A New Alliance Emerges


Yuge, Itami

Date: August 28, 2012


After spending some time in Kirigakure, Itami finally works her way towards the Mizukage Administration where she intends to have a meeting with the Mizukage himself. A new alliance soon emerges after a hand was extended toward the Mist Village in a bid for the Sand and Mist to join together.

"A New Alliance Emerges"

Mizukage Administration: Mizukage's Office

Itami had spent some time around Kirigakure, well maybe not too long. She'd only been her just short of two days and has been wandering around the Land of Water for the most part, but her intent was to speak with the Mizukage. Finally, she's going to get her chance or at least she hopes. The office here is much like the office back at home; always busy.
She waited to speak with him, knowing that she hadn't sent any word ahead. Perhaps a bit unprofessional, but she was one for surprises every so often. Sitting in the lobby, she made herself comfortable and kept herself preoccupied by doing a bit of drawing on a scrap of paper. She decided to focus on a few plants sitting around the area. At least she can be happy knowing that this place isn't filled with humidity.

Perpetually busy. Kirigakure wasn't going to run itself, it seems. So between needing to assign out missions plus dealing with 'surprises' ususally resulting from a Kayuga for some reason, it'd almost be a relief to hear that Itami was looking to visit him. It took a little bit, long enough to clear some time to see a representative from Sunagakure, before that page would be sent out to escort Itami into the room.

Yuge was sitting behind his desk, the surface cleared as he relaxed for that moment's quiet behind the desk. That hat was low over his head, masking his eyes as he wore the full normal gear of the Kage. Hands were folded within each other on his chest, as he'd watch the door for when Itami came in.

Itami walked in quietly upon being escorted into the office. She saw the Mizukage sitting at his desk, just as quiet as she was in entering. "Greetings, Mizukage-sama," she spoke to break the silence. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you. I am Watanabe Itami of the Jounin Council. I come from Sunagakure in an effort to discuss some business with you." She remained standing until otherwise designated.

Yuge would stand, politely of course, as Itami finally entered. A smile was given in response, as the chair across from his at the desk was motioned to. "Please, have a seat. It is nice to meet you, Watanabe-sama. May I ask what business you are here to discuss? I am guessing this is something to be between Kirigakure and Sunagakure of course." The small grin given with that last comment was shown to be it was suppose to be a joke of sorts.

"Thank you," Itami returned as she began to take a seat. "I suppose I can get right down to it now that I'm here. You're on the right path, in fact, you're right on it," she chuckles. "I thought it might be nice for Kirigakure and Sunagakure to join together. I am here because I am looking for the best for my village, but also for Kirigakure as well. Working together could strengthen us both, I feel," she offered to Yuge. "I see a great amount of potential in this village for success."

Yuge chuckled softly. "Indeed, having two great hidden villages working together would help both of them when dealing with potential issues in the future. Of course, this does have the question come forth, why now?" Yuge would smile slightly, head tipping up to give a further view of his face, showing that honest interest. "Kirigakure has come a long ways from where it was before I became Mizukage. What exactly are you seeking for an alliance between Sunagakure and Kirigakure?"

"Why now? I think now is perfect. Firstly, I realize that Kirigakure has come a long way and I'd be lying to myself if I said I didn't want to try and make a push for my village to benefit from that. However, I believe both of us have something to offer. Sunagakure is superb in reconnaissance and information gathering. Kirigakure has a great deal of strong fighters and excellent Hunters. I think the combination of those forces alone would produce some great results. Also, there's the matter of the wars. We've all suffered from them, but again, I say that Kirigakure has the better chance of bouncing back than the other villages. This village is quite resilient and I have seen as much just engaging with the shinobi in the field. It's something to be admired."

Yuge would muse about that for a moment. A small nod was given in response. "Indeed. Both of these things are true. We are tough and we do bounce back well when knocked down." Yuge grinned briefly with that, studying Itami. "I am proud of those who work under me. They push forward through any potential issues that might try to stop them." Leaning forward then, one hand was set on his bare desk. "So. The idea is that we work together in a full alliance? Assist one another with missions as possible and if threaten from an outside village, we both deal with them as quickly as possible?"

Itami nodded in agreement with Yuge's words. "That is the idea I had in mind. We both grow together and of course we have our own individual goals, but my hope is that, those aside, we will be able to come out on top. Assistance in missions when possible, threats from outside villages will be dealt with accordingly and as quickly as possible. Additionally, this will help in expanding influence for both of our villages as well."
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"Agreed. Alright. Then we should get this set up so that it is an offical document I believe. I will have my people draft a version of an alliance agreement between Kirigakure and Sunagakure. Even split of funding from missions if needed. We will also be in full alliance between our villages if either one is assaulted." Yuge would hesitate a second, before chuckling softly. "Actually, Watanabe-sama.. We currently have a bit of an issue with Konohagakure. It seems one of their high ranking Hyuuga assaulted a Kirigakure shinobi. I am still waiting for the final report on the situation, but as we are going into an alliance, I did wish you to know that there is a potential issue already on the horizion."

"Alright. I look forward to seeing it and having a copy to bring back to Sunagakre. All terms agreed to," Itami nodded. "As for Konohagakure…I didn't expect to hear about something so soon. If the issue should be enough that Sunagakure would need to join, then I can have some shinobi dispatched to aid in this issue. As of now, I'm expecting that things are under control for the most part, yes?" She wondered.

"As far as I know, yes. I just wanted to let you know, in case they are not willing to give restitution for the damage they have caused. It should not be an issue if they admit to it." Yuge would give a nod, standing to his feet again. "I will see to it that the papers are written up before the end of day. If you stop by in the morning, a copy will be ready for you. I do believe this shall be a mutually beneficial situation for both of our villages." Yuge would smile then. "I do look forward to further amiable visits as well. It is nice to have a change in pace now and then."

"Indeed." Itami hummed about this particular situation. Doesn't seem usual for that village. Bringing herself to a stand she bowed to him once more out of respect of the time offered. "I do look forward to visits in the future as well. For now, I'll leave you to your work. I've already took up enough time." She grins. "Thank you for your time. I hope for the best for the future." She then took her leave from the office and out to the village.

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