A-musing festival thievery II


Hiei, Misaki, Zetto, Berii

Date: September 13, 2013


It's the **** festival again!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A-musing festival thievery II"

The land of lightning

So, that plumbing music festival is about to start again! And the organiser, being the shrewed business man that he is decided to hold it in the land of lightning this time! Satisfied with the show the Konoha nin put up last time, he decided to hire one ninja from Konoha (which, happend to be Berii again, since she had 'experience' handling the legendary flute!) Additionally he thought having some locals around might be great as well, so here's where Zetto comes in. Considering Misaki's team is busy right now, Kumo sent in their very own goofball of destruction to assist! Not that she's all that strong, her progression has been very slow. People eye Ogo, her mentor for it. Though her circumstances make training more difficult than it is for 'normal people' …

Misaki is five minutes late, hopping up towards the gates in her gear, her nekote locked tightly around her wrists. "Ready to rock." She reports to Zetto. The town the festival is held in is about four miles out of Kumo. Their task is to protect a legendary flute, rumoured to have mystic properties. It's decorated by awesome seals that look ancient. Though otherwise it looks like an ordinary flute. It is however, the pride of the festival each year! And considering the attempted theft (which was prevented by Konoha) last year, no expense was spared on security!

Yotsuki Zetto of Kumogakure has managed to develop a problem of his own. During his visit to Konohagakure he became somewhat regular sight at the local Sake bar. One thing leads to another and he ended up returning to Kumogakure with alcohol related issues. Simply put he does not seem to be able to stop drinking. It is a rare sight to see him completely sober and today was no different. Unfortunately he has been drinking a little ever since he got up.

"Ready to rock.", a voice called for Zetto. At first he did not react to it but then waved his hands lazily. "Alright, alright but please you don't have to be so loud." Not she was. It is just that the Yotsuki Jounin was starting to suffer for headache. "Let's just get this job over with. I feel like starting to suffer for headache."

So, that f- Berii was thinking that, well apparently someone else was already, no need to do that again. At least Berii is getting paid well, so this long distance trip wasn't all that awful. Though to know that you're protecting a legendary flute that is not remotely legendary, eh, should she even put effort into this at all? This bit of thought would be shown on her face as the pink haired kunoichi strolled in with her arms crossed, facial expression very bored.


Berii mumbles as she creeps off from the side of Misaki, looking over the girl with a dull Sharingan before giving a light nod. Her eyes then shift to Zetto and Berii just silently stares for about ten seconds. "Neh, you okay?" Berii just waves it off, her Sharingan deactivating now that she found her foreign coworkers.

Misaki looks at Berii and blinks at the sight of the famed sharingan. "Not that thing again.." She grumbles in a low voice while clinging to Zetto's side. Dismissing his request of being a bit more silent! "Had a bit too much to drink?" Misaki asks Zetto, louder than she did before with a smug grin! No wonder others sometimes refer to her as 'the demon!' …

All jokes aside, the trip wasn't all that long, and when they arrive they get greeted by the same fat bastard that conned the people of the land of fire so expertly. Including the ninja village itself. "Ah, you have arrived. Great, the flute is on the stand there, the festivities start in an hour. Plenty of time to set up yes!" He rubs his hands together and walks off. Seeming too busy with getting all his money sucking stands ready while the flute is being attended to with great care! ( got to keep up apperances right? )

Zetto shook his head as if trying to get rid of the virtual hammers hitting his head. There was no helping it so for the time being he just chose to ignore the pain. "Yes, I definitely took few too much and the stuff is not even as good as back at Konohagakure Sake Bar. Now will you let go off me!" At this point the hulking behemoth and sad excuse for a man turned to face Berii. "One from the Uchiha clan I take? Good. It should not hurt to have one if things turn out sour."

The trip to their destination did not take long at all. He did not think much of the man giving them their instructions. Then again his money should be as good as everyone else's, a fact which eased his mind greatly. As the man left Zetto turned and glanced at Berii. "So what do you two think we should do not to kill all this time?" Any ideas?"

