A-musing festival thievery


Satomi, Fudo, Berii

Date: March 14, 2013


Three Konoha nin send out to protect a "legendary" flute

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A-musing festival thievery"

Land of fire

The well known summon of a crow flying through the village wakes a couple of nin who know they're up, scrolls at the ready near the Kage's residence, where a Jounin briefly briefs them. "Okay guys we got an urgent mission for you. There's a festival of music in a village not far from here, lots of high profile visitors will be there.

A priceless flute is on display there, crafted by one of the most famous craftsman in the world right now. There's been rumors of a robbery, you're to go in there, have a blast, and keep your eyes open for any possible thieves, apprehend them dead or alive if they try something. Remember, the mission is the flute, that stays un-damaged no matter what… off you go!" He says, nodding up while Satomi bows deeply, looking at the assembled team.

At the edge of the village Satomi assembles, she's been asked to take point on this mission, and she's checking her equipment, urging her squadmates to do the same. "The party is tonight so we best get going quick so we can case the place." She says while grabbing some scrolls and writing some stuff down, they're drawings, but very box-like and quickly drawn, not artistic at all

The ever daydreaming Berii happened to be doing just that when the crow came along and delivered the message. "Hnn, odd." Usually she doesn't get missions at appropriate hours, heck maybe they'll actually assemble a decent team instead of shoving her out solo! Optimistic, she rolls back and off the boulder she sat on, disappearing from the rocky area and eventually appearing at the location of the debriefing with a quiet, "…hey." The Uchiha then goes silent, listening in until they were sent off.

As for the equipment check, Berii just looks down to make sure her scarf was in place then looks back up to Satomi. A simple thumbs up is given as her eyes shift to glance towards Satomi. "Neh… so, Satomi is that white?" Berii speaks up, the braces obviously not doing much to help her speech just yet, "Did they give any extwa info regawding the pwace? Just to think ove' things befowe we get they'we, hnn." Berii looks off on to the path ahead.

Rubbing the back of her neck, she just needed something to think on instead of eventually diving in to awkward conversation. "If not, pwobabwy best to know what we awe capabwe of. Just so we know what to do with the info'mation we get when we do get thewe." As for Berii… she doesn't really mention what she's capable of just yet.

"As for abilities, we'll talk along the way, while I read your cards. I we walk fast we can be there by nightfall which gives us roughly an hour to case out the location before the festival starts. We're expected by then anyways." Satomi smiles at each member to make them a bit more comfortable before slinging her pack over her back:

"Lets go!" She says, starting her brisk pace towards there village they're headed for. "My name's Nara Satomi, but just call me Satomi." She says after an awkward five minute silence. "I specialize in shadow-manipulation ninjutsu and genjutsu. And tactics, those sort of things." She holds up the profile's for Berii briefly, perking an eyebrow: "Impressive." She simply declares, looking at Berii. "Mind telling me abit about yourself Berii-kun?"

"Neh? Oh… oh yeah." Berii squints at the boy, looking a bit more interested with the whole situation that before, "I saw you… assumed that was some sowta stowage thing." The Uchiha, personally hasn't heard of elemental seals before, it seems, didn't even think it was possible. "That's kinda cool." Though before delving into that, Satomi mentions they should get to talking while on the move, agreeing, Berii nods and moves forward.

The 'impressive' bit, causes Berii to peer at Satomi, wondering just what kind of information was on that card. "Hnn, Uchiha Bewii…" Berii pauses, "I guess my actuawl speciawlty, erm, scouting? Reconnaissance. Though as fo' techniques, Taijutsu hand to hand, kenjutsu, shuwikenjutsu, ah fiyew ninjutsu and Genjutsu… stuff." She missed some stuff, not wanting to speak too much and well, assumed that most of it was on the card anyway. "I don't fight much, but shouwd be abwe to do what you ask, hnn." Berii nods to Satomi.

Berii points to all the symbols on her scarf. "If you need any weapons, just ask. I got hundweds." She smirks slightly, a bit of her smugness showing for a moment but, she's quick to wipe it away, attempting to look as if she wasn't too impressed with herself.

