The Business of Revenge - A Meeting on Intel


Shuuren, Joker (emitter)

Date: June 12, 2013


Shuuren calls a meeting of some business associates to make plans and get some information. Of course, some enemies have to try something…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Business of Revenge - A Meeting on Intel"

Land of Waterfalls - Tea House

It's rather hard for most people to dig very far into foreign situations without immediate red flags coming up. After all, when lacking a familiar face, most people close up about personal matters. However, one man who'd like to research this has a rather ingenious plan and a wide reach. Shuuren has invited many of his business associates to a private meeting at a tea house in the Land of Waterfalls. A rather impressive spread has been laid out on a table that the young businessman sits at the head of, having just about any kind of delicacy one could think of. Whereas he meets his normal small business customers at their own establishments or one in their own town, he's arranged this for his more wealthy associates. The class of it is seen in both the spread and the fact that two rather large men adorned in black stand on either side of the door, standing guard and inspecting any who pass. Though perhaps a bit ominous to some, this is sending a message. What happened at his family's meeting will not be repeated. The Yakuza come here, they will leave in pieces.
A light smile rests on Shuuren's face as he stands to greet those coming in, thanking them for coming and such as he waits for them all to fill into their seats. This meeting will serve a dual purpose with any luck. He just has to keep his ears open…

The businessmen who enter the building are slightly weary. Given what happened before. Though Shuuren's efforts to keep it all under control have been noticed and thus people are relatively comfortable to show up. "Impressive security…" Says one particularly fat merchant wearing a thick coat. Passing through the crowd and sitting down in a chair that just bulges with him sitting down in it. If Shuuren his sensor skill is up, he would notice - something - is off on that guy. But placing what exactly would be difficult. He did make an effort to pass by the guards without them checking him too much. The other merchants all happily chatter and begin eating. "Chow time!" Says one guy who came in a T-shirt, shorts and sandles. Ironically, the richest of the bunch! The type that can afford not giving two scouts. "So, what's this meeting all about?" He says, as if he owns the place and this is suddenly - his - meeting. People are still pouring in.

Casting a glance toward the fat man, Shuuren lifts an eyebrow ever so slightly before looking out to the others. "By all means, indulge yourselves," the young man says with a gesture of his hand toward the food. A light smirk touches his lips as he glances over to the laxly dressed man. "I'll give more details once everyone gets in here. It's mostly about organizing trade routes and such. I'll be having a bit higher security detail on them until things have been fully taken care of, but that can all be discussed when we get to the formal part of the meeting. Enjoy yourself." He keeps his diagnostic sensor ability up for now, keep tabs on each person that comes in the door to check for irregularities or even someone whose chakra signature might be that of a shinobi or mercenary rather than a businessman.

The fat man sits down and smiles at Shuuren. Nope, no shinobi there. There's just something… off, in fact, it takes little figuring out. There's some invading chakra in that man's mind. Like he's under some special kind of genjutsu. Shuuren should be familiar with the man, he's an influential trader from the land of whirpools. His boats are the sturdiest in the Shinobi lands. If you - need - something delivered by sea, he's your guy! But now, he's not his chirpy usual self. Just silent, more scarily so. He's not eating!

Finally everyone got in, headed for their places. "So, now everbody is here.." Says the guy in a T-shirt. Picking at his teeth with the bone off a chicken wing. "What's the deal?" He throws the bone over his shoulder into the face of one of his servants. Who are kneeling behind him.

Shuuren takes quite a bit of notice of the man's behavior, though he plays it off quite well as he looks over the crowd. Whoever's controlling him may or may not be in the room, but he might be able to flush them out or at least keep them from gaining any information presented if he cuts their tie. "I'm glad you've all come," he says as he walks around the table toward the door to close it. One might question why he doesn't just have one of the guards do it, but that's nothing too odd.
He brings his hands together for a quick moment just after closing the door, seeming to dust something off, using his insane speed and seal skill to form a quick seal in an instant that should be unnoticed to any non-shinobi. As he walks back toward his seat, he would place a hand on the fat man's shoulder in what appears to be a friendly greeting as he would attempt to flush foreign chakra out of the man's system. "Eat up, my friend. I'll try not to bore you too badly," he says before continuing to walk back toward his seat, glancing back every so often while keeping his sensor abilities up to monitor what's going on. "I'm sure most of you heard about the Yakuza attack that wiped out my family. They intended to capture our businesses, but that is not something I will allow to happen. We're here to discuss strategy and security measures to make trade blossom again and keep our people and our goods safe in the process."

The man who put The trader under the genjutsu is far enough away. Though in range to watch the… fireworks? "NOBODY MOVE!" Says the fat guy the moment Shuuren forces the chakra out. He's holding his hands far from his coat. "Someone kidnapped me… I…" He's clearly struggling with his memory. "No I… fought a?" He blinks a few times. Traders look at him as if he's gone mad. Is that the plan? To make the traders think he went mad to disrupt trade? Oh no, it's worse. "No… no bomb!" Says the fat guy, pointing at himself.