"Man, so he has been dwinking, hnn." Berii facepalms and decides to just ignore that, not like this mission was serious. Her ash grey eyes rolling at that thought. Her hand drags off of her face and she focuses on the flute for now. "Okay, so I don't know how much he's paying you. I kinda got a bit extwa since I've done this befowe back home." She chimes in, "To be honest, maybe just kinda wait. That o' convince someone to take it, hnn." Berii nods slightly before going on to explain. "We stop them, causes a commotion, show's ove' because of it. The pewson wunning the show made his money. We go home…"
Berii then turns away, a grin turning up. "I mean, you can take it yo'sewf. It's a vewy speciaw…" She pauses annoyed with her speech so she focuses, "Flute. Hnn, you'd pwobs make mo' money that way." Jerk Berii is a Jerk, though this might be more fun.

Misaki calmly traces along with Zetto and listens to Berii. Now looking around the festival grounds. "Wait, so this mystic flute isn't mystic at all, though.. worth a lot?" Misaki kind of lost her train of thought there. "Talking about confusing." She chuckles and looks at Zetto. "How about you sober up before anything happends." She then looks around, scanning the rooftop. "It's going to get very busy over here soon. How do we communicate? Who watches out for what and… where?"

Zetto eyes Berii expressions on his face slowly changing from serene to slightly irritate. "Whatever it is I am being paid, it is not enough to make me listen to that. Talk properly or don't talk at all. I may have taken glasses of Sake but don't mistake me for a drunk to be made fun of." The tone of his voice is revealing. He is being serious. Few seconds went by while Zetto rubbed his chin with a thoughtful expression on his face. "Say how much do you think that flute is worth of? I wish we could just sell it and trust me I would if this was not the Land of Cloud. Too bad there is this thing called reputation to think of. I don't know about you but personally that so called employer of ours did not give the best first impression of him. Oh well one can dream but worry not Misaki and just relax." This being said Zetto leaned backwards crossing his massive hands behind his head.

"Neh, wha?" Berii shakes her head, "Mystic too." The Uchiha doesn't go in to detail, eyeing Zetto when he pokes at her speech. "Not gonna do that." She adds on, sing songy. The Chuunin shifts on her feet. "Mmm, yeah the guy wunning this is…" Berii shrugs. "If you want me to do something, specific, give me a wave." Berii then backs off a bit, turning to the flute and reactivating that faint Sharingan.
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"Understood. I can be there in twenty minutes." Hiei states to the Jounin that gave him the scroll. He takes a moment to look at the map of the location of the village that they had gone to for the mission. They must have been expecting trouble if they tapped him for backup. Or they were expecting Misaki to /cause/ trouble. With his arms trailing out behind him and a little boost from nintaijutsu, Hiei slides to a stop a few feet away from the group, though white brows raise slightly at the sight of Berii, before he turns to face Zetto. "Yotsuki Hiei, reporting in. I'm your backup." He flashes a smile towards Misaki before placing his hands behind his back while relaxing slightly. "So, what's the situation?" He asks in general.

Misaki looks at Hiei, before smiling back. "I was wondering when you'd take me to a festival again Hiei." Misaki says jokingly while looking at Zetto. "I guess you're babysitting the big guy, he's hung over - again - …." She sighs and shakes her head before walking off to the side of that flute, inspecting it. "Wow, so this is a magical flute huh." It seems Berii's explenation that the thing is worth exactly 'zip' bypassed her completely. She was too busy admiring the hoax. "So, he mentioned a group trying to steal it last time, anyone got any information on them? So we know how they look and all?"

Hiei - that name did ring a bell in his mind. Zetto opened his right eye, although slowly, followed by his left as if waking up from deep sleep. Then he yawned widely further fortifying this impression. He did feel slightly drowsy. "Oh it's you Hiei." The man paused, yawned again and repeated the question "What's the situation? Well that flute over there is important and we are not to lose it. By we mean Misaki, that sarcastic Uchiha over there and well you now. Oh and don't count me out either." For better or worse he was starting to like his companions. Even that Uchiha.