"Just - a - hundreds?" Satomi says, intentionally making the mistake to slam down her self-flattery, clearly not being in the good mood she's usually rumored to be in. "Just stick with me and we'll be fine." She says, picking up the chatter and discussing possible tactics on the road to the village. Once arrived, the festival master greets them, and guides them to the center of a village, where on the main square, on display… stands a magnificent wooden flute, with the most beautiful … seals? —

"It used to belong to a Shinobi who's rumoured to be capeable of bringing peace to this world when united to his flute!" Says the festival master, glancing at the jutsu imbued object. Even Satomi didn't recognice these specific seals, they look ancient! "Crafted by a master-craftsman who has passed today a year ago, but when he tried to deliver the flute, the Shinobi had disappeared." The man said, Satomi dismissed it as yet another folk-lore legend. Regardless, a mission is a mission. "Uchiha Berii, do you have your sharingan under control?" She asks her curiously, without gazing away, clearly taking her time in casing out the entire scene.

"Suwe." Berii responds to the whole sticking with Satomi, "I figuwed with a Nawa being the head of things I can just be a bum and wet you do the thinking, neh?" The Uchiha fiddles with her scarf for the time being, doing her best to keep up conversation with a stranger, coming off as socially inept throughout the chatter, only able to respond properly to things pertaining to strategy or general… ninja-ry(It's a word now :|)

Eventually they reach the place and that was a bit of a relief, she was really hoping to see a super lame flute that was only famous because of the person who carried it yet. Well, "Bweh?" She eyes the seals on the flute. "Don't know what those awe…" Berii says, sadly and activates her Sharingan the literal moment that Satomi asks of it.

"Mmm, yep." She eyes the flute and then the general surroundings. Trying to get a read on the people themselves and what may be hidden within the area.

"Good, I want you to sweep the area every fifteen minutes for transformation jutsu's and other deceptions, especially genjutsu's, don't want someone to steal it and make it look like it's still there." She says while her own eyes run through the crowd. "Mingle and stay close, you can do a fireball correct?" She asks her, knowing she can through her profile card.

"If you see something imminent, signal is a fireball into the air, or just engage if you think I'll pick up on time. Be ehr… present." She tells the Uchiha, realizing she probably needs to be more specific. "Let it be known you're guarding that thing, first it'll act as a deterrent, second, they'll have to engage you first, they won't expect a second nin in the crowd." She smiles and points at herself. "The intell is solid, so eyes peeled, someone's going to try something tonight!

As the night progresses and the party starts you'd easily get lost in the tons of people coming and going. No way she could recognice everyone, instead Satomi just circled the fluit through the crowd, pretending to be just yet another visitor, knowing she won't be able to spot anyone in the crowd, though it's better than nothing. In her mind she's already thinking about how she would steal the flute. She crossed half the options by putting the Uchiha there with the flute, now they're forced to be more loud about it, they can't just walk up and grab it… so what do they do then?

"Seems easy enough." Berii comments on the sweeping, she did do a lot of stalking in the Training Areas… this should be no different. A nod is given when asked on the fireball. "Yep, okay. Hewe's hoping these guys awen't ninja, neh?" Berii gives a bit of a two fingered salute to Satomi as they go their own way, humming as she does so. Not really looking to be subtle about the whole thing, Berii's eyes shine a bright red as she strolls through the crowd, hoping that with a Uchiha in the crowd the thieves would think twice and simply not even bother.

Not only that but… as the night goes on, the one Uchiha in the crowd eventually becomes two. One Berii lurking in the corner from a distance, keeping an eye on the entrances while the other continued to wander about the crowd, getting mildly distracted here and there, moreso with people interested in her eyes than anything else. Though many would catch on from her short, one word responses, that she was not up for talking.

Then there was one man… "Yoshi, go away." Berii knew this man by name now because, he kept telling her it as if she had forgotten the first time, apparently he was interested in more than her eyes and thus continued to hover around her. This was getting annoying, very fast but… she couldn't just up and start lighting random people on fire, could she? "Hey… she's been eyeing you, maybe /she's/ in to you, neh?" Berii mumbles, gesturing towards Satomi, hoping the man would go away at this point.

