Second Promotion Exams - A monster is born: Risu vs. Isato


Risu, Isato

Date: December 1, 2012


Isato attacks Risu, only to end up fleeing too late and dying in the swamps of his injuries

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Second Promotion Exams - A monster is born: Risu vs. Isato"

Blood Marsh - Heart of the Swamp [Kirigakure]

At each corner of the huge slab of granite, where the large wooden posts stand tall, at the corners of the rock, someone has set up a fire at the base of each pole, slightly in from it so as not to try to set the actual poles on fire. This illuminates the entire area clearly, despite the dim light and the dark water surrounding the ancient arena. Near the center but not quite at the center of the arena a figure, short, in a dark cloak is sitting, kneeling really lightly on her heels. Despite appearing to be meditating or something like it what she's really doing is carefully watching and listening to her surroundings, waiting. The fires should be noticable from a reasonable distance. This is her flare, her signal that someone is here, and someone is looking for a fight. By staying near the center of the arena she hopes to force any attacker to at least come close enough to see or hear before attacking. The time of day is mid evening, shadows dark
across the swamp and if the four fires were not lit, it would be near pitch black here. The flames cast shadows out across the light fog that surrounds the stone and clings to the dark putrid water's surface.

So far so good Isato was able to meet and greet most of his friends he came here with however he still failed to run up against Chiaki for a second time. As he walked upon a beaten path he would have his eyes close and his ears open to everything going on around as if he was feeling it. Isato goal and drive was being put to the test as he soon found himself lost to the blood marsh. Sighing he would have his arms crossed as he spoke to himself, "I might have to eat my pride and take on a woman for her scroll…tsk, I would seriously hate to do that."

Risu is waiting, patiently, focused, ready. It might be hard to tell that it is a girl with her small size, boyish figure due to age and the dark cloak and flickering shadows. On the up side anyone lost in the swamp should have no trouble seeing the brightly lit four fires Risu has laid out, almost a beacon to any who are tired of slogging through the muck and mire. As fire means high ground and dry ground at that after all. Risu remains at the ready, waiting, patiently still, scanning for potential threats, still kneeling lightly at the center of the stone slab.

The smell of fire was something that Isato would have to be worried about, it would mean either one or two things. A camp or a trap made to trick others into thinking of a safe zone. Either way he would take evasive action and dash into some bushes for the moment he would be unmoving as he focused on scanning the area while at the same time hiding himself from the target(s).

Risu was on full alert. She had been sitting here a while and the strain of being so alert for so long was starting to weigh on her but then finally she noticed a figure in the shadows, or at least thought she noticed what could be a figure heading into some bushes. Rather than risking throwing an attack or the like in that direction she stands up, faces that direction and calls out, "If you are a chuunin exam participant, I challenge you, come forward and fight honorably." Her voice carries, a bit forced but quite loud enough to make out. She obviously is not trying to sneak or be stealthy as she waits for an answer of some kind from where she figures the figure must be hiding in the bushes.

"Groverit to elmo," is all that is said before he jumpped out of the bushes before smiling softly. "You found me, and sure honor plays a lot out here, Senju Isato nice to meet you." Isato would find himself in a pickle based on the tone of voice it's a woman, however when he looked her over everything screamed a guy. Either way he was locked into a battle with it and thus he pulled out his tonfas before smiling softly. "I guess I'm as ready as I'm going to be." Isato would have his eyes focus as he started to clear his minds of the many distraction that was laid out before him. This process would take a while however when his open his eyes he would have a firmer stance and more passion into his eyes than before. He would be swaying as well as bouncing up in down before speaking once more "come at me from any direction you like."

Risu gestures for Isato to approach, "You might want to stand up on the stone slab, there are roots and other nasty things in that dark water." She points out. She then puts her hands together in what almost looks like a prayer gesture, and slowly pulls them apart. The gesture looks like it takes some effort on her part then she smiles and looks directly at Isato, "Please, I cast out the challenge, you go first." She offers, her own transformation now active as she awaits to see what this Isato person does, "Ah, also, Risu, from Suna, no clan, no sir name." She says just in case it is important that they do a proper introduction for some reason. "I have one scroll. If you win, I shall give it to you, if you lose…. I shall take any you have." She says simply.

Isato would smile softly as he took a small step forward, "I too have one scroll….things are getting rather interesting." Isato would be taking tiny steps forward before shifting his weight around to get into her blind spot. Once there he would launch his attack one tonfa would be aimed at her knee on his right hand side before he dipped back into his blind spot. He would appear on the other side with the same type of attack before twisting one tonfa in front of her face to distract her before thrusting the other tonfa into her chest.