As much as the Uchiha would like to just lurk in the background, Misaki does ask a question that only Berii, most likely, could give a proper answer. So she gives a gentle nod and her mouth opens as if she were about to explain, yet… nothing happens. "Ah…" She… sort of forgot. "Um… oh. Henge detection, if you have anything that can do that, use it. Anyway, if they'we not hiding this time, if you spot anyone with someone in some awfu' wock geaw…" She concentrates, "Rock… gear…" She twirls a finger about in the air, "Red flag." The Uchiha looks about the group. "Now." Berii's eyes linger on Zetto and Hiei, perhaps just a bit too long.

"You too seem." Berii doesn't go on to explain, she just raises up her shoulders trying to look big and tough. "Hnn, wast time, thewe was the idea of henging into the fwute. If you think you can make a quick swap. They gwab you, boom! Punch them in the face, aye?"

Misaki chuckles. "Rock gear?" What sort of a culprit is that!? She looks at Hiei and Zetto and smiles. "I guess I'll skulk around a bit." She's already curious so she quickly checks out what each stand is about. That hour also seemed to pass quickly, since it's rapidly filling up with people. One rocket of firework flies up, and the music ensues, turning the fairly silent square into a moshpit of pushing and pulling crowds, running around to get the best snacks or play the hottest games! Pickpockets are about, it's true… Well, a festival! Obviously, the largest crowd gather all around the flute on the stand to admire it in all its 'magical' glory. Everything seems quiete for now!

Hiei smirks at Zetto and pats him on the shoulder. "Hang over, eh, cousin? Don't sweat it." He turns to look between Berii and Misaki. "Pleasure to meet you, Uchiha-san." He gave her a slight confused look, mostly because of the way she spoke, but he didn't ask anything about it. He comments to Misaki. "A magic flute. Right. Only children believe in magic." He looks back to Zetto. "So what's the plan?"

Since it was getting too loud anyway for him to take his little nap Zetto stood up and stretched his arms. He nodded to Hiei gesturing the other Yotsuki to follow him. "Hangover or not I suppose we should go and pay attention to that flute. It is getting quite crowded here. Let's establish a perimeter of let's say 2 feet. Anyone who gets closer than that gets shoved back." With this being said he made his way through the crowd and started establishing the perimeter around the flute. His impressive figure taken into account it was no wonder people were fast to take few steps backwards.

Misaki was nowhere to be found in the peremiter. She got distracted with this fishing game (or maybe it's just the cat within) … Watching the fish move in their hypnotic swirls. She seems to remember her mission then, quickly turning around and gazing at the other two making a peremiter. "Oh yea, peremiter!" She says, moving up to her spot, with two meter spacing. "Okay people move along, keep some space." She says, now finally joining the action. Suddenly; a curtain opens up down the street. With two people there in rock gear. One of them is carrying a violin, the other is sitting in front of a set of drums. One is fat, the other is very lanky. "Ready to get yo' rocks ahown!" He grunts through the microphone at the crowd apperently going nuts over this two man rockband. Misaki looks in that direction but dismissed it as another part of the festival!

Like Zetto, Hiei's imposing figure pretty much deters anyone from getting to close to the object that they're guarding. When a man gets a little too close, Hiei gives him a scowl and he backs right on up. He crosses his arms over his chest causing his biceps to bulge outwards more than they already do. Hiei had to be careful, or else he'd start to get bored and therefore less diligent. When the rock bands takes the stage, however, a lot of the people move over towards that. He casually moves over to stand next to Misaki. "I could think of a thousand other things that I could be doing right now." He grins. "Most of them involve you." A slight wink before he turns to walk back towards his 'post'. "Zetto-sempai. Are we expecting someone to make a play for this thing?"

Zetto did not pay much attention to the rock band other than wondering how much more people would they manage to pull here. On the other hand his job was just made little bit easier as people started to pay attention to the music instead of the flute. "Misaki and Hiei lets form triangle around this flute with each of us taking one of the three points. That way we should have each direction covered. As far as any plays go who knows?" His headache was still there making its presence known every now and then. Zetto was happy of Hiei being here. He was familiar with the fresh Chuunin and knew he could be trusted. Misaki on the other hand was somewhat of an unknown factor. The Yotsuki Jounin kept wondering how she would react if something would actually go down.

