A Love Letter



Date: February 25, 2011


A correspondence from husband to wife.

"A Love Letter"


Challenge entry: Collaboration! Collaboration with Amaya.

Dear Amaya-chan,
It's getting to be spring again. Flowers are blooming, trees are growing
new leaves, and Scruvo is giving love advice to every kid remotely past
puberty that we run into. That can get even more awkward than it sounds,
considering how often we run into troubled youth in my line of work. Oddly
enough, though, it did seem to help one or two of them. It gets them fired
up to better themselves for someone else's sake. I'm not holding my breath
for any miraculous, permanent transformations because of it, but if it
causes any improvement at all, you won't hear me complaining.
Meanwhile, I'm missing you more than usual. How long has it been since
you left on this mission? Just a couple weeks? It feels like a lot longer
than that already. I keep reminding myself that your work is very
important, that every marriage has less-than-ideal aspects, that I'm very
lucky to have such a beautiful and loving wife. True as they are, these
facts don't do much to ease my longing for you.
I had a strange dream last night. I had just dozed off when I heard a
knock on the door. Then I heard your voice, calling me to let you in. I
jumped out of bed to meet you, but when I opened the door, you were gone.
So I went out in the streets to search for you. I passed by a patrol and
asked them if they'd seen you, but they just said I was crazy for running
around in the dark in my pajamas. So I kept looking, around corners, over
rooftops, and through alleyways. Finally I spotted you, standing
underneath a street lamp like you were waiting there for me. I ran up to
embrace you, and…well, that's the point where you would think a dream
would end or take a weird turn, but this one didn't. We laughed and kissed
and held each other tight. It was so real, I could smell your hair and
taste your lips. Even once I finally did wake up, I could almost feel you
there with me still.
Does a dream mean anything? Normally I'd be pretty skeptical, but after a
dream like that, I find myself doubting my doubts. At the very least, what
this dream means to me is that I'm bursting to see you again. Be safe,
Whiskers. When you come home, I'll be waiting for you.


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