A Lesson in Protecting Lives


Shuuren, Daoma, Ryuusei

Date: December 1, 2015


Ryuusei wishes to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to protect someone in hopes to further her ability to function as a bodyguard

"A Lesson in Protecting Lives"

Grand Tea House/Dojo - Land of Tea

Ryuusei considers herself Shuuren's bodyguard, even though she has yet to do any real bodyguarding. There is much to learn, and that includes stepping in to block attacks for the Daimyo. Given her retinue of abilities is in training, and being improved upon, one might think that she would need to practice the art of stepping in to defend others from attacks. So far she hasn't truly mastered the art of defending herself, true. Taking this step forward might help with that.
"So you see… That's why I humbly request that I… learn how to intercept attacks for the purpose of better… serving you?" That was likely what Ryuusei was trying to ask, delicately, to her mentor after she had approached him in the Grand Tea House.

After dinner with Ryuusei and Shiiru the previous night, Shuuren is here taking care of some business and making sure things are in order. He is a little surprised that Ryuusei actualy came to him first today to request training. That shows some definite progress. As she asks her question, he nods and says, "That's a simple enough request, one that we can practice easily enough really. We'll have to move out to the training grounds to do so." Gesturing toward the door, he starts to move outside to head that way. No sense wasting time, after all.

Ryuusei didn't realize it would be so easy. Perhaps Ryuusei and Shuuren weren't on the same page as far as bothering one another for training. "That's… that's all I needed to do?" She asks, shoulders slumped a little in surprise. She leans back and places her hand upon the hilt of her blade as she watches Shuuren head for the door. "V-very well, I-immediately!" She would hop to it, following Shuuren briskly as she follows him towards the training grounds. "How.. will we do this without someone… attacking you? Or… you attacking someone else, Lord Shuuren?"

"Of course that all," Shuuren says with a smirk toward Ryuusei as they head toward the hidden training grounds. At her question, he emits a low 'hmm' and says, "Good point. Let's make this interesting." With that he brings his hands into a seal. What happens would be unseen, but somewhere in a village a certain Oni samurai would receive notice requesting her presence in the training grounds for a training exercise.

Daoma had been in themarket just outside the palace walls when she recieved Shuuren's summons. Her black haired head came up and she looked at the man who had been eyeing her choice of armor as she ate some noodles. Setting down enough money for both her and the moron she walked back to the palace.
Rather than taking the typical path once she was inside she simply walked up the walls and over them, making a shortcut of her own straight to Shuuren's location. So Ryuusei's first glimpse of the samurai was a fully armored, though quite petite person moving over the walls into the training area. Her armor hid her gender mostly and her hair was up in a very boyish ponytail.
Black hair and crimson eyes looked over Ryuusei silently, one hand on the hilt of a sword. Her aror was a bit showy today, red and black with golden scales about the hips and thighs. She looked quite different than the boyish person i the training hall last time.

Which meant of course that Ryuusei and Shuuren were the first to the training grounds. Ryuusei would place her hand over her eyes to look across it carefully under the light of the mid-day sun. "Alright then… So. Interesting?" She asks. How would Shuuren. be teaching her the art of protecting another? She supposes she would get that answer when Daoma approaches.
It was strange to see a Samurai standing so short, shorter than her by two inches. She was familiar, but at the same time the person she saw wasn't in full armor when she had approached. There was a twinkle in Ryuusei's eyes, because she had already made it clear how much she enjoyed the Samurai, and how much she had issues with Ninja. What she saw in front of her appeared to be just that. A highly decorated Samurai. "Shuuren-dono… Who is that?" Unable to really determine gender, all she knew was that it was a person of great skill. "You didn't tell me you had a bodyguard already…"

"Yes, interesting, as in putting a bit of pressure on you to get it right," Shuuren says with a nod to Ryuusei then looks over to Daoma as she scales the while. He looks over the over she wears curiously the smiles as he steps over to her. "This is Daoma, my highest ranking guard." Looking over his shoulder at Ryuusei, he says, "A Daimyo requires more than one guard. I'd think it'd be pretty common knowledge that I would already have guards in my position." Oh dear, is that a spark of jealousy? He looks back to Daoma, saying, "Sorry if I disturbed you. I was wondering if you'd help me out with this one's training today. You see, she wants to learn how to intercept attacks, and I figured it'd be best for her to try her hand in a more live way than just trying to stop me from hitting a training post with a kunai. Would you mind attacking me so she can try to intercept your strikes?"