Misaki smiles at Hiei and steals a quick peck on his lips beforel ooking at Zetto. "Directions, check… Didn't Berii mention the rock band being the last culprit? Or people in rock clothes?" Issue is, rock fans all wear rock clothes. Making this whole thing, quite confusing….

She seems to have a straight posture about her, just focussing on keeping her side covered.

"And now ladies and gentleman, for our grand finale. We would like to play our number one hit." The thin guy says from behind the drums. A cool drumroll starting. However, simultaniously with the drumroll the ground begins shaking. Someone in the croud shouts; "EARTHQUAKE…." And all hell breaks loose. People running and pushing everywhere to run to safety. People trampling other people. Kids losing their mothers. Worst part, that drummer keeps drumming! "Doton, churning earth drums!" He says, lifting both his hands up and smashing the drums, which causes large spikes of earth to rise amidst the crowd, scattering them and creating even more chaos. The violin player is now starting his solo. "Foton, firebirds.." he says, playing the violin rapidly, each stroke sending out a bird made of fire, which kamikaze's into buildings, setting them alight. Misaki's eyes go wide while a faint glow shows up around her. "Cap, these guys aren't kidding around!" Misaki says, barely managing to keep her footing amidst the earthquake.

Meanwhile, a spike is about to churn up and cleave a 6 year old clean, who's running at his mother. It's dead obvious as it's happening right in front of the groups nose! Misaki has her back turned towards it though Zetto and Hiei can see it clear as day! Further behind is a building full of people who can't get out due to the fire. And people getting trampled by the crowd all over! While the chaotic music keeps going, and spikes keeps smashing around, fire keeps setting things ablaze! "They're going to burn the whole village down!" Misaki shouts. All for some dumb flute without any magic properties…

D'oh… The rockers didn't know that!

Hiei nods to Zetto. "Three point defense. Got it." He moves to stand with his back facing the flute, arms still crossed while staring towards the rock band. However when they start to play and the ground shakes and fire comes out of the violin, Hiei knew ninjutsu when he saw it, even if he didn't catch the hand seals. When the ground begins to rip apart, Hiei's eyes saw the little boy and his body was in motion while his hands began forming seals. "Release: Lightning Movement!" A blue aura surrounds his body that is infused with sparks of lightning as he tries desperately to defy the odds and get to that six year old. A memory plays in his mind's eye. He was with Hiro and Amani, at Misaki and Hiroyasu's old apartment. The Yakuza attacked, and a little girl watched her mother get her throat cut right before his eyes. "Not again.." He murmurs under his breath.

Number one hits come and go but this band was hell bent on making their mark permanently and literally. Zetto lost his balance briefly and when he regained it all hell has already broken loose. With all the people running around and screaming in total chaos it was really difficult to the grasp of the situation. Zetto took the flute and hid it inside his vest. He felt little sluggish and cursed his bad luck. Had he not taken all that sake he could have done something about all this but as it is he felt sluggish. He did notice he kid in danger but realized he would never make it now. "Hiei I got the flute. You go and save the kid there! Misake I trust you to do something about that band. They are not leaving this place. I don't care how, be it dead or alive but they are not leaving! I'll try to do something about that building on fire." With this Zetto was already on his way tensing his muscles running as fast as he can. On his way he estimated one of the walls having been weakened by fire. Apparently he is counting on crashing right through it relying on weight of his massive body.

Misaki looks at Hiei saving that kid, and Zetto trying to create an opening for the people in the building to get out! "Don't collapse the building!" She says, while bracing on all fours, before rushing off through the crowd. She's gotten more aethletic with the years, easily dodging ducking and weaving through the crowd at the rockband. When she's close enough she jumps up high, her right hand encassed in flames. "Five finger cat seal!" She yells, before getting nailed by three flaming birds in the chest, sending her flying back and crashing into a smoldering building, laying there for a moment to recuperate. "Ouch.." She muses. ~Idiot, follow your team, remember?!~

Hiei succesfully saves the child, and Zetto barges through the wall. The structure is about to collapse though, so he should quickly get everyone out of there. Meanwhile, the rockband, having created a hellhole out of this town stopped their music: "Booyah, waited for this song for a full year now. Good to be back people, thank you, thank you.." The thin one boasts!

