A Lesson in Patience


Hige, Zori

Date: March 19, 2015


Zori wants a spar and Hige agrees, although Hige uses the opportunity to test Zori in controlling his anger.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A Lesson in Patience"

Training Yard, Konohagakure

As the wind shiftly moves through out the white clouds, the warm breeze move throughout Zori's clothes. Zori woke up and sent a letter to Hige to meet him at the Training Grounds for a friendly Spar. Zori wanted to show Hige that despite Kyu's accident, He still is gonna spar regardless. Zori arrives at the Training Ground staring at the Dummy in front of him. "Heh, he hasnt made it yet i suppose." Zori waits for the Inuzuka.

A spar, hmm? Well, Hige could understand that, as long as Zori didn't take it too far. Otherwise Hige's promise of sending him to the hospital would come into effect. Still, probably better for Zori to spar him than some of the others for now, until things settled down. The Inuzuka makes his way into the grounds and raises a hand in greeting to the crazy Genin while Konsho offers his own yip of greeting. "Hey Zori."

Zori turns arounds with his back now turned away from the Training Dummy and his full attention on Hige. "Hey Hige." Zori waves back to him, and moves closer to reach out to pet Konsho. " I see you got my letter." Zori continues to pet Konsho till the pup was content.

Konsho is never content when it comes to pets. He just sits there and soaks them up. "Yeah, I did. I see you aren't going to take a break from sparring. Guess it's best you do it with me then. Just remember not to take it too far or I'll fulfill my word to make you stay in the hospital." Hige grins at that and nods a bit. "Got it?"

Zori nods as he stops petting Konsho. "Of course not, No pain no gain." He pauses for a moment then continues "I promise i wont go to far, hehe. You have my word." Zori quickly walks over to the Sparring ring. Focusing chakra as soon as he gets there. Standing in one place as he wait for Hige. "Alright want me to start or you?"

Hige steps over to stand across from Zori and nods when Zori gives his word. "Alright." He says simply, then stops and puts his hands into his pockets. "You start. Let's see what you've got. Make it good." Hige grins again and then waits, just standing there with Konsho standing next to him. Not exactly a formidable sight, but dangerous nonetheless.

Zori nods. "Alright then time for the show to begin then. Hehe" Zori grins. The wire up under his sleeves uncoils from his wrists dropping down to the ground. Zori dashes at Hige moveing his arms swiping left to right. The wires follow the movements slashing and slicing in the process at Hige's body.

Hige nods again, then just…waits. When Zori comes at him and slashes with the wire Hige leans away, then takes a few small steps back to avoid the attacks. "Not too bad. I still think it would be good for you to work on some more elemental attacks and such." He says, stopping again with his hands still in his pockets and just waiting once more.

Zori jumps back after missing Hige with his slashes from his wire. "Hmm.. maybe your right. Ill look more into it." Zori's wire then floats into the air off the ground, lashing themselfs at Hige in preparation to Trap him.

Hige can only nod and watch as Zori lashes out again. The Inuzuka tries to shift his feet to stay out of range but doesn't move quite enough and the wire bites into his arm. "Hmm, pretty good." He says, then gives a little yank to loosen the wire before slipping his arm out. "You're getting better Zori. Maybe all that training really is paying off."

Zori's wire bites Hige into his arm, once Hige slips his arm out of the wire. Blood can be seen from the little cut on the Inuzukas arm. Zori starts to recall the event between him, jade and kyu. Visualizating Kyu traped in his wire just before it collapsed on him, brought him excitement. Zori eyes widen as he grins evilishly. "Hehehehehe, Perhaps your right." Zori's attention turns back to Hige. It seems Zori's grin has gotten way bigger then it was a moment ago. "Lets Continue! now!" Zori dashes back at Hige slashing at him with his wire diagonaly at his body , laughing maniacally in the proccess.

The shift in attitude causes Hige to frown slightly but for now he just continues to avoid the incoming blows. He doesn't say anything more for now, just simply waits and watches to see what happens. Semi-feral eyes are locked on the other boy as he slips away from the attacks and then just pauses to wait and see.

Hige dodges Zoris attacks, Causing him to get even more furious. Zori front flips behind Hige lashing out the wire at him planning to wrap him up completely. Once done he would put his index and middle finger together and swiftly move them in a upward motion causing the wire to collapse. Zori continues to grin and laugh crazylike.

"Pull yourself together Zori." Hige growls, reaching out to try and grab the other boy but instead having his hand get caught in the wire. When it bites into him his eyes narrow. "You will calm down NOW." It wasn't a question, or a suggestion. It was a flat out order, and one that he will make happen if he has to.

Zori stops as he hears Hige words "Calm down now!".Zori starts to remeber the conversation him and Hige had the day before about learning self control. Zori's grin returns to normal as his eyes go from big back to small. Zori's wire retract back under his sleeves safely wraping around his wrists. "Alright, you win this spar." is said calmly out his mouth. His eyes are closed with his head tilted at the ground. Zori stands there quietly with no motion.

Hige lets out a relieved sigh when Zori stops. He really didn't want to teach him by sending him to the hospital. This was better. The Inuzuka steps forward, reaching up to put a hand on Zori's shoulders, the uninjured hand of course. "It's not about winning Zori. It's about being better, testing yourself and others. Your wild ways aren't good, but they aren't bad. Save that for your enemies, not your friends." He feels like he's repeating what he'd been told not that long ago. In part because he was. "You alright?"

Zori has calmed down fully now. As Hige puts his hand on Zori's shoulder, he smiles glancing up at Hige "Im ok, Its just battles seem to change my mood for some reason." Zori pauses then continues "Your right, its just that when i want to win, i gotta have it."

