A More Wretched Hive



Date: June 02, 2010

"A More Wretched Hive"

The sake bar was one of the less reputable ones in Kusagakure. Despite
the best efforts of local authorities to keep the streets clean of
malingerers and malcontents, there were a number of establishments like
this one that catered to the darker denizens of the Land of Grass, and the
shadey businesses they dealt in. Thus, the nervous figure in the cloak and
hood was not paid much attention except as a potential victim. He — or
she — was a stranger to this place, and clearly didn't know how to remain
But the robed figure was expected, so the murderous looks and leers from
other patrons, sitting in the almost completely unlit building's deep,
smoke-filled shadows, were all the threat this interloper had to face for
now. "Over here," a raspy voice whispered. The nervous person turned to
gaze furtively in the direction the voice had come from. A woman — a
rarity in a place like this — was sitting in one of the rot-walled wooden
booths. Or at least the robed figure thought it was a woman. The thick
mass of spiked black hair that seemed to erupt everywhere on her head also
hid her face from this angle. Still, the kimono she wore was definitely
feminine in design, as was what little could be seen of her frame through
the modest garment. Since she was the only who could have spoken, and
appeared to be the only one showing anything beyond passing interest in
this stranger, the robed figure took a seat cautiously in the booth across
from her.
"Do you have the money?" the man asked. Even though he kept his voice
down, whispering everything, he couldn't help but feel like everyone was
listening in on this conversation. The woman across didn't answer, just
tapped her fingers on a carrying case that sat on the table. The man was
sweating as he nodded and whispered the question, "What does Lord Hei-Long
desire this time?"

(Continued in No Escape)

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