Daoma turned to peer at the teen before her for a long moment as Shuuren introduced her 'officially-unofficially'. She tilted her head a bit…. She had decided to wear the more flashy armor today for sme reason. A person payig attention to her might just figure out she rotated between her different outfits.
But for now she looked uninterested for a split second. And then Shuuren asked her to attack him and she couldn't help the evil grin tht spread across her face. In a sweet but vicious tone she purred. "Of course nooooot, Shuuren-dono." Stepping a litle to the side, Daoma drew one of her swords, black blades and uniquely shaped. She flipped it once then again and smirked lightly. But her eyes were still quite serious and she motioned for Shuurenand Ryuusei to indicate they were prepared.
RP: Daoma joins the roleplay.

Ryuusei is -not- jealous! A little… Okay, to be honest, she had been working quite hard because she wanted to serve Shuuren, and slay his enemies with impunity. She didn't know that role was filled already, so her lips did curl lightly in distaste. She will get over it. She first has to crush Shiiru, then she'll prove that she is more worthy of being a proper bodyguard. First thing is first, she has to learn the ropes.
When Daoma drew her blade, Ryuusei's hand dropped to her own. The sheath of the blade was rather large, what made it seem like it was a rather thick blade, but the sheath was actually that way because the blade was shaped differently. She would draw out her blade, thin and precise as any katana, but the blade was undulated like the rolling waves of the ocean. "I'm… I'm ready…" Ryuusei says, with a bead of sweat rolling down the side of her face.

Shuuren smirks slightly as Daoma purrs that answer out. The oni woman might enjoy this a bit too much, but that's quite alright. He glances to the blades and then over to Ryuusei before opening a scroll that releases a puff of smoke. When the smoke fades, he is about twenty feet away from either of them and adorned in his black combat attire. "Come on then."

Daoma waited for the girl to draw her own blade, one tht was thin, shaped differently. She turned to face off with Shuuren, and though she would normally have thrown something heavy at him, She was well versed in the martial arts and she had seen Ryuusei's level the other day. she wasn't going to have the kid jump between Shuuren and her blades at full strength. She tempered her power.
A breath and the samurai woman lifted her blade in a formal high guard position, makng it easier for Ryuusei to see where her blade would go. Then she stepped and though her armor ws not made for stealth today, it was the sound of firm hard steps that would grace the girl's ears. Small Daoma might be, but she still had the power to land a good hit on anyone, and Kami help anyone trying to trip her…. It was almost as though she were connected to the ground her footing was so firm. Light glinted and the blade came down (ish) aimed for Shuuren's chest.

COMBAT: Daoma attacks Shuuren with SWORD-STRIKE with a roll of: 20
COMBAT: Daoma attacks Shuuren with SWORD-STRIKE with a roll of: 28

COMBAT: Ryuusei defends against SWORD-STRIKE(20) attack from Daoma with a RAPID-PARRY…28
COMBAT: Ryuusei defends against SWORD-STRIKE(28) attack from Daoma with a DANCE-OF-THE-CRESCENT…28

It took a moment for her to prepare her mind for the strike. She knew where she was going to strike Shuuren. Frontally. She merely needed to put herself between Daoma and Shuuren. If she screwed up at that point, she would still be in the clear… Just bleeding. It was close. It was close both times. She moved between Shuuren and Daoma quick, just in time, as she swung her blade in a vertical arc in front of her to bat the strike aside. Any secondary strike would find itself buried in water. A levitating arc of water that seemed to appear from her blade and linger as she paried. Ryuusei's eyes widened as she saw the blade pointed between her eyes, barely stopped by her odd and partially developed Jutsu. She even swallowed lightly. "I… I managed it…"

Watching the coming battle ready to take place, Shuuren moves his eyes back and forth between Daoma and Ryuusei. It'll be rather interesting to see how this goes. He doesn't budge as Daoma races toward him, seeming to be fully leaving his fate in Ryuusei's hands, at least up to the last second. What surprises him most is that Ryuusei actually guards him successfully on the first go. "Impressive," he says, raising his eyebrow slightly then turning an evil grin. "Step it up, Daoma."
COMBAT: Shuuren finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Daoma's turn.

Daoma turned her blade aside smoothly as if Shuuren's words had spurred her further. But she did not simply throw another strike, the woman spun, bringing her blade lower, across Shuren's stomach level. She moved with a bit more strength and speed this time. The girl had managed the first few, but guarding a daimyo wouldn't be a one shot incident. Once the sword moved across at bely level, a twist of the wrist and the blade had Daoma slashing diagonally from hip to opposite shoulder.
COMBAT: Daoma attacks Shuuren with SWORD-STRIKE-II with a roll of: 29
COMBAT: Daoma attacks Shuuren with SWORD-STRIKE-II with a roll of: 32

COMBAT: Ryuusei failed to interrupt attack number 1: SWORD-STRIKE-II from Daoma against Shuuren with a roll of 26 vs 29.
COMBAT: Ryuusei failed to interrupt attack number 1: SWORD-STRIKE-II from Daoma against Shuuren with a roll of 26 vs 29.

