Fallen Skies - A Lucky Find


Miyo (emitter), Soren, Ataru

Date: March 14, 2013


After splitting up, the Masashi, Soren, and Ataru scour the forests for one of the impact craters. Fortunately, they get lucky real early on in their search and Soren spots a crater. They quickly gather it up and seal it into Masashi’s scroll before departing towards town to see if the other group had any luck.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Fallen Skies - A Lucky Find"

Land of Fire (non-specific location)

Satomi had split the group up, insisting that two of them continue on towards the village while the other three comb the countryside with a crudely made tool that might or might not work and hope to get lucky. With Satomi gone, Masashi turns towards his two comrades, Ataru and Soren, and looks down at the device that Satomi had fashioned. “I’m not quite sure I trust this thing to get the job done, particularly in this area. There are at least four of the meteorites on the ground so I can’t say how it will react to multiple magnetic signatures, if at all.”

He grins at the other two and then turns the direction the device is pointing. “Well, it insists we go this way, and since our fearless leader has demanded we find these things with absolutely no clue as to where they are, we might as well get started.” He then takes off running into the forest and off the road, finding a small, winding trail through the trees and shrubs that he could maneuver on much easier.

Ataru would look at it, then look around and shrug. "It's a lotta woods.. so.. uh.. we look fer big gapin holes in the trees where the meteorites landed and the messed up land should tell us what's up? Although a higher up look would probably work better fer that.." Ataru would look up for a moment, shrug, glance towards Soren then take off after the leader. After all, he was just a genin here, so they said do it their way, you do it their way, right?

Soren shrugged. "it probably won't react overly well to multiple magnetic signatures, but as long as we're smart about how we do things, it shouldn't be too much of a problem." he says, making his way along closely behind them. "I think, we should pass whatever meteorites we find t Ataru, and then, have him go back to a safe distance before we look for another one. Far enough so that the magnetic fields don't interfere. I say you, Ataru, because you could kick my comet, and I know your skill level. Sorry Mashashi-san." he says, heading higher up into the trees to take a look while they went. "I'll see what I can see from up here. Let you know what I spot." he says looking for a particularly tall tree in their path.

“Getting to some high ground is definitely not a bad idea, however, this land around here is mostly flat, and so we’re not likely to get any real good vantage points around here.” However, Masashi does slow down a bit while Soren climbs up into the trees, curious as to whether or not he actually finds anything. Perhaps he might, but it might also be difficult to distinguish any clearings in the forest from impact sights.

“Don’t worry about the meteorites when we find them. I’m along particularly to store them in this scroll, as I said before. Sealing them away should keep them safe and stop any magnetic interference.”

Ataru continued walking with the others, watching his surroundings as they went. Since Soren went up, he'd watch Soren up in the trees while continuing their search about for the rocks. He'd try scoping out the area himself, afterall keeping alert was important when searching for rocks. Musing, he'd also sniff the air. Meteorites were normally hot, right? So maybe there was smoke in the air… where was Atsuro when you needed him?

Soren leaped up from one of the trees, getting a good bit of airtime, before coming down, landing on a tree, and skidding down the side for a bit, before continuing to leap. "There's an odd looking clearing this way. It's a little ways out, but I think we might have a winner." he says leading them in the direction of the clearing. "The trees are bent at an odd angle, and its smoking. I think we have found our meteor." he says with a grin.

When Soren announces that he found the meteor, Masashi looks down at his tool and gives it a suspicious look. He then looks up to Soren. "Alright, Soren, excellent work. I'm actually surprised we found one so quickly. Let's head on over."

The meteor's impact site was rather deep, as well as fairly wide, reaching some thirty meters across. The meteorite was still embedded in the dirt. It was not large, only the size of a basketball at best, however, it appeared to have fragmented into several more pieces that were scattered through the impact crater. "Well, I'll get to work sealing the main portion. You guys grab the rest and we can continue our search." He then tosses the tool Satomi fashion away. "These things aren't even slightly magnetic. So, our search will continue visually."

He then pulls the massive scroll from his back and unrolls it on the ground next to the meteor and begins his sealing technique.

Ataru gives a thumbs up to Soren as he found the meteor. Heading that direction, Ataru would look about, nodding mootly as the guy said to pick up the pieces. Musing to himself, he'd get some items from one of his pockets, using the two sticks to try and poke out fresh meteorites. Suddenly having an idea, he'd have Kyouki show up in a flash of light, using the spear who was slightly indignant about it to pull out rocks. Once meteorite chunks were found, he'd add them to a growing pile of pieces that went with the main rock.

Well, at least they found the meteorite. That was a good sign. And so quickly too. He quickly set about to trying to grab as many of the meteorite chunks as he could, blinking when he saw Ataru summon a weapon from nothing. "Impressive." he says, turning back towards Masashi. "You guys have things covered here. I'm going to see if I can spot another impact sight." he says, leaping back into the tree lines, before repeating what he did before, leaping a fair bit above the tree line, and trying to catch himself on a tree before he hit the ground.

While Ataru gathers up the meteorite fragments, Masashi seals them away in his scroll, and within a couple minutes, they are done and the scroll is placed back in its slot on his back. "Well, looks like we have everything here. See anything else, Soren?"

Soren, however, would not see anything suspicious this time. Just forest and more forest. If they were more meteorites on the ground, they were well beyond what he was able to see at the current time. They'd have to continue travelling, or try to link up with the rest of the group.

Ataru would watch Soren leap but not have any results, pondering he'd glance between Soren and Masashi. "Hey.. since we ain't findin nothin else here.. mebbe we should go see if the other folk are havin any luck on their side? The lil dohicky ain't gonna do us nothin out here.."

Soren catches himself on a treebranch nods. "Agreed. It'd probably be best to head back into town and focus on gathering information there." he says, nodding towards Atsuro. "Shall we?" he says, heading towards the down, using his dash step trick.

The group departs, making their way back to town. Hopefully they'd make it before anything terrible happened.

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