When Hiei reaches the kid, they both disappear within a bolt of crimson lightning that descends from the sky. To the naked eye, it looked like they simply teleported away. However, as Hiei hands the kid off to his parents, he yells at Misaki. "Protect the flute! I'm going to help Zetto!" Blue aura still around his body, he blazes towards the building, leaving a trail of dust in his wake from the displacement of air. There were some advantages to being trained by a Reizei. He goes in through the hole that Zetto already made. No need to make a new one. The first people he comes across, he doesn't ask permission or talk, he just tosses one over each shoulder and runs back towards the exit.

Zetto closed his eyes and tensed his leg muscles for a split second and then exploded forwards violently his entire body flying through the air. Sparks of fire flew all around as his body crashed into the wooden wall. Weakened by fire it could not resist the amount of kinetic energy and impact force he was able to generate. Sound of breaking wood mixed up with roaring fire filled the air. It was hard to see as there was lot of smoke. He tried his best to hold his breath not to inhale any of the smoke as he got up. There was not a single second to waste. Good thing they make Yotsuki though as he was able to endure the heat and concentrate on the task at hand. He reached out and pulled someone. It was hard to tell if it was a man or a woman. Whatever the case may be it remained mystery as Zetto threw the person out of the gap in the wall into safety. He repeated the task again and then lifted body of small unconscious child and jumped out his lungs immediately sucking in fresh air rather desperately. That was his limit into holding his breath. All he could do now was to other the other two to do their part while would try to deal with this burning building. OOC:has yet to notice arrival of Hiei.

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Hiei sets the two from before down on the ground. He then vanishes once again to go inside to get more people. He moves as fast as his legs can go with just pure speed. THe heat of the place was getting to him, but he didn't have Zetto's endurance. He'd just have to get in and out as fast as possible.

Misaki slowly gets up out of the rubble, images still woozing around a bit incoherently. "Ouch.." She says once again while her wounds start healing. When she opens her eyes, both rockers are standing in front of her. "My my, you should make our job a lot easier." She however outsmarted them both and 'poofed' … It being just a clone in the ditch, with her standing on top of the rubble. Sticking her tongue out. "You know, that flute is bullox, why don't you go home." She sighs, looking at that building, hoping she bought them enough time to get out safely. As a fight here is about to start. "Your friends might want to get out of that building. The rocker claps his hands together three times, causing the earth to churn and swirl underneath the weak house, the whole structure being sucked straight into the ground. Misaki gasps, looking left; "Hiei!" She says admist her gasp!

Fire it burn but in the case of Yotsuki Zetto he was simply put though enough to endure it all thanks to his training. Zetto held his breath once again and dove into the inferno. There was smoke and rubble everywhere but time was running out fast. He took a risk and smashed through couple of inner walls. After all fastest route between two points is a straight line. He threw an unconscious body on his shoulders and bicep curled another one up from the floor with his left hand. His right hand gripped on shirt of third one and out they went. With the help of Hiei he was able to save every single one but that was the end of his luck. He had stayed in for too long. He took a risk and managed to save remaining civilians but in the process he ran out of oxygen and inhaled good amount of smoke. He was not in the best shape of his life to begin with and the added stress was just too much. Yotsuki Zetto lost his consciousness.

Hiei zips out and lays the people he got out on the ground. After making sure they're alright, he goes to join Misaki. He didn't bother to check on her. He noticed that Zetto falls to the ground. Well, that's one down, and Hiei thought they would need him to take care of the rockers. But that only left him and Misaki to deal with it. He smiles at that concept. It would be just like old times. He slides to a stop. "Miso, we stop this thing at the source." He draws the katana on his back. "Right now. I know we're supposed to be in protect mode, but these guys have seriously and officially weegied me off."

Zetto has reconnected.