As Berii looks at Satomi she notices something odd. The faint hue of transformation jutsu hanging around two suspicious nin walking directly at the flute. One looks like the festival master, the other like his big bodyguard. The big bodyguard, who's ironically the smaller nin holds his hands together to make a set of seals, beginning a low whistle which builds up in intensity, a strong genjutsu flowing over the crowd as his sounds quickly dominate all of the music. It's loud, yet so musing and relaxing, some of the crowd members sitting down, most of them droolingly closing their eyes, enjoying the flow of the sounds. Even Satomi, who didn't notice the gen was being cast has her eyes fluttering, but shaking her head moments after, looking around her in shock before quickly reaching into her pockets, sliding out two plugs, stomping them into her ears, the sound breaks, and soon so does the tiresome feeling.

A minute before they reach the Flute, Satomi makes a quick call, looking for Berii and winking at her to make sure she sees what she's doing while pointing at her lips and then the sky, hoping she gets her opting for a distraction while Satomi makes a set of seals, first grabbing the flute off the stand and quickly hiding it under the cloth of the table it's on display on, making sure it's not visible immidiatly she transforms into the flute, at least, as close as she can remember, dropping onto the stand, hoping Berii saw it.

An hour earlier Fudo got summoned to the Kage's office, getting briefed of the situation. Apperently the two thiefs weren't just after a quick buck, these were skilled nin, and Satomi could use a third team-member. Being asked to rush to the village where the festival is about to start as fast as he can. It's round and about an hour if you're really rushing.

Berii-1's distraction doesn't do her any good, as the guy is still hanging over her. "You know I'm onwy fifteen… white?" Berii mumbles this and just then and there she spots the out of place men, just strolling on up to the flute. She completely stops her pacing and watches the two closely, not moving a muscle even when the whistling begins to pick up.

Before Berii could even realize she was getting sucked into the Genjutsu, the Sharingan of her Shadow Clone and herself begin to spin, disrupting the technique for her.

A quick glance is given to Satomi once more before Berii makes use of some hand seals, tilting her head back a bit and firing off multiple small fireballs over the heads of the potential thieves. "I won't miss next time." Berii-1 mumbles to the two. As for Berii-2? She's just watching, more specifically keeping an eye on everyone as she still lurks in the dark corner, making note of the flute and what Satomi does with it. It is only then that Berii-2 moves.

With a little poof, a wakizashi appears in the clone's right hand as her pace picks up, moving to pick up the flute and seal it into her scarf.

The only reason why Fudo was able to get there i just a bit over an hour at all was because of Naru's constant training of his endurance. Still, he was tired and sweating by the time he arrived. He tried to remember the details of the mission as he paused a moment to catch his breath. Two ninja, a flute in this town was their target. It is prized so they are going to try to sneak it out obviously. There were many ways to go about it, but something that precious is probably going to be lifted with ninjutsu and genjutsu if they are trying to do it slyly. Other wise, anything is fair game. With Satomi and Berri already there, it was likely spotting them wasn't going to be too difficult, and neither would restraining them in the end. However… Fudo would have to figure out how best to not get in the way… but first he needed to know what was happening now.

From his location, he had begun to hear the strange noise, and his already tired form started to nearly weigh too much for him to stand. He wiped his eyes a few times and yawned deeply at the sudden dip in energy. That strange noise… Fudo would think maybe it was the flute and perhaps the flute had special properties. So, he would plug his ears up as well to defend against it. He began to move in to the town and gain his barring then, figuring he can try to see if something out of the ordinary slips past where ever the other two currently are.

Right after the actual flute is sealed off the larger nin dispells his transformation, he appears to be wearing goth-themed clothing, chains tucked into a pants made of fabric unknown in the land of fire. His hair is punked up and in a different color-scheme than you'd usually expect. He's wearing a tight shirt around his lean body: "I can't let you do that!" He whispers through a cloth bandana wrapped around his mouth, suddenly using a body-flicker to rush at Berii her clone, aiming a punch for her stomach at lightning speed. He didn't see her sealing it away, and is assuming she's about to grab the flute… which is in reality Satomi. After the punch, even if it misses he turns mid-flight, grabbing the flute into his hand and holding it, making a nice frontflip before making a one-handed seal: "Drum style: Head-banger jutsu!"

He stomps the ground with his right hand, causing the earth to drum loudly once, then twice, before two slabs suddenly launch up at both sides of the original Berii, trying to squash her head in the middle. While he and his friend begin sprinting their way out. The slabs are fast, but nothing she can't dodge, especially with her sharingan active. The small one clasps his hands together during his sprint.