Oh, for sure. Ryuusei moved away to resume a position that was away from Shuuren, but close enough to act upon him if an attack was directed against him. Unfortunately this time, when she saw Daoma coming, she was far faster. She tried to draw her sword… to no avail! Shuuren was attacked! Her duties would have failed under normal circumstance!

COMBAT: Shuuren defends against SWORD-STRIKE-II(29) attack from Daoma with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Shuuren loses the roll and sustains 525 damage.
COMBAT: Shuuren defends against SWORD-STRIKE-II(32) attack from Daoma with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Shuuren loses the roll and sustains 507 damage.

Failed under normal circumstance? Well guess what! The dual cuts tear through Shuuren's training shirt and leave some rather deep cuts to his torso. Nope. He didn't defend at all, yet he doesn't cry out in pain or budge a whole lot despite the rather vicious cut. Glancing down at the cut and what's left of his shirt, he cants his head slightly and brings a hand to grab the bottom of that shirt and toss it aside. As he brings his hands into a seal and creates a glow that heals the wounds, it would become obvious to one that didn't know that he hides a rather insanely shaped up physique under that suit.
COMBAT: Shuuren heals Shuuren for 1424 with REGENERATING TOUCH.

Daoma tilted her head as Shuuren took the strikes, even going so far as to remove his shirt. She tilte her head the other way as if admiring her handiwork (or his chest)… Hard to tell. His command to go again though mad her look over at Ryuusei. "There are other things a bodyguard must be prepared for." She stepped back, then in, she would slip forward, bringing up her sword (blade flipped) to try and crack Ryuusei on the back of the head before turning to bring a heavier still hit against Shuuren.
COMBAT: Daoma attacks Ryuusei with BLADEBACK-STRIKE with a roll of: 30
COMBAT: Daoma attacks Shuuren with SWORD-STRIKE-III with a roll of: 34
COMBAT: Daoma finishes her turn.
COMBAT: Daoma attacks you with BLADEBACK-STRIKE and rolls a 30. Action?
COMBAT: Ryuusei defends against BLADEBACK-STRIKE(30) attack from Daoma with a DANCE-OF-THE-CRESCENT…27

Ryuusei was prepared to jump in front of Shuuren, and so geared herself to do so. Sadly… That was her excuse, after all, because she certainly wasn't just put into a round stun by the sight of Shuuren's chest. Clearly, that was a mistake, as her head is struck by a pommel, flooring her. She would rub her head, only to watch in Horror as she fails again…

COMBAT: Shuuren defends against SWORD-STRIKE-III(34) attack from Daoma with a TENSE…5
COMBAT: Shuuren loses the roll and sustains 730 damage.
COMBAT: Shuuren heals Shuuren for 1040 with MEDIUM HEALING JUTSU.

Another failed attempt by Ryuusei leaves Shuuren getting cleaved across once again. This one's a bit heavier, causing him to go back a bit and blood to fly everywhere. He smirks as he catches his bearings again to stand up, bringing his hands into a seal to heal himself once again. By the time this exercise is over, Ryuusei ought to have a good idea of how much she needs to work on this skill based on the amount of blood on the ground.
COMBAT: Shuuren finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Daoma's turn.

Daoma felt her blow connect with Ryuusei's head and then she went in for Shuuren again. The blade bit nto flesh again and the samurai woman made a powerful spin, her feet sliding over the ground as she moved and put distance between them.
Waiting for the moment Ryuusei would come out of the daze caused by the back of Daoma's sword. She ture her crimson eyes on Shuuren and lifted the blade to her lips, a tiny pink tongue darting out to lick at the blood. Samurai born and Shinobi corrupted. Doma flicked her blade then, freeing it of the residual blood before she looked back at the teen. "You will be seen as nothing but an obstacle and cut down if it increases their chance of striking your charge." The samurai reached down and offered Ryuusei a hand up before backig away and turing her side to face Shuuren. Her tongue flicked out again over her lips befor she stepped forward once more, striking above and from the side.

COMBAT: Daoma attacks Shuuren with SWORD-STRIKE-II with a roll of: 20
COMBAT: Daoma attacks Shuuren with SWORD-STRIKE-II with a roll of: 25
COMBAT: Ryuusei successfully interrupts attack number 1: SWORD-STRIKE-II from Daoma against Shuuren with a roll of 29 vs 20..
COMBAT: Ryuusei failed to interrupt attack number 2: SWORD-STRIKE-II from Daoma against Shuuren with a roll of 23 vs 25.
COMBAT: Ryuusei defends against SWORD-STRIKE-II(20) attack from Daoma with a DANCE-OF-THE-CRESCENT…32
COMBAT: Ryuusei wins the roll.