Risu manages to avoid two out of the three attacks, only the second one managing to strike her. She hops back and says, "Mistake." A simple word as she makes a series of odd hand gestures and in rapid succession three black streaks of shadow shoot towards Isato, dark and pitch black. They could be mistaken for shadow manipulation at first but… if they hit they would chew away at clothing, skin, flesh, burning and disolving almost anything without a complex chakra signature in its path. Isato might not fare as badly as his clothing if the attacks hit, but they would hurt if they hit.

Isaato would fail to evade the first strike before sliding back, he would narrow his gaze as he started to think "Nara? No she said she's not part of a clan…to top it off as well she isn't even from Konoha…what the heck was that?" Isato however would finally sync with her and thus he would able to avoid the last to just in the nick of time. This was no time to over think things he would have no other choice but to push himself to dig deeper and try even harder to land some more attacks to allow his damage to build up as he thought of a plan. He would narrow his gaze as he drove in and started to attack once more he would be bring his tonfas around in an arc however he would be fueling his own fire chakra through as he brought it down at an angle towards her shoulder, he would vanish into her blind spot as he struck once more this time two duel strike onto her kidneys. Tossing all his power into his leg he would slam his fist onto the ground
before taking off into the air and striking down with a duel shoulder strike.

To contrast the dark chakra, this time a bright white flash comes from Risu's hands and each one results on an obstruction being created directly in Isato's path. The first attack is blocked by what appears to be a large marble slab, the second by some kind of reinfoced metal plate, and the third by a wall that arcs around and protects her back forming a C around her body and causing the tonfa to bounce harmlessly away. Risu steps out of the C she created of stone and says nothing as she makes hand seals. Two larger and some what faster dark streaks shoot towards Isato, similar to the last three, but some how a tad scarier since he knows how much they sting when they hit and how destructive they can be.

Suddenly something came up from the ground as he narrowed his gaze he soon found his tonfas being knocked away, he would side across the ground for a brief moment before landing a nice distance away. He would notice the two attacks coming his eye and with a narrow gaze he would start to rapidly speed both tonfa about trying to deflect the incoming attack however this failed and he could feel himself losing energy and strength. Thinking about his outcome all he could do for the moment was slam his fist onto the ground and used the smoke screen created to try and hide his movements something else he was bad at for the moment he would just lay there motionless.

Risu watches the smoke and fails to see where Isato goes and…. seems to snap. Her eyes go dark, and she makes a series of hand gestures, "You won't get away that easily." She mutters, angry at losing her target. As the last hand seal completes a massive wave of black chakra extends outwards from her, wiping out trees, stumps sticks, birds, frogs, down to the water line extending outwards from the stone slab as far as she can maintain it. Her hope is to deny her target any source of cover and create a clear line of sight to wherever he might have gone.

Clear line of sight if she was dealing with anyone other than Isato, having to trick the sense of an Inuzuke godlike hearing and smell was something his squad would have to have down in spades. As the wave came in he would take in a huge deep breath trying to construct his body into the tinniest of forms as he made sure to lay flat on the ground he would hope by now she would give up and leave for the moment he couldn't after all.

In a rage, Risu spins around looking for her target, "Where are you? Come out and finish the fight you coward!" She searches the area, and now there is really nothing to hide behind. Nothing to hide in. The area around the stone slab has been rather cleared out thanks to this dark chakra she used, the stumps cut off at the water line. She isn't going to give up, she's not going away, she knows he has to be here some where and unless he can breath under water she will see him when he pops up. She continues to scan for him, searching, ready to pounce the moment he comes up for air, or shows himself. Pounce metaphorically of course as she seems to be mostly using her strange ninjutsu.

Isato would notice that her back was turned and with that he bowed before making his escape he would be like a mouse in an open field hiding from it predator as he moved only releasing a little of his held breath. His wounds were great and he strange techniques was something to make a note about later on however for now escape is all he could do.

Apparently despite Risu having cleared all the brush around the stone slab and Isato having to sneak through the swamp with open wounds and Risu actively searching, she apparently has gone blind and can't spot him as he sneaks off into the swamp, fleeing like a coward from the fight as Risu rants and raves on the stone slab and keeps searching for her target who is now gone.

OOC Note: After searching for Isato, and following a trail of carnage and blood she found his dead body in the swamp and was able to recover his blood scroll from the body. The fool had stealthed himself into death by sneaking mostly under water through the blood swamp with open wounds like that.

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