"Foton: violin of flames" He yells, holding a violin made of flames on his shoulder, pulling the flaming strings, holding the tool that's used to strike the snares, about to launch it. "Can't let you do that" Says the flute (Satomi) right before he throws it, dispelling her transformation and kicking the small one on the jaw followed by a backflip, ready to dodge whatever is thrown at her, pulling out a kunai. Regardless, the tool that was about to be launched flies harmlessly into the air, disappearing.

They're at the edge of the village now, and the small nin glances at Satomi: "Why you little!" He shouts, before shooting forward faster than Satomi expected him to, his fist digging into her stomach, her folding over before being launched against and through a nearby tree, only getting stopped against the second, coughing up some blood, looking at the two with one eye closed.

The cloned Berii looks shocked as the man approaches, it seemed like he was just too fast for her! Maybe he was, but he'd find himself punching nothing, but air. The Berii clone just goes up in smoke a split second before his hit connected. With this, the original Berii's mind is filled with what the clone had watched, knowing that the real flute was actually sealed away on her person and the flute that the man managed to pick up was fake.

No longer worried about the flute, Berii focuses on the task at hand… not getting crushed! With a quick few steps she leaves the earth to crush into themselves. "Hnn. Anothew incoming!" Berii mentions to Satomi, shifting her attention to Fudo. Luckily, recognizing him quickly enough instead of charging him, assuming he's back up she gestures to him. "Taking them down, aim to keep them awive, neh?" Berii points to the two, the second being obvious as he's now punching Satomi in the gut. Maaaaaybe Berii should stop being so lax about everything. "Hewp Satomi."

With that she makes her move on the larger one, her blade pulled back ready to swing, it was held in a very predictable fashion, trying to get the man to focus on her as her tomoe begin to spin once more. If the Genjutsu were to collide he'd be forced on his knee, if the Genjutsu fails, she aims to knock him over the head with the side of her sword.

So… the circus was in town… or leaving it it seemed. Fire and earth and alternative lifestyles were tossed about every which way as Fudo simply watched, not even really getting in to the village before the fight literally broke out. With all the yelling, Fudo was actualyl able to hear some of the jutsu being called out. There were other skills being used sure, but you always look for the strengths to find the weaknesses. Right. So Fudo would grab a few shuriken between his knuckles and two kunai in the other hand. He would toss them at both of the enemy shinobi, though he knew their velocity wasn't so great from his hand and he didn't expect that to do too much. Smoke bombs were poured from a sac and stomped on as he made the seals for a clone that leapt from the smoke cover with a kunai held high. It looked amateurish to say the least. In the mean time, Fudo had henged in to a rather flat rock close by, trying to make sure that his feinting would leave them with little to find when the clone was taken out. His attention would be focused on Satomi's adversary, but he would not yet reveal his position as ambush was the only strength he had in this situation.

"Look out!" The larger nin says while noticing Berii approaching, the smaller nin glancing into her eyes unfaithfully, slowly getting to his knees, his movement lax and uncanny, though he manages to bring his hands together: "Kai!" He yells, before getting smacked over the head with the blade, him bending over his back to avoid being cut, instead leaving a shallow bleeding scratch over his forehead. Him bringing his hands together again: "Foton: Musing bird!"

He yells, while small fast flying sparrows of fire shoot out from his mouth, all of them rushing towards Berii, must be at least nine of them. Each of them making the noise of a searing flame while the nin begins whistling after the birds, reactivating his sound-activated genjutsu, aiming to subdue or tire his opponents, keeping up the whistling while dragging out a kunai, looking at his larger partner who's staring at Satomi, suddenly growling as a star sticks into his arm: "Owh!"

He yells while pulling it out, looking at the smoke and then up, ducking to dodge Fudo's clone, sending an experience Tai-jutsu back-kick at the clone, actually ending up on his face while he realizes he's not kicking an actual shinobi but a clone. "Owh.." He groans.