"Paperbombs, lots of them, inside my jacket. I can't take it off or move it too much or they blow! HELP ME PLEASE!" He suddenly begins crying at Shuuren. "PLEASE… Shuuren. We have always been friends. Please help me…" The paperbombs are invisible to the naked eyes. But they sure are in that jacket! Booby-trapped. He was supposed to take off his jacket mid meeting under the gen. But now the gen is off he could remember. Now he's stuck with a jacket he can't take off without blowing a crater into the ground! All the other traders gasp and back off. At least it was relatively disruptive!
As the scene suddenly turns, Shuuren turns back to the man and listens carefully. "Figures someone would leak the information somewhere," the young bureaucrat says as he walks back over and places a hand on the man's shoulder again. "Stand up and take a few steps out from your seat then hold your arms out to your sides just enough that I can see between them and your sides. I'm going to open the fabric of your jacket and figure out how this is wired up so I can disarm it." As he steps back to allow the man to do as he says, he'd cast a glance at the others, saying, "Keep yourselves quiet. If we're being watched, we don't want to give them any inclination to set this thing off ahead of time."

The merchant nods and slowly takes a step back. Following Shuuren's every instructions. "It was T-bones…" The fat man says. "T-bones, of the Yamawakzi Yakuza. He attacked me on the way here. How did he know!?" The fat man looks around and suddenly focusses his gaze on one of the generic merchants relaxing. "YOU! IT WAS YOU!" He yells. Almost pointing so that SHuuren's precise incision fails. Luckily, the doctor has a steady hand. The coat is filled with paperbombs. Extremely heat and chakra sensetive. More importantly, if one of the papers dislodged from another, they blow.

If the seals are fiddled with incorrectly, they blow. If the coat is taken off, they blow. "And… how bad is it?" Says the fat merchant. The seals are deceipherable and thus defuseable. But even for Shuuren, that would be quite challenge! And extremely risky. Maybe it's just easier to throw this guy off a mountain?

"Calm down. We'll deal with T-bones later," Shuuren says as he slices the coat open with a chakra scalpel to uncover all the paper bombs. Someone really wanted this guy to go sky high. "Oh, it's not that bad." Sure, if you're a former Jounin who hides his skill level behind a seat of bureaucracy. After a few moments of study, he would use that same precise scalpel to defuse the bombs before pulling the jacket from the man's body. "All of you remain where you are please," he says before turning to walk outside with the jacket. Once there, the guards would close the door behind him before he shows a rather astounding feat of strength as he lobs the jacket over the treetops higher and higher and away from the building. He lets them get quite a bit away before taking a kunai from one of the guards to toss it at the jacket, intending to strike and make the jacket explode mid-air where it is harmless, which should also send a nice middle-finger to Mister T-Bones if he's watching.
"Yes… later." Says the fat man. Keeping himself from hyperventilating. Especially when Shuuren says it's nothing. That was smart. Everyone seems to relax a bit. And the explosion outside is met with frustration. T-bones was indeed watching. The slim (shady…) gangster was disappointed his ingenious plan didn't work. Now who in that building knew how to undo paperbombs and a proper genjutsu like that? Spy….

Meanwhile the traders all get back to their seat. Speaking loudly amongst themselves. Yep, the rest is dislodged. Even Shuuren raising his voice wouldn't quiete this lot down in one go. Especially the fat man is dragging people around the table. "TWAS YOU!" He would yell. Before grabbing the next person. Someone gets a jug of wine knocked over his expensive shirt. "HEY!" He yells. His servants getting up.
As he hears what's going on, Shuuren glances back into the building and lets out a sigh. He gives a look to the two guards and would shake his head as he turns to walk back into the room. "We don't know who it was, so I suggest you all get back to your seats. The guards are meant for your protection, so it would be shameful if they had to use their time that they are supposed to be guarding you having to separate you from your squabbles." He shows quite a bit of sternness in his voice, one that would be familiar with those who knew his father.
Soon the room quits down. Two merchants are calmly discussing buying a set of eyes at the other side of the table. Both of them are from Fuuma. Most of the rest is focussed on Shuuren. "Well Shuuren-boy? Anything useful today or are we going to bicker about trivial things like bomb-jackets during meetings?" Says the guy in a t-shirt. Before impatiently chugging at his wine
"I suppose keeping you alive was quite trivial in your old age, hmm?" Shuuren retorts with a slight smirk to the old man as he walks back over to his seat. The merchants discussing buying a set of eyes don't go unnoticed, however. He marks each man in his mind. Those two will need to be questioned before they're allowed to leave. With a snap of his fingers, a traditional kimono-clad young woman would step in from a back room and begin passing each man a folder from a stack she holds on her arm. "The information contained in these folders should go only to those you trust most deeply. Obviously, I'm going to deal with our friend with the Yakuza before he gets his hands on any of it. I trust that no one here is a leak of information to them, as I will find out, and that will not end well. On the other hand, if you /are/ that leak and wish to not meet consequence for your actions, I implore you to meet with me later to give me the information I need to have these fools tracked down." After a light pause, he would say, "Now onto business." With that, the discussions would begin of strategy for keeping shipments safe, the trade routes that should be used. if a shinobi patrol should be hired to try to clear these lanes, and so on. Meanwhile, Shuuren is keeping his sensor abilities up and listening in on any conversation that might have anything to do with the Yakuza or the doctor selling eyes.

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