A Mountainess Buffet


Rise, Goh

Date: April 19, 2012


After wandering the Land of Lightning for who knows HOW long, Goh finally finds the route that leads back to Kumogakure. It is there he encounters another road block, and a young Kumogakure chuunin with an appearant dislike for faces…

"A Mountainess Buffet"

Jagged Narrow Path [Land of Lightning]

The narrow path continues up the mountain for some distance, sharp rocks and narrow paths up steep slopes, all dangerous. The distant roar of water can be heard as one of the few waterflows in the area is nearby. To the west, the dangerous trail continues downwards into the distance, boulders and the side of the mountain concealing its exit.
To the north, the path continues upwards, on and on towards the distant peak of the mountain. It is not quite as dangerous as before, and is nothing more then a steep and narrow path, actually covered with dirt and not rocks.
To the east of that trail, the sound of rushing water can be heard, and faint mist is floating down the trail from that direction. It is an easy walk in that direction, it is very rare because it is level, no longer an upward climb. In that direction lies another mountain, the peak rising up just short of the on to the north.

Wandering around the mountains for hours—no, days on end was starting to take its toll on the wandering pickler. True, he had discovered that he could be eating his own food, though this would only sustain him for a finite amount of time. Thing is, he had to really find the Village so he could SELL some of his stuff. Rather than eat all of it.
The blonde has ventured through most of the pathways around the mountain, save for the one which he is travelling along at the moment. Looking up, he stops in his tracks. Just sort of gaping at the huge mass of rock and debris fallen in to ruin the pathway. Lots of wanderers would have no doubt turned around here. Of course, it was easy for ninja. They could just walk vertical. But not the average citizen.
"…are you kidding me?" He asks himself, before falling onto his rear in a defeated tone. "This is crazy. What the heck happened?" Asking no-one in particular.

Without even being asked but after careful consideration of 'what' exactly she could do, Rise had set about to start actually dealing with the whole road blocks that have been making obtaining fresh imported alligator difficult. And… inadvertantly other kinds of trade that were more appreciated by her fellow citizens and etc.. e.e
Fast Forward by an hour…
An ordinary pebble sailing straight for Goh's head would be the only warning granted before the sound of someone yelling from above is given away. A very feminine and possibly 'familiar' voice.
The pebble hits Goh square in the face, causing him to reel back and clutch the spot where he was just struck. "Ow!" He cries out aloud, falling onto his back. "What the heck?" Looking around for a moment, the sound of… oh no… THAT girl can be heard from above. Was she stalking him or something?! Looking up to the top of the rocks that have caved the path in, the blonde pickler squints a little bit.
"What are you doing here?" He calls out. Perhaps Rise was here to clear out the giant boulders? Was she strong enough to do that?
Fingertips, Chakra, and just plain on good fortunes were all that kept Rise from falling to her doom. Or more likely, another full month in the hospital. Ironically, it was such a thought that really had elicited a scream from the girl before she had enough sense to focus on getting a more firmer hold on th emountainside again.
"What… you…. here?"
"Huh? Did.. D-did this mountain just speak to me?", She murmured, giving the mountain a few wary taps. Out of boredom following a few moments of listening to nothing but the wind pass her by, Rise shook her head and sighed before looking down the mountain…
Goh looks up at Rise for a long time, his eyes narrowing a little. He had to be careful around her, that's for sure. She had this habit of being fiery and full of killing intent. Just when he's speaking!
"What are you doing all the way up there?" He calls out, waving his hand in a friendly greeting. "And of course it's me! No-one else looks as awesome as this when wandering around the mountains for days on end!" He does look a bit healthier now. No longer a sunken expression, or pale skin. He seems back to regular size. His long scarf dances in the wind as a breeze sweeps through the pathway, ruffling his blonde hair a little bit too.
"Did you want to come down?" He calls up. "I'm going to destroy all this rubble and clear the pathway. It would suck if you were still on it!"

"Whaaat!?!", Rise called out, loosening her grip in an attempt to flail her arms in outrage… only to recall and barely manage to re-affirm her grip back on the mountain before gravity had a chance to make her pay-up Karma in full. She really needed to start stay calm in such dangerous situations!
"..*pant*.. *pant*… Damn him…" Is mumured as she slowly regained her breath before begining to descend within a good leaping decent. Her eventually leap however was a blind one reliant on memory and instinct to keep her from going to far. Which unfortunately for Goh meant crashing into the poor wanderer's face feet first…
O___O That is the expression that Goh puts on his face when he spots that Rise is about to kick him in the face. More damage to his handsome, rugged appearance! Fortunately he's able to get out of the way a little bit, though she still lands on him. Just more his shoulder and side of the body. He crumples underneath her form, leg sort of twitching a little.
He mumbles something as he sees stars for a little bit, eventually getting to his feet. "…t…thanks for that. Just what I like to have in the morning." Dusting himself off, he grumbles. "Getting LANDED on first thing in the morning. I'm a seller of stuff, remember! I'm trying to bring business back to your Village. Stop nearly killing me all the time!"
He turns about to face the several tonnes of rubble and debris piled up on the path. "Now. You ready to see me obliterate this blockage? It's with my amazing pickle power. How long has it been here, anyway?"