Meanwhile Satomi managed to get up, coughing a few times, a bruised eye, some large wood fragments in her back and a ton of spliters, but she's up and not ready to give up. Using the cover of the trees to recover for a moment out of sight. Keeping trees between her and her opponents while getting closer. Gliding up against a tree nearby silently. Making a set of seals: "Shadow imitation jutsu!" She whispers, before her shadow curls around the tree, slowly making its way to the whistling shinobi, mingling with his shadow, Satomi smirking: "Gotcha!" She says, while placing her right hand over her mouth, making sure he can't keep whistling nor give away the fact he lost physical control.

Berii's blade disappears from her hand after her narrowly evades. "That's annoying." Berii grumbles, though she should've expected as much. "You don't seem to get it." As if this were a training exercise, she barely shifts, moving between the small openings within the fireball assault thanks to the aid of the Sharingan. "I have a Shawingan, just stop…" Berii's Sharingan doesn't kick in just as fast this time as the Genjutsu settles in for just a moment, slowing her down and letting a fire sparrow nail her straight in the chest. Luckily Satomi comes in and catches the Genjutsu-ist with her Shadow.

Berii comes out of the sleepy haze and belatedly realizes the sharp pain on her chest, "OW!" The burn hits her in a sudden spark and she grits her teeth. Wanting to do nothing more than punch him in the face, she does the responsible thing and summons three large shuriken, firing them off and having them wrap about the man, each one digging either into the ground or a tree, jamming in tight. At first it seemed like she was just really awful at throwing these things, but he'd soon find himself locked up tight in wiring.

"That's one. Think you can get the othew?" Berii asks, glancing at the shadows, hoping to do what they did with the first.

One down, the earth jutsuist to go. He was off balance, face first to the ground actually, which gave Fudo an idea. He would recover too soon for Satomi to easily redirect her shadows likely, and being able to manipulate the earth also would prove troublesome to some degree for shadow manipulation. Berii was some distance away, but she could probably close it with enough time spared. Reaching for his makibishi as he revealed himself in a poof of white smoke, Fudo would begin to run up behind the "drummer" as quickly as he could. He would then yell quite loudly, "RAITON: GROUNDING LIGHTNING CHAIN!" as he'd leap in to the air as if he was going to swoop down atop the man. However, instead he tucked tightly in to a rolling flip, clearing the man completely after hopefully giving him worries due to the announced jutsu that was suppossedly coming from behind.

As Fudo would roll over the man, he'd liberally spray the area before him with makibishi to make it just a bit harder for him to give chase as Fudo would keep moving after he stood up, running towards the tree he knew that Satomi was behind. Now the "rocker" had many hinderances. He could turn back around and try to help his friend, drawign him closer to Berii and exposing his back to this new kid. Or, he could move forward and get past all of tha caltrops, having to be careful or he'd hinder himself while also getting closer to a trap Satomi could spring as he jutsu was stronger at closer proximities. Or he could remain where he was and continue to be surrounded. His choice and hopefully Fudo considered all that correctly.

Satomi sighs in frustration as the man glances her way, realizing Berii gave away her position. "Okay…. think…" She whispers to herself while glancing, hearing Fudo's voice. "Fudo?" She asks herself, while rapidly reaching into her pouch, dragging out a stack of explosive tags attached to a Kunai, throwing it in between the drummer and his partner, the tags dangling gingerly in the air, while reaching for a second stack, however…

The drummer makes a set of seals after Satomi her position was so tactfully given away, looking up at the Shinobi, but without a single worry he slams the ground, creating a small wall behind him which should stop a lightning attack, he braces for an impact of a move that never came, instead watching the caltropses being thrown in place, he grins. "Nice try kid!" He says, while his eyes widen at the line of explosive tags get shot out barely past him, digging into a tree behind him.

Growling again: "Now you asked for it! Doton: Earth armor." The earth around him churns before slamming around him like a thick rock armor, his stone hands moving: making a set of seals, before slamming his arm into the ground, the stone seem to extend, causing the ground to shake heavily "Sapping Jutsu!" He says, while the line of disturbed earth glides out beneath Satomi.

"Fudo run!" She yells, while jumping out of the way, before suddenly the ground collapses down into a broad chasm, at least fourty feet deep. Satomi jumps, managing to dig her kunai into the stone at the side of the stone wall, hanging on, stretching to catch Fudo with her arm if he doesn't make it. The sapping goes on and on, it looks like the grand canyon! It only stops thirty feet further down the line, luckily only devouring forest. The amazing jutsu seems pretty taxing, while the stone figure bends through his knees and pants.