"Officially weegied off Hiei, oh boy, they're in trouble aren't they?!" Misaki muses while popping out her Nekote! "You draw their fire, I'm fast so I'll jab at them, then you come in for some hard blows!" Misaki then holds out her fist. She didn't rush in like she did when she was younger, she waited till they could move as a team, and then rushed off, with a speed some Reizei's could be jealous off! "Yoo, over here!" She muses, suddenly showing up next to the fat one, driving her fist into his side, followed by her nekote popping out for a stab. Then she disappears again, aiming a high kick at the second guy. Before turning, a chakra tail popping up and quickly rushing out to try and bind the two together. "Now!"

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The rockers both seem to easily deflect Misaki's first attacks. The didn't expect the chakra appendage to bind them up however, getting bunched up against eachother tightly, exposed to Hiei's next attack!

Hiei draws Saiai as well as he nods to Misaki. "Kart straight their in trouble. I'll follow your lead, Miso. Let's do it!" When she rushes in first, he follows along behind her. After her last attack with the chakra tail, Hiei flicks both wrists. The katana begins to crackle with lightning while the short sword's blade begins to glow bright blue. Hiei strikes out twice.

Misaki grins and calms down as she hits the ground sliding. Sighing and recuperating while her chakra gathers for her following onslaught!

Zetto has partially disconnected.

The two seem overwhelmed by the next few attacks. Though the skinny one seems to wake up. Hurt definetly, but not down and out! "Tanukiit!" He hisses, bleeding along his body. Schorged with chakra burns. Generally fireballed up. "Come on then!" He reaches up to his drumsticks, tapping them together before firing two mud bullets at Hiei, the violin player sends more firebirds soaring after the Yotsuki as well, considering Misaki displayed spped at first! And his attacks HURT!

Hiei manages to dodge the first mud bullet, but when he goes into an acrobatic manuver to escape the second one, it impacts him, throwing his whole dodging scheme off as his body is then pelted by the covering fire. Rolling back up to his feet, he makes another hand seal. "Release: Lightning Aura!" As a lightning infused blue chakra aura surrounds his body, he vanishes, striking out at the skinny rocker at high speed, before swining both swords towards him. "Shut up and die." He states in a calm and detached voice. It's the way he got when he made the decision to take a life. And based on what they've done here, Hiei was determined to deliver.

Sounds, flash of light, feel of burning heat on his skin - it all became back slowly as Zetto regained his consciousness. He shook his head in an attempt to clear away spider webs clouding his mind. With much effort he pushed up his chest from the group trying to get up and get up he did. He grinned and saliva dripped from his chin. He no longer cared if he was in a shape to carry out his duties or not. It was time for some payback and he was hell bent on making that band pay. Lightning started to crack around him as he took a step and then another till he was rushing across all and everything just to reach his target - the band - any of them - whoever happens to be closest. All he wanted to do now was to CRUSH his enemies. Yotsuki Zetto made his move.

Misaki watches the two lightning rods go at the band, looking around at the crowd and wounded people, instead deciding to help them. Rushing off to pick up the most critically wounded, carrying them to safety out of the battlezone!

The two rockers take a beating, trying to defend with walls made of stone, and elaborate blocks with instruments. At no avail! However, both of them go up in ash suddenly… Just… clones!? The two rockers come out on stage again, slowly clapping their hands. "Bravo, truely!" The muse, while gathering chakra. "Now, whom of you two wants to die first…?" The skinny one asks. The fat on grins. "And then, ENCORE!" He places his violin down, and switches for an electric guitare. "Taste of your own medicine maybe?" He plays it, causing crackles of lightning to lash at Hiei and Zetto both!

Hiei goes into a display of acrobatic movements as he dodges the lightning being thrown at him. A couple of them were his own techniques. "Idiot. I'm Yotsuki. I know how to dodge lightning. But can you say the same?" He flicks his wrist again, sending lightning into his blade. He vanishes, attacking once again at high speed before spinning around and sending that lightning sword directly for the lanky guy. "Eat this."

The Yotsuki Jounin walked forwards like a juggernaut. Stones, sticks and everything including the kitchen sink just slammed his body without any apparent effect. The lightning disc came and he made no effort to avoid the attack. He took it like a man and it had no effect at all. It did not even slow his advance for a fraction. "Lightning, REALLY?! You dare to use LIGHTNING against me? For that I shall give you my knee. NO! I shall give you my both knees!" With that Zetto launched his body forwards with sudden explosive rush. It was almost as if he glided through the air his aim being to slam first his right and then his left knee into his target. TO CRUSH his enemies!

