A Life Taken, Another Touched



Date: May 29, 2012


None given.

"A Life Taken, Another Touched"

Unknown location

An individual of towering heights, clad in metal armor with bits of forest
green cloth that peeked out from the protective plates, was steadily
making his way up the dirt road near Fort Kyuusen to deliver a package. He
had thoughts of it being a relatively quick and easy mission. The rank was
low and the money was just enough to cover his pay as well as the
village's cost. That being the main reason he had to go at it alone. Not
that it mattered, as he planned to finish it, then relax on the way back.
Unfortunately for the armored shinobi, there was another that lurked
from within the shadows, stalking the man since he reached the outside
border of the Land of Grass and stepped foot into the territory of Fort
Kyuusen. He was a hired assassin. Given information about a missing-nin
that simply needed to be disposed of. The pay for this as well was
substantially low, but it was only the assassin's first assignment. He
wasn't going to complain. All he had to do now was wait for the moment to
strike. A chance where there'd be no witnesses and the terrain would be to
his advantage. Focusing his chakra and weaving several hand signs he
slowly seeped into the ground to make his move.
For the armored shinobi, something seemed out of place. He felt as if he
was being watched and slowed his movement, peering about the area to find
the source of his discomfort. There was nothing to be seen. Not a creature
in sight. Hesitant, he took a step forward and at that point is when he
felt the ground beneath him shake. Instinctively he spun around to catch
sight of what it would be, preparing hand signs in defense and bringing
earthen walls up for protection.
Exploding from the ground and nearly half the height of the armored
shinobi, the assassin brought both pincered weapons forward to take down
his target. Each attack was deflected, knocked away by the earth his
target was using as a defense. Missing the initial strike, it was now the
assassins turn to defend. The shinobi now bringing forth fire at his
command, sent forth a ball of flames that exploded before coming into
contact. The assassin quickly dodged out of the way and by doing so,
showed off a long scorpion tail that swayed from behind its back.

The light from the explosion was enough to reveal the assassin's face. It
was child-like, not even a teenager yet and the eyes were completely
blackened. Knowing his face had been seen, the assassin shifted about,
facing his target. "Hiromu of the Murasame Clan! Accept your fate!" The
assassin then went in for another series of strikes to end it before the
target escaped. It was then that the two became entangled in combat. Earth
jutting from the ground deflecting and blocking each strike from the
assassin, retaliating with fire jutsu to keep the creature at bay. The
assassin dodging the best he could, getting struck on occassion that sent
him whirling, but never giving up.
In the end, Hiromu was on the ground, bloodied, but able to put the
assassin in close to the same condition. Slowly, he began to work on a
series of hand seals. The assassin straightened up seeing his target
weakened and then took in a deep breath before rearing back his pincered
weapon, "No matter what happens. I will never forget you. Hiromu of the
Murasame. You will always be a part of me until the day I die!!"
Hiromu's eyes opened at the kid's words. A small smile touched his lips
as a small nod was given. The blade hit true, burying half way into
Hiromu's chest, causing him to choke at the pain. Wincing, he focused
through it for a moment, long enough to finish that last seal. There was a
hiss in the air, as if hot metal touching the water, as a clone poofed
into form beside them. It was Hiromu, before the damage was delt, as if
the fight never happened against him. Another clone formed after that,
with the continued hiss of air. That second clone was of the assassin. For
a moment, the two forms would shake hands.
Then the bloodied form of Hiromu would reach over and grab the ankle of
his clone. That sharp hiss of flesh on hot metal caused him to cry out,
but he clung on. Anyone that could sense such things would see him pour
everything he had left into those two clones. The color faded as the metal
cores were revealed. Unless one was there at the start, it'd be impossible
to tell who they really were. As Hiromu passed away with that final sigh,
he left a lasting testament, a metal statue of two teens shaking hands.
Seeing the monument before him, the assassin couldn't hold back his own
emotions and fell to his knees, the pincered weapons leaving his grips as
his hands held him up from falling forward and onto the ground. The head
still covered by his hood, the face was unable to be seen, but the tears
still pooled up directly beneath his head. It was the assassins first
kill, the first life he had taken. He never imagined it would touch him so

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