"At the cost of really hurting your friends?" Hige asks curiously, letting his good hand drop and raising his still bleeding arm for Zori to see. "Is it really worth it just to say you've won? Cause winning doesn't get you any kind of prize. Sparring is supposed to be a test of skill and to see and help each other get better. It's not a tournament."

Zori listens to Hige. Glancing at his bleeding arm, Zori sighs. "Thats true. Just like the day before you talked to me about self control." Zori pauses then continues "And look at me going crazy in battle like we never talked about it at all." Zori looks away from Hige's bleed arm back up to Hige.

"Exactly." Hige agrees solemnly. "If you keep this up then you will only get in more trouble. Not only that but, like I said, I'll keep my promise to hospitalize you for as long as the person you put in there has to stay." He finally pulls out some bandaging and begins wrapping his arm. "So just work on keeping patient during spars. Let your anger and wild side show in a true battle. They'll be a lot more help there."

Zori nods "Yeah im gonna work on it some more. I cant promise that it will be perfect but it will be better each time." Zori watches as Hige starts to bandage his own arm. "I am having thoughts about becoming a medic. Or atleast learning how to first aid." Zori says calmly.

"Yeah, well, I'm far from perfect at controlling my own anger. But I've been working on it, and it's better. Can't really ask you to do more than I have right?" The Inuzuka grins up at Zori. Then, Hige snorts softly, "Medic stuff is hard. I'll leave that to Kenta. First aid is easy." He explains before glancing around and nodding to a bench. "Here, come with me. He goes to sit, still holding the bandaging in one hand. "Bandaging, some anti-bacteria ointment, and some coagulant are all you really need." He pulls those items out of his pouch with his good hand. "Here, see, for worser wounds you use the coagulant powder first. This isn't so bad though, so we'll just put some anti-bacteria stuff on it, then wrap it tightly to help stop the bleeding." As he speaks he shows what he's doing around part of his arm. When he's done he points to the stuff and then to the lower part of his arm for Zori to try.

Zori laughs and reponds to Hige "Hehe you definatelty arent perfect at controling your anger. But i do admit you done came a long way and i say your doing way better" Zori grins with a bit of happyness.(is that possible i dont know) Zori nods and walks on over to the bench with Hige. Once they got there he then begins to show Zori the ropes behind "First Aid". Zori nods after he finishes showing him. After being asked to try to use First Aid, Zori grabs the anti bacteria cream and points the bottle at Hige's lower part of his arm. Zori accidently squeezes just about the whole tube on Higes arm. "Hehe oops, seems i am still agitated a bit." Zori grabs the bandages, and begins to wrap Hige's arm tight. It would seem Zori is wrapping Hige's arm tighter and tighter after each wrap around.

Hige winces slightly as the all of the ointment is used. He'll…have to replace that. "Yeah, thanks. I prefer to try and stay out of trouble. I'll save up all my anger for when I really need it." Like when he shreds kidnappers into small bits. As the bandaging gets tighter and tighter his brows knit and he shakes his head, "Okay, okay, too tight. You're going to cut off the circulation to my hand." He says, trying to move his fingers and finding them not doing too well. "Should be tight enough to help stop the bleeding but not so tight that it's going to make my hand fall off."

Zori nods in agreement with Hige "I should do the same, wanting to win when it really matters instead of getting in trouble for it." As Zori continues to wrap Hige's arm. Hige says somethign about him wrapping it up to tight. Zori immediately unwraps the bandages. "It seems im not fit to be a Medic, I got too much animosity in my blood for me to actually focus enough for it." Zori reaches out his hand with the roll of bandages in it, wanting to give it back to Hige. "Here youll have to bandange yourself, i cant do it" Zori frowns a bit.

"I said it was too tight, I didn't say to give up. I don't see you as the type to give up so easily Zori." Hige says dryly, smirking at the other boy. "Maybe it'll be good for you to learn how to be a little more gentle. Might help with other things." Hige shrugs, but doesn't take the bandaging back. He just leaves his arm there for Zori to work on and stares at him expectantly.

Zori scoffs at Hige comment. Zori drops the roll of bandages in Hige's lap. "I cant be gentle. I can only squeeze to death." Zori pauses and continues "Your better at handling things like this. So im gonna let you do it. I dont think this First Aid bussiness is for me."

Hige rolls his eyes before he grabs up the bandaging. "You can be gentle and still squeeze to death. It's not one or the other, it's just knowing when you have to use one or the other." He says, motioning for Zori to come back over and take the bandaging. "So get your ass over here and figure it out. If you don't learn it from me you'll learn it from someone else. Pretty sure Daisuke requires all his shinobi to know it."

Zori rolls his eyes "Alright endure it!" Zori snatches the roll of bandages from Hige's paws. Letting out a deep Sigh, Zori then begins to once again wrap up Hige arm. Starting from the lower end of the cut wrapping around all the way to the top of his arm. It seems Zori has wrapped his arm a bit more loose then before. "There done, hows that?"

"Besides all the blood wasted while you complained it's much better." Hige teases the other boy lightly, smirking up at him. "See. You can be gentle if you want. And it didn't even kill you." The Inuzuka stands then and puts the rest of the stuff back away before looking around the training hard. "Heck, I even feel like I could do some training. I might shred up a practice dummy or two."

Zori grins at Higes comment "Yeah thats not often though. But i did die a little on the inside." Zori then stands up watching Hige pack up the rest of his stuff. "I did enough training for right now. I really ought to go see Kyu and see how hes doing." Zori says calmly.

Hige nods to Zori as he stretches out his uninjured arm, "Good idea. I was going to stop by later today and check on him. You go, make sure you get you apology in if he's awake." Hige reminds Zori before raising a hand to wave in farewell. With that done he turns to walk to a training dummy to get in a little work.

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