On reflex as soon as she felt the 'ground' start to give away Rise wasted no time in leaping, well, a sorta stumbling leap off of Goh's shoulder and landing on real terra firma this time, striking a perfect dismount pose. After a few seconds of basking in its perfection reality reminded her that were other matters to attend to.
"Huh?" She replied flatly, half-turning around to peer back up at the rising man. "… Oh.. Aaaahhh! Well, That just sucks. I mean, your luck thus far with everything else n'all." Rise added, rolling her eyes as she turned back to look at the pile of rubble blocking the path. It was from the shock look that briefly flashed across her eyes a suprise to see just how large the blockage was, BUT she refused to let it deter her just yet. Except… "Hnn… Bout a week I think, maybe more or less I dunno… and I /guess/ ya could do that just so long as it ain't gonna screw up the other paths below…… Wait just a minute!" She whipped her head around to peer at Goh. "What do you mean, obli.. oblga…. *grumbles*… Your gonna wreck this thing? How?"

"Yeah. Sucks." Goh replies in a lackluster manner. Of course, he doesn't mention that she was somehow involved in all of his bad 'luck'.
5t"Well. I'm going to eat it." Goh proclaims, as if the answer was obvious. "A week? Oooh. This must have been a result from the huge quake. That news has spread like wildfire, y'know. I was in Kirigakure when I was told about it. Of course, they're dealing with their own issues right now. Floods and evil stuff. But it stands to reason that the quake cut off some paths. You guys must be getting crappy business."
Gesturing in a manner that will invite Rise to stand a bit closer, he continues. "Please stand next to me. Don't worry, I won't eat /you/. But if you're standing more than a few feet away from me, you might get caught up in my super special awesomeness." Perhaps eating the pickled vegetables gave him some sort of super ability?

Goh smiles in a mischievious manner, before looking up in the sky. "I'm dead set serious. Just looking to sell my stuff here. Now, get ready. Brace your knees." Lifting a hand, he bites his thumb. Hard enough to draw blood! Smearing it across his hand, he flies through a set of seals. Well practiced, no doubt. Slamming his hand down onto the ground, black sets of runes escape. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"
A HUGE flume of smoke erupts only seconds later, and in an instant, Goh (and Rise!) will find herself shooting up into the air! They rise in altitude incredibly fast. As the smoke clears, Rise will find herself on top of a GIANT head! It's the head of Wanryo, one of Goh's… bigger Salamanders. It stands high at fifteen meters tall and measures out to be twenty-five long. A light-green/blue colour, the creature SLAMS it's tail into the ground heavily behind them.
"This is Wanryo, a Salamander." Goh says, going back to regular conversation. "Perhaps I should clarify. He's eating the rocks. Not me. Wanryo, have a bit of a nibble, hey?" Sure enough, Wanryo moves forward, and with his HUGE head, takes a giant bite out of the rubble. It then proceeds to chew the rock and consume it. Starting the eventual process of clearing everything.
<Kumogakure> Mune has connected.

-No!- Too late did Rise realize what the odd man was up to. Even so, she kept on running straight on with the intent to knock Goh out cold before his jutsu could take full effect.
"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"
Smoke screen! A very dirty ninja tatic — Why did her stomach suddenly feel like it was in her chest now? Better yet, why did the clouds sudden seem alot closer as soon as some of the smoke started to clear above her? These questions flashed through the young Shirokiri's mind but the most important of them that was begging to be spoken ended up derailed by the time enough sense was found to stop searching around frantically for Goh. "What!? What do you — This thing — Wha-What the heck is goin on here!? And why — How the heck did you change the ground's colors!?!" She yelled at him, stomping her foot with every point.

"Relax." Goh looks to Rise in a surprised manner, moving his arms in a gesture to try and calm her down. She certainly seemed a little jittery and panicked! "I summoned a giant lizard underneath us. The ground hasn't changed colour at all. You're just standing on his head. And he doesn't appreciate you stomping on his head, either." The head is a little soft and squishy. Wanryo groans loudly, perhaps agreeing with the fact that it does not like to be stomped on.
"It's part of what I can do with a summoning contract. Have you never even heard of the summoning technique? I thought you were a ninja!" The head, or ground beneath the pair, shifts once again as Wanryo chews another hunk of rock.