Berii peers at Fudo as he makes this announcement, noticing that there wasn't a shift in his chakra at all. Oh! A bluff. Derp.

Berii takes advantage of this, her right hand coming up and summoning a scroll, with a quick whip of her wrist it unravels, sending out a barrage of shuriken and kunai his way to keep him on his toes. Though it goes to waste as they all just dig into the earth armor. Not something she could easily penetrate with a majority of her techniques. It was only considered to be mildly troublesome until the Earth Release user showed what he could really do.

Berii keeps on moving, watching his chakra dig into the earth and eventually start to part the earth itself. Chakra flow kicks to her feet to stay stable, noting that this guy does not suck nearly as much as she thought. Berii was… pushed to go beyond D-rank level techniques. Her chakra flared as she runs along the ever shifting ground, wondering when the heck it was going to stop. She'd hope that the other two can cover up Berii's little slip up on the position pointing by staying alive, a Shadow Clone being way too risky to send to help them.

Why? Because she pushes herself to a physical limit, disappearing and reappearing mid-air in front of the sapper. Trying to use the momentum of the speed burst, she aims to drive the sword through his chest, Sharingan spinning wild once more as a much more intense Genjutsu takes place. Gravity just flat out turns against the already taxed man, aiming to flatten him to the floor. If it were successful, it'd feel as if he was being crushed under the weight of it all.

Satomi groans loudly while her back bleeds more heavily, a large wooden fragment in her back digging in deeper while she catches him. "You… ought to… eat less…" She says, knowing that he's scrawny, but not really caring at this point, just hoping the kunai holds. She slowly begins lifting her arm, though she was never famous for her strength, moaning and groaning loudly while trying to lift Fudo over the edge, or at least high enough for him to use her shoulders or get a foot hold firm enough to get up. "Hurry!" She says, while looking at the kunai which luckily seems to be dug deeply into the wall. "I can't hold you here forever." She spurts out, closing her eyes while her arm trembles under the pressure.

Meanwhile the man in earth armor can't exactly see his opponent, relying on vibrations in the earth to get her position. Though it's also part of his luck, as he eye doesn't get a hold on him, and her blade simply breaking off the stone. "Wrong!" He says, while his right arm shoots out at suprising speed, trying to smack Berii off with as much force as he can. He's slow however, and should pose no physical threat to a Sharingan user like that. After hitting (or missing) he groans, his stone hands connecting again, while within the armor he makes new seals, smacking the ground: "Stone orchestra!" He growls while ground under him drums again, sending pebbles and stones flying up into the air at about chest level.

They keep floating before the man chuckles "Bye bye!" He whispers, as he yells: "RELEASE" His stone armor blowing up into hundreds of sharp pieces flying all over the place, colliding into the floating rocks and pebbles which are shot into even more directions. Horribly wounding his partner, who helplessly gets impaled by several stones and rocks, bleeding heavily, though defiantly not dead yet.

The shock of the impact actually causes Berii's hands to reflexively lose control of her grip, sending the blade flying and a sharp pain in her hands to go with it. She figured as much, but to not make a dent. Berii just keeps on the move, actually going towards the incoming swing and twisting over the arm, latching on to it and swinging off of it. She runs through her skills, it was obvious that he wasn't looking through some form of opening in the armor as he didn't even flinch at the Genjutsu, her weapons can't break the armor. There was one option in her arsenal, she'd have to. "Cawnie!"

The girl had these thoughts as she moved through the air, looking over her shoulder she spots the Ocherstra heading her way and it completely breaks her thinking process. She drops into a tumble and makes a series of awkward maneuvers, to keep herself from getting hit. Then, something bad happens. Berii was only so skilled as long as her Sharingan can see what was happening. She put so much effort into avoiding the first attack that when the second comes she was looking the wrong way.

Head turning too late, she reaches to her scarf as there was no time to move herself properly and the barrage collides with her. Summoning smoke filling her general area among the mass of spikes, it'd be hard to tell what happened. It'd take a bit, but eventually when everything clears, there would be a metal armadillo like dome where Berii once was. It just sits there for now, most likely hiding Berii within.