Misaki is still saving people in the background

"Oh no you don't.." The skinny guy says, creating an earth dome around the two. Though it seems as though it's made of paper! Every single freaking attack hit, causing the two rockers to bounce around as if they're a pinball in a game of pinball! *DING DING DING* … "Achk.." Both of them are bleeding, their instruments broken… "Okay okay, we yield.." The fat guy says. Holding up both hands to show he gives up. The lanky guy looks at his partner and sighs. Mimicing him and also putting his hands up. "What are you doing!?" He whispers… The fat guy grins. Before he calmly starts to whistle. Little do Hiei and Zetto know, that's sound triggered genjutsu!

Hiei knew enough to know when genjutsu was being used on him. He bit his lower lip to snap himself out of it, but to no avail. He couldn't move and when the attack came the pain was immense. He doubles over, gripping the hilt of his swords tightly until the pain passed. He felt weaker, like that time in Konoha when they faced off against the boss that not only was a fire jutsu master but was pretty good at genjutsu too. And then Hiei remembers the kunoichi that almost killed him with genjutsu and something snaps within him. His eyes cloud over as a large vein begins to throb in the middle of his head. "You call yourself shinobi…and you attack me with the lowest and unhonorable technique there is." He's so angry, spittle flies from his mouth as he speaks. "Feather bringing you in for interrogation. You die. Here and now. And I will have no problems sleeping tonight." Like a man possessed, Hiei attacks, attempting to cut into his opponents. His goal is to hack them to pieces.

The pain - it was horrible, the agony - it was unbearable but unfortunately none of it was new to Yotsuki Zetto. In fact taking into account various rather brutal training methods he is known to use to hone his body into a strongest shield, it is no wonder he was not faced at all. "Pain? I know pain and this is far for the real one. Now let me demonstrate you real pain!" His voice echoed around as he took a kunai from one of the pockets on his vest and just proceeded to stab his own right thigh muscle without a flinch on his face. Zetto laughed but to his surprise this fake feeling of pain just kept increasing. "Layered genjutsu." And that was all he could say as he crouched over being suppressed by the genjutsu.

Misaki looks over from the sidelines, checking out what's going on. Seeing both Hiei and Zetto suspressed, she gets up on her feet. A sudden explosion can be heard, as a column of chakra rises from where she was standing. She spawned two tails. Brewing with excess chakra now, speaking with a layered voice. "Hands.. Off… My comrads…" She says, her eyes each having a distinct colour, one blue.. the other gold. She then rushes up, turning around and using her two tails together as one large burning tail to twack both the men along the side, trying to send them into a nearby wall crushed and burning!

Both the men are lodged deeply into a nearby wall. Both of them have deep gashes from the two swords. Both of them are near death, coughing up blood. "Enough!" The lanky one says. "I yield, and this stupid moustache yields too!" He collapses with his hands on his head. The fat guy is grunting in pain as well, stopping the whistling, and with that, the torment of the blood boil!

Hiei walks over to the two lodged into the wall. He still has that wild look in his eyes as he lifts both swords. "You have a choice. You tell us who put you up to this and we bring you in. You lie to me and you die where you stand. If you think I'm bluffing?" He moves his head towards Misaki. "Ask the girl. She knows me better than most."

Genjutsu - even the very word of it was enough it was enough to anger him. Oh how he despises the whole category and method of combat. Cheap tricks meant for weaklings - the stance he took long ago. With the genjutsu dispelled Zetto got up. Look on his face was horrific. It was like a death mask of a Shinigami. His eyes revealed a ruthless gaze. There would be no mercy for lowlifes like these who resort to cheap tricks in the end and fold as soon as things turn out bad. The hulking Yotsuki clenched his right first and slammed it into thick oak table next to him crushing it into pieces. "You come here, almost burn this entire place and expect to get away with it. WTF do you think was going to happen if things turned bad? Look at me I could do this all day. You barely hurt me at all. I am kumo Shinobi from the Yotsuki clan. IS THIS A JOKE? You are all dead. Your life is already over. You do not mess with Kumogakure and you do not mess with the Yotsuki." OOC: Zetto just flipped. Think Raikage style rage.