Relax! He honestly wanted her to relax after the stunt he just pulled?! Not very likely. Well, at least in the sense of suddenly going completely calm without fainting right then and there even after everything was explained.
"…. Why is it so squishy?" Is all she could muster to ask after a prolonged silence. Then, following whatever reply was to follow (hopefully without anything /else/ drastically changing) Rise would press the heel of palm against her forehead and push it back a little. "… W-Well, you shouldn't do stuff like this ya know? Not without a betta warning then 'Oh, I'mma gonna do somethin super awesome that like, destroy this stuff and get everyone'n Kumo to come see n'stuff!' REALLY! J-just how much of baka are you!?!",

"Well, Wanryo is more of a water Salamander, to be honest. Loves the liquid of the sea and fresh lakes. So I guess that's why it's a bit slimey to touch. But, all of the Salamanders that live in the Caves can eat rocks. Wanryo here loves them, much like the rest of his family. Isn't that right, bud?" Wanryo swallows, before IT suddenly starts to talk! "Who is this person on my head, Goh? She feels like a ninja, but… she doesn't seem to know much. Wanwan." Goh nods a little, "She's still young, Wanryo. She'll learn."
Sitting down on the head cross legged, Wanryo continues to plough through the meal at alarming pace. "Heh, well. Just wanted it to be a surprise. And hey! You should be thanking me. I'm allowing heaps of people passage back into your Village." The blonde grins in a stupid way. Perhaps more of a baka than he'd like to admit.
"Some call me Goh the Salamander." He says, as if re-introducing himself. "Just because of these guys that I bring into battle, if I ever get into fights. I guess not many call me that. Your Raikage might. Maybe."

Rise quirked a brow. "Goh the Salamander?…. Well…" She glared down at the head of Wanryo. Thoughtfully chewing on her lips over the right word to say without being eaten before shrugging carelessly. "… That's, interesting…. Though, now ya got me reminded of something." She stated, then without another word treaded cautiously closer to Goh until within arm, well, leg's reach in her case of the boy. "If Ninja are s'pose to know bout this stuff, then… ninja use summons soooo, doesn't that mean yer'a ninja right? AND if that's the case, *eyes narrowed* ya gotta be one and… whatever ya selling betta not be poisonous is all I got to say." She admitted with a sigh, then did a swift heel turn to start stomping as close to the edge of the Salmander's head without slipping off. "… Huff… How long is this gonna take?"

"How long is this going to take?" Goh asks in a surprised tone. "There's tonnes and tonnes of rubble in front of us. Sheesh, cut him at least a BIT of slack, huh? He should be another few minutes. He can get hungry." He nods at the question. "That's right, I guess you could say I am. I was one of the founding Jounin in Konoha. When it was setup several years ago. One of the first Captains, too. Leading teams out and doing fun fun missions. But then I got tired of it." There's more to it than that, but it seems he doesn't want to get into detail about it. "So I left. Retired. Now I don't really belong to any Village, and just wander around. Selling my pickled stuff! That isn't a lie or a sham or anything. Ask anyone who knows me, pickling vegetables is my life. I've always done it, and now that I don't have to kill those Seven Swordsman of the Mist, I can focus on it full-time." He does laugh a bit. "Seriously, I'm not here to poison your people. I was actually hoping to meet the Raikage. I used to be friends with the old one."
Moments after he finishes talking, Wanryo speaks. "All done, Goh. Thanks for the meal." Goh himself peers over. Sure enough, the pathway is now completely bare of the debris and rocks. The blonde makes a motion to jump off the head! Certainly a ninja, given that he falls the epic distance and lands with nary a sound. The blonde makes a motion to rub Wanryo's big leg, as if in thanks. "Knew I could count on you, Wanryo. Oiii! Rise! Get back down here!"

"Sounds like the life to me." Rise whispered, bowing her head. Losing herself for a few moments in thought until the call came. Befuddled but curious, Rise edged a little closer to peer over the side at Goh and shook her head in exasperation at the sight before leaping down herself.
Once again feet first aimed at Goh's face 'coincidentally'. Hit or miss(?), Rise's recovery is as quick as it is instinctually as well as being one without an apology following the incident. "… Thanks, Goh… san. For helping us out like this… but still I have to ask… are you /really/ just here to sell your stuff'n move on? And just how long were you planning to stick 'round the village n'eways?"

Goh is NAILED in the face again, his body being driven into the ground by the sheer force which she lands with. His leg once again twitching, Goh sort of lays there, seeing stars and birds fly around his head. He very slowly sort of gets up, just as the huge Salamander next to them EXPLODES into white smoke. Returning back to the world which he came from. "Eeerrggh." He rubs his head a little bit, trying to get the pain out.
"Yeah, no problem." He replies in a dull manner, before dusting himself off once again.
"For real, I'm not here to hurt your Village. I have no beef with Kumogakure. All you need to worry about is that I'm here to sell my stuff. I admit, I am here to see the Raikage about something. But it's not something I can talk to you about." He pauses, adjusting the backpack on his form a little. "So. Wana lead me to the Village? I guess I can try and walk there."

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