Fudo grunted and found his foot hold while Satomi struggled to help him get up, he'd grip the side of the gouging trench in the ground, his fingers turning white as he'd slowly pull himself up and roll over the edge after the barrage of rock ricochetted off of other rocks and the flame thrower was caught up in the ground pounding. He would assume Satomi was able to walk up the cliff side now that he wasn't burdening her with his weight. Fudo would stare at the man who brutally unleashed his attack in such a wide area and he noted that what… Fudo assumed was Berii, seemed alright for the time being. If it wasn't, then she was no where to be seen for the time being any how. The earth user was exposed now however, and he likely was running low on chakra. He wasn't a very mobile fighter, so if they were able to out last him then the advantage tipped to their favor, but at the moment… it was hard to say if they outlasted him.

Fudo gazed at the man, a kunai being drawn as he stood upon the other side of the ruined earth from him. Was he distrated enough? Was he truly unaware of Satomi and Fudo, thinking them dead or unable to do anything? Was his focus on Berii due to her counter attacks? It didn't matter, there wasn't any option left. Twirling the kunai in his hand, Fudo grit his teeth as this one man may have been able to overwhelm all of them. Even if he was low on chakra, Satomi was wounded and Berii was at the very least pinned down if not buried some where. Fudo's eyes blazed crimson as he held to his kunai tightly. There wasn't any option left. A tomoe spins up as he would slip back a leg to brace himself before thrusting foward to hurl the kunai towards the man with all of the skill and power he could muster before he had a defense up and ready to make the effort pointless.

Fudo would actually continue to step forward though, rapidly, more so than he did the first time. Determination in his legs as he knew that he may not live through this, and that they may not be able to protect him. He followed the path of the kunai after leaping the gorge successfully. He wasn't as fast, but he wasn't terribly slow either. In fact, he noticed that he knew just where and how to step.. .everything was so clear. He could zero in on his target and still keep track of other things going on before his vision. This must be one of those moments of clarity people speak about in tense situations. He would follow the kunai in, whether it hit or not, and seem as if he was going to just thrust at the man. Expecting some sort of retaliatory strike, he bet on a replacement jutsu at the last moment, him coming from the other side with a spinning kick towards the man, hoping his immobility and lack of armor gave him a chance to strike home.

Satomi rolls up and pants deeply, as the man grunts and laughs: "Your friends are dead, and now you are!" He slowly walks through the line containing the explosive tags, gauging them useless, while his arm collects stones, ready to bash straight through the metal dome, though he suddenly stops, as the sound of metal piercing through flesh can be heard, the Kunai digging deeply into his neck, blood beginning to flow down. He wasn't done though, turning to Fudo in huge rage, his charka flaring.

He aims a punch at him but misses, splitting the replacement into a couple hundred pieces with the huge power of his blow, getting kicked and flying off ten feet onto a tree. before suddenly: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

He's blown to quite a few pieces, if you'd turn around you see Satomi laying there, her hand made a seal, she blew up her tags once she saw it was safe… the explosion would be big enough to at least be felt by the girl hidden in the metal ball, though no harm could really be done to her. Satomi spotted he was entangled by the wire with tags as he expected Satomi to be dead; regarding the things harmless.

Satomi pants deeply while working to get up on one knee, and then on her wobbly legs. "Nice throw.." She says to Fudo, placing her arm around his shoulder like she usually does, but there's something a bit more unusual, her skin is pale, it's clear that she's lost quite some blood, she slumps, and if he doesn't make an effort to hold her up she's simply trip and fall over, trying to brace against his shoulder. Smiling at him if he does hold her up: "thanks…"

As they regroup, and notice that both the villains are quite dead Satomi decides to leave them there for the time being, letting the village take care of that issue. "We'll send some nin…" She says calmly, before headed for the village all beat up, them being received as heroes by the general population, the man waiting to get his flute back.

As Berii would reach for her flute the man shakes his head and arms: "No keep it!" He urges, leaning in to whisper to the three: "I got like ten more in a shed, but these suckers wouldn't show up if I didn't hire protection for my priceless artifact would they?" He smiles at them with the ignorant smile you'd expect of such rich entrepeneur, blood boiling inside Satomi who doesn't strangle him for one reason… she's too tired to do so. "Lets go home.." She just mutters, beginning their slow stroll towards the village.

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