A Meeting of the Powers


Shuuren, Hashiramako

Date: August 27, 2013


Shuuren comes to the Hokage's Lookout for a meeting with Hashiramako herself.

"A Meeting of the Powers"

Hokage's Lookout

With the coming of afternoon, the village is as busy as ever during this time. The Exams have filled this place quite well. Business is quite good for all sorts of merchants, which gives the man coming to meet with the Hokage a bit of a dual reason to be around. He'll be checking with those he supplies to be sure they've got all they need periodically during this time as well.
Today's meeting, however, is not about the merchant side of things. He requested a meeting with the Hokage as Daimyo of the Land of Tea and has made his way to her lookout. While still adorned in a suit, he has at least taken a bit of the request of those who wanted him to look more Daimyo-esque to heart. His coat has changed into a long-coat, almost robe-like, though still having the look of a suit, with a thick white fur collar. The back of it is adorned with the symbol of the Land of Tea. He's still not wearing that stupid hat the other Daimyo wear…
Approaching the door of the Hokage's office, he lifts his hand to give a light knock. "Hokage-sama, it's Nagamura Shuuren. I'm here for our meeting. I brought some special brew from my country I think you might enjoy."

Hashi looked up as there was a knock on her door. A small nod was given and a few items put away in her desk before she stood. "Enter please." This was Hokage to Daimyo level. She had to treat it with the proper respect. A genuine smile of pleasure was given at the mention of the special brew, a nod was given as one of the aides was motioned to start the water brewing to have the tea. "Please, have a seat, Nagamura-sama. It's always a pleasure to be able to meet with you." She'd wait for him to settle in the chair before she did. "I know this is a busy time, for both of us, so I am interested in how I may be able to help you. I also wish to congratulate you on your recent raise to power. Although the loss of the previous Daimyo is a deep pity."

"Arrigato," Shuuren says with a smile as he would enter the room. A brief glance is cast around before he would move to seat in the offered chair. "Always a pleasure to meet with you as well, Hokage-sama," he says, giving a nod. "Thank you… It is a shame that my bride's father met his end in such a way. We had hoped it would be old age many years from now instead, but such are the hands we are dealt. Moving forward and strengthening the country as well as its bond with its allies is what he would have wanted, as would my father, so that is what I will do."
With that, he reaches into his coat, grabbing two things, a folder and a scroll. The folder, he would set on her desk and slide over to her to pick up at her leisure as he unfolds the scroll to reveal a table set-up with a kettle and its warmers built in with oil ready to burn. "The young man whose medical records are in that folder is a patient of mine who once aspired to be a shinobi, yet his muscles were ridden with disease," he begins to explain as he prepares the kettle and starts the warmers. "It's taken me years of surgical and medicinal work, and it was at the cost of his memory since his past pains caused him anxiety too great for the treatment to be effective, but I've managed to rebuild his muscular structure in dividends. He's actually much stronger than he would have even been if he had not been ridden as such."

Hashi smiles with a nod in response, the aide waved out as Shuuren provided his own way to make the tea. She'd pick up the folder, opening it to look over the information. "I see. I am happy to hear that you were able to help him recover from such a tragedy. He is older.. I am guessing in part you would like to help him by joining Konoha to obtain that shinobi dream? Does he remember that he wanted to do that?" She'd look to Shuuren curiously. "Or should I say, how much does he remember, so we know where we're starting at?"

"That is the idea, yes," Shuuren says, looking back directly to Hashiramako once the tea is brewing. "He doesn't really remember much. I left what he knew of his skills, along with the knowledge that he has to be careful interacting with people and objects due to his strength. It's hard to say if he remembers his dream, but he does seem to still have some inkling of it since he enjoys training and such." After a few minutes, the smell of the prepared tea wafts through the air, and he would pour them a couple glasses, setting hers on the desk in front of her. "I would caution you, however. The person he trains with must know not to try to trigger his memories, that it is not some game they can play with him. If one were foolish enough to attempt it, he could go on a rampage that would be rather harder to stop without my being here. I will make periodic visit, of course, and help him along, but his case should be handled with care."

Hashi muses, giving a small nod in response. "I see. So he does like to train. He has some basic skills and a strength to be warned about. Also to tell people to leave his memory alone. Tell me, Nagamura-sama, will his memories ever come back?" She'd smile her thank at the tea, picking the cup up to sip from it lightly. "If he joins, it's going to be as a genin. He will work in a team. I'll make sure it's noted to the team he gets in, to avoid his memory.. They will be able to figure out among themselves not to push his strength too far." She gave a small nod then. "Do we consider this in part, a tentative alliance between our villages then?"

"In time, perhaps. If things go well, we may experiment with that later to make him more whole, but it will be a slow process," Shuuren replies before taking a few sips from his tea while listening. "That should work perfectly then," he says with a nod. At her next question, he would smile and say, "It would be a nice start to an alliance, yes. After all, we are neighbors. Aside from being a Daimyo, I'm also aligned with many merchants in your country. Perhaps through our growing political alliances and business, maybe we can some day create a true unity and peace in the shinobi world. It will be a slow process, but well worth it in the end."

Hashi nods in response. "Yes. Yes a true peace for the Shinobi world would be nice. May we see it in our life times." Chuckling softly, she'd sip from her tea some more. "Alright.. I think that this can definitely be a step in the right direction for both of us then." She reached out and opened a draw, pulling out a Konoha headband. "Go ahead and give him this. Explain the situation to him and let him know that a team position will come soon. We shall continue to work together with our allies to make for a better future."

"Indeed," Shuuren says, taking another sip of his tea. Of course, so long as nothing drastic happens, his own life span is bound to be long past her own, but there is no need to let her know that. He then takes the headband, giving a nod and placing it in his jacket. "Thank you. I look forward to working with you to pursue this end." With that, he would stand, offering a light bow to the Hokage. "I'll bring him up once he is prepared." Gesturing toward the kettle, he says, "Keep that. Consider it a gift upon our new alliance." With that, he would say, "See you soon, Hokage-sama. It's been a pleasure," before turning to make his way out, unless stopped, of course.

Hashi smiles with a nod in response. "The gift is appreciated, as is the alliance. Fare well, Nagamura-sama. I do hope your business continues to thrive as well." She'd watch him go, before his attention returned back to the folder. Very interesting situation, she even had an idea of who to assign this Ato to.

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