Misaki looks left, then right. Great, two Yotsuki's out for blood. And she was poltergusted too, but wasn't there enough bloodshed. Misaki turns around. "ENOUGH." She says firmly, extremely loudly at both the jounin and her boyfriend. "Both of you are acting like children." She says, before turning towards the two who ripped up the village. "That flute, is worth jack mushroom.." She says, while turning towards Zetto. "They will work the rest of their lives, in prison, to pay for reparations of this village. Until every single star powered family is compensated." She looks at Hiei and Zetto and sighs. "What's the point in m-…" She suddenly gets dragged back, during her speech, with her back turned at the drummed he crawled up on her back. Holding a knife around her throat, with one hand around her mouth. "Game over, sweetheart.." He says while grinning. "Now back off, both of you!"

COMBAT Joker is poisoned (2 rounds) and loses 50 health.

Hiei freezes when he takes Misaki as a hostage. The funny thing is, he's not even concerned for her safety. He's angry that they have the audacity to attempt it in the first place. He closes his eyes as his lightning infused aura expands around his body again. He shifts his gaze over to Zetto as he sticks his short sword in the ground. He then stares at the two rockers, the katana held towards the ground before he places both hands on the hilt. They only had one shot at this, and if Hiei messes it up, he'd never forgive himself. He had used too much chakra saving the kid and the people in the building. There was fumes in his tank, but this is why he was promoted. Because he'd put it on line with no regard for himself. Because that was his job. He crouches slightly, waiting for his opening. When it comes, he strikes swiftly, decisively, and with extreme prejudice.

Zetto froze expression on his face revealing something of disgust. Such a move is an insult towards everything he believes in and he could not believe they went that far. Still unlike Hiei, who did not seem to be that concerned, wellbeing of fellow Shinobi made him worry a lot. He nodded to Hiei trusting the fellow Yotsuki Shinobi to understand the situation and know what to do. While Hiei made his preparations Zetto walked around so that it became impossible to keep an eye on both of them. Then he just waited tensing his thigh muscles, crouching slightly and going through the motions he just recently taught to Hiei, who should be familiar with this all an know what to expect. The Fine Art of Lariat! Timing was of an essence and Zetto waited for Hiei to move first as it would be Hieis attack, which would force the scumbag to react and opening for lariat would be created. Zetto moved only fractions of a second after Hiei. LARIAT!

Misaki gulps and watches the two. "This is the last time I trust a scumbag like you." She says, grinning while watching Hiei and Zetto brace for a move. Her eyes close, in a flash it was over, the man that was holding her lies on the ground behind decapitated, his head still flying to the other side of the village, being banged clean off! The fat guy has his hands out in front of him. "Please, please… MERCY, I will work! I swear!" Misaki drops to the ground with teary eyes. That was scary!

Hiei flicks his sword, getting rid of the excess blood. He walks over to the fat guy, and leans forwards, almost nose to nose with him. "There's been enough bloodshed here today. Your partner did something stupid and he paid for it. Death is too merciful for you, fat man. Be sincere in surrendering this time." He turns to walk away, then pauses, looking back. "If I ever see your face again, I'll remove it from the rest of your head." Now that Misaki was out of danger, he allowed himself to worry. He walks over to her, putting his free arm around her shoulders and leaning his forehead against hers. She'd know what the sentiment was, even though he doesn't speak to her. Zetto still had his eye on the guy, so he wasn't worried about that. "What's our next move?" He asks the senior shinobi.

Zetto closed his eyes and inhaled long and hard. Above all he was relieved. It was a gamble as he was not 100 percent sure if it would work. Prior to this he and Hiei never tried to pull off teamwork of this caliber. Fortunately it ended up working. He wiped some sweat off his forehead and turned around. All that was left was to secure the prisoners and lock them up. "Misaki is correct. This is enough. Let's secure the prisoners and lock them up."

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