Ryuusei desperately tried to jump to redeem herself. It was difficult, given she was on the ground when she saw the blade raised. She couldn't possibly have defended Shuuren properly. She couldn't focus her chakra, or swing properly. All she could do was lunge and hope her limited training would pull through. She managed to swing in front of Shuuren as she dived forward, creating a water barrier with the water expelled from the blade. However. The water barrier was not entirely formed well. It eventually fell to the strength of Daoma's strike, though it's affect was severely reduced… She would hit the floor in front of Shuuren's feet a few moments later, any blood would drop onto her. She took failure harshly, when she felt the blood drop upon her. Blood had a distinct feel from water, and she knew without looking. Her eyes watered a little. "Useless…"

COMBAT: Shuuren counters against a SWORD-STRIKE-II(25) attack from Daoma with a CHAKRA-PHYSICAL…44
COMBAT: Shuuren has successfully countered the attack.

Watching and listening to the exchange between Daoma and Ryuusei, Shuuren is silent, though he does show a grin at the sight of her licking his blood from her blade… Anyway, Daoma is experienced, so it's a good thing to let her guide Ryuusei in this. Though Ryuusei initially guards, Daoma bursts through the less experienced swordswoman's defense to come at him. What she might not expect is for him to step into her and spin into a hip toss intended to throw her over him. No sense in just sitting here getting stabbed the whole time after all. As he is doing this motion, he looks down at Ryuusei and lifts an eyebrow. "Get up and cut the tears. You're learning. No one expects you to get this every time on the first try. In fact, I'm impressed by the amount of times you've actually managed to step in her way given the difference in your experience levels. You're improving as a combatant by leaps and bounds. Now get up and try again."

COMBAT: Daoma defends against CHAKRA-PHYSICAL(44) attack from Shuuren with a UNCANNY-DEFENSE…42
COMBAT: Daoma loses the roll and sustains 404 damage.

Daoma caught the movement of Shuuren's and for a split second she frowned as she judged she would not be able to react in time. So instead she did her best to roll, tucking her body s she was tossed over Shuuren and behind. A few rolls and a bit of a slide later, she slipped to her feet again and dusted off the armor as though that kind of toss was nothing. She didn't seem to feel any pain either. The Daimyo chided Ryuusei and Daoma came up beside Shuren, offering the girl her hand ad arm as a samurai would offer to another armored samurai. (It took a bit more force to pull a fully armed man up so one generally gripped at the elbow.) If the ofer was accepted she would give the teen a calm look, not disapproving specificly, more waiting for her to get a grip on herself. "Do you think I was born with my skills? You know neither yourself nor your enemy. Rectify that." She would watch the girl to see if she would recognise the words of the old war master… Though if she was illiterate that probability was low. And while most shinobi could read, there were still pockets where they did not.

Ryuusei would gladly accept the arm. Shame on Shuuren for not offering his hand to a lady! Sadly, she might not fully grasp Daoma's words of wisdome. "I… I really don't know myself… I don't consider you the enemy though, so I don't know how to rectify that…" She notes as she crouches down to grab her blade. "Thank you for the training, Daoma… Shuuren… Do… you wish me to try again?" She wonders. Truly, no matter how spirited she was, she wasn't going to improve without doing.

Shuuren glances over to Daoma as she helps the girl up and gives her some advice, which brings a slight smile to his face. Perhaps that is why he allowed Daoma to help the girl up instead of doing it himself. As Ryuusei's question, he nods and says, "Try again. We can keep trying as long as you like." With that he leaps back, giving some space between the two and himself so they can try the practice again.

Daoma could tell Ryuusei did not know the words she had offered. Really it wasn't suprising it ws traditionally a samurai book and even then only studied by those of that class in the Land of Iron. She shook her head. "It is not so literal. Listen. If you know yourself but not your enemy… not your opponent, you will only succeed in half of your battles. If you know neither your enemy nor yourself, you will succumb each time. But if you know yourself and know your enemy, you need not fear for victory. Think long on those words." She stepped back a pace. "And you rectify it by first learning who you are."
Daoma did not often take the time to teach samurai ways to shinobi, but she was instructing Ryuusei rather than simply pounding her into the dirt. She waited for Ryuusei to think before she turned to face Shuuren. "I hit her pretty hard earlier. Allow her a breath." It was said in a simple tone, not a command but a simple statement or request from one peer to another.

Ryuusei does rub the back of her head. It does appear that she sort of did have a bit of sense knocked into her. "It's… far off." She would note. "I still have a long way to go, Daoma-sensei." Lord trumps Sensei, though she is sure Shuuren would like her to use that term with him. It never crosses her mind. She would bow her head. "I… I'll remember them." Reflect upon them, too… Thank you…

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