put into that strike, the massive swing aimed for the shoulder of Kaito. He was seeking to pierce right through that defense and if he chopped something off? Ahh.. well.. that's what a medical center was for, right?

Weaving his board and flying upward, Kaito would dodge the incoming Bijuu arms only to be struck by Ato's sword… and splatter? Seems he replaced himself with a clone somewhere in that fray. From a spot behind the other shinobi and opposite where he was in the sky, a powerful jet of water suddenly comes down, carving through anything it touches, plant, stone, and potentially flesh if they don't get out of the way with intent on ripping them to shreds.

Daisuke takes the spear head on, able to branch from his original cloak enough to miss any vital organs and send him flying back through numerous trees. "Ok, that hurt." he says to himself, picking himself up and getting his bearings. It was clear the fight was heading in a bad direction and he had to do something quick. As his body begins to regenerate from the wounds and internal injuries, Daisuke completely releases his cloak of chakra, surrounded by those flickering crimson flames, letting his body prepare for his next move.

The genin, on the other hand, doesn't have the ability to just regenerate. While he'd step back, that blade coming up to try the cut once again, one of the worse things to happen to Ato occurred.
The blade snapped.
Sent flying, he went through a few trees, slamming to a stop in the branches of one particularly unyielding tree top. Dizzy, seriously wounded as well, Ato coughed weakly.. pain. Pain ment he was alive. Not that there would be much else he was doing at that moment.

With both of his opponents knocked down, Kaito chuckles a bit and shakes his head. "Let's try this on for size," he says as he brings his hands into a seal. Suddenly, a giant pillar of water would shoot down from the sky, turning wash over both men and try to damage them seriously as it washes them through the forest. Meanwhile, the twisted Chuunin seems to actually be getting bored or something, as he turns the surfboard to move high into the sky and start moving away from the village, perhaps knowing that ANBU will be on him in moments if he doesn't move and planning to continue this rampage later when he has the element of surprise again.

Daisuke stands where he is as Kaito looks to be getting bored. The water attack doesn't phase him in his superior form as it hits his cloak of flickering flame and parts as it moves by him, the Senju able to use the attack itself as a distraction as he vaults into the air. As Kaito turns to move away from the area Daisuke would appear before him, a small black mass of darkness held within his chakra covered hand. The air around the ball seems to be getting sucked in as it grows in power, Daisuke thrusting it forward with a chakra arm, sending it rocketing straight for Kaito's body.

Ato's eyes widen at the incoming rush of water. That.. yeah.. he didn't have anything to stop that. Gritting his teeth, the broken blade got lifted, to attempt to deflect as much of the water as possible.
It didn't work. Crashing through the forest, he got smashed about, too weak to even tense himself to try and help stop the crushing impact. It'd be a bitter irony, the top half of the blade that had gotten broken off to start with? When the water receded it'd be found lodged in the middle of his chest, his own blade used against him as he was cruely stapled to a tree. There was no chance he was coming back from this one it seems.

It seems Kaito is prepared for pursuit, as, just as Daisuke tries to slam the ball into him, he flies under him and darts off into the atmosphere. "I suggest you go check on your friend," the twisted voice rings out as the Jinchuuriki flies off to escape with apparently one casualty from the man trapped